Updates are coming!

The Spoony One | Apr 7 2009 | 

I blinked and realized it’d been about a week since I’ve done an update of substance, and this coming right after I promised to be a little more regular with them. Sorry! I’ll try to explain.

There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, both on the business and leisure sides of the equation. I’ve actually been working my tail off on new material and my ongoing quest to sell out as quickly as possible. I’m joking, of course, but the business side of the website is growing rather significant just in terms of upkeep costs, keeping the forum friendly (for which I heartily and earnestly thank my crack team of admins and moderators), and maintaining good relations at my pals at That Guy With the Glasses. Then there’s the ads and the eternal search for more money. I know it doesn’t interest you, but it’s a lot of balls to keep in the air, and I don’t have much experience in handling balls.

It’s also past time that I found myself some kind of agency representation, and that’s what’s kept me occupied lately. I need to get some headshots made before I can approach an agency, and I’ve made an appointment for next week to get that done. It’s not as simple as just getting someone to take your picture. Good headshots require you to be in a lot of different poses, holding a lot of different expressions, and wearing a lot of different clothes, and fashion is not my strong suit. Heh, suit. I made a pun.

Anyway, me being a real t-shirt-and-jeans type of guy, I tend to dress in the dark in my normal uniform of blue jeans and whatever shirt is on top of the laundry stack. Short sleeves and logos are just about the worst things you can wear to a photo shoot, so I also need to find some actual clothes. And while I’m at it, props and makeup for videos. Then there’s getting myself made up all pretty, which is another appointment altogether!

My spare time has been spent going over some old Guitar Hero that I’d missed with a swanky new wireless guitar, and trying to beat Lost Odyssey, which, despite some extremely positive recommendations from the rest of the Chat Pack, has honestly been pretty grueling. It ain’t FF8 bad, but what is?

Anyway, you want to hear about updates. They’re coming. I promise that by tomorrow, there will be SWAT. A double-shot of SWAT, if I can help it. I can’t tell you much about what else is coming (it’s a secret) but I can promise a lot of fun videos to come. Most of my work up to this point has been writing and getting new game footage, so once that groundwork is done, I can get to making some new vids.

So stay tuned! Here come the fuzz!