Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues (Kickstarter)

The Spoony One | Apr 4 2013 | 297 notations | 

WE DID IT!!! Thanks to your support, I now have the ability to talk to the man himself, Lord British! I’ll have more details in the coming weeks, but the mind reels at the possibilities! No matter what happens, this is gonna be one of the greatest moments in the history of the website! There’s…file continues…

Atop the Fourth Wall: Star Wars #1-#7 (April Fool’s Episode)

The Spoony One | Apr 1 2013 | 210 notations | 
Star Wars Comics Review (April Fools)

Seriously, it’s Linkara. He even wears the hat.

Counter Monkey – The Jedi Hunter

The Spoony One | Mar 28 2013 | 268 notations | 
Counter Monkey - The Jedi Hunter

Block this, Yoda. And yeah, HK-47 did it better.

Counter Monkey – Valley of the Cyberdolls

The Spoony One | Mar 21 2013 | 252 notations | 
Counter Monkey - Valley of the Cyberdolls

I found the book with all the creepy dolls! Dolls…OF THE DARK FUTURE!

Rebruary – Last Flight to Hell

The Spoony One | Mar 14 2013 | 133 notations | 
Last Flight to Hell (Title Card)

Reb Brown goes back to his roots: killing goons in the jungle and screaming like a maniac the whole time! But will he survive the last flight to Hell alive?

Rebruary – Uncommon Valor

The Spoony One | Mar 3 2013 | 367 notations | 

The Spoony One continues Rebruary with an all Star cast of characters, however after facing Night Claws he lacks the motivation to tackle it alone… At least until he receives a visitor… The Critical Marine’s website!

Counter Monkey – The Conga Line of Death

The Spoony One | Feb 23 2013 | 428 notations | 
Counter Monkey - The Conga Line of Death.Still001

If you’re getting to a battle, might as well jump in the line and take your standard action in time.

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