SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Starfox 64

The Spoony One | Jul 3 2013 | 30 notations | 

Back when Sony and Sega would resort to poison gas pizzas to learn Nintendo’s secrets.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Radio Shack VIS

The Spoony One | Jul 2 2013 | 22 notations | 

I can’t wait for a Radio Shack gaming console! But does it require a persistent online connection?

An Appeal from the Animator!

The Spoony One | Jun 30 2013 | 55 notations | 

Nicholas Dobkin, creator of the TSE animated intro, is working on a short animation project about the nature of music! He could use your help in getting it started, so check out his Kickstarter page at and help bring Kanon Rock to life! Kanon Rock is a short animation project about the nature of…file continues…

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Chuck E. Cheese Walkabout Guide

The Spoony One | Jun 29 2013 | 26 notations | 

This is what separates Chuck E. Cheese mascots from party clowns: Chuck E. Cheese has an instructional video to show him how not to touch little children.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Final Fantasy Unlimited

The Spoony One | Jun 27 2013 | 68 notations | 

My showcase panel of SGC begins with a riff of the little-known and little-watched Final Fantasy anime! It features chocobos, giant mushroom monsters, and an apartment building for ants. Take the last train to Wonderland! Sorry the audio isn’t very good. Not much I can do about it.