Counter Monkey – Laundry Day in the Tower of High Sorcery

The Spoony One | Dec 2 2012 | 437 notations | 
Counter Monkey - Intro, Laundry Day in the Tower of High Sorcery.Still001 (Custom)

I’m evil, and I don’t care who knows it! Notes: * I stopped reading the series at the beginning of the Fifth Age. Apparently after the defeat of Chaos, the gods had once again decided to abandon Krynn because of mortal hubris. However, later on, Weis and Hickman pulled a fairly blatant retcon and changed…file continues…

Bad Call, Episode 4 – Come Get a Byte

The Spoony One | Dec 1 2012 | 73 notations | 

Doesn’t compute. Stalk us: Site us: DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. These are not the facts. They don’t claim or aim to be. If you want to learn something look it up, you lazy f*cks. In this video: Ashley Heron Darcy Lord Stuart Dixon Beautiful sky image by John De Boer,…file continues…

Counter Monkey – Thou Shalt Not Fuck With the Lady of Pain

The Spoony One | Nov 28 2012 | 357 notations | 
Counter Monkey - Intro, Thou Shalt Not Fuck With the Lady of Pain.Still001 (Custom)

Just about rule #1 of livin’ in the Cage, berk.

Bad Call, Episode 1 – Bad Call in the EU

The Spoony One | Nov 27 2012 | 137 notations | 

Some Australian friends of the Spoony Experiment have created a new hilarious (yet educational!) web series named Bad Call, which documents some of the worst decisions ever made. Ah, hindsight! If only we’d known, we’d never have gotten so damn invested in Milli Vanilli. Or at least, I wouldn’t have. I feel so lied to….file continues…

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