Noah & Miles See “The Conjuring”

The Spoony One | Jul 23 2013 | 75 notations | 

We’ve both been needing a little exorcise. Next video will be a review! Coming in a few days!

Noah & Miles See “Pacific Rim”

The Spoony One | Jul 18 2013 | 370 notations | 

In which we see a movie about robots fighting monsters. Not that you’d know that from the title. Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs SEGA’s 1994 CES Promo Video

The Spoony One | Jul 5 2013 | 27 notations | 

This is it! The SGC Riff series concludes with some SEGA!!!

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Discovering the World Wide Web

The Spoony One | Jul 4 2013 | 22 notations | 

Turns out you can load all that data into the back of a truck.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Starfox 64

The Spoony One | Jul 3 2013 | 30 notations | 

Back when Sony and Sega would resort to poison gas pizzas to learn Nintendo’s secrets.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Radio Shack VIS

The Spoony One | Jul 2 2013 | 22 notations | 

I can’t wait for a Radio Shack gaming console! But does it require a persistent online connection?

An Appeal from the Animator!

The Spoony One | Jun 30 2013 | 55 notations | 

Nicholas Dobkin, creator of the TSE animated intro, is working on a short animation project about the nature of music! He could use your help in getting it started, so check out his Kickstarter page at and help bring Kanon Rock to life! Kanon Rock is a short animation project about the nature of…file continues…