Black Hole of Board Games – Gone Birding!

The Spoony One | Oct 11 2013 
Black Hole of Board Games - Gone Birding

A game so bad it drives me out of the Black Hole and back to destroying proper games. Credits theme by 8BitUzz (used with permission).

Black Hole of Board Games – Justin Bieber: Always Be Mine

The Spoony One | Oct 7 2013 
Black Hole of Board Games - Justin Bieber Always Be Mine  (Custom)

Technically, this is an unofficial, out-of-continuity episode of the series, as this particular fan donation does not come with a video of any sort! Brad Jones and Brian Lewis join up to play the Justin Bieber Board Game to find out, once and for all, who the biggest Belieber really is!

Black Hole of Board Games – VCR Golf

The Spoony One | Sep 23 2013 
Black Hole of Board Games - VCR Golf

I told you I’d shoot, but you didn’t believe me. WHY DIDN’T YOU BELIEVE ME?

Vlog 9-10-13 – Riddick

The Spoony One | Sep 10 2013 

Riddick. Dick Riddick.

Counter Monkey – Shadowrun: The Code

The Spoony One | Sep 6 2013 
Counter Monkey - The Code (Custom)

Shoot the hostage. Notes: Yeaaah, I know this story boiled down to “the group went kill-crazy for basically no reason,” but sometimes in RPGs, people gots to die. This is just a story of a simple plan turned into a clusterfuck by a group going berserker. It happens. People have asked why the group was…file continues…

The Bureau

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2013 

This game sssuuuUUUUuuuucckkkkssss.

Vlog 8-28-13 – Cornettos & Saints Row IV

The Spoony One | Aug 28 2013 

I feel I have to explain myself: Spoony does not hate everything, and not everyone hates Spoony. And then I proceed to hate on Saints Row 4. Revision: Someone raised a very good point: I said that Pacific Rim was good, stupid, loud fun, and that’s all it should have been. It’s robots punching; it’s…file continues…