Vlog 9-10-13 – Riddick

The Spoony One | Sep 10 2013 

Riddick. Dick Riddick.

Counter Monkey – Shadowrun: The Code

The Spoony One | Sep 6 2013 
Counter Monkey - The Code (Custom)

Shoot the hostage. Notes: Yeaaah, I know this story boiled down to “the group went kill-crazy for basically no reason,” but sometimes in RPGs, people gots to die. This is just a story of a simple plan turned into a clusterfuck by a group going berserker. It happens. People have asked why the group was…file continues…

The Bureau

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2013 

This game sssuuuUUUUuuuucckkkkssss.

Vlog 8-28-13 – Cornettos & Saints Row IV

The Spoony One | Aug 28 2013 

I feel I have to explain myself: Spoony does not hate everything, and not everyone hates Spoony. And then I proceed to hate on Saints Row 4. Revision: Someone raised a very good point: I said that Pacific Rim was good, stupid, loud fun, and that’s all it should have been. It’s robots punching; it’s…file continues…

Vlog 8-24-13 – The World’s End

The Spoony One | Aug 25 2013 

Spoony likes a movie?! He’s one of the body snatchers!!

Counter Monkey – In Through the Roof, Out Through the Door

The Spoony One | Aug 14 2013 
Counter Monkey - Dice Towers

It’s a sort of riddle for you veteran dice-slingers out there.