Wrestle! Wrestle! Raw is Big E’s Balls 12/15/14

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WrestleWrestle RAW 12-15-14

I’m doing something a little different! I’m uploading these episodes out of order. This is an unplanned video shot in the middle of watching the Raw the day after TLC. As such, it was filmed on a small digital camera on automatic settings and so the focus for the entire video is abysmally bad. Even…file continues…

Wrestle! Wrestle! NXT Takeover REvolution 2014 – Part 2

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Wrestle Wrestle - NXT REvolution Part 2


Wrestle! Wrestle! NXT Takeover REvolution 2014 – Part 1

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Wrestle Wrestle - NXT REvolution Part 1

Or… is it? Maybe I just bitch about the Slammies for a while.

Wrestle! Wrestle! Survivor Series 2014

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WrestleWrestle - Survivor Series 2014

The Man Called Sting steps into a WWE ring… about 15 years too late to be of any relevance. Fan art created by Tempestfury.

Wrestle! Wrestle! Hell in a Cell 2014

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WrestleWrestle - Hell in a Cell 2014 (Custom)

Time has become meaningless. Prepare for a ton of jaded, disillusioned, angry rambling from a man who’s… given up on WWE. Maybe wrestling. I don’t know.

Spoony: The Motion Picture?

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Holy cow! The Patreon crowd reached the goal putting me to work on a movie! What does this mean for the site, the review show, and the DVD?

Dig the Black Hole all the way to the Tonight Show

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Do Not Game - Jimmy Fallon Rally Video.Still002

A comedian must be tested. Jimmy Fallon must experience Bij.