Counter Monkey – Anyone Here Speak Chaotic Neutral?

The Spoony One | Jul 23 2015 
Counter Monkey - Alignment Languages (Custom)

There are some things even the Universal Translator and Google can’t decipher. It all looks like Wingdings to me.

WrestleWrestle – Battleground 2015

The Spoony One | Jul 22 2015 
WrestleWrestle - Battleground 2015 (Custom)

Seth Rollins takes a trip to Suplex City, Brock Lesnar gets tombstoned, but it’s Kevin Owens who ends up buried.

Counter Monkey – An Entirely Miscible Episode

The Spoony One | Jul 15 2015 
Counter Monkey - Potion Miscibility (An Entirely Miscible Episode) (Custom)

If I can be serious for a minute, I’d like to share the brief but impactful tale of Young Spoony’s first character: a Lawful Good fighter with pure intentions and lofty dreams of becoming a hero. Alas, his was a journey cut tragically short by one too many drinks. Sometimes, drinking & dungeoneering just don’t…file continues…

Counter Monkey – BABOON!!!

The Spoony One | Jul 10 2015 
Counter Monkey - BABOON!!! (Custom)

Nature’s wrath is unleashed upon my Pathfinder group, and our wizard finds love in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes it just falls right in your lap.

Live Wire – P.T.

The Spoony One | Jun 20 2015 
Live Wire - Silent Hill P.T. 2

I live at the end of a 5-and-a-half minute hallway. Note: my facecam froze early in the broadcast, so I added a static effect as subtly as I could to cover until I was able to fix it. You may see a couple of edits to cover this. Sorry the video is dark; both my…file continues…

WrestleWrestle 6/18/15 – Money in the Bank

The Spoony One | Jun 18 2015 
WrestleWrestlle - Money in the Bank 2015 (Custom)

They’re sure not going to put much money in the bank until Dean Ambrose learns how to start selling his knee.

WrestleWrestle 5-25-15 – NXT Unstoppable

The Spoony One | May 26 2015 
WrestleWrestle 5-25-15 - NXT Unstoppable (Custom)

A new #1 contender is named, and immediately forgotten by the end of the night because some guy from TNA showed up to steal the champion’s dance card.

WrestleWrestle 5-25-15 – WWE Payback

The Spoony One | May 26 2015 
WrestleWrestle 5-25-15 - WWE Payback (Custom)

Bray Wyatt and the RyBack engage in a war on both a physical and spiritual level, culminating in a high-flying contest where both men throw caution (and three hundred pounds) to the wind. The result is like giant asteroids made of meat impacting the Earth. When the smoke cleared, which philosophy emerged triumphant: the Mansonite…file continues…