Final Fantasy X – Part 3

The Spoony One | Aug 29 2010 

Wedding bells are ringing for Yuna, but what kind of honeymoon does Seymour have planned?

Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar

The Spoony One | Aug 20 2010 

Lord British institutes a new world order, and the call goes out for another hero (preferably one that doesn’t massacre entire towns for gold pieces).

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review

The Spoony One | Aug 18 2010 

In which I am forced to challenge Brad and Joe to mortal combat over movie reviews.

Vlog 8-13-10 – Expendables Review

The Spoony One | Aug 13 2010 

Maybe seeing a Stallone movie with a migraine wasn’t the best idea.

Playing with the green screen

The Spoony One | Aug 12 2010 

In which I’m a perfectionist, and should probably just use more masks and cropping instead of fussing over minor light imperfections. Really I’m just trying to get the key as good as possible without having to tinker with it overmuch in After Effects. It’s just something that I fuss with a lot, even though it’s…file continues…

Wrestle! Wrestle! (HardCORE Justice, Raw 8-9-10)

The Spoony One | Aug 10 2010 

Dixie finally puts a stake in the heart of hardcore.

After Last Season: The iRiff now available on Rifftrax!

The Spoony One | Aug 9 2010 

(Poster by QuietlyThinking) My controversial commentary on the worst movie ever to blight the planet is now available for download on Rifftrax for the paltry sum of $1! Of course, the DVD itself costs a lot more than that, and believe me, you’ll feel dirty for buying it. But hey! A movie this bad deserves…file continues…