Inception Review

The Spoony One | Jul 19 2010 | 304 notations | 

It’s dreamy!

Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress

The Spoony One | Jul 19 2010 | 147 notations | 
ultima2 (Custom)

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Top 10 SGC 2010 Moments

The Spoony One | Jul 17 2010 | 64 notations | 
Spoony Q&A

Video Games | ScrewAttack | Top 10 SGC 2010 Moments XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii

Wrestle! Wrestle! (TNA Impact 7-15-10)

The Spoony One | Jul 16 2010 | 183 notations | 

The top 10 contenders are reshuffled, and Abyss has a new girlfriend! This is the first episode of my new wrestling review show! It’ll soon be spun off into its own website for sports and wrasslin’! EDIT: And in the first major screw-up of the series, I’ve been told that it was AJ Styles who…file continues…

I’m going to PAX Prime!

The Spoony One | Jul 16 2010 | 43 notations | 

I’ll be at the PAX Prime event in Seattle from Sept 3-5 to cover one of the biggest gamer get-togethers in the U.S.! I’m going as a journalist on a media pass, so I don’t have any panels or events scheduled, and I likely won’t be available for interviews or autographs. But hey! I continue…file continues…

Vlog 7-15-10: Rampage, The Last Airbender

The Spoony One | Jul 15 2010 | 420 notations | 

The brothers reunite for their take on Uwe Boll’s “Rampage” and M Night Shyamalan’s “Last Airbender.”

Well played, aliens…well played…

The Spoony One | Jul 11 2010 | 94 notations | 

Yeah, I know the frame rate sucks. Sorry. I’m working on improving that. Anyway, the aliens are cheating, grenade-chucking whores.

Vlog 7-8-10: Eclipse Review

The Spoony One | Jul 8 2010 | 870 notations | 

In which you will not be surprised. And another thing! I remembered what I was going to say about harlequin romance novels, and how they differ from Twilight. The “saga” is really amazingly unsatisfying in that there isn’t much sex at all. I hesitate to call it a chaste romance– it’s not– since they both…file continues…

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