After Last Season – Going Down

The Spoony One | Aug 8 2010 

At the request of the film’s creators, I am removing all video content of After Last Season from my website. I will make the Rifftrax available online as an audio file, which can be played with the legally-purchased accompanying DVD.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game (Follow-Up)

The Spoony One | Aug 6 2010 

Spike Games’ Response Thanks folks, we know the game is not perfect and are working to fix things in the TU. These kinds of reviews from people that don’t really give the game more than a glancing look are discouraging but the feedback on these forums helps us as developers see what real gamers think…file continues…

Deadliest Warrior Game Review

The Spoony One | Aug 4 2010 

En garde, ya scurvy dawg!

Mazes & Monsters

The Spoony One | Aug 1 2010 

Bonus commentary! Beware the sacrilege!!

Ultima 3: Exodus (BREAKING NEWS)

The Spoony One | Jul 23 2010 

A major correction and a contest announcement!

Ultima 3: Exodus

The Spoony One | Jul 20 2010 

Beware: Deadly Floor.

Inception Review

The Spoony One | Jul 19 2010 

It’s dreamy!

Ultima 2: Revenge of the Enchantress

The Spoony One | Jul 19 2010 
ultima2 (Custom)

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