You hate Spoony for hating Spider-Man! (The fire rises…)

The Spoony One | May 7 2014 | 428 notations | 
Vlog 5-7-14 - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rebuttal (Custom)

In response to the wildfire in the comment sections on my site and YouTube! I’ll try to set the record straight. And fail, as usual. EDIT: Dang it! I forgot to address one of the main issues I wanted to talk about in the movie regarding Disapproving Denis Leary. You’ll remember I mentioned being temporarily…file continues…

Spoony & April Hate The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Vlog 5-6-14 - Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Custom)

We know how Denis Leary feels. Fuck Spider-Man and this movie.

You Don’t Know Sharknado

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You Don't Know Sharknado

In which I explain how to properly take a dump on someone’s carpet.

The Spoony Experiment – Patreon Campaign

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Spoony Experiment Logo

Enabling my insanity results in beautiful, hilarious pain! You can find my Patreon profile at

The Barbarians – CORRECTION!

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Barbarians Review Followup - The Crossbow (Custom)

If I’m going to give the Barbarians the finger, I might as well do it right.

The Barbarians

The Spoony One | Apr 22 2014 | 246 notations | 

The Warrior leaves us one final gift even greater than SKRONK. We’ll miss you, crazy man.

Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market Food 3

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Vlog 4-12-14 - Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market 3 (Custom)

April has made it her personal mission to capture the first ever on-screen Spoony projectile vomit. And she might just pull it off.