Lethal Games

The Spoony One | Feb 3 2014 | 227 notations | 
Lethal Games

Rebruary cannot begin until I have found Frank Stallone.

Wrestle! Wrestle! – Royal Rumble 2014

The Spoony One | Jan 27 2014 | 122 notations | 
WrestleWrestle 1-27-14 - Royal Rumble 2014 (Custom)

We talk to Miles inside this pit of danger! Correction from @OutcastBOS: You got your history confused, Paul turned on Brock for Show to win the WWE title in 2003. What you were thinking of was RVD

In memory of Justin “JewWario” Carmical (1971 – 2014)

The Spoony One | Jan 26 2014 | null | 
In Memoriam: Justin Carmical

I am personally shattered to report the passing of my friend Justin, who took his own life at the age of 42 on January 23, 2014. His wife Jenny reported the news on Facebook, but I heard about it days later hours before I was to introduce my sponsored movie at this year’s B-Fest.

Final Fantasy XIII – Part 5

The Spoony One | Dec 22 2013 | 896 notations | 

Only my hatred can destroy the world, but is there truly anything anyone can say or do to make me hate the world so much that I would want to see it all burn? One way or another, it all ends in 2013. The finale is coming soon.

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