You are aware that I am aware.

The Spoony One | Sep 19 2014 

Just to make things perfectly clear: I am aware that there is a PC port of Final Fantasy 13. Despite my best efforts, I have failed you. I am sorry.

Counter Monkey – D&D 5th Edition Review (Part 1)

The Spoony One | Aug 23 2014 
Counter Monkey - D&D Next Review (Part 1) (Custom)

Is it a proper throwback or a game to throw out?

Wrestle! Wrestle! – Summerslam 2014 (Part 1)

The Spoony One | Aug 19 2014 
Wrestle! Wrestle! Summerslam 2014 (Part 1) - BRRROCCCKK LLLEESSSNNAARRR