My Name is Bruce Review (2-25-09)

The Spoony One | Feb 25 2009 

Because of an upcoming dentist appointment, I’m recording a spur-of-the-moment review of my latest movie rental, Bruce Campbell’s “My Name is Bruce.” Sorry for the change in location and the focusing issues; I recorded this very late at night on a different camera and it had a finicky auto-focus. (“Leave the Bronx” t-shirt designed by…file continues…

Atop the Fourth Wall Reviews Neutro – Featuring Dr. Insano

The Spoony One | Feb 25 2009 
Dungeonmaster Review

He doesn’t have a brain! He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong! Not Neutro, mind you, whoever thought this comic was a good idea. (Created by Lewis Lovhaug, featured on That Guy With the Glasses)

Vlog (2-24-09)

The Spoony One | Feb 24 2009 

Part 1: Max Payne I rented Max Payne from the video store. Payne to the Max, more like! Part 2:Street Fighter 4 You can have a great, classic game and still have a horrible time playing it, if you suck. And few people suck at Street Fighter 4 more than me. Believe me, I spent…file continues…

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

The Spoony One | Feb 19 2009 

The following is a re-post of an old review I’d written, which was lost when we changed to the new site format: It’s not easy being a teen slasher; it requires tons of cardio work and upper-body training if you want to be able to keep up with fleeing victims or rip out a jock’s…file continues…

Fanboys are mine to toy with, old man.

The Spoony One | Feb 19 2009 

There’s been a small amount of Internet furor over an angry, dismissive negative review by Roger Ebert of the movie Fanboys: a review that can, at best, be described as an outright flame of fandom everywhere. The controversy isn’t over the film itself (which, admittedly, does not look very good), but that the ‘Bert claimed…file continues…

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Review (2-17-09)

The Spoony One | Feb 17 2009 

My quest for a quick, convenient time-killer has led me once again to the verdant, Moogle-infested land of Ivalice, as I do a quick review of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. I haven’t played a Tactics game since the original PS1. How does it fare? Let’s just say that there are many…file continues…


The Spoony One | Feb 17 2009 

There’s been a lot of interest in Thai action flicks ever since Tony Jaa kickboxed his way into American theaters with the brutal and impactful Ong-Bak, a film about a country bumpkin tasked with recovering the village’s stolen holy Buddha statue’s head, which was stolen by gangsters because…uh…um…well they stole it, and the reluctant hero…file continues…

FMV Hell – Star Trek: Borg

The Spoony One | Feb 12 2009 

My contribution to That Guy With the Glasses’ donation drive was a special entry of FMV Hell where I take on the dreaded Borg menace along with the omnipotent Q! How many stupid ways can I find to die in the future? Is there a cure for transporter psychosis? Does Q have testicles? Find out!