Hell’s Kitchen: The Game

The Spoony One | Jan 25 2009 
Hells Kitchen

Chef Gordon Ramsay pays an unexpected visit to the show to drag me into Hell’s Kitchen. Not the TV show, his crappy PC game. Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Vlog (1-13-09)

The Spoony One | Jan 13 2009 

I’ve seen a few of the Oscar favorites to ring in the new year: Gran Turino, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Slumdog Millionaire! Here’s what I thought!

I have no words for this blasphemy.

The Spoony One | Jan 12 2009 

It takes a lot to render me speechless, but this did it. (Image created by James on the forum.)

Initial Thoughts About “Anathem”

The Spoony One | Jan 12 2009 

You might consider it somewhat unprofessional for a guy to review something before he’s finished it, but seeing as how Neal Stephenson’s novel Anathem is well over a zillion pages long, I’ll only be able to finish it if modern science triples the human lifespan. Seriously, at 940 pages, you could bludgeon seals to death…file continues…

Giving up on Quicksilver. Again.

The Spoony One | Jan 3 2009 

A while back I started reading Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, the first in a long (I repeat, long) series of books known as the Baroque Cycle. I couldn’t get past the first hundred pages. At first I chalked it up to the tedium of my job, a general sense of ennui, low energy, and disinterest…file continues…

Phantasmagoria Island

The Spoony One | Dec 31 2008 

A new film by Martin Scorcese starring Curtis Craig and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Let’s Play Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Hour 5)

The Spoony One | Dec 30 2008 

The epic conclusion to this Puzzle of Flesh is an orgy of slime, lightning, mucus, and alien weirdness in Dimension X. Who survives? Who dies? Will Curtis prevail, or will Paul Warner’s new weight loss drug usher in a new golden age of pharmaceuticals? More importantly, will Spoony survive with his sanity intact? All signs…file continues…

Christmas Special 2008 Extra – Siren: Blood Curse

The Spoony One | Dec 26 2008 

As an special bonus to my end-of-year review, I vent a little more on my intense hatred for the original PS2 abomination “Siren,” and how it differs from the far superior episodic PS3 downloadable game, “Siren: Blood Curse.”