Christmas Special 2008 Extra – Siren: Blood Curse

The Spoony One | Dec 26 2008 

As an special bonus to my end-of-year review, I vent a little more on my intense hatred for the original PS2 abomination “Siren,” and how it differs from the far superior episodic PS3 downloadable game, “Siren: Blood Curse.”

Christmas Special 2008

The Spoony One | Dec 25 2008 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that jazz! No matter what Santa you pray to, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the best and worst of 2008!

Relaunch imminent.

The Spoony One | Dec 24 2008 

My webmistress is preparing to launch the new version of the website, and while I have full confidence in her abilities, I feel it’s necessary to warn you that the potential for disaster is always lurking. Expect the front page to be in a state of dysfunction for a short while, until we can work…file continues…

Let’s Play Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Hour 4)

The Spoony One | Dec 22 2008 

It’s rough going at the loony bin. Joey Fatone is still looking for latex and McNuggets, Ed Norton is shrieking like a banshee, and there’s a weird lady eating her own arm. Later, the drama reaches a fever pitch as Trevor finally reveals his dark secret: the Potato Story. Don’t miss it!

Once again, this dungeon prepares to shift into a new phase …

The Spoony One | Dec 10 2008 

After taking a look at some of my web traffic statistics, I’ve been advised to start treating this damn website like Serious Business, because while my numbers aren’t great, they’re actually good enough that a guy like me can “turn pro” and start collecting some real cash. That’s the reason why you’re seeing ads creep…file continues…

Let’s Play Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Hour 3)

The Spoony One | Nov 21 2008 

What spells terror like a visit to your psychiatrist? Prepare yourself for a load of long, talky scenes that somehow makes the Senate scenes in the Star Wars prequels seem taut and suspenseful. Ah well, maybe now we’ll finally figure out what’s wrong with Curtis.

Let’s Play Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Hour 2)

The Spoony One | Nov 11 2008 

Curtis is a little shaken up over his latest demonic experience, so he and Gay Spoony head over to Chotchkies for some extreme fajitas. But what’s this? Has Bastard Bob struck again and locked the Pensky File?

The Threatdown (Parts 1 – 3)

The Spoony One | Nov 5 2008 

The Twilight Series AUGH. I can’t– I just…My god. This is… This is the cinematic equivalent of an asteroid about to hit the fucking Earth, people. It’s huge, it’s ugly, it’s horrible, and if you have any sense at all you should run shrieking away from it as quickly as you can. And like any…file continues…