The Spoony One | Oct 31 2008 

I got laid off from my job today. I absolutely hated every second of it, but it’s still hard to take. My folks are really disappointed in me, I’m feeling pretty dejected, and job prospects at the moment are bleak. It pretty much caps off the most miserable year of my life. I can never…file continues…

Dead Space Review (10-27-08)

The Spoony One | Oct 27 2008 

This vlog is a quick recap of my experience with the new survival horror shooter, Dead Space!

Let’s Play Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Hour 1)

The Spoony One | Oct 21 2008 

Let’s sit down and play some Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of the Flesh! I’ve never actually played this game before, so join me on an all new rollercoaster ride through FMV Hell!

Quarantine Review (10-12-08)

The Spoony One | Oct 12 2008 

I’ve got a headache, and Quarantine is to blame!

Silent Hill Homecoming Review (10-7-08)

The Spoony One | Oct 7 2008 

Just a few quick updates and a review of Silent Hill: Homecoming!

Vlog (9-25-2008)

The Spoony One | Sep 25 2008 

I decided to record some quick (if 25 minutes is quick) comments about what I’m doing, where I’ve been, and what’s coming up next. Here are links to the various websites and videos I mentioned: Channel: MysteryDisc Introduction:

In which I will upstage David Blaine…

The Spoony One | Sep 22 2008 

In what could be the most death-defying, most perilous stunt ever attempted, and perhaps my last ever video, I am going to review… STEVEN SEAGAL’S LIGHTNING BOLT ENERGY DRINK For those of you who don’t know, action star, fitness guru, and rock legend Steven Seagal has created an all-natural energy drink which you can only…file continues…

Demolition Man

The Spoony One | Sep 1 2008 

The Spoony One goes corporate with this new Taco Bell-sponsored review of Demolition Man for the 3DO! It’s a real future shock as we cope with tight new language decency constraints, as well as mounting insanity. What’s my boggle? Theme Song: “Break Me” by The Irresponsibles” (Used with permission) —