Ask Spoony 2

The Spoony One | May 12 2008 

I sat myself down in front of a camera for 40 minutes to address some of my most common e-mails and questions from the message board. Hope you find it…illuminating.

FMV Hell – Sewer Shark

The Spoony One | Apr 20 2008 

It’s time to shoot the tubes and tackle Sewer Shark for the SegaCD. The sewer level is the lamest level in any game, so what happens when you’ve got a game that consists entirely of sewer levels? A million pounds of tubesteak!

FMV Hell – Microcosm

The Spoony One | Apr 6 2008 

The Spoony One makes his triumphant return in this review of the worst, most boring game to ever blight the PC or the SegaCD: Microcosm. Take a Fantastic Voyage through FMV Hell and see if you can survive “the ultimate CD-ROM game.” But first, we need to take a look at the most grotesquely over-fluffed…file continues…

Dragon Strike

The Spoony One | Jan 5 2008 

Straight from the mailbag comes a plea for help! He wants to learn D&D, but doesn’t know how. Have no fear! I’ll teach you the same way I learned how, by playing Dragon Strike! Beware the Sacrilege!

FMV Hell – Johnny Mnemonic Endings

The Spoony One | Dec 8 2007 

Many people…some people…all right, one person wanted to know just how Johnny Mnemonic ended! Well here it is, the multi-faceted ending to the FMV game Johnny Mnemonic!

FMV Hell – Johnny Mnemonic

The Spoony One | Nov 30 2007 

Take a tour of the FMV games I grew up playing and learn how they scarred my existence! There’s more to come, and we’re leading up to a full-length review of one of the oddest FMV games ever made! Now we tackle the most dreaded of the FMV titles: the interactive movies. We begin with…file continues…

Final Fantasy VIII – Part 7

The Spoony One | Oct 5 2007 

A character who uses a gun? This is a dream! It’s a tale of really awkward romance and a fat man throwing a harpoon at mushrooms. Will our heroes ever wake up and find out what in the hell their mission is? Is Quistis a fembot? And what horrible thing will I name Rinoa’s dog?

Final Fantasy VIII – Part 6

The Spoony One | Sep 12 2007 

WARNING: Mature Content! It seems that FF8 has thrown me into a hallucinatory wonderland, where a parallel universe version of myself decided to ravage Final Fantasy SEVEN instead! Before everyone gets upset, I’m just fucking around so count to ten before you go declaring a blood-feud on my house.