Because I want to see Doctor Ross return to kill some zombies, that’s why.

The Spoony One | May 29 2009 | 240 notations | 

ER is a show that went on way too long, well past its expiration date. Sure, we’ve had hospital dramas since the beginning of television, but let’s be real, it’s a show about doctors and sick people, and once you’ve done the usual bits about doctors with drug addictions, romantic liasons, doctors euthanizing patients, doctors…file continues…

Some computers will believe anything.

The Spoony One | May 24 2009 | 373 notations | 

I think many of you are missing the point of this particular exercise. I’m trying to point out that these are terrible ideas that should never be applauded. A violent exploitation sequel to Manos? Be serious. And yes, I know that all of these ideas are, without fail, based on some other existing series. I…file continues…

Mr. Mulder, “they” have been here for a long, long time.

The Spoony One | May 16 2009 | 161 notations | 

Normally I hate series reboots. You only have to look as far as the Knight Rider revamp before you seriously consider turning the television off and finding something to read. Something very, very long to read. I even hated the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and that’s considered to be one of the most successful reimaginings of…file continues…

He took care of the place. Now he’s going to “take care” of the place. Permanently.

The Spoony One | May 1 2009 | 184 notations | 

You may think that if I ever got the chance to make this movie, I wouldn’t take it all that seriously, intentionally making a shitty-beyond-belief movie with no regard for tradecraft or continuity, intentionally choosing horrendous actors and looping all their dialogue myself, and basically emulating the exact same style that made the original “Manos”…file continues…

Two Words: Fucking Blaster Bombs.

The Spoony One | Apr 29 2009 | 277 notations | 

Get me Michael Bay. If you’ve played the games, I probably don’t need to say anything else to sell you on this one. It’s fucking X-Com, people; the game where we, as a united planet, saw UFOs abducting our cattle for depraved sexual reasons and said “no more!” Okay, yeah, I know, this is basically…file continues…

Mutha Brain’s gonna getchu, little princess.

The Spoony One | Apr 28 2009 | 152 notations | 

You should DEFINITELY not let me write cartoons… Many years ago, teenager Kevin Keene was pulled through his television, summoned through the Ultimate Warp Zone to Videoland, a bizarre fantasy land populated by Nintendo characters. He became Captain N, Videoland’s only hope against the nefarious Mother Brain and her villainous allies like the Eggplant Wizard,…file continues…

I snark because I can’t do.

The Spoony One | Apr 27 2009 | 160 notations | 

I’m still mired in the late 80s and early 90s, the salad days of my childhood, and if I’m being honest, I probably haven’t had an original thought since Twin Peaks went off the air. I think in song lyrics and movie quotes, and I’m prone to howling random quotes from Dune at innocent, bewildered…file continues…

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