Let’s Riff on Ripper – Act 3, Part 1

The Spoony One | Jan 25 2010 | more notation(s) | 

With Farley dead and evidence of the crime sprayed all over our hero, how will Quinlan convince the police that he’s not the Ripper?

  • http://twitter.com/Maulmoviemoos Maul

    Aw man, its 5am and I'm about to go to bed. Must resist urge to stay up and watch ripper….. I'll wait til I wake up. Something to look forward to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jake.is.the.coolest.cool Jake Osborne

    Woah, Walken really is truly insane in this game!

  • SeiferTV

    I'm loving this, Spoony. You're un-fucking-believable.

  • walmor

    Walken is Batshit crazy! WTF did he do that?!

    Great game!

  • http://ninjamohawk.blogspot.com Ninjamohawk

    Spoony dude, these keep getting funnier! “It probably doesn't work.” was the best timing ever. I laughed my ass off!

  • assiman

    Interesting turn of events. Now this story really got exciting :P

  • Hobohunter

    I'm glad you knew he was Wolf from the 10th Kingdom too! That's great :D

  • Anonymous

    ^^ Double post, secod one’s better :|

  • http://twitter.com/JJFryer93 Jamie Fryer

    This is getting better and better … now i wait until the next one – CAN'T WAIT – but have to :( lol

  • jiggerreggi

    Loving this let's play, can't wait for more. References to T2, Phantasmagoria 2 and Sewer Shark all occured to me, as well :
    Ironically, I read your review for 'Krull' today, giving some insight into the Krull glaive reference.
    Still, why did Walken cut his own forehead open? That's just retarded…

  • Anonymous

    Dead Ale Wives reference?

    Spoony, you just made my day. :D

  • Malcrag

    oh god that chess puzzle! THAT MOTHERFUCKING CHESS PUZZLE

    Seriously you dont know how frustrating that mini game was until you play it seriously. I hated that shit that i gave up countless times. Did it eventually though.Piece of shit.

  • Kevin_Holsinger

    Good morning Spoony and fellow Spooners.

    When Spoony was doing his French Christopher Walken impression, I was thinking, “Why is he doing Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice?”

    Can't recall how much is left to this game, but I get the feeling it's enough to fit just one more 20-minute video. And then it'll all be over. Well, all good things…

    • http://shadowdancersworldo.blip.tv/ Shadowdancer21b

      The Continental is one of the best Saturday Night Live sketches ever.

  • http://www.vgboxart.com/author/alldreamsfalldown/ alldreamsfalldown

    Noooo. Americans doing a cockney accent. It sounds exactly like their attempt at an australian accent.

  • areoborg

    How does Magnota still have a job?

    He captures the most likely Ripper suspect, gets himself punched hard enough to leave a good sized cut on his forehead, (and then pops the guy in the face in self defense) and then lets him go?

  • Diggerjohn111

    I was literally just thinking, “Some of the 'Ripper' looks kind of ham-handed, but it is genius compared to 'The Thing'.” Then “Fuse Box 1″ flashed up, that was too funny! Amazing review Spoony!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wizardofxenia Andrew Michael Brown


    what the hell was with virtual-Quinlan giving the middle-finger at the end? that was just silly…

  • bloodhowl

    For a second there I thought Magnata was going to attack the darkness. ;D

  • ApatheticOne (the original)

    Nothing like a morning Cup O' Joe and a little bit of the Ripper…Epic Let's Play..

  • leukarlung

    Yay for 8-bit theater. Got to get me a newgrounds fix right now

  • leukarlung

    yay for 8-bit theater. ^^

  • coyoterys

    Great job man. I can't wait for your take on Tex Murphy.

  • natashabennett

    I wonder if Walkin does this with everyone he interrogates…his fellow detectives must think he's a pretty weak fighter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonas-Hober/548751515 Jonas Hober

      Must be hard comming up with new Ideas for wounds that let’s you get away with self defence, the stabwound from a snickersbar wasn’t that convincing…………

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonas-Hober/548751515 Jonas Hober

      Must be hard comming up with new Ideas for wounds that let’s you get away with self defence, the stabwound from a snickersbar wasn’t that convincing…………

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Bell/7600432 Justin Bell

    Brilliant dude. Simply brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    All hail the Spoony One, for his Generosity and Greatness inspires a-Many !

    He even offers Gifts of Knowledges and Humor to his humble servants upon the day of their Birth !

    Ok ok, i’ll cut the crap , just found it awesome that you post up a new ripper part on my birthday , Thx a lot !

  • http://www.vaughnonmovies.com/ Vaughn On Movies

    Kasparov vs Deep Blue reference FTW!

  • http://www.vgboxart.com/author/alldreamsfalldown/ alldreamsfalldown

    Nooooooo. Americans doing that generic Cockney/Austrailian accent again :(

  • ollyfrancis

    magnotta cuts himself above his left eye but like 15 seconds after it shows the cut above his right eye

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wiegeabo-Kilijabob/100000074745693 Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    Hahaha. Walken kept reading the cue cards in the interrogation room.

  • SenorPwnage

    “Fuse Box Count: 1″

    Oh God, I died laughing! Seriously, best throwback ever, I'm so glad you actually remembered to use that.

  • http://cassave.deviantart.com/ Cassavius

    Ah, so the chess computer cheats!
    Well do what McReady does, pour your J&B on the rocks in its innards.

  • http://twitter.com/AngryEd Edmund Dubois

    Good to see the return of the Fuse Box count, among other referential humor staples.

    Also where the hell did Quinlan get that gun? Has he had it the whole time? I was thinking it'd be dumb if he never used it but then I remembered he's never been directly attacked at all, at least not in the “real world”, just in VR. Still it seems almost random that suddenly he's packing heat for the purpose of that one scene.

  • http://www.gamespot.com/users/cornbredx CornBRED-X

    Loved all the references in this one. You think maybe the Clarence reference is for True Romance? Nah. Good unintentional reference though.
    Funny episode, its kinda funny how this became more of a movie esque riff then a playthrough (since a majority of the gameplay is the old fashioned walk places frame by frame except it takes even longer then some [imagine that!]).
    Ya, anyway, good episode =)

  • cronambs

    >.< Cannot get ur video working, keeps crashing flash

  • http://smellslikegeekstink.blogspot.com Jenny

    You do raise a good point – what DID happen to Blob at the end of Phantasmagoria 2?

  • cronambs

    Nvm it works when i used linux lol but good video

  • claybird

    i fucking love when these videos get posted. hilarious once again spoony.

  • VintageOhMy900

    When Spoony mentioned that Quinlin was Wolf from 10th Kingdom…


    Had to pause after the “Sounds like a tagline to a Bukkake film” line, I was laughing so damn much.

  • TomeOne

    Spoony Walken is the best

  • theshamster

    With four suspects to choose from that change with each game, who do you think is the ripper in this game that Spoony is playing?

    I'm guessing its either Dr Burton or Detective Magnota.

  • allenbsamson

    Spoony needs to up his game. I'm trying to watch your material but it's getting rough.

  • sifer2

    The start of Act 3 is strange. Quinlan all the sudden blasting people with a gun. And man I can understand trying to make it look like you were attacked but that gash he cut in his forehead was so huge he would need to go to the hospital for tons of stitches lol.

  • eaglefalcon

    I'm so baffled… why would you cut yourself like that with a knife, and do nothing about the fingerprints you leave on the knife… my god…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ObieWanCoyote Christopher Lash

    Hey does anyone remember what was the title of that morrowind machinma that Spoony referenced in this one? “Hey we're's the Mountain Dew?” I remember I had a copy of it, from a trial cd from a magazine subscription that I had at the time, but haven't been able to find it in so long.

    And the idea of Spoony Walken, that could make an interesting video character. How about aTSE PSA with Spoony Walken?

  • shadowdancer21b

    You must go to the Dagobah System Rock!

  • llimar263

    ya an energy shuriken is nice and all, but i think your own personal rage attack monkey will get the job done better “with a hell of a lot more splatter.”

  • SenorPwnage

    The original source of that reference is a skit by the Dead Alewives. It's called several different things, but the real name is… Dungeons and Dragons. Yeah, what a surprise, right? Anyway, here's the link, for anyone who wants it.


    Also, there's a sequel that's pretty good.


  • dsprox

    Dungeons and Dragons….SATANS GAME.

  • MrZer0

    Never question Bruce Dickinson

  • http://twitter.com/DANfan69 Kaohe Alama-Francis

    I agree with a lot of people, Magnotta had an open and shut case to indict Quinlan on the charges of being The Ripper, especially since he had Farley's blood on him, but then he goes batshit insane and let's him go? I think it might have been trust issues here but c'mon! But I did like how Magnotta bladed himself. Gotta love the Walken!

    Also loved the little Golden Child reference when the demon showed up before the first rail shooter sequence.

    Sadly Spoony, your Continental impersonation did sound a lot like your Arnold.

  • keshihead

    Nobody spotted the reference to the PS2 game Summoner? The “Mountain Dew” and “If there's any wenches there, I wanna do them” bits reference the D&D Outtake when you press X on the credits screen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonas-Hober/548751515 Jonas Hober

    It is also a dialog in the flash 8-bit D&D, wich is why I'll say……Ogres? Man, I got a ogreslaying knife, it's got a +9 against ogres! I'M ATTACKING THE DARKNESS =O

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1429413036 facebook-1429413036

    To friggin funny. I am looking forward to more. I loved all the jokes Spoony.

  • http://www.youtube.com/smeghead4269 Smeghead

    “Where are the cheetos?”

    “They're in the pantry!”

  • pikmintaro

    Shuriken made of pure energy? FUUTON RASENSHURIKEN!!!!

    Hurry and hit Kakuzu with it! then once his boss the Ripper comes keep hitting his Six Bodies with it until you beat him, turn him good, and make him bring back to life everyone he killed, after he reduced the city to a crater!

    • sanktmikael

      I dunno, my first thought was Eldar shuriken-weaponry.

  • shenron

    Love the Continental joke ya slipped in there… I hope to hear about Colonel Angus before your done!

  • shenron

    I Agree…but the sad thing is I've seen someone do that.. (the bladed himself thing) if that doesn't scream “I'm Crazy!” I don't know what dose! and the Golden Child reference caught me off guard nearly had a spit take all over my computer!

  • jabbakahut

    Best line… “Giant glowing blue fuck me light on his forehead”-that should be a shirt.

    I think he missed on a blueman group joke right before that line.

  • pepsistopheles

    Try the Flash 10.1 beta on Adobe's website. I found it fixed all of my blip.tv issues.

  • pepsistopheles

    Try the Flash 10.1 beta on Adobe's website. I found it fixed all of my blip.tv issues.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mrsuperduck Michael Conner

    Aww, aww, aww…………Spoony…………Eddie Izzard jokes? I can't let that joke go…………..you cant make fun of Izzard, man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Kowalski/644789747 Ryan Kowalski

    blue fuck me light what is next umm green fuck me light

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mattias-Qvarfordt/100000100932336 Mattias Qvarfordt

    Dammit, you stole my idea xD

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Spieker/658144366 Danny Spieker

    did i hear the rib eye is still at large?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danny-Spieker/658144366 Danny Spieker

    did i hear the rib eye is still at large?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Thomas/100000330117003 Matt Thomas

    I can’t possibly look at Scott Cohen being anybody but Wolf from the 10th Kingdom. He’s so epic in that role.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4QB6H5NYHIZUMLLTONUVLBAWHQ Webberdeluxe pennyworth


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515476575 Glen Graves

    I’m sure someone else pointed this out but the Ripper is obviously the girlfriend also because whenever he gets those green face messeges from the Ripper she calls him “Boss”

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1388725117 Micha Hornes

      In the original Jack the ripper case, the letters received from the murderer revered to the police as boss.
      Seeing as this game tries to make some reverence to that case, this is why the ripper calls Quinlan that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Winter/1086353056 Joshua Winter

    mtn dew *snicker*

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bennett-LaRue/100000392184293 Bennett LaRue

    man, i have experience with cuts on the forehead, and that ugly fucker should be bleeding magnotta dry. instead we get a small trickle. maybe he learned how to stop blood flow by watching NINJA ASSASSIN!

    • Jiří Grcka

      Exactly what I was thinking, this guy has to be a vampire

  • Anonymous

    You would probably be having more fun if you were playing Quake

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICDHG7TLTN6JVK6JMK3TKQFXKQ Mike Wallace

    I’ve got a Knife of Ripper Slaying, it does +9 damage against Rippers!

    • Anonymous

      Not bad but Walken had a knife of self mutilation, it has a +10 against foreheads :3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tariel-Corbeau/1388782046 Tariel Corbeau

    “The giant blue fuck me light on his forehead.” WIN

    • Garmrspor

      NAWWWW, could not possibly be!

  • http://twitter.com/StochasticOoze Jason

    I never understood why so many people are convinced that Quinlan is the Ripper by Farley’s death. We’re talking about a death that occurred in public, with witnesses all around, and presumably no murder weapon in the vicinity of them. What do they think Quinlan killed him with, a steak knife?

    • phoenixrider100

      I dont think there were any witnesses around, since the bar was closed. And since when did Walken look like a good cop?

    • jetman123

      He got let off due to lack of evidence, so it’s pretty clear Magnotta was just roasting him and hoping he’d confess, or at least give something useful. There’s nothing but circumstantial evidence against Quinlan. Magnotta is also a rather dirty cop, as Phoenixrider pointed out…

  • Rob Sandroni

    I really love these videos! Actually, I’m on something like my fifth time through. Is that bad?

  • Dr. Jaime E. García

    Lol Blob.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vaughan-MacDonald/100000473507885 Vaughan MacDonald

    Speed! Speed, Rock! GET THE CHICKEN!!

  • J A

    4:43 would have been perfect for “and I got a copy for only 19.99 when he went player’s choice!”

  • Simoneer

    …Doing Walken doing a French man? MY GOD, THE MENTAL PICTURE!

  • Spazworth

    No one noticed, or cared about, that The Dude quote? Really? It was brilliantly implemented.

  • Shawdawg

    Holy crap. I just saw something here that I’m not sure if anyone noticed. The characters from the chess game are the same characters from the fighting game on PS2 and PC also (I think) D&D: Warriors of Ravenloft.

  • http://dragonacesg7.tumblr.com/ Dragons_Dusk

    Chictionary- Vickie 3 stars corner of 42nd and (something)… riding crop and can of crisco… WOW just wow

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