Let’s Riff on Ripper – Act 1, Part 2

The Spoony One | Aug 24 2009 | 255 notations | 

Quinlan does some footwork around town, following Catherine’s tracks to the Virtual Library and Jimmie Walker’s “Smoke Shop.” But the star-studded celebrity parade continues as we also encounter 2-time Oscar nominee Burgess Meredith! And he’s mean!

Let’s Riff on Ripper – Act 1, Part 1

The Spoony One | Aug 19 2009 | 525 notations | 

The investigation begins! Ace reporter Jake Quinlan starts out by checking out the police station for case reports on the Ripper case, but will Detective Magnotta hamper his efforts? Will Catherine recover from the Ripper’s attack? Will Marion be able to elude the Nazis and give the headpiece to the Staff of Ra to Indy?…file continues…

Let’s Riff on Ripper – The new iRipper, available now!

The Spoony One | Jun 5 2009 | 107 notations | 

Design by Gideon Eklund (click for full-size wallpaper)

Let’s Riff on Ripper – Prologue

The Spoony One | Jun 3 2009 | 657 notations | 

The Ripper’s reign of terror begins, but it’s not your mama’s Ripper of Whitechapel. It’s the Ripper…OF THE FUTURE! Edit: Because you requested it…