SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs SEGA’s 1994 CES Promo Video

The Spoony One | Jul 5 2013 | 27 notations | 

This is it! The SGC Riff series concludes with some SEGA!!!

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Discovering the World Wide Web

The Spoony One | Jul 4 2013 | 22 notations | 

Turns out you can load all that data into the back of a truck.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Starfox 64

The Spoony One | Jul 3 2013 | 30 notations | 

Back when Sony and Sega would resort to poison gas pizzas to learn Nintendo’s secrets.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Radio Shack VIS

The Spoony One | Jul 2 2013 | 22 notations | 

I can’t wait for a Radio Shack gaming console! But does it require a persistent online connection?

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs the Chuck E. Cheese Walkabout Guide

The Spoony One | Jun 29 2013 | 26 notations | 

This is what separates Chuck E. Cheese mascots from party clowns: Chuck E. Cheese has an instructional video to show him how not to touch little children.

SGC 2013 – Spoony Riffs Final Fantasy Unlimited

The Spoony One | Jun 27 2013 | 68 notations | 

My showcase panel of SGC begins with a riff of the little-known and little-watched Final Fantasy anime! It features chocobos, giant mushroom monsters, and an apartment building for ants. Take the last train to Wonderland! Sorry the audio isn’t very good. Not much I can do about it.

Spoony Riffs – Hallmark Safety Training Video

The Spoony One | Oct 5 2012 | 170 notations | 

Hallmark is one dangerous place. Will dem Duke Boys manage to make it through a single day without getting themselves killed?