Dune: The iRiff!

The Spoony One | May 20 2011 | 

Spoony and the Nostalgia Chick team up to riff on Dune!

Spoony and the Nostalgia Chick team up to tackle David Lynch’s sci-fi masterpiece Dune! It’s a movie full of oily, ugly people in rubber costumes giving intense, whispered inner monologues. It’s a movie without a recognizable narrative structure! Either you love this movie like Noah does, or you’ll suffer through Lindsay’s personal gom jabbar (whatever that is).

It’s one of the strangest sci-fi bombs out there. At least you can safely say there’s nothing else quite like Dune…and there’s a few good reasons for that.

(This iRiff is for the NTSC, THEATRICAL VERSION of Dune. It is an mp3 iRiff, meant to be played in accompaniment with the movie. I have included a PAL conversion of the file, following the directions on the Rifftrax site, but I cannot guarantee that it works.)