MAGFest Schedule!

The Spoony One | Jan 6 2011 | 

Hey everyone! They’ve posted the schedule for MAGFest, and it’s a packed event! Just looking there’s so many events I want to see, I don’t even want to do my own panels! Check out the schedule yourself, but for those of you interested in where I’ll be, here’s a list of my own confirmed events:

House of the Dead with Spoony (Riffing) – 11:45pm in the Video Room

Wrestle! Wrestle! Round Table with Sean Fausz and Maffew of Botchamania
– 1:30am (Fri) – Panels 3 (Noah teams up with Sean Fausz and Maffew of Botchamania to argue about what’s going wrong with wrestling today!)
TGWTG Producers’ Panel – 5:30 PM

Spoony’s Stand-Up Comedy and Q&A
– 1am (Sat) – Main Events (The Spoony One rocks the mic and answers your questions about his reviews on video games and movies! Be one of the few to hear Spoony’s stand-up comedy routine!)

Spoony Experiment Video Screening
– 1am (Sun) – Panels 3 (The Spoony One debuts a brand-new video review, and shows some of his old classics. Q&A to follow each video.)
Channel Awesome Rock Band Open Stage – 11am-2pm – Panels 2 (We get all our guests on stage to rock the night away! Show up and scream requests for your favorites!)

I also hear there will be a Tekken 6 event, and a Tron panel I have a dire itch to troll attend. There’s also a live Atop the Fourth Wall that I mustn’t miss.

See you there!