Okay. Officially freaked out.

The Spoony One | Nov 25 2009 | 

I get a lot of donations all the time, and every time, I’m blown away by even the smallest amount of generosity. But normally, these donations take the form of payments less than $25, or the silly items I post on my Amazon Wish List. In fact, I can say with endless gratitude that for a long time, your donations helped keep the website running. Now, of course, ads from Blip are helping a great deal.

But uh, this is kind of scary.

Today I just got a package in the mail containing a copy of the Adobe Master Collection, which contains a load of Adobe software like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator…and all this prices out at well over two thousand freaking dollars. It was on my wish list as just that– a longshot wish that I never really expected anyone to fill. Sort of like people who will throw a big screen TV onto their wish list, never seriously believing someone will swoop down and buy in a fit of kindness or madness. And the hell of it is, I have no idea who did it. The packing slip lists only AMAZON as the buyer, and the shipping label is blank except for my name. I can’t even thank this secret Santa.

But seriously…I don’t think I can accept this. Books, CDs, the odd video game or camera bag…that’s one thing, but when you’re dealing with a gift this expensive, it’s quite another. I feel guilty when people are good enough to throw $5 or $10 my way; how do you think something like this makes me feel? Either you’re spectacularly generous on a level I’ve never personally witnessed, or you’re with the mafia. ;)

I mean, if you’re serious and absolutely certain you’re willing to let me have this, I’ll use it and be eternally grateful. But I’m just some guy on the Internet, so I hope you thought it through!

But whoever you are, kind sir or madam, I hope you’ll e-mail me and let me know if this is what you really want to do. I’m not going to unwrap this thing until then.