MAGFest Schedule!

The Spoony One | Jan 6 2011 | 61 notations | 

Hey everyone! They’ve posted the schedule for MAGFest, and it’s a packed event! Just looking there’s so many events I want to see, I don’t even want to do my own panels! Check out the schedule yourself, but for those of you interested in where I’ll be, here’s a list of my own confirmed events:…file continues…

The Irresponsibles – Let it Out

The Spoony One | Nov 26 2010 | 90 notations | 

Own “Let it Out” by visiting:

Vlog 10-29-10 – D&D Essentials, Gamma World

The Spoony One | Oct 29 2010 | 240 notations | 

Part 1: Dungeons & Dragons Essentials, Dungeon Master Kit Unboxing Part 2: Gamma World Unboxing

Grass Battle Honorable Mention 5: Journey Onward

The Spoony One | Sep 30 2010 | 121 notations | 

It’s the last of the series! What a great battle it was!

Coming Soon: Spoony & Pat the NES Punk review Highlander: Endgame

The Spoony One | Sep 1 2010 | 64 notations | 

The Quickening was bad, but it wasn’t Bruce “Blue Lips” Payne bad.

Playing with the green screen

The Spoony One | Aug 12 2010 | 222 notations | 

In which I’m a perfectionist, and should probably just use more masks and cropping instead of fussing over minor light imperfections. Really I’m just trying to get the key as good as possible without having to tinker with it overmuch in After Effects. It’s just something that I fuss with a lot, even though it’s…file continues…

Wrestle! Wrestle! (HardCORE Justice, Raw 8-9-10)

The Spoony One | Aug 10 2010 | 199 notations | 

Dixie finally puts a stake in the heart of hardcore.