After Last Season – Going Down

The Spoony One | Aug 8 2010 | 370 notations | 

At the request of the film’s creators, I am removing all video content of After Last Season from my website. I will make the Rifftrax available online as an audio file, which can be played with the legally-purchased accompanying DVD.

Wrestle! Wrestle! (TNA Impact 7-15-10)

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The top 10 contenders are reshuffled, and Abyss has a new girlfriend! This is the first episode of my new wrestling review show! It’ll soon be spun off into its own website for sports and wrasslin’! EDIT: And in the first major screw-up of the series, I’ve been told that it was AJ Styles who…file continues…

Zelda Scott: Original Gangsta T-Shirts Now Available!

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A bunch of phat Zelda Scott merch is now available in the store! Straight-up ballin’, homies! This crunk bling is off the heezy, yo!

TNA iMPACT Live Bloggin’

The Spoony One | Mar 15 2010 | 116 notations | 

* Huh. Turns out Abyss drove the Hummer. * It has now been a full month since Samoa Joe was abducted by ninjas. I’m sorry I keep harping on this point, but I seem to be the only person alive who cares. * The show kicks off with AJ and Ric coming out to bitch…file continues…

WWE Raw Live Bloggin’

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* Odds that Cena sells the beating he sustained from half the locker room: 1,000,000 to 1. * Cole doesn’t manage to get 15 seconds into the broadcast before declaring this to be a “vintage episode of Raw.” * If you’re ready to be reminded of how much better the Attitude era was than this…file continues…

Wait, what?

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(From Dixie’s official TNA Facebook Fan Page) Edit: The wise Lady Scarlett has informed me that Facebook automatically populates the Links sidebar with any old crap Friends slap on your wall. Which, if you ask me, is a really stupid design decision.

From the desk of TNA President Dixie Carter

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This is absolutely, 100% real. I swear I have not falsified this image in any way. It is a message from Dixie Carter’s Twitter account. Expect to hear more on this matter soon…

Shutter Island: A Puzzle of Flesh

The Spoony One | Feb 22 2010 | 191 notations | 

It’s the hit full-motion video interactive PC game, directed by Martin Scorsese!