System Shock, then and now.

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DOSBox is some amazing stuff. The last time I tried to get the old Origin games to run was back in the Win95 days, and that was a jump that pretty much guaranteed you wouldn’t easily be running any of your old DOS games for a while. You had to dual-boot to DOS, and that…file continues…

If I were starting a League of Super-Villainy…

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I’d have to start with this guy. EDIT: It would have to be YouTube, the most evil entity on the planet!

The Insano Files: World Domination Plan #402

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While most research has focused on cybernetics, robotics, and nanotechnology as the most efficient and plausible means of world domination (necromantic and biological studies being harder to control, slower, and harder to mass-produce), there are certain species on this planet that I may have overlooked. Plan #307 was something of an underachievement, as the robotic…file continues…

Doctor Insano spotted at Otakon 2009

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Well where else are you going to look for other super villains to join your league of evil?

Yor is no longer the man.

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Charlie72 from the forums has found something even more astounding then killing a giant bat, hoisting it over your head, and using it to hang-glide into the mouth of a cave to attack an entire race of purple cavemen. Don’t get me wrong, if you could weaponize those levels of awesomeness you could kill millions….file continues…

More things in Terminator Salvation that made no sense. *SPOILERS*

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Skynet is guarded by exactly one terminator without a gun. Despite the fact that it is demonstrated that terminators can be created to exactly replicate the appearance and voice of people they’ve captured to infiltrate or lure the Resistance into traps, Skynet chooses to keep Kyle Reese alive to lure John Connor into a trap….file continues…

This looks kind of familiar…

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James Rolfe just posted a new review of this really cheesy board game from TSR called Dragon Strike. Now, call me crazy, but this game looks really familiar. It’s weird, I just can’t quite place it. Feels a little like deja vu. Oh well, it’s probably nothing. Any of you seen anything like this before?

Slow down! A speed camera! I need a clear shot.

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Photo-radar van driver shot to death; dies slowly and painfully. Somehow I can’t help but feel that some of you are missing the point. Edit: The gunman proves to be an excellent shot, hitting both van and driver at speeds well over the posted limit. In fact, the van has a photo of him and…file continues…