Playing with the green screen

The Spoony One | Aug 12 2010 | 

In which I’m a perfectionist, and should probably just use more masks and cropping instead of fussing over minor light imperfections. Really I’m just trying to get the key as good as possible without having to tinker with it overmuch in After Effects. It’s just something that I fuss with a lot, even though it’s a minor aspect in my productions. I thought I’d just put this out there in case any of you are more formally-trained in this sort of work and can spot anything I’m clearly doing wrong.

I can tell already that I still look pale, almost greenish in the new fluorescent lights. That’s because fluorescent light is much “colder” than incandescent indoor lights. And it’s funny, I’ve set my camera’s white balance to compensate for 5600K temp. lights, but I still look pretty green. I’ll probably have to manually white balance it or find a way to manually crank up the warmth.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of writing more reviews and also training myself in about four different pieces of software at the moment. And preparing Wrestle Wrestle. And preparing for PAX. And probably growing the mother of all ulcers. It might be a little while before the next review, but the wait will be worth it. I have some…unfinished business I must attend to that drags behind me like a weighty chain of Sin…