Problems with the new video player?

The Spoony One | Sep 2 2012 | more notation(s) | 

On September 1, I upgraded the site’s video players but noticed since the update some folks are having issues using it. Give this a try:

  • Right click on the Springboard player, choose settings, you’ll see 5 tabs on the bottom, you needs to click the first one on the left and disable hardware acceleration.
  • Make sure your flash version is up to date.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of your web browser.
  • Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphic processor.

EDIT: Tech support tells me that the problems with frequent stuttering or buffering are related to the random seeking option. For now, this feature has been disabled to see if there’s any improvement.

  • ORCACommander

    can we get a break down on the difference between blip and springboard?

    • Daniel Kong

      Sorry no break down from me but I have noticed blip has been having some… issues with their site and their player lately. Maybe thats why Spoony changed it?

    • Moritz

      springboard pays better

      • Shaka Zulu

        for now until it gets flooded like blip did, then the swarm moves on.

  • Shaka Zulu


    Umm… nope not really.

  • ORCACommander

    i wish disqus would stop using crap colors for the css of their comments system. this new one doesn’t blend in well i think and it has some usability breakdown

  • Adam Sterczala

    Nope, Noah Springboard still sucks. It hangs and lags constantly. Blips new video player is sucky but Springboard just bites so HARD. At least with Blip I can let the video load all the way through. It doesn’t seem like i can do that at ALL with Springboard.

    • saint23thomas

      I can’t get the new Blip player to buffer more than about three seconds, at most. Which is the same problem I’ve always had with Springboard.

      • level_control

        Sorry Spoony but springboard is a bigger piece of shit than blip. I’d love to keep watching your videos but thats not possible if you’re using a broken media player.

        You should be ashamed. Asking us to update our computers to watch a fucking video. Thats terrible software design. Every other site’s videos work so get your shit together.

        • saint23thomas

          Actually, now that Spoony fixed that random seek problem, it seems that the Springboard player is actually working better that the new Blip player. At the very least, it will buffer several minutes of video, not just a few seconds.

        • Paul Asphyxiation Broberg

          you do realize that spoony has nothing to do with the software design right? and also, updating three drivers isn’t that much of a deal, I mean it takes like 30 minutes at most.

          • Meghan Heath

            I tried that and my computer massively crashed. With the drivers. From the Intel website.

            Twice. In ten minutes.

            And considering this is only a few months old with no problems before this, it’s a bad sign.

    • smek2

      I agree. I can’t even let the video pre-buffer and then watch un-interrupted. I’m stuck with being interrupted every one or two seconds, which takes me out of the experience, not to speak of the huge annoyance.

  • Drakedragon

    Looks like disabling hardware acceleration did the trick for me. Video’s playing just fine for the most part, now. I just have to let it buffer a little bit.

  • Patrick Joannisse

    You should try JW Player instead. It’s lighter, supports HTML5 and slick.

  • Slait

    I’m actually really happy about this, because is blocked by some of the computers I use. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know. A change to Springboard means I can keep watching wherever I am. Maybe that’s selfish, but that’s my perspective.

  • Adam Sterczala

    OK, here’s another. I just brought up SWAT 4 and when I hit full screen…it doesn’t. Te entire window goes black and the Spoony Experiment logo it right in the very top right corner of the screen but, the actual video footage is the exact same size as it was before hitting full screen. XD

    • Adam Sterczala

      As a follow up when I played the SWAT4 Part 3 it actually full screened properly so it might have been a glitch on the first video.

      • David Idiart

        Springboard’s doing that on ALL the videos I load on the site now. All my drivers and flash players are up to date. Why!? Why now when a new Counter Monkey goes up!?

    • oddsubrosian

      Getting the same problem on the new Counter Monkey. All my software’s updated and my PC’s top of the line. Plus, I’ve never had this problem with the Springboard player before. Spoony, a little help over here?

  • François Frappier

    What’s a Springboard player?

  • Void

    Why the switch, springboard pay more then blip?

    • LotusPrince

      From what I hear, it actually does.

      • jade_Knight

        No wonder they do, seeing how their player is such a PoS…

  • Omnicrom

    Not working for me. It hangs, doesn’t load all the way, and just in general sucks and is horribly unresponsive. I get a couple seconds of video and then a couple seconds of silence as it buffers a few more seconds and nothing more. I have never ever had issues with Blip, but Springboard has always sucked for me.

  • gary

    the new player sucks will not buff i have dsl and need to let it buff for like 5 min before i watch a video

  • Graham Finch

    Just so you know: If you have Firefox, you may need to downgrade Flash to version 10.3. Flash 11 has been a bitch for me ever since Adobe released it. (And yes, this old version of Flash works surprisingly well with the new Blip player.)

    • Romeo Charlie

      I’m personally not having any problems with Flash 11 in Firefox. I’m also running Windows XP and using a nVidia GeForce 9500GT graphics card.

      With my setup Springboard doesn’t play like a piece of shit, it plays quite fine to be honest.

  • Saphire

    Downloading updates for both graphics cards, and if that doesn’t work, will downgrade to Flash 10 like one person suggested. Not giving up that easily!

  • sbkMulletMan

    I think I just got bit by the karma bug.

    I have absolutely no problems with Springboard, so here I am, giggling like a jackass, “ha ha, I can watch all the Spoony I want with no problems!”, but over on Brad’s site, BLIP is giving me shit as I’m trying to watch his Oogieloves review!

    That’s what I get for being a dick.

    • Moritz

      It’s not karma. It’s the new blip player sucking.

  • Westley Martínez

    Hey Spoony it’s Anikom from the forums. Just wanna let you know the new player seems to be working fine. In fact, it seems like the framerate’s a little smoother. Note that I am using hardware acceleration. I’m looking foward to new videos. Good luck!

    As an aside HTML5 sucks! Sure, flash is a proprietary, unfriendly format, but at least it plays video at an acceptable framerate.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    To those who are still having troubles, try clearing your browsing history. I did that the other day and it seemed to work well. If that doesn’t work, I have noticed that Springboard seems to work better on Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are using Firefox, be sure to downgrade to 10.3 because Firefox 11 and the latest version of Adobe flash don’t work well together.

  • Nathaniel Watkins

    Gee. I kinda prefer Springboard. It’s better to be able to start from different points in the video instead of having to begin at the beginning every time something screws up.

    So yeah. No complaints here.

  • antiquarius

    Works better, now it seems I can let it buffer at least in advance

  • Art Lee ‘Arthur’ Henecke

    I am getting the black background when I full screen the latest Counter Monkey-Never Get On the Boat. The Video is fine but it won’t go full screen, but the “Betrayal” image in the upper right hand corner dose shift up when I go full screen.

  • JackRyan

    disabling hardware acceleration helped a bit…But it still stops from time to time.

  • Patrick Walters

    GOD DAMMIT, SPOONY! Springboard?! BETRAYAL! BETRAYAAALL!!! BETRAYED ME! SPRIGNBOARD SUUUUCKS! Gotta turn off my mother fucking ad blocker now everytime I want to see your ass! Fuck!

    • Moritz

      So you are actually complaining on spoony’s site you can not essentially pirate his videos anymore? That takes some big rotten balls.

      • Patrick Walters

        Mother fucker, did I ever say I pirated his videos? No. So shut the fuck up.

        • Richard Cadman

          By blocking ads Spoony doesn’t get paid, that’s why he uses the word “essentially” dumbass

    • Amarante

      Thieves have no right to complain when they can’t steal anymore.

  • Patrick Walters

    Problems with the new video player? NO SHIT!

  • Patrick Walters

    Not doing a god damn thing, Spoontard. Gonna have to go to my security, disable ad blocker, so that I can watch a honda commercial that I couldn’t give less of a fuck about, so you can get 5 extra bucks. Avatar my fucking ass. BETRAYAL!

    • Romeo Charlie

      So much tears from this one. Tell me more how Spoony betrayed you?

      • Patrick Walters

        Springboard is the ULTIMAte betrayal!

        • Amarante

          Why? Because it blocks Adblock and you can’t steal anymore? Cry me a river. If it’s slow and doesn’t work for you I’d understand but whining because you have to watch a few commercials instead of stealing content…Seems the only betrayal is from you.

    • LotusPrince

      Good lord, are you a whiner. Shut the fuck up. Or is thirty seconds REALLY that much of a problem for you?

      • J Z

        Dear God I don’t know how to mute something. 30 seconds of listening to an ad that helps support someone who makes stuff I like. Fuck; I can’t take it.

        • LotusPrince

          Yeah, really. I don’t usually mute commercials, but that “trouble” one, with the knife, has REALLY started to grate on my nerves. I’m glad that you’re allowed to mute commercials. :-D

  • Mike Estep

    Im not haveing any problem, I use Chrome.

    • Patrick Walters

      Well that makes one of us. I’m using Chrome too, but I guess some of us are just made to suffer the bullshit that is SPRINGBOARD!

  • Freddy Duran

    update flash? the last time i did that it crashed every 2 minutes, now it crashes every 5! Why did i ever update in the first place! D:

  • Moritz

    Hmm I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the springboard player. For me it’s rock solid.
    A lot better than the new blip player, that craps itself when you want to rewatch something, etc.

    Maybe there is really some poeple out there surfing around with 3 year old flash? To them: not a good idea. Go update that shit.

    • Betel

      odd I have the opposite problem I can’t go back on springboard. Playing normally in springboard isn’t working because it stops every few seconds. I have chrome so my flash player is always current and have never had a problem with blip.

  • Shaka Zulu

    Problems with new video player?

    Let spoony tell you its because your PC sucks on twitter (despite it being top spec)

    “Everyone says it sucks, they must all be wrong”

  • Romeo Charlie

    I would like to point out that the To Boldly Flee video’s are hosted by TGWTG, not Spoony. You will need to go to to voice your complaints there as they fall on deaf ears here.

    • wyrdwad

      Actually, up until yesterday, they were hosted on both sites — but it seems Spoony removed the versions of the videos he was hosting, and replaced them with links to TGWTG.

  • Octo Seven

    Still lagging and being shit.

  • Joshua Duncan

    The videos play fine for me, my problem is they only take up 1/3 of the screen, is there any way to fix this? Because I updated my browser and my CPU is up to date and it doesn’t seem to help.

  • Gord Allott

    can’t get videos on springboard to fullscreen, seems to happen randomly. not fun.

    also springboard means i can’t watch videos on my tv, prefer to watch videos on my tv and donate once a year or so to video makers i like rather than have to watch in a tiny window on my laptop :( with the fullscreen problem, well its even worse, a tiny video on a tiny screen.

    • The Spoony One

      The resizing/fullscreen issue has been addressed. Shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

      • doresh

        Not quite. Ads and stuff resize, but not the actual video. Well, at least I’ve got a nice widescreen monitor, so I can live with this problem if it takes a while to fix.

  • Alchemic Tempest

    Cinemassacre uses Springboard too and its fine
    Just know that many people have no problems.

  • Ole-Christian Rochmann

    I use a Blip.TV plugin on XBMC which works great, so personally I hope you still keep uploading videos to Blip as well.

  • Kevin Clause

    Springboard was working Ok since he’s changed things over. Lack of keyboard control is annoying but it doesn’t work yet with blip either so *Shrug* not sure where all the hate for the player is coming from.

    I don’t know what the deal is today though because now I can’t get it full screen either. Black borders and same vid size. Can anyone confirm if this is happening with other springboard users? I don’t know who else uses it.

    • doresh

      The hate comes probably from stuff like the player’s buffer crashing and having to buffer the whole video all over again. This usually happens to me whenever I change the tab or window, let the video buffer for too long – or when the player feels like being a dick. Doesn’t help that the buffer usually takes FOREVER, even for very short videos. It’s basically unwatchable.

      Thankfully, the player over here works pretty well (strangely only here). The only thing stopping my amazement is that I have the same fullscreen problems as you (also only here)…

  • Kym Debler

    Not having a problem with the hang ups and buffering but am having issues with the video and the audio being synced up.

  • Lucas Allen

    The Springboard player doesn’t work on my iPad. I don’t know if it requires an update, or Apple still thinks Adobe Flash is pointless.

  • Kurt Aring

    Random seeking disable fixed my problems – thanks =)

  • Andrew Leubecker

    It’s still an issue the indeffinant buffering

  • Richard Cadman

    Nope, still can’t watch it right now…it seems entirely random when it decides to work, with the Ultima IX videos i waited a day then all of a sudden it works, but not today :/

  • clmedic25

    “Please state the nature of the internet emergency.”

  • doresh

    I do hope there’s an improvement now. Springboard usually seems to hate me with a burning passion (at least on cinemassacre) Oo

  • PN8

    There is only one problem I have with Springboard. There is no keyboard
    shortcut keys! I can’t use the right and arrow keys to go forward and
    backward on a video, can’t use up and down to adjust volume, can’t use
    spacebar to pause and play the video… Why? Any other player has this

  • Nick!

    well the only problem i have is when i full screen the vid, i dont have a widescreen monitor and the video is in 720p or something so it gets squished

    i have a 1280×1024 resolution so yeah. maybe i’m in th eminority

  • Rain Colt

    It works so much better now thank you, I can actually watch the videos. I spent an entire night letting the Ultima 9 review load and received 0 progress but now it loads as it should thank you again.

  • Brian Campbell

    Not sure if this will help many people, but I threw a bunch of random troubleshooting at this and everything works fine now. My particular issue on two different systems was some videos would stop at a cetain point and buffer endlessly, and I could not advance the cursor after that lockup point. Using Opera 12 with Flash 11.4. Cleared TSE’s cookies, closed browser. CMD window, ipconfig/flushdns and ipconfig/renew (probably not needed, just a ritual.)

  • Rpground

    i wonder though,what was the incentive to change from blip to springboard? just curious really.

    • Nick!

      $$$ need i say more?

      • Amarante

        Bratty, entitled adblock users can’t use it. So there’s that. Plus the new blip player is annoying and not everyone (me and my cousin for example) can get new blip to work. But, it could be money too, everyone and their grandma is on blip so blip profits are going down.

        • doresh

          What are you talking? Adblock works fine with springboard :D

          • Amarante

            Most Adblock users I know have tons of trouble using springboard. My ex, my cousin, tons of people whining on various tech support forums I frequent about how they can’t use Adblock on springboard and still have to wait for ad time on hulu (Bunch of thieves deserve it, I hate those type of Adblock users). There may be other factors involved I guess. Springboard also seems to work differently for different people. I was just going by complaints when I made the Adblock comment.

          • doresh

            It not only works differently for different people, but also for different websites. For example, I can’t actually imagine anyone watching any video on James Rolfe’s site, because Springboard is driving me nuts over there Oo

        • antiquarius

          Adblock works fine.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      I think he said something about needing to temporarily change while he was switching advertising partners.

  • Amarante

    Weird, I am having absolutely no issue playing videos on my ancient laptop with an outdated version of flash. Blip is the one giving me hell. (I use firefox btw). Springboard must like old laptops with old flash.

  • William Dolan

    I think disabling the random seeking feature worked. I was able to watch a video without disruption from constant buffering.

  • Clairey Face

    Oreo was such a good girl! She used to be so giddy and excitable :]

  • pojo

    You have to make a firewall rule to allow ( this ISNT SPAMMING,mod,the message i posted got deleted) http://www.gorilla(nospace)nation in your firewall settings. Remove the rule later on when not browsing videos.Either do that or turn off Anti Banner in your firewall.

  • L1nk1

    The Player fucks up the ratio in full screen if you have 4:3 display. Angry Joe had same problem

  • Joe Alton

    4 different systems, of varying setups, and here’s the only issues I’ve had:

    Main Desktop – Win 8 RP, Chrome, Radeon HD 4870 with hacked-in 7 drivers and 5:4 screens that rotate
    -Only issue is aspect ratio doesn’t stay the same when fullscreening, it stretches to fit.

    HTPC – Win 8 RP, Chrome, Geforce 210 hooked up to an older widescreen projection TV
    -No issues whatsoever.

    GF’s computer – Win 7, Radeon X300 with Vista drivers, Chrome, 22″ widescreen
    -Laggy as all hell, but Chrome and the X300 don’t like Flash. Works fine in Firefox.

    Laptop – Win 8 RP, AMD C-50.
    -No issues.

    EDIT: All have Hardware Acceleration on.

  • J Z

    Springboard is still having issues, I can watch almost all of your video and then it stops and just buffers at the same point and never recovers. I’m sure they will fix the problem; just kick them again. Maybe they don’t know what to do with all the Spoony fans hitting their site.

  • Stefan Green

    oh so THIS is why I haven’t seen any spoony vids in a while, I’m subscribed on Blip (All my web videos in one place = better user experience than visiting each site individually). Guess I’ll have to go from watching every spoony vid the day they’re out to watching them on the rare occasions I feel like catching up. But at least you’re getting more money, so…yay for that I guess

  • Lyrander

    I’ve tried adjusting the settings, but the settings menu refuses to do anything once I open it. It juast sits there, frozen. Blip may suck, but at least I solve it’s problems by just viewing the video on blip. Springboard has more crippling and unfixable flaws than Marle from Chrono Trigger.

  • electradionis

    Welp. Springboard doesn’t operate in my region so I guess Flemish people are being told to fuck off by Spoony.
    It’s a shame, I did enjoy all the videos (well, ‘all’ being relevant within personal interest) but now it blanks out and tells me “Springboard is not available in your region.”, so I am not allowed to watch any content.
    Thanks Spoony.

  • Adell

    Springboard is the same as blip, in that they both suck. Honestly I have noticed no difference between the two to care at all.

  • doresh

    Mmh, now I’ve encountered something interesting…

    Once I go fullscreen (where the screen won’t resize), I can’t exit the fullscreen and continue watching the video. It immediately pauses and will only continue to play if I go fullscreen again.

  • Oscar Bergqvist

    Not having any problems with Springboard, if find problems with Blip videos. They say their playing ads, but they don’t start an hence the video doesn’t start either. Help please.

  • Desphiria Elanesse

    Uhms…Spoony, I’m sorry but I gotta agree with everyone, it’s really not working for me either and I just tried it. Graphic processor, if you have to update that, I have no idea how and I can’t really buy another one. Why’d you switch from the one you had? Not sure what it was but it worked. And I believe everything is updated.

  • Cole Spielman

    You really should use the video player that the Nostalgia Critic is using

  • Sora Sky

    Unfortunately I have been clicking on videos and they wont even start. They act like I never hit the play button at all, much less fail to play without error..

  • Jumpooleez

    Springboard will. not. load.

  • hyrrulke112

    found the solution on spoony twitter page: ” try disabling your anti-virus and see if that changes anything”. AND IT WORK, GOD BLESS YOU SPOONY ONE!!!

    Now where is that post about finding an anti-virus that does’nt suck…

  • optimismprime

    My problem with Springboard Player is that it for some inexplicable reason produces much higher CPU Load than any other player.

    I’m currently forced to use my old Laptop because my Desktop has a busted Motherboard.
    1.2 GHz Core2Duo ULV, 4GB Ram, Win7 x64, newest intel drivers installed.
    I’m using Chrome (so Browser and Flash are automatically up to date, and Flash is neither up- nor downgradable).

    On YouTube, Blip, Collegehumor and the likes i can watch 720p Videos no problem. On Springboard however my CPU goes 99%-100% Load and Video is jerky and stuttery.

    The only way i could potentialy watch stuff from Springboard smoothly would be downloading the videos and playing them localy, but first of i have no clue how to download from springboard and secondly that wouldn’t display ads and help pay spoonys bills.

    Does anyone have any advice other than “Buy a new computer”? I can’t even afford getting my desktop fixed, i sure as hell can’t afford a whole new computer

  • Vaughan MacDonald

    Springboard is a piece of shit and I fucking hate it. It perplexes me why SO MANY people use it now. It doesn’t fucking work! It only works when it feels like it, and I swear if I ever find the dip shit in charge of maintaining Springboard I’ll kick his fucking teeth in.

  • Chris Night

    I can’t even get the damned videos to even come up AT ALL, they don’t even have the preload screen for me. Any help would be appreciated, I love so many of the viseo’s it,s killing me that I can’t watch any of them.

  • Chris Night

    I have spent MONTHS trying to figure out why my system refuses to bring up a single video. They won’t even load a single video. So I finally figured it was my computer so I bought a brand new laptop. STILL won’t load. I have done as much as I can and I’ll still keep looking but I suspect that the people at springboard have truly screwed you and your fans over. If anyone can help me I’d appreciate it. Please help cos I can’t watch a single video and I’ve been watchin your vids for the last 4 years and I don’t really want to stop.

    • Chris Night

      Does springboard work in the UK? Thats one thing I haven’t considered.

  • Guest

    It the worst video player i ever seen. Please, look for someone else. I dont care if it is the one from redtube or what. and dont blame my computer!

  • Don Yurik

    Its the worst video player i ever seen. And i never had any problems with Blip…

  • smek2

    Springboard still sucks. Nothing has changed :(

  • Robert Jeffery M Bates

    I cant see vids at all :(

  • Michael Heide

    On my mobile phone (Sony Xperia Play), I’m unable to watch any springboard clip. At all. It always loads a Youtube video with no content, just a black screen and nothing else.

  • Meghan Heath

    I’ve tried everything, and I still can’t get it to work at all. It keeps on popping up a new screen sometimes. If it’s not that, the buffering I leave it for twenty minutes and it barely moved. And it’s still buffering every two seconds. I love your stuff, Spoony, but I can no longer watch it on your site. I am forced to watch it on Youtube, and yes, I’ve tried everything, including the directions and it still comes out shit. I want to support you, but no longer can with springboard.

  • Mark&Amanda Read

    ummmmm for some reason having trouble viewing videos with firefox now, I think it has to do with the recent update to version 19……..

  • Jegsimmons

    i know this is old news and junk, but by god, its gotten to the point i can’t watch any of Spoon’s videos.

    and pausing and waiting doesnt work because springboard is the only player on earth where buffering doesn’t work when paused! It just stops and buffers every 2 seconds and makes it unwatchable.

    Ive tried everything, flash is updates, i followed steps above, ive enabled and disabled every software imaginable in every combination. the player is just….BROKEN!!!

    • Animator606432

      God, I thought it was just me. I’m trying to watch his Final Fantasy XXIII review, and it is taking AGES to buffer. Springboard is complete trash and I wish he would just go back to using Blip. Blip isn’t perfect, but at least I could get the videos to play all the way through without waiting a fucking year for a video to finishing loading. Pausing does work, but only if you have forever and a day to wait for a video to buffer.

    • Henning Lübbers

      I still have that issue :(

  • FireflyFuneral

    I’m still having problems.

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