Shutter Island: A Puzzle of Flesh

The Spoony One | Feb 22 2010 | more notation(s) | 

It’s the hit full-motion video interactive PC game, directed by Martin Scorsese!

  • J_Masterbassist

    Damn your fast with content

    • Will Pearson

      I may have to join you.

      • Cassio Amador

        The same here! I am screwed! It is like when you have a song stuck in your head and the only way to get it out is to hear the damn song (usually a couple of times)…

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata

    Very nicely put together! If not for the difference in video quality I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and a real trailer.

  • johnnyfog

    Can I just say DiCaprio is a hopeless waste of space and has been routinely miscast in everything since Titanic?

    …Just puttin that out there. Great work, S.

    • Brian Shanahan

      Frankly he was hopelessly miscast in titanic, although the only thing that movie got right was the name of the ship.

  • Alex

    Duder, this is just friggin' awesome.

  • suttondude

    i came

  • Needs_Moar_Desu

    Hilarious video.

    Seriously hope you made this because you liked Shutter Island, though, and not because you didn't… I loved that damn movie.

    BTW- DiCaprio is an awesome actor, and anybody who says otherwise is an idiot.

  • They Call Me The Fizz


  • adamfox

    AMAZING!! So awesome seeing you revisit the scene of your greatest triumph. What about a vlog review of shutter island tho?

  • Adam Nelson

    Hey, I can click on the Leo DiCaprio! Hey, any you guys get the feeling of deja vu?

    …eh, probably nothing.

  • Bosh_Depanzer


    Decaprio's character get's murdered by Curtis but wakes up in Phantasmagoria 1 and the cycle begins anew.

  • iBrad

    Vary clever Spoony, I should go see the actual movie now.

  • Reika

    Oh my God…you know you must follow through in filming Shutter Island: A Puzzle of the Flesh now right?

  • Allison Hanna

    For some odd reason, I thought of Phantasmagoria 2 when I saw Shutter Island yesterday. I'm not sure why, but I guess we're on the same wavelength, Spoony!

  • Emily Allen

    Awesome! Great trailer, and funny besides!

  • kallikanzarid

    PHANTASMAGORIA: A Puzzle of Aging Leonardo DiCaprio!

  • LtMark

    I HEARD that, Leo!

  • obscuruslupa


  • Princess Stabbity

    HA! That's fabulous.

  • Glenn Jones

    I just mainlined the entire five hours of your Phantasmagoria 2 Let's Play this weekend. Nicely done.

  • BlueHighwind


  • tamlin

    You're not alone, during the movie I was comparing it to any number of graphic adventure games.

  • Quicksilver_the_Archangel

    This will make my birthday celebration all the better. I'm going see Shutter Island with a friend this weekend in celebration of afore mentioned birthday, and now I'll be thinking of all the Phantasmagoria cracks.

    Nice job blending the scenes too–it really does look like a movie trailer.

  • Vik Nik

    the movie was funny, i would love a spoony riff once it comes out since it gets really weird really fast during the third act

  • QuetzaDrake

    Someone should do one of those images where they take the script of something and cross out words to make it the script for something else, like how someone made Avatar out of Pocahontas.

    Because that would totally work for Phantasmagoria 2 and Shutter Island.

  • hoshizuku

    Awesome. Lolz.

  • Jeremy Haliw

    He stole that guys PIZZA

  • murderouscow

    I would much rather see this movie than the regular Shutter Island.

  • Gauphastus

    Interesting idea.

  • Wiegeabo Kilijabob

    This made both the movie and game look infinitely more interesting.

    You must do this for Ripper, only so we can see how Walken slicing his own head would fit in.

  • Slepter

    Now I need to hear you say “Shutter Island” mockingly as well.

  • Ollie Hansén

    Hey Man, that was brilliant.

    I can't believe the rate of knots that you put out videos on this site. you are UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.

    Just a word of concern: Make sure, Spoon, that you don't wear yourself out…. Cut yourself some slack. Spend some time with the Lovely Lady Scarlett. Take care!

  • CalebTheTimeTraveler

    Well, since Spoony won't read this. I think it's safe to say that I really don't have anything to gripe about with this one. What will he do if he ever found out he has some fans who actually … -gulp- like his videos and only “pretend” to complain about them so they are not see as “weirdos” for actually liking something.

  • wyldfox

    Now this was really awesome. It seamed to be part of the movie trailer.

  • wyldfox

    Now this is very awesome!

  • IIWebbII

    Dude! Spoony-Man! This was fucking awesome!

  • FireFighter214

    Disco dance, disco dance, disco dance!

  • angelcarnivore

    I HEARD that, Curtis!

  • thorbie


  • RHCZ

    lol, awesome!

  • sniktbub

    I'd totally go see it.

  • Jakub

    Great job SpoonyOne – for moment you really made me wonder, if they put Phantasmagoria clips into the movie xD

  • Tmpp

    That was the best thing I've seen in… well, today. Yesterday I watched Party Mania.

  • Joe Vasquez

    Threw me for a loop lol. I actually saw a shutter island game today at walmart and I thought spoony fast tracked a review of the game!

  • Slowzombie

    And if you think THIS looks good, wait till you see Shutter Island: A puzzle of the flesh: The Game. Puzzlingly enough, it's a first-person fighting game set on mars.

  • Martin Kailuweit

    Haha, three thumbs up – great trailer!

  • facebook-660601513

    Lol! This was really funny XD

  • Cthulhu07

    Sounds cool. But you know what? It would be even cooler, if it would have a blue swirly thing in it…. :D

  • zeroninetyfour

    Should have been Bob of the Dead instead, haha.

  • Malzient

    If you had any idea how many times I had to sit through that overplayed trailer at the theaters over the course of what felt like the past year now… Every time I heard the phrase “dooly appointed federal moshalls”, every time I saw DiCaprio cuddle with himself over that goofy looking CG effect, every time I had to see that same crazy lady that resembles Gollum, each viewing tearing away at my own sanity, little by little… Only then, would you be able to fully understand how much I appreciated this parody. I don't think I've ever been this turned off from seeing what is probably an incredible film, just from being bombarded with the same godawful trailer every other trip to the movies. </rant>

  • lamg

    no disco dance…

  • tankazz

    That was damn near perfect! Kudos Spoony xD

  • stonekhan

    Great editing…

  • odber

    I should have watched Phantasmogoria as now I am unable to differentiate between the two and am inclined to watch Shutter Island after watching this.

  • SpazOutLoud

    That was pretty flippin' cool. =D

  • djfusion

    Very good !!! The only thing missing is the disco dance…. loll

  • Salenstormwing

    That went together surprisingly well. Now if only Hollywood would make a Jack the Ripper movie so you could combine it with the Ripper video game.

  • paradeus

    Phantasmagoria: will it blend?

  • hwalsh

    Having the blue swirly thing in it would make it un-fucking-believable!

  • magnuztheicelander

    i would say doctor insano is behind this !

  • Lowcifur

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome! I don't know how you made the Phantasmagoria clips match so well in terms of quality, but this was a great job all around.

    Disco dancing, indeed.

  • Chris Hominski

    I heard that Curtis

  • Chris Hominski

    I forgot to mention: there is a Shutter Island PC game. I think its a Myst style puzzle game.

  • yetiboy

    It was a little too serious to me but not bad.

  • Benn Crawford

    Lol, genius editing!

  • Steelia

    And I just finished watching the Phantasmagoria 2 Let's Play last night. Perfect timing.

    Nice faux trailer.

    • Il Principe

      Yeah me too, just watched it yesterday and now Spoony seems to have received my message from across the ocean and created something… different.

      Thanks Maestro.

  • VenomSpawn

    The 67th patient was on the 66th's head, “I call him Herbert. Just kidding, his name's bob!” …er… or the real Craig Curtis, same difference.

  • devilfish

    Oh my, I had no idea why I was watching the Shutter Island trailer until I saw Curtis' mom and her wig stalk by. I laughed so hard milk came out of my nose. And I wasn't even drinking milk.

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    Dear Spoony and all the numerous Spoony fans!

    I'd like to bring up the topic of “Aspect Ratio” again, because I think it is not given a proper attention, although we all here seem to be movie and video fans. Especially in recent times, the good old Aspect Ratio gets butchered beyound belief and this happens not only with amateuer videos on youtube, but also with quality productions like The Spoony Experiment, The Nostalgia Critic, AVGN, ScrewAttack and many more. Even on professional TV and DVD productions, the aspect ratio is sometimes messed up. I already whined about it, but nobody seem to care. I would really like to know, why people don't care about aesthetics and a good quality of the picture. Don't you want to enjoy moving pictures as their author intended them to be? Please let me know, if there are other people, who are bothered by distorted pictures!

    You don't know, what I am talking about? Well, if you don't notice the stretched faces, then look at 0:05 and 1:55. Obviously circular forms are ovals there! What, you still don't notice anything wrong? Well, then google for “Are Some People Just Visually Dull?”

    Greetings from Germany

  • Rookee Alding

    That fits so very well, it's almost creepy.

    So your telling me, If I want to watch Shutter Island I should just watch your reviews of Phantasmagoria instead.

    I like that idea.

  • shanegoodwin

    PHANTASMAGORIA!!!: A tale of registary errors

  • fezianlevels

    I love you Blob!
    (for Blob read Spoony..its a bro-mance thing..)

  • devilfish

    I admit I've got a huge stick up my butt when it comes to aspect ratio (my boyfriend hates me for it, he can't tell the difference) but honestly, I don't think it's so bad here. I can see it but it's so very, very minor, it doesn't even bother me. I'm not saying this out of rabid support for Spoony or anything, but if it doesn't bother me, the aspect ratio nazi, it's probably not too bad.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Bravo , now that is a FMV game i'd play!

  • sassamura

    SPOONY what about squall's dead. Wont you go to comment on this anymore. Come on. Squall is dead, really this is the big deal.

  • garycurtis

    brilliant. superb :)

  • garycurtis

    love it!

  • Filipe Isabelinho

    There's actually a game based off the movie =P

  • Filipe Isabelinho

    Oh aspect ratio is VERY important to me, I HATE to watch any kind of video stretched or compacted, I like to watch the video in it's natural form, I don't care if I get black bars on the side of my TV or on the top and bottom, I just want to see the picture normal.

    Many times I pass through the living room, my dad is watching TV I look at it and go either “it's stretched” or “people are squished!”

    I specially have a problem with this in my Xbox 360, it's fine on the living room TV, but when I connect it to my monitor, I can either use a lower resolution to fill the screen and have the correct aspect ratio, or use a higher resolution, which gies me better quality, but since my monitor is 16:10 instead of 16:9 I get black bars on top and bottom, this is because the 360 does not support this aspect ratio, which sucks, I don't really mind the black bars, since I'd rather have the correct aspect ratio instead of streching everything!

  • Random_Ninja_5

    1 word: AWESOME!
    D-disco dance, Disco Dance!
    I really like the almost seamless incorporation of Phantasmagoria footage into the trailer. Great work, Spoonyman.

  • BassForever

    I've yet to see Shutter Island but I hope it doesn't have a stupid plot twist like PHANTASMAGORIA 2 did.

  • RaiderRich2001

    PHANTASMAGORIA!!! Thrill to Leonardo Di Caprio throwing his career away!

  • RaiderRich2001

    I HEARD that, garycurtis :P

  • garycurtis

    lol rich :)

  • garycurtis

    lol :D

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    How can you be a self proclaimed aspect ratio nazi, if you say, that it does not bother you? Also, the stretching of the picture is not very minor: the shower head at 1:55 min is obviously stretched vertically! I seem the bigger nazi here: accodring to IMDB, the aspect ratio of Shutter Island is 2.35:1 whereas Spoony uses 16:9 (which is 1.79:1) and the picture fills whe whole widescreen without the use of letterboxing (aka black bars on top and the bottom). This means, that the picture gets considerably stretched vertically!

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    I hope that there are more people like you and me out there! I cannot understand, why Spoony and many of his fans don't care about AR! They're movie and video fans, FFS! Unless, of course, he and many of his fan's just don't notice that. I am discussing this topic on two blogs and it seems that there really are people, who cannot tell, that the picture is stretched. You can compare this to tone deafness or color blindness.

    It always bothered me, since I started watching Spoony's video, because he often messes up the AR. This also happens on many other shows and – what drives me especially crazy – people not only don't care about that, they even try to tell, that there is something wrong with me!

    The thing is: if you are a visually dull person and can enjoy butchered pictures – it's fine with me. But you wouldn't mind, if the picture actually had the correct aspect ratio, right? I mean, as it actually should be? So why not let the video have a correct aspect ratio then?

    I really hope, that more people will become aware of this phenomenon. Maybe Spoony himself is reading these lines? If so, please dude, please take care of the good old aspect ratio and please mention this in one of your videos, so that more people know about it! And anyone who is interested in discussing this topic, please let me know!

  • Anonymous

    Phantasmagoria, the FMV that never dies
    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some company is wanting to do a new Phantasmagoria with the remake kick we’ve been in the past few years.
    But if they did, what kind of game would it be?

  • devilfish

    I don't know, I guess I'm just used to seeing it on the tubes. Like you said, it's pretty common on the internet. It does bother me a LOT more when watching TV or playing games, now that you mention it. I guess when visiting sites like this one, when I'm no in it for visuals but purely for laughs, I tend to switch of the part of my brain that's annoyed by it.

    That being said, I personally don't know much about making videos and uploading them, so I don't know how much of a hassle it would be to get right. I'm sure if it's just a minor effort to do it properly, Spoony will accommodate. Or not, since many people don't seem so bothered by it.

    Of course, now that you've pointed it out, it'll drive me nuts all over again :-p

  • Wade Seewald

    I was hoping to see more of that crazy guy who sya funny random things

  • david86

    this brings back funny memories of the phantasmagoria “lets play”.

    i think spoony should play the other phantasmagoria game. i've watched videos of it on youtube and it's really fucked up. would be hilarious

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    Well, since only three guys are barely discussing it here (you, Felipe and me), I don't see any chance that Spoony will ever change that. Which is sad, because if he did, maybe all the other fellow reviewers on “That Guy With The Glasses” would change that too. This would greatly improve the quality of their videos!

    I also don't know much about making videos. But as far as I know, there is always an option to preserve the original aspect ratio. This option may be called differently in different software systems but it is always there (of course, correct me, if I am wrong). So, there eally is only a minor effort needed to keep the aspect ratio right. This means that Spoony is either lazy or doesn't care or doesn't notice. And all three possibilities just make me sad…

    I really hope, that more people become aware of that!

  • Matthew Hill

    I want to be voted prettiest rat in the maze too!
    (that is SO not a Boston Harbor island)

  • Lucy

    I think the only correct response here is, “Oh, Spoony. :facepalm:”

  • seepo1456

    lol brilliant! PIZZA PIZZA! PIZZA!

  • mystbayne

    You know what that looks like a much better version of Shutter Island, then the one i saw over the weekend. great editing Spoony!

  • Nebet1573

    LOL! If only the actual movie was as awesome as this trailer. :D Not that it sucked but it was predictable, which made me sad. :(

  • Will Pearson

    Surely Phantasmagoria 2 uses an aspect ratio that is completely different to that of Shutter Island, and even the natural aspect ratio that Spoony would normally produce videos in?

    In order to get the videos to match up as best as possible (which I thought they did in both the video and audio) it's necessary to alter the aspect on at least one of them, isn't it? If they were left in their natural aspect ratios (if im right about Phantasmagoria 2's being different) I think there would be a lot more complaints about that than there are now.

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    Err… OK, so what exactly is your point? That it is OK to mess up the aspect ratio and to distort the picture, so that faces and everything look unnaturally weird? And (sadly) there are no complaints whatsoever, if you don't count my post here (with which I try to raise some aspect ratio awareness) and the two people who replied.

    • Will Pearson

      My point is that most people will take a slightly wrong aspect ratio over a video not having its intended effect. In this case, the two different video and sound sources are supposed to look as if they belong in the same movie trailer.

      You seem to have taken my comment as being hostile simply because I tried to give you a reason as to why the aspect ratio is off, and that was not my intention.

      I know what it is like to have pet hates (like having to point out when people use double-negatives), so I wasn’t trying to belittle your argument for using the correct aspect ratio, sorry if it came off that way.

    • Anonymous

      “OK, so what exactly is your point? That it is OK to mess up the aspect ratio and to distort the picture, so that faces and everything look unnaturally weird?”

      If someone is providing free entertainment at an astonishing rate, then frankly, yes, it’s okay. It’s also okay to make your opinion heard (I happen to agree with it) but let’s not be too militant about it when someone is kind enough to put in a lot of hard work to make us laugh.

  • Marcus Lundgren

    Nice job, Spoony!
    You're getting really good with the editing. I think it's safe to say that if you showed this
    to someone who was completely unfamiliar with both Shutter's Island and Phantasmagoria, they
    most likely wouldn't be able to spot your inserts.

    I'm impressed.

  • MajorMud

    Disco Dance! Disco Dance! Disco Dance!

  • brycebailey

    i don't see how you can say that movie was predictable that was one of the best movies i'v seen in a while

  • ShadowWing Tronix

    As said someone, I can confirm this, and I've seen the original trailer. I think I was half-way through before I noticed something was amiss.

  • membrane

    2 minutes 44 seconds of awesomeness

  • Jacob Liebenow

    That movie fucking rivaled The Sixth Sense in predictability (first time watchers, mind you, who have heard no spoilers). Unless you're a psychic, I see absolutely no way you could say it's predictable.

  • ScreamingMantis

    YES!!! Phantasmagoria!!! Return of Curtis and his upsettingly grungy gray pocket tee <3 ^__^ xoxo Mr. Spoony

  • Poipoi

    lol You sure know how to make a trailer better.

  • Plaguelord40K

    He sure does, “Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!!!”

    lol, we all know Spoony's favorite word is “PHANTASMAGORIA!” lol

  • lefiath

    Oh, why no Disco dance? :(

  • Lizzy Hayde

    Yeah, this confused me too. I couldn't sit through Phantasmagoria. I tried… I really gave it a chance… but it just didn't entertain me the way Spoony's vids usually do. And I still know nothing about Shutter Island. I honestly thought this was a pristine movie trailer.

  • quadraxis14

    “Everybody in the poooooool~”

    I've never seen the trailer so the movie sounds interesting to me, but now that I've seen the trailer with Phantasmagoria asylum footage, I just don't think the movie can live up to your trailer… Ah hell maybe I'll see it anyways. I just hope there's a healthy dose of, “I love you! …Baby!”

  • CornBRED-X


    That was really good how you did that. I really enjoyed that. Well done spoony!
    As I hate to post just to say “good video” I must also add I already want to see this movie, it looks awesome. I hope its good, although with Scorcese ive never felt his movies were terrible so I may have high expectations.

  • FelCallerClayton

    Thats what I am wondering!

  • Matthew E. Milcznski

    The movie was excellent. let your expectations soar.

  • DrForrester

    I'm a little disappointed that “Disco dance!” didn't make it into this video, but either way, it was hilarious

  • Zack Miller

    Phantasmagoria the FMV that won't die

    You know, in the recent rash of remakes the gaming industry has gone through, I'm somewhat surprised a company hasn't tried to reimagine the series
    But what games would they be?

  • llimar263

    and coming next summer Shutter Island 2: Ripper the Web Runner Tails

  • Nebet1573

    Well, maybe I should get my own hotline or something because I had guessed within the first half hour or so what was going to happen at the end and I hadn't read any spoilers/reviews ahead of time. I had hoped I was wrong but I just wasn't surprised/shocked at the ending. I'm not saying the movie was bad or anything; the acting was great in it and it was worth the price of admission, but it just felt like I'd seen other movies with that kind of twist at the end so I was kind of disappointed. I would still recommend it to anyone who likes suspense movies. :D

    • Anonymous

      To be honest, I think it was meant to be predictable. I wasn’t sure what exactly was up until the reveal at the end, but I was POSITIVE that something wasn’t completely right in the very beginning and the further the movie went on the more wary I became, and the more I began to piece it together .

      The way Scorsese filmed it was amazing. The quick cuts, all the times things (one glass in particular) disappeared from shot to shot, the green screen effects which didn’t look completely right.

      If it wasn’t Scorsese you could claim that they were mistakes, but it’s pretty obvious that they were intentional in order to set up the audience and make it obvious that something wasn’t right from the first shot. Scorsese was intentionally making the audience question reality.

      I thought the movie was brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked Phantasmagoria series :(

  • Dax Strife

    Heh, knew what I was going to see the second I saw that title. Wasn't expecting the full trailer though, thought it would be a “5 second movie” thing. Well done!
    But I was waiting for the “Disco dance!” and it never came. :-P

  • cronambs

    I (lol)ed my self just a little >.<

  • nyarlathotepsama

    I've yet to see either the real trailer or the movie, if it is out or not, but working in the Phantasmagoria 2 cuts made my day… man I remember that game from my wasted youth. *grins* thanks for the chuckles Spoony One!

  • awaytohit

    can we expect a vlog type review of the movie Spoony?

  • fruckert

    Have you been bored or something Spoony?

  • lastsigma

    Oh no! Another Dr. Insano origin story?

  • Cthulhu07

    I, for one, would love to see one for sure.

  • ssnakebite

    Also coming soon, 2010: A Flesh Odyssey. In space, everyone can hear that, Curtis.

  • shihan42

    What? No disco dance?

  • fezianlevels

    I really want to see this movie but somehow I think it wont be as good as the one advertised by Spoony

  • Disthron

    Ok, that was pretty awesome. ^_^

  • Sangii

    Wooooow. You know how to put me in a good mood.

    And make me want to watch Phantasmagoria. IT'S A TRAP!

  • Simon Heath

    Wow, kudos on some excellent editing there Spoony.

  • gubercc411

    Freaking….HILARIOUS!! Epic win dude. Epic win!

  • gubercc411

    Freaking….HILARIOUS! Epic win dude. Epic win!

  • gubercc411

    Freaking….HILARIOUS! Epic win dude. Epic win!

  • fuxter


  • Gitaroo_Man

    This is actually a lot more entertaining than the movie turned out to be.
    The movie has a twist in which it proceeds to beat you over the head with for the next 25 minutes explaining everything to you. I hate when movies do that. It's like their saying the movie-goer is too stupid 'get' the twist so they have to have a ridiculous amount of flashbacks and exposition at the end to explain it. Ugh.

  • ThomasMink

    haha, this was awesome! I should go back and watch those Phantasmagoria 2 videos.. it's been a while, and they're the ones that I first saw of yours. So many classic moments in those.. and now with a movie trailer mashup to boot. Excellent stuff!

    Like others though, I was surprised the whole 'Disco dance!' bit wasn't used.

  • sassamura

    And What about SQUALL'S DEAD, omg this is the real deal!

  • f16134

    I heard that Curtis!!!!!!
    This is hilarious Noah :D

  • nyarlathotepsama

    Me too, but you know being able to make fun of what you love is pretty much the sign of how much you like. I enjoyed the first one because it scared me to death, I think I was about 8 or 10 when it came out but I think that Phantasmagoria (the first game) might be one of my biggest influences as a writer.

    Oh yeah, I never brought it up but the name of the game is an awesome word!

  • Aron Marczylo

    lol wow, damn funny as always. Though spoilt by the fact I've seen the film and yet now I think about it, it does have a few connections, but w/e I enjoyed it.

  • willharrison

    Sorry for being OT, but Spoony, can you please change that “gruesome video” ad on your side bar? You know, the one with the dead, bloody baby pigs? I went to the link and watched the video and appreciate being against animal cruelty, etc. but it's just a nasty thumbnail man… everytime I watch your videos, I try to scroll my window so that ad is off the edge. The “2 girls teach sex” ads are wholly welcome on the other hand. So again, I'm not against the whole anti-meat sentiment, but maybe you change the thumbnail to something that doesn't make me want to lose my lunch? :/

    PS. Shutter Island was a fun, albeit slow-paced, movie! Nice vid.

  • TheRandomOne

    Lol that was just randomlly hilarious. A+ for creativity Spoony. XD

  • Hoiness

    That was awesome. Kinda makes me wish that was an actual movie.

  • HoZKiNZ

    god damn that was so well made

  • Michael Blayney

    In a world where According to Jim lasted 8 fuckin' seasons, it's pretty much impossible to underestimate the lowest common denominator. Just be glad the ticket didn't come with a drool guard.

  • grammaton485

    Aw, no “disco dancing!” from Joey Fatone? Nice video! Brings back many painful memories.

  • DiegoBretanha

    This was brilliant!

  • Juel92

    Awesome :D

  • mrrubino

    When I go to see a bad movie, I turn my brain off, so the twists always surprise me. I find it helps.

  • mrrubino

    As long as he remembers to cram his lunch down his gullet during the review. Because this movie looks questionable

  • sprode

    …I heard that Curtis!

  • seancampbell

    I had the same thought before I saw the movie, thinking it seemed like the plot to an adventure game. But then I saw the movie and at the end it told me “Hey, pal. You really didn't need to be here for the whole thing, did you?”

  • dukeofnuyorka1

    Will somebody please get Joey Fatone some damn Mcnuggets!

  • white_rotten_rabbit

    Pardon my French here, but why the hell was one of my comments deleted? May the person, who has done that, please let me know, why he did so?

  • Daniel Ängehult


  • MartianMan

    Liked the video spoony!

    The movie… not so much.

  • Matt Briner

    I HEARD that, Leo.

  • penisenvy

    Haha. Very nice. I especially liked the parts with the Joey Fatone guy.

  • sifer2

    lol One of those vids where if you have not seen the previous material it isn't funny at all. But if you watched Phantasmagoria it cracks you up.

  • joanim


  • Katie

    “We are dooley appointed Federal Mahrshalls”
    Nice accent DiCaprio

  • Breanna Boyer

    that was funny, good idea adding in other clips. Hey, why is your name Spoony?

  • Breanna Boyer

    good idea adding in those other clips, that was funny. Hey, why is your name Spoony?

  • Ryan Wisse

    NOT TREVOR! NOOOOOOOO…… Poor Trevor…. He was the only character worth a shit….

  • 1oldmanjenkins1

    WOW Im Impressed That Was Really Good


    Brilliant combo!

  • Johnny Lunder

    Sorry, can't see the video, you're in my spot, Sir.

  • Johnny Lunder

    Sorry, can’t see the video, you’re in my spot, Sir.

  • Mongoose


  • Anonymous

    You know something? I think this would be more interesting than the actual Shutter Island. xD

    Very well done, good sir!

  • Anonymous

    You know something? I think this would be more interesting than the actual Shutter Island. xD

    Very well done, good sir!

  • Tariel Corbeau

    Why is it that the Adams Family theme song keeps playing in my head?

  • Anonymous

    I kinda have to say it, they never had sex. great review, though. As expected.

  • Jon Castiglia

    Spoony, great video here
    Scorcese, shame on you

  • Danny Caracciolo

    all this is missing is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Danny Caracciolo

    all this is missing is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, the freakin’ pancake woman again XP

    Again, I was not ready for that.

    • Cole Spielman

      W00T panca…..OMFG

  • Anonymous

    And that movie would have been 10, 000 times better than the actual product. Nice one spoon.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony, I swear your editing skills get better every time I click on a new video!

  • chris

    that worked out way too good, creepy, but less creepy than roland or partymania

  • John E. Blythe

    OK, so I’m almost a year behind, but this, this I like.

    I’d go see it.


    Might wanna put that this is not a review in the title.  Waited to watch after seeing SI, pretty disappointed.

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