Suburban Knights Cast Commentary – Part 5

The Spoony One | Jul 9 2011 | more notation(s) | 

  • Ryan Smith

    Hey great vid as usual sir! Loving these things…but the voices after the first minute….are all “echo-ey”…just fyi sir :)

  • Joe L

    Spoony you should totally post the outtakes of your Gatecleaner and wife scenes that would be hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    I had a run-in with bad waiter in Chicago once as well.
    The group I was with, just about everyone got hamburgers.. but this guy got them all wrong. They all had bleu cheese despite only two people actually ordering that way. Had to get sent back three times and he still got it wrong, so most of the group just gave in and took the bleu cheese. Oh, and I ordered an iced tea and got ice water instead.. then got told I was wrong after telling him.

    I don’t have the guts to do such, but the one guy at the table asked to see the manager and we all got our meals on the house.

    Sorry.. the short waiter story there just brought back some interesting memories, lol. I was so hoping it was the same guy with his bleu cheese addiction. Oh well..

    • Unholy Fire Dragon

      I hope that guy got fired.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why I watch these commentaries…

    Most of the time the actors just talk about the misery we didn’t see. They greatly outnumber the funny anecdotes. Hm. ):

  • Anonymous

    So bad clusterfucking at the last few minutes. I think 3-4 is definitely max of guys speaking in 1 video. Anyway good commentaries. I hope you guys find a way to make the sound quality better.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really enjoying these commentaries. ┬áIt’s really interesting to hear what it was like behind-the-scenes, and to hear the crazy stories about what you guys did on your days off.

  • Mike Wallace

    *Laughs* Denny’s. Who ordered the thirteen dollar bacon and eggs peppered with some old lady’s hair? My grand-slam wasn’t supposed to come with a discarded band-aid. I didn’t order my burger “medium-rare.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Spoony always ends up playing multiple roles… That’s just his nature, I expect. Even though Linkara tries to put tons of character into his alternate personalities, Spoony’s are the ones that make the best jokes.

  • Jake Somethinorother

    To answer the Post-it question, they were commercially released in 1980, so we’re safe from anyone getting pissy about that.

  • Princess Stabbity

    It’s so weird… I always hear all these tales about how awful Denny’s is, but the one where I’m at has always been pretty solid…

  • Timothy Webb

    Lewis, the reason your magic does not cause you to lose life force is its all artifact based. your basic weapon, the magic gun, was literally created from the stolen lifeforce of a small child. its power is based on that sacrifice. same thing with the various coins and such, they draw nothing from the user, but from the artifact itself. like the gem in the power glove, the power once created does not end. if you began casting spells that would cause you issues. but anyone can use an artifact.

  • dino

    i love click lol, click was awesome. I guess click was awesome to me cause it reminded me of the times i had with my dad and kinda makes happy to watch it. Just saying i liked click, huh and i was just saying how much i agree with spoony all the time lol.

  • Sajeh

    If some weabos care about how someone speaks japanese in a free amateur internet show, they should seriously think about jumping off a cliff…

    • Peter

      When you can understand japanese to a certain extent, have a mother and father that speaks japanese, and you hear some weeaboo butchering that language.
      You cringe, and you cringe hard.

  • LuciusMadgloom

    I Love how throughout most of the movie everyone acts like a bunch of assholes that hate each other, but than they meet Suede & EVERYONE gets chipper & happy “Cool Suede is here”… like “We all hate each other, but everybody loves Suede.. Duh..”

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