To Boldly Flee, Part 7

The Spoony One | Sep 10 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Young Mochrie must go to the Dagobah– er, the planet Oa to master the true art of the snob and conquer his former snob mentor!

  • Ian Haas

    This thing is at 7 parts? I usually wait until all the parts are out to watch them back to back… but this is looking to be too long for even my tastes.

    • Lewis Lovhaug

      It’s eight parts total.

      • George Covert Jr.

        and they are well done dude :-)

  • Rodrigo Ibarra

    Guess I’ll just say first.

  • DarkBee

    Very badass, Terl finally got his big bad-moment (and then got shot again).

  • Ed Matuskey

    Wow, a Dark City reference? Awesome!

  • Bruno Enrique Mora Alfaro

    I gotta admit I love this part the most, it is more engaging and the song is really good.

  • IHeart28

    Oh my gosh. One more part! That’s both exciting and sad. Loved the whole series and this part was no exception. This part was a bit longer and better than the last part and mostly everyone got their badass moment. Oancitzen’s part as some type of yoda guide was awesome! I gotta say though Film Brain’s talk with Critic made me both worry and feel really bad for Nostalgia Critic. Don’t leave Critic! We love you! Hope you make it out ok in the plot hole… which from the part’s telling doesn’t shape up to be really good at ALL.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Another fantastic part you guys. I loved that “coke party” scene. I certainly am pumped for the finale.I loved that bit between the Executor and Darth Snob about Crystal Pepsi. I do have one request, is there any way that we can get that song on iTunes?

  • Sean Samonas

    Needed more Spoony! And more Linkara, for that matter.

    • Christine Dean

      Yes, where is Linkara!?!?
      I mean, he got out, but does he even know that his friends are in danger?
      I hope we see him soon or some explaination as to what has happened to the real Linkara.
      *cough* As well as see Mechakara again *cough*

      • sbkMulletMan

        I’m going to guess that Linkara is going to be some last-second joke, maybe a stinger, just something goofy or suspenseful (maybe setting up next year’s series) after everything else is said and done at the end of the final part.

      • Jared Fullyfisted

        I think you’re probably right. I wish his role was more prominent, though. Don’t want to sound too fanboy-ish but it doesn’t really feel complete without Linkara on board for the mission. (Though I really liked the way Mechakara was handled)

        • Lewis Lovhaug

          Well, the sentiment is certainly appreciated. ^_^ What I’ll say to that, though, is that I was at least there in person, and while Linkara as a character hasn’t been a large part of the special, just being there and being in the film feels more than enough.
          And sometimes it’s more fun to play the bad guy. >=D

          • Kaleb Moser

            He is like a virtual Candy Man. Mention Linkara enough and he will appear anywhere on the internet!

          • Adell

            You play an awesome villain, If I do say so myself.

      • theshamster

        I think Linkara will either turn up in his own ship and rescue the Critic, or perhaps assist in helping the others in some way, as I doubt that he would just stay on earth, knowing that Mechakara is amongst them, even though Mechakara escaped, Linkara doesn’t know this.

      • Nick Godbout

        It was established near the beginning that Mechakara shoved him in a closet.

  • Das_Bass

    I’ll say it again. I got a fervor and the only cure is more Spoony!

  • sbkMulletMan

    I can watch Joe shoot things aaaall day.

    Joe needs more time, dammit! Give him more guns and let him do his thing.

  • Princess Stabbity

    I can’t get that song out of my head…
    Another hilarious part. Great job to everyone.
    The Executor must pay for his blasphemy about Crystal Pepsi though.

  • Christine Dean

    Oancitizen was awesome in this!
    I love thier use of old classic film clips to convey the importance of good plot lines/stories and how they are much more powerful than the “So Bad Its Good” of any movie combined during that sequence and the part with Angry Joe as Solid Snake and his stealth box cracked me up.
    I hate to see that this movie has to end so soon, I wish it could go on forever, but it will be interesting to see what is on the other side of that plothole and what will happen to The Critic there.

  • BrendanConcannon

    This is the best anniversary special of them all. Less than a year ago, I took a university course to study film and yes, I learned what “Rosebud” meant.

  • Halroth

    Nice touch flying the modified Eldar Viper. Didn’t know the Cyclones had those contacts

    • William Staples

      The Eldar have been down on their luck financially since the whole Slaanesh thing, so they’ve had to do contract work here and there to make ends meet.

  • MechaVelma

    So who’s behind the silver mask? Linkara? Dr Insano? Chester A Bum? Robert Preston?

    • Das_Bass

      8 bucks on Santa Christ

    • DarkBee

      Maybe The Nerd? He has a pocket for his pens, and Doug said James Rolfe hung out and filmed a little something after he was done shooting his own movie.

    • Nick Godbout

      I’m pulling for Suede…just for the fuck of it.

  • THE Sami Ryyppö

    Wait… Didn’t the trailer say this has seven parts? This sure didn’t seem like the last part.

    • DukeCrimson

      I believe it is 8 parts.

  • TOP2NE1

    Every scene Joe touches turns to gold.

  • Kaleb Moser

    Cinema Snob’s line about his hope for a Crystal Pepsi resurgence was probably my favorite line so far.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Joe was Snake and marz gurl was major Kusinagi… AWESOME!

  • Mateusz K.

    This is gettin nail bitingly exciting!! Must watch more. Linkara is missing. The song was funny, I was secretly hoping that during the fight between Spoony and NC, he would start throwing jibberish tautns a la Privateer 2, but that was probably too obscure for a reference…. a man can dream though, a man can dream…

  • Nash Knight

    Did he say “..there’s a Return of the king” ?? That movie sucked, as well as the rest of the trilogy. Maybe he meant “Return of the jedi” ?

    • Nash Knight

      That been said, this was an awesome episode, best one so far.

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