Top 11 Spoony Moments of 2011

The Spoony One | Jan 17 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Spoony counts down his favorite laugh-out-loud moments of his videos from 2011!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm First time i see not fully loaded video here

  • Benjamin Homeier

    Sweet shirt

  • croy10067

    great vid spoony but what is up with the 6 min dead air in the end. Also can’t wait for your projects for 2012.

  • JackTelford

    Great list, glad to see the Highlander camera and the shitty Magician made the list. I have to say one of my favourite moments was your scream into the camera in your Conan review Vlog. Hard to pick out any others that you haven’t mentioned, all your videos are fantastic, looking forward to another year of them =D

  • George Vosper

    where did you get that cowboy bepbop shirt?! that shirt is awesome!!

  • Kevin Greene

    I have always loved Spoony’s shreeks of terror.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, is that a Cowboy Beebop shirt? Rock on Spoony!

  • Anonymous

    Eagerly waiting for the return of Rebruary.

    And I really liked this 2011 recap, these moments were indeed great.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony is back full force, FUCK YEA! Happy and fruitful 2012 to us all.

    *(hopefuly without shitty promotional crossovers)

  • Mike Socarras

    Wow, I just realized that 2011 was actually a far better year than I thought it was for you, in fact, a lot of my favorite moments and series were made this past year – speaking of which, I wish you had included something from the Ultima retrospective, particularly CHUCKLES THE CLOWN, because that’s definitely in my top 3 moments from you. But yeah, I don’t mean to sound like a fanboy, but I’ve been legitimately worried about you as of late and hoping you were okay, and I’m really happy to see you going back to work.

    By the way, speaking of Chuckles… have you played Skyrim yet? I REALLY, *REALLY* want to see your reaction to Cicero…

    • Gregory Bogosian

      Chuckles is not a clown.  Chuckles is a fucking jester.

    • sbkMulletMan

      Holy Hell, I’m NOT the only Chuckles fan!

      Also, my immediate reaction to seeing Cicero in Skyrim was indeed “Holy Shit, it’s Chuckles the Fucking Jester!”

    • Anonymous

      Hear hear! The Ultima retrospective had just soooo many awesome moments.

  • Benedikt van Recum

    briliant! :D  just remembering all these moments and reliving the laughs is a perfect start and should also for you bring new motivation! ;) this is why we love this show so much and i hope you found your spirit again so we can have moments as funny as these in the year 2012! :D “it measures gayness – with SCIENCE!” XD

  • Anonymous

    Your Breaking Dawn video was probably my most favorite, with the Ultima and Counter Monkey series close behind. 2011 was a great Spoony review year in my opinion :)

    Also, you must link that shirt. Must have.

  • SoldierHawk

    Ahhhh, that was SO much fun! Glad to see you happy, healthy and excited for the new year. 2012 is the Year of the Spoony One! ™

  • Sam Lewis

    I loved counter Monkey. My girlfriend bought me the Dungeonland adventure for christmas after we watched that episode because it sounded like so much fun.

  • dennett316

    Absolutely spot on with the Number 1 pick…loved that trailer.  Wouldn’t be too upset if you teamed up with Brad’s crew and actually filmed a full-length version….I’d buy that shit and watch it a million times rather than watch the original once.

  • gravityBomb

    LOVED it Spoony! I’m so glad that you’re getting back on track. I was kinda worried for you there. :) Me and my friend were actually gonna send you an email at one point cause we wanted to see if you were doing better, but I’m glad that you are. <3

    By the way, I just noticed this (and I might be pointing this out again, since I never read the comments from that video), but when the Shitty Magician is doing the balloon animal trick, Oreo is just sitting nicely in the background with a 'What the fuck is he doing?' face and I just nearly cracked up from noticing that. XD Silly Oreo.

    I'm really excited for this year and all the videos you come out with! I definitely wanna see the end to the X-2 series (guh) and the Ultima retrospective. 2012 onward! :D

  • Fredrik Rastrilla

    Great video! Really brought back a lot of memories :D And yes! Of course we look forward to this year! FFX2 has to get what it deserves! 

  • Daniel / Beatchef

    Oh god I hope that Spoony is in the Angry Video Game Nerd movie <3

  • PixelJustice20XX

    Awesome video!  I can’t wait for the rest of the Ultima Retrospective, especially since I have Ultima 8 Pagan sitting on my shelf, I’ve never actually played it. I just saw it at The Goodwill in great condition and picked it up knowing you’d be doing a review on it soon. 

    Happy 2012 Spoony, glad to see your doing well! 

  • Anonymous

    My favorite video or videos were definetly the Counter Monkeys even though I’ve never played or really understood dnd. I still love those stories.
    It’s nice to know that you’re back and have lots of stuff coming for the 2012. Looking forward to your next video :)

  • klon

    simcoe the magician just makes me laugh like no other thing.

  • Daniel Barstead

    Loved the list, Spoon. :3 The extra 8 minutes of black screen threw me off though.

  • sev h

    i love counter monkey, you get really animated when you tell the stories and i think thats what makes them so great. to this day my friends and i still make vegan steve jokes.

  • Annie Jarnagan

    Have to agree with another poster.  Chuckles the Jester was probably one of my favorite sketches of 2011.  He may be a cheater at his own game, but the chicken made up for it.

    Also noticed a lot of black screen time at the end. o_O

  • Matthew Ishola

    …A Clip Show?!

  • Rodrigo Ibarra

    My favorite was the monkey moment, the “VAPID WHORE” insult. It made me laugh for weeks. I just wanted some girl to make something stupid to use that -though I know insulting people is not nice-.

  • Taylor Reitz

    Great moments from the great Spoony One

    btw at 17:40 in the video you can see Oreo in the background of the Simcoe the Magician sketch

  • Gregory Bogosian

    You have about 8 minutes of black silence at the end of the video. I would have included, in no particular order:  The Headless hitting you with a folding chair at the end of your Utlima Underworld 2 review,  the Muliti-gene life-form sketch from your Tekken the Motion Picture video, the library commercial sketch from your Lords of Magick review, your reaction to Dar and the girl from sliders driving past a theater playing Beast Master 2 in your Beast Master 2 review, and the Grey Lanterns from your Warrior issue 4 crossover with Linkara.

    • George Rosenbaum

      I loved the Headless folding chair bit. The entire skit was so well timed, every single  line and joke was delivered perfectly.

  • Jesse WilliamsFuller

    I thought the first Human Spider trailer was better than the second. But hey, they were both good.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure 2012 will be amazing…on this website at least 8D

    Can’t wait to see the end of Final Fantasy X-2 and Ultima, wich is probably one of my favorite thing you did.

    Keep up the good work and yeah Counter Monkey is really awesome and I enjoy every video of that!

  • Travis Vita

    How could you not have put the lip flaps from X-2? THE NERVE!

    Haha still a great list tho, Keep up the good work Spoonyone 

  • Kat

    I do wonder if your Deadly Premonition play-through is officially abandoned… Would love to see that come back.

    I really loved your Skullduggery review! Can’t wait to see what you’ll offer for 2012 — especially your movie appearances! Is one of them for the TGWTG anniversary? ♥

  • Eric Pace

    for the human spider trailer, honestly to me the funniest part is Dr. Insano giving them the “water” that is green and foaming, and they drink it. It may be the simpliest gag but hey many times the simpliest things are the funniest.

  • Kat

    I too agree that Spoony+Brad videos are always absolutely wonderful. They’re definitely tied for my favourite internet reviewers.

    (Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to Muthsarah, but didn’t attach itself to that comment’s thread, or so this page is showing me…)

  • WilliamT

    What’s with the 7:55 of black at the end?  Am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    All great moments I think!
    My favorite of your Counter Monkey videos has to be Vampire: Spoony’s Jyhad. That was so fun and awesome to listen too!

  • George Rosenbaum

    2011 was definitely missing something…new content. Should Spoony really make a clip show from his WORST year? Aside from Counter Monkey, I just want to put this year behind me.

  • George Rosenbaum

    2011 was definitely missing something…new content. Should Spoony really make a clip show from his WORST year? Aside from Counter Monkey, I just want to put this year behind me.

  • traineesword

    I noticed some Imp’s on your bookshelf. Imps from Zero Punctuation i believe. I hope you are planning some sort of crossover. I know Benjamin “Yahtzee” Crowshaw mentioned you as his “favourite internet reviewer” a couple of years back.

  • traineesword

    I noticed some Imp’s on your bookshelf. Imps from Zero Punctuation i believe. I hope you are planning some sort of crossover. I know Benjamin “Yahtzee” Crowshaw mentioned you as his “favourite internet reviewer” a couple of years back.

  • Anonymous

    I think the Ass counter exploding was one of the funniest things I saw this year, on par with the Nostalgia Critic’s “TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERF**KER” in the Care Bear review. Really, this list is perfect. I also love the Counter Monkey videos, even though I, for the most part, have no idea what you’re talking about. 

  • Luke Rees

    Son of a bitch. If he got that shirt where I think he got it from, then I’m jealous. I missed out on getting it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for putting up your favorite moments from both your videos last year Spoony. This was great.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for putting up your favorite moments from both your videos last year Spoony. This was great.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for putting up your favorite moments from both your videos last year Spoony. This was great.

  • Mike Lee

    oy, Spoony, your vid seems to have 7 minutes of empty space on the end. Nonetheless, good to know you’re back and still as crazed. um, now about Wrestle Wrestle . . .

  • traineesword

    I noticed some Imp’s on your bookshelf. Imps from Zero Punctuation i believe. I hope you are planning some sort of crossover. I know Benjamin “Yahtzee” Crowshaw mentioned you as his “favourite internet reviewer” a couple of years back.

  • Anonymous

    I love the Spike Spiegel shirt one video after mocking Bennett for his Anime fetish. Intentional/unintentional either way it’s funny (not to mention a cool shirt).

  • Alagard

    I cant see the video

    Sorry, this episode may have just been added to Blip and isnt quite ready to watch yet. Please try again later.

  • Anonymous

    another awesome video spoony. my fav moments of 2011 would have had to have been counter monkey stories, the xcom betrayal, hell any dr Insano moment.

    favorite moments of all time would have to be the Insano election from final fantasy 8 and the Gandalf with a rocket launch from ultima 1. both I go back and watch every so often just because theyre great.

  • Carlos Celurian Torreblanca

    I think the counting gag started in a south park episode where they are counting the F***s they say through the episode.

    My favorite moment is in Ultima Underworld that nobody knows who the avatar is. 

  • Anonymous

    Great video Spoony.

    I might be must me, though, but there is a second delay with the sound so its out of sink. At least for me.

  • Anonymous

    the toilet shit pizzaaaaaaa

  • George Rosenbaum

    Hey, a title card was added to this. Looks spiffy.

  • Anonymous

    Though I kinda rolled my eyes at the idea of a Best of the Year video, I was glad to see some additional commentary on each one.

    As for my own Top 11s, I would have included the Transformers 3 and Breaking Dawn Vlogs, as well as the Transformers 3 and Rocky discussions with Brad Jones. Not sure if any of those count, since they aren’t typical skit type reviews, but they stand out to me as classic Spoony moments.

    Thanks for the great year of laughs, and here’s to another, hopefully even better year!

  • Lindsey Rapisarda

    You rock Spoony!!! Keep up with the amazing videos, I loved those moments you listed they were both funny and entertaining.

  • Robert Cousineau

    Its funny you say the Simcoe skit was the origin of Oreo in your universe, except you can plainly see Oreo in the background as you toss the balloon animal away, and a couple times here and there. Then again, we have already established Simcoe as a freaking terrible magician in the first place. His next trick will probably be making Angry joe appear even though you can clearly see him in the background earlier.

  • Andrew Santos

    Have to admit Counter Monkeys is what really brought me into the fold. I subscribed back when you did the 4e review but your videos kind of fell off my radar after a lot of “I will watch them later” Then I saw Counter Monkeys and I have been hooked since.

  • Shantal Figueroa

    I love hearing you rant about Transformers 3. Your vlogs have some of my favorite moments and quotes. Your rant about Twilight also had the great line “Louis you ignorant slut” and Louis threatening to kick your butt if you made fun if his mom’s name. 

  • April Von Lon

    My only mistake was watching this while trying to drink something. Tea + computer monitor = BAD.

    It was great to see some of my absolute favorite moments of hilarity! I go back and watch a lot of those reviews because I love those moments so much and they always stand out in my mind. (Spoony the Magician will always be a little traumatizing, though, because uh hello Spoony with smeared lipstick, and “Spoony with smeared lipstick” is not a phrase I ever thought I would have to type.)

    It’s great to see you back in the saddle and enthused about making more great videos for us. Thanks for all your hard work through the trials of 2011, and I wish you the best in 2012! 

  • Anonymous

    Of the Counter Monkey sketches, my favorites were either the Dungeonland one because I’m a real Alice in Wonderland nut, the Deck of Many Things one, as I know what the deck is, and I could not freaking BELIEVE that the guy would draw that many cards, nor could I believe his luck, or perhaps your co-op with Bennett, especially regarding the Double Club. :-D

  • James Drover

    Is it me or does that drawing make spoony look a bit like shaggy from scooby doo?

  • Andre Milani Marcos

    More obscure game reviews! that’s was why i came here in the first place. 

  • Justin Garcia

    I love how oreo is in the shot when spoony is showing off the balloon animal

  • Anonymous

    Say now. That’s one way to draw Noah without descending into the uncanny valley.

  • Anonymous

    Slightly off-topic here, but I just watched the Make My Video (Sega CD) review, and the “bippity-boppity-boo!” line might be the funniest thing you’ve ever said. Ever. The comedic timing/editing in that video is flawless.

    • Luke Newsworthy

      I would vote for his Microcosm video where he punched the CD out of the square donut box. Classic Spoony, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Back on topic, while I appreciate the effort you put into producing reviews with lots of structure and props and so forth, my favorite things of yours are the fairly informal vlogs where you just talk off-the-cuff about a movie, show, or game.

  • Julian Moretti

    I have only 1 best of 2011:

  • Anonymous

    2 new movies?!  Spoony, if you are shooting in the Chicago area again please let me know where and when.  I’d love to meet the whole crew and buy you all a drink.  Shoot me a PM on your forums.  Same name as here.


  • ORCACommander

    ya human spider is definitely the top one.

    you had to get oreo in your plot line becaue snob now has lyod in his :P but ya you in character reaction to simpkin in your house was my reaction to that entire segment not knowing whether laugh be amused or horrified.

  • Unholy Fire Dragon

    In the clip with the magician, is Miles laughing in the background while you’re leaving the room?

  • Renaissance_nerd

    not to burst the bubble but if you look in the background during the first shot of the magician before you pull her out of the hat Oreo is in the hallway watching you Spoony.

  • Reid

    I am stunned the Tekken eyebrows gag didn’t make it. But oh well. Other stuff I had in my list were “Chill out Lord Dude”, you flopping all over Miles during the Transformers vlog, you trying to screw the cap on the shotglass in the Breaking Dawn vlog, you and Miles both screaming “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” in perfect synchronization in the Conan vlog and singing “Chop Suey!” at last year’s MAGFest.

  • Darkscar

    Awsome vid spoony, reminded me alot of great moments, i cant wait for more counter monkey

  • George Rosenbaum

    Actually, now that I look at the title card, Spoony kinda looks like Shaggy.

    Spoony: “Like ZOINKS Burton, this Reb Brown movie sure is awesome!”

    Burton: “Roo sure raid it, Roony! RE-HE-HE-HE-HE-HE!!!”

    “Spoony Spoony Doo, where are you? We got movies to view now.”

  • Luke Newsworthy

    Spoony, I just want to say two words: Deadly Premonition.  I have been waiting three years for you to finish that damn game.  I realize that others have LP’ed it already, but you’re you and they’re not.  Different people can play or LP the same game, it’s okay.  Also, as much as your biggest fans appreciate all of your work, whether it be Counter Monkey, blogs, or movies reviews, your core for the wider audience has always been in games.  I just think it’s in your best interest as well as everyone else’s for you to go back to doing what you do best. Also, Deadly Premonition.

    • Anonymous

      how dare you question the ultimate power of spoony.

      we need to stop captain crazy from saying mean things to spoony, he is sick you know. 

      • Luke Newsworthy

        By giving him positive criticism and not squealing like a fangirl, I’m actually showing that I have a brain and an opinion.  And, in the long run, any such comments that are just mindlessly accepting and don’t question anything that Spoony does really don’t help anyone.  Also, as far as that person you linked to, I believe he’s legitimately on crack and that no one should waste their time caring about any “mean things” he’s saying.

        • Anonymous

          but spoony is perfect in every single way he is a God and I want him to thrust his hot pounding dick inside my tight virgin asshole. 
          I want him to slap me with his “ban hammer” :) 


          OH YES YES, and then I cum and we both cuddle long into the night.

          • Luke Newsworthy

            wait……………you’re Captain Crazy, aren’t you?

          • George Rosenbaum

            No, because he was the same guy who commented and said that “we should spam his ass”. You can find this comment in full if you expand his profile.

            But now his motivation makes even less sense. Whose side is SpoonyFan on?

          • Anonymous


          • Luke Newsworthy

            He IS Captain Crazy.  He’s just a psycho fuck who wanted to get people to watch his video, so he posted a link telling people to spam it.  He’s actually retarded.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Oh. So he’s a troll, and a YouTube view-count whore? I would never have guessed that ‘Captain Trash Man’ had the capacity to be that clever.

          • Anonymous


        • George Rosenbaum

          You know this guy’s a troll, right?

          And he sucks at it, because he used a video of a man covered in garbage to make his point. Out of all of the better made arguments against Spoony’s fall from grace, apparently Garbage Man is going to be the champion of the downtrodden.

          The dumbest part, you never said Spoony was perfect. UltimateSpoonyFan did. So apparently he’s trolling himself.

      • George Rosenbaum

        Captain Crazy, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!!! Fear his mighty cape, forged out a Game Stop bag he didn’t throw out! Surely this man is the Dragonborn! Praise be to Dragon Jesus!

        Seriously, the outright censorship Captain Crazy speaks of may have been present during the Scarlett Era, but those days are long gone. Welcome to the Bronze Age of Spoony, where you get a review once a month. Hopefully we will enter a new Silver era, if Spoony keeps his promise.

        And no, depression is not just sick. If your going to criticize someone, be accurate.

        • Luke Newsworthy

          You know, it’s really sad you have to state the obvious in the first place, like there are actually people ignorant enough to not know that, but even sadder that we acknowledge such a person with a severe mental handicap.

          • George Rosenbaum

            Yes, I do have to state the obvious to tactless idiots. How dare he treat a serious medical condition like a fucking cold.

            I think the post came off wrong, I apologize. I’m not making fun of depression.

  • Kendyl Coplon

    Yeah, the Tekken eyebrows made me laugh my ass off every single time it cut back to you. Just awesome XD

  • zip.ding

    Did anyone else notice during the Simcoe the Magician skit Spoony did that Oreo was sitting in the background in one of the shots?

    • Kyle

      I hadn’t noticed until just now, at about 17:40 when he’s talking about the balloon dog becoming Oreo, that Oreo herself is sitting in shot behind him. XD

  • David Arseneau

    My favorite moments: your giant eyebrows from the Tekken anime review and your speech on the King of Fighters movie’s Mai.

    • Luke Newsworthy

      I full-heartedly agree that the eyebrows gag should’ve been included.

  • Luke Newsworthy

    I wonder if Spoony ever reads these comments.  If so, Deadly Premonition.

    • Anonymous

      That’s actually something I said in the Deadly Premonition video and shortly after, he posted the Zombie 5 review on April Fools Day with the title “Deadly Premonition_Part 2″.  I was fooled to think he actually read my comment and fianlly filmed it.
      So the answer is probably Yes,  but could be people in the forums telling him what people are saying in the comments.  I dunno, but I refuse to watch the rest of Deadly Premonition anywhere else simply because I believe Spoony should be the one to riff the game in its entirety.

  • Anonymous

    [please do star trek, Doug sucks at reviewing sci-fi] puppy eyes

  • Diggerjohn111

    I think you covered all my favourites. Human Spider as number one was perfect. I am soooooo glad you are back at it, glad you are feeling up to it again. Proud of you, Spoon!

  • Mike Wallace

    All great moments. My personal favorites from 2011 are as follows:
    – The Imogen Heap shooting scene (Cage 2)
    – The fleshlight in the Goddamn Avatar’s messy inventory. (Ultimate 7: The Serpent Isle)
    – “These pretzels are making me thirst-ee.” (Zombie 5)
    – Dr. Insano rage over Paul’s “killing everything” laser. (Dungeon Master)
    – The Heihachi Family Eyebrows and the “Multi-Gene Lifeform” skit (Tekken: The Motion Picture)
    – “Playing With the Boys” (Mercenary Fighters)
    – The Reb and Lou crying Oscar Clip (Cage)
    – Terry Boggart done right and “One part white, the other part white” (King of Fighters)
    – Bandit Keith says stop dissing his woman (DOA)

    And the number one clip: anything with Oreo. She’s a hyperactive little show-stealer and even when she’s sitting calmly, watching Simcoe with a “wtf” doggy look, she’s adorable.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got lined up for 2012, Spoony!

  • Anonymous

    For me, my favorite Spoony moment (if it counts as a single moment) was your performance in Suburban Knights. No one was bad in that production, but you Spoony, were absolutely hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    That shirt is beyond awesome. I must have it!

  • Bryan Tiggelaar


  • Matt DiPasquale

    I thought that was spike from Cowboy Bebop on your shirt, Spoony, but I think you said you don’t really watch anime, so I kept trying to read your shirt. 

  • Anonymous

    “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap in Cage 2!

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the, “God damn Avitar!” I thought that was hilarious. Oh well, great list Spoony, and great to see you back in form! Good luck this year sir, good show.

  • Thor Watson

    Great video Spoony and great to hear that you’re back and going to do more hilarious reviews. As for my own personal favorites this year I’d say my number one was Counter Monkey. Every video in that series made me laugh hard and it really struck a chord with me because D&D was something I used to do relatively often and I’ve witnessed first hand some of the crazy hilarious things that can happen when playing. I very wholeheartedly look forward to more of those.
    After that I’d place the human spider, wonderful performance and great hilarity.
    Then Rebruary because Reb Brown is awesome (thanks for introducing me to him).
    Next would be just your vlogs. It’s great to see unrehearsed reactions to jokes and humor made up basically on the spot.

    So, I really look forward to your future works because you’ve certainly earned your rank as one of my favorite reviewers around. Until next time, take it easy and keep coming up with great material.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, gotta say Counter Monkey is my favorite, even over some of the reviews.

  • Anonymous

    The way you were drawn on the Title Card makes you sorta look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo :D

  • Garrett Dulyea

    Well shit, never thought of it, but between Human Spider and Curse of the Cannibal Confederates, Brad’s neighbors are probably terrified of him by now.

  • E

    Oh shit, is the red Burton the Robot with the words “THE EXPERIMENT IS OVER” freaking anyone else out? ‘Cause it’s freaking me out. I had a mild heart attack when I first saw it. Just the thought of a world without the experiment is enough to make me do a Wing Commander the movie style scream. 

    • Troy Bennett

      yeah it was freaky! I went on the site, the title banner was normal. I played the top 11 video, and after i was finished, I clicked to put in comment and here it is! Oh shiiiiit…

      …..well I think we’ve been hinting the past few vids have led up to a storyline…or it could be a very screwed up way to participate in the SOPA blackout.

      Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, Google has blacked out their logo, and Wikipedia actually shut down for the day.

      • E

        Yes, and I’m actually kind of glad that some of the major websites are taking a stand on the SOPA issue. Because we need our internet to be free! FREE, DAMMIT! 

  • Nick Hornung

    RIP TechTV. <3

    • sbkMulletMan

      This wouldn’t be a good place to mention that I’m a former senior moderator for the G4TV forums, would it?


      • ORCACommander

        *twists the knife a little sharper*

  • Anonymous

    I just noticed something in the Simcoe scene where Spoony tosses the balloon animal away,
    you can spot Oreo sitting in the hallway, watching Spoony be a creepy fruitcake magician.

  • sbkMulletMan

    I’m the only fan of Chuckles The Fucking Jester in the world, aren’t I? 

    In fact, I wish to see Chuckles Vs. Simcoe!  I dunno, I guess I have a thing for cheap makeup and goofy tricks. 

    And speaking of which, I was wondering about the balloon animal when I first saw that video, and if Spoony made it himself.  And now I know. 

  • Juho Hodju

    Can we has rest of Deadly Premonition, kk?

    • Daniel Barstead

      No, because he’s stated tons of times that it was basically just a test and he had no plans to return to it. Stop asking, it’s nearly been a year.

  • Anonymous



  • Bennett LaRue

    I didn’t realize that this was supposed to be the origin of Oreo in the Spoonyverse. That’s pretty cool! But it also raises the question…if SpoonySimcoe made Oreo, who was that dog sitting in the background watching him? :P

  • Tio

    I’m surprised Spoony had eleven moments this year, considering his release schedule.

  • Troy Bennett

    Alright, time for random thoughts.

    – I’m surprised anyone actually reads this stuff, likes it, and comments back. I don’t know you guys personally, but I appreciate you taking the time to read my two cents. Even if we didn’t always agree, I wanted to just thank you up front. Fans unite!

    – Counter Monkey grew on me a lot. It’s surprising too, because I’m honestly not a big fan of the long movie vlogs, nor do I really like the WrestleWrestle reviews. Still, for something completely unscripted, it’s incredibly entertaining.

    – “Even for me this is really fucked up! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” best Inanso line, EVER!!!

    – I still have a celeb crush on Sarah Carter, and any movie that has a shot of her ass THAT CLOSE deserves a spot on this top 10.

    – The magician bit didn’t have as much impact for me. I mean, it seemed like he showed how the magic trick was done (“I adopted a dog from a kennel”), before he even showed the trick. Still, gotta be impressed with anyone that can make balloon animals.

    – I started watching the Top10 before the banner change, and when i clicked to comment, I saw the new banner. I nearly did the ‘Wing Commander’ scream, it was THAT freaky. An anti-SOPA stunt, or hints of a future storyline? Stay tuned.

  • wiliamsn

    13:50 Big Tits Dragon is stock Japanese Porn? Since when is cutting zombies in half with swords and chainsaws basic Japanese porno?

    • William “BooRat” Blackshire

      It’s Guro!?

      • wiliamsn

        There’s a couple of topless scenes…
        It has porn stars in it, but no porn…

        • William “BooRat” Blackshire

          yeah but the part with the zombies eating the nude Sushi Girl’s organs is something right out of some Guro crap…  there’s a person out there enjoying that far more than they should….

  • Faust

    Sorry didn’t watch the video at all. I just had to comment on how BAD ASS BURTON looks with the experiential is OVER! Fuck that’s awesome! Really nice art work, and page design.

  • yamina-chan

    So many great moments! =D
    I was surpriesed with a bunch of them that they actually were from 2011, for some reason I thought they were older. (The Highlander Review’s would be a good example)
    And honestly, I think all the clips deserve a spot on this list. I can’t speek for the cage clip since I did not see that video yet (for some reason) but I will change that soon ^^
    And that magician had a name? Huh, I missed that XD
    But yeah, I thought you put together your costume for him really well, including the makeup ^^ So the characters in the Spoonyverse got three new additions lately…SimcoeSpoony(Clone?), ChristSpoony(Clone), and Oreo =D And…I feel like I’m forgetting one…
    But yeah, what is there to say? SO many awesome moments XD The Gayar, Highlander on the Jaguar CD, Exploding Ass counter, the human spider, the magic act and everything together. Counter Monkey too, it’s so much fun even if you don’t know much about the game.
    As you said it was a year with many ups and downs and it is good to see yu so excited once again ^^ Take care Spoony, I am looking forward to  to all the things you’ll present us with =D

  • William “BooRat” Blackshire

    Oh man this was great!  Glad to see another Spoony vid!  
    The only thing on this list I never saw was the number 11 as I never watched that many game reviews!
    I like the Counter Monkeys stuff and the Magician scene from Skullduggery!  The Big Tits Dragon is a Kung-Fu Porno Parody if I recall from when I looked it up after that review!  So nothing really special!
    I’m so glad Human Spider was the number 1!!
    The Ass Counter bit was awesome!  I like DOA too!  Even though in the games half the girls actually hate each other and aren’t buddy buddy like in the film but I never played the game for the story really! XP 

  • Havlock Guthrie

    I would have added that great drunk sad twilight vlog

    • Anonymous

      Well… yeah, me too. But I can see why neither that or themorning didn’t make it to Spoony’s favorite moments.

  • kevin_z

    My fav of 2011 was definately #5 I love the counter monkey series even though I havent played DnD its great to hear stories that make me want to try it out one day!

    But heres an ADD moment, my favorite spoony moment even though its not from 2011 has to be the drastic music changes from his final fantasy VIII review. If your wondering what I’m talking about go to part 9 in the review and watch from 2:50 – 4:20. I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it.


  • stacie

    glad your pumped about the new year you look alot better withen yourself just dont over work yourself.

  • Green Fred

    Mmm, while I have seen the counting gag in written reviews before (hell, Video Game Recaps had the whole FFX ass count joke done way back in 2oo2), I’d say you’re the one that got it perfected in video form first. Kudos, Spoony.

    Gotta admit, my favorites are the Counter Monkeys. Makes me miss the days when I played DnD. <3

  • toms

    I figured that Insano would use the Gaydar on homophobic senators who are secretly gay and then blackmail them for money and political favors.

    No really, that would actually work in real life. And that is actually kinda sad.

  • toms


  • Luke Rees

    Son of a bitch. If he got that shirt where I think he got it from, then I’m jealous. I missed out on getting it.

  • Michael Couacaud

    Thanks for the memories. I can’t think of any specific bits from your reviews but I will say that I have loved your FF reviews and Highlander reviews too. I will be disappointed when FF X2 ends still I look forward to new reviews.

  • Andreas Törnqvist

    I look forward to see more videos from you, Noah! Have a good start of the year. :)

  • Jarrod Eagle

    All Great moments, though I would have made Reb’s uber man moment at #1. God that scene is memorable. Also if we have another Rebruary I will be pleased beyond reason.

  • Darke Mayer Goulart

    Just a quick side remark:

    Of all the Anti-SOPA actions around the web, yours was the best, Spoony. No popup bullshit, yet so effective in its message. Kudos to the designer!

  • Anonymous

    Concerning Simcoe the Magician: If some guy in excessive make-up and a poncy outfit burst into my house and brandished a condom at me, I would probably have a much bigger reaction than just the mild confusion you displayed.

    Still, it’s a hilarious moment.

  • Anonymous

    Watching The Human Spider was maybe the most entertaining moment of last year. The sequel was awesome too and I’m hoping for more co-working with Brad’s team. I mean this could spawn a new series or something. Anyway it’s up to you Noah. Will be this year even better than the last year.

    Btw you should have used the mon-KEY scene from the Twelve Monkeys in the FF X-2 review.

  • Anonymous

    I like the fact that Oreo was basically standing behind Simco watching the very magic trick that was to pop him into existence. I blame the Warrior comics.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I haven’t played or even watched your FFX-2 review yet and just by looking at this sequence, it makes me believe there is more retarded moments like that in the game.

    I don’t know what they were thinking aside of trying to make one of the laziest writing possible into being more presentable and/or funny, but it just make us doubt about the intelligence of the main characters. Even that, the closeup camera annoyed me and, I don’t know, Rikku’s face was kind of scary.

    My most favorite moment was with Simco, with the probably unintended effect that Oreo was standing behind him for most part of that sketch… And your reaction to the Wing Commander movie. XD

    Anyway, it was a nice year as it’s being the time I discovered your videos and you gave me the inspiration into making video reviews as well. Thank you. ^^

  • Ted Parsons

    You talk about Final Fantasy X-2 wasting our time, and then say your second favorite moment of the year was your magician sketch…

    In all seriousness, though, I don’t know if you had noticed, but you can see Oreo in the background while you’re waving the baloon animal.

    • Anonymous

      So you are saying magicians doesn’t create dogs out of thin air?

    • sanktmikael

      When I first saw the review, I thought it was a part of the scene. :I

  • Anonymous

    “That’s the f*cking Beastmaster driving by!” From Lords of Magick was something that really made me laugh~ In fact there were other scenes there too I really loved, like Mr. Mentos the Grapist, or the “Anything?” part earlier on when the porn music got fired up~

    Speaking of Beastmaster, there’s also the time paradox there~
    Bah, I could continue listing up all day!

  • Anonymous

    I could list up all day probably of other favorite scenes, but some that come up from the top of my head… Well, there’s a good amount from Lords of Magick, such as the Grapist Mr. Mentos, the “Anything…?” scene with the porn music firing up, and the “That’s the f*cking Beastmaster driving by!”

    And speaking of Beastmaster, the time paradox cannot be forgotten!

  • Zero Beat

    Top spoony moments of 2011! 

    Allllll three of them!

  • Mr. Sefe

    If you ever need a theme song for Counter Monkey:

  • Lazar Gruev

    Let me guess. The movies you’ll be in are the AVGN’s and the Cinema snob’s, eh?

  • Anonymous

    I quite liked the part in the Ultima 7 review where you were searching for the Serpent Ring. The FFVIII figures and the sex toy stuffed in there made me literally lol, as well as the FUUUUU at the end.

  • Anonymous

    I freaked out when I saw the new look. Don’t scare me like that :/

    • George Rosenbaum

      You see it too? Black Lantern Burton will haunt me in my nightmares.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think you’ll include Counter Monkey Fan Submission? I’m sure a lot of your fans will also have awesome stories.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t this require actually being active through most of 2011?
    *dodges rocks, bottles, sex dolls being hurled*
    In all seriousness though, I really liked the video.

  • Anonymous

    Love the stuff Spoony!

    Keep up the good work.  Your video’s give me rare smiles in these hard times!

  • Anonymous

    My favorites of the past year? Counter Monkey and Rebruary. Not necessarily in that order :D 

    Oh and for more Mr. Takagi’s villainous behavior, you should check out a movie called Midnight Man aka Blood for Blood with Lorenzo Lamas….

  • J.G. te Molder

    I think Hot Shots part Deux was the first who did a counter joke:

    Kill Count goes up rapidly.

    Equal to Terminator!

    Equal to Robocop!


    I loved the Ultima retrospective series, on that note: Ultima 8, man! Ultima 8!

  • George Rosenbaum



    • George Rosenbaum

      Now everything’s even DARKER!!! Apparently the burlap on the sides of the page were censored too. I think think burlap is copyrighted. :(

    • George Rosenbaum

      Today is apparently “protest SOPA by censoring your own website with spooky shadows” day.

      I blame Black Lantern Spoony for supporting the bill.

  • Anonymous

    I’m disappointed that Spoony the White from Ultima 1 (?) didn’t make it in. that was one of the best sketches you ever made on a technical level in my opinion

    EDIT: oh nevermind, that was actually 2010. man, time flies

  • Aquila


    During the Simcoe the Magician segment, despite it being “Oreo’s origin story”, she’s seen clearly in the background in one of the shots.

    • Furluge

      Yeah I just noticed that too

  • Anonymous

    I’d have to say that Counter Monkey and your impression of Brad was the highlights of 2011. Although to be fair, your content had been somewhat lacking (understandable, but not professional). I hope to see more videos this year. You and Brad are still my favourite content producers in TGWTG network. Best of luck for 2012.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Loved counter monkey. I think it might be fun to read Rpg submissions from others in a segment, while adding that Spoony touch. This way you don’t have to rely entirely on your faulty memory, haha.I personally have several funny PnP moments, including, but not limited to Real life battle royals between disgruntled players, rape-filled evil campaigns, and occult hating parents calling the cops on us. Great stuff. :)

  • Graham Ashton

    Even though it was for a millisecond and kinda slapdash, your cameo in the Moulin Rouge review cracks me up everytime. It’s just a combination of Spoony brushing his teeth with that hilarious expression, plus the buildup of prior scenes. Great stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Best Spoony moment? The end of the Skullduggery review, “I’m Back!”

  • nikola jordan

    Final Fantasy X-2 the scene where they take a bath in the hot spring 

    • George Rosenbaum

      Don’t anyone else see what just happened?! The website’s colors changed in protest of the SOPA bill!!

  • Dylan Ryan

    “Insert lack of videos joke here”

  • George Rosenbaum

    Why is Spoony so worried about confusing the March Hare with the Doormouse? It’s not as bad as accidentally selecting his #11 and #10 picks on this list from 2010 instead of 2011.

  • Aisha Kegawa

    I myself don’t know much about D&D, I mean I get the basics, I play pc games and stuff like that and understand what you mean when you talk about rolling dice and character sheets ext… I used to play some magic the gathering but still no D&D.

    But that said I still really enjoy the stories and I just like hearing what happens allot, I do understand how the game was fun to play for you.

  • Aisha Kegawa

    Oh also doesn’t Simcoe’s theme is similar to Torgo’s theme?

  • Mateusz K.

    Spoony! Thank you for a year full of fun and entertainment.
    My favourite is the counter gag, and I have not seen it in other reviews yet, so as far as I’m concerned, you are the inventor of this awesome gag and I love it. Hopeyoud did not make DOA your last one. Really looking forward for another year of fun and thank you in advance.  

  • Anonymous

    I REALLY liked the VLog right after you went to “Breaking Dawn” because you’re even more funny if you’re drunk .. or acting like you were, because you didn’t drink that much at all haha :D Nevertheless for me this entire VLog was one of the funniest things you’ve ever created. Me & some friends are watching most of your reviews together & we were like: Woooooooooowww, this movie has got to be fuckin amazing ! Hahah so we downloaded it & made a drinking game out of it. :D 

    I also liked the Ass-Counter-Explosion, the whole Rebruary series, of course FF: X-2 (& I’m so looking forward to the finale sequence !), your Cinema-Snob episode was fairly nice to watch & pretty entertaining & the Skullduggery Review was amazing, too. 

    Keep up the good work & pleaaaaaaaase deliver the finale of FF: X-2, I’m so fuckin hyped about that one haha :D 

  • Magrat Garlic

    My personal favorite was the magician gag from
    Skullduggery review and the doctor Gorilla moment. I also count “Monkey!” from FF-X2 in the second place.
    You made a fantastic job last year and I really can’t wait to see what will you prepare for us this time.

  • NightAngel

    I think one of my favorite moments was when you was ragging on titus from final fantasy. Then you just spazzed out on him, I was so laughing in tears about that.  “Let me tell you my story” “NO!!!! FUCK YOU, FUCK YOUR STORY!! SOMEONE HELP ME, HEEEEELLLLP!!!”    LOL

  • jay

    one of my favs is when Tandem the spoony visited mt olympus, shagged zeus’ daughter, and got his ass handed to him then demoted to a human. that was the best fall from grace story ive ever heard in my life

  • Josef Potmesil

    Damn dude you scared the hell out of me with the website’s new motif!

  • Keith Gibbs

    Watched this last night! Awesome. I loved the magician bit from Skullduggery, since it was significantly more impressive than what was shown from the move and the delivery was totally awesome.

    The one I am surprised didn’t make it in was the Ultimate Warrior bit from Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle. That was one of my favorite things this year. Also, both the hyperventalating in the Black Gate [because seriously, if you’ve played the game, even if you loved it, it was still insane the loops you had to jump through] and the Serpent Ring bit, since I *nearly* did that when I played it back in the day and eventually found it in my one “base” at Lydia’s House [since I moved in and would put my swag there after I killed the bitch]. Ah the memories.

  • Peopleorange

    I really enjoyed the Ultima 0 episode, hell, the entire series was hilarious. Shoulda had that in there.

  • Dustin Cochran

    I now have to ACTUALLY watch skullduggery. thanks alot.

  • Tambi

    Oh god, I love you spoons

  • amityisland

    I would love another REBruary!

  • scott crawford

    dr. insano’s review of the dungeonmaster was perfect.  that look on your face when excalibrate says “i reject your reality and substitute my own” had me laughing so hard, i literally had to pause the video to catch my breath.

  • Jimmy TheFish

    The guy who says ass to ass is Jake from the cinemasnob 

  • Joe Gray

    Probably already been brought up – But did anyone else notice Oreo in the background of Spoony’s Simcoe sketch at some points?

    Slight continuity? ;)

    I’m kidding Spoony, I don’t care, your compelling performance made me completely oblivious initially anyway! Make 2012 awesome! :D

  • Joe Gray

    Ctrl + F’d and found that about 20 other people made the same observation, dohh…

  • Edward Giacin

    I honesty believe that Counter Monkey is the best thing you’ve
    done on this site. Your stories remind me of everything that made me falling in
    love with table top role-playing games and wonderfully illustrate what has gone
    wrong with them over the years.


    Let me also say that Simcoe the Magician is the greatest
    addition to your cast since Oreo; or the other way around. I honestly don’t
    like most of the other side characters in your videos just to emphasis how much
    I enjoyed Simcoe. It also speaks volumes about your commitment to entertain
    that you took the time to learn those tricks.


    I don’t know when the whole “Betrayal” affair took place but
    that is another great moment of yours. I appreciate that kind of honesty and
    passion. I’ve never played an x-com game myself but I share the feeling having
    had seen several of my favorite series go down similar paths.

  • andrew smith

    well i do like all the stuff u do i have to say i like counter monkey best

  • Anonymous

    The ever-growing Tekken eyebrows were a stand out for me, and although it was brief, I loved the Mouline Rouge cameo. Couldn’t be looking forward to the 2012 vids any more! Great to have you back!!

  • Anonymous

    My personal favorites are the Horny Dr. in the Gorilla Suit from Skullduggery, the Dirty Vaginas line from FFX-2 Part 2, and the two Beastmaster Reviews. The Phoenix Down joke from Beastmaster was hilarious.

  • Ben Littlejohn

    I just noticed you can see Oreo under Spooncoe’s arm when he’s doing his magic. :D

    • André Norell

      Oreo is so awesome, the laws of space and time bend to her will ;)

  • Thorsteinn Eiriksson

    Spoony? That’s not Spoony, that’s Shaggy from Scooby Doo :D

    • George Rosenbaum

      I know, I thought that too when I saw it. 

      Also, I wonder if Spoony knows that #11 and #10 on his list were made in 2010.

  • burble2

    My impressions (with the name of the numbers unless you forget)

    11 – bad camera – funny as hell

    10 – scream – 2nd video I ever saw and had me laughing every time I saw it

    9 – gayer – always made me feel uncomfortable about why insane needed it… and really funny

    8 – ass counter explosion – one of my favorite gags ever.

    7 – manliest moment ever – YEAHHHH

    6 – mexican guy in “cage” laughing – I loved this scene and replayed it all the time if I was feeling bored or sad.

    (note: rebury being one of spoony’s favorite things he’s done is awesome because it’s one of my favorite things he’s done and it took place during my birth-month)

    5 – counter monkey – I haven’t watched counter monkey except for about 5 minutes of ep 1 before I got called away and I didn’t go back. I’ll try your counter monkey videos later.

    4 – big tits dragon – I love the cinema snob and I love you. take that and add something like a movie called “the big tits dragon” and I’ll laugh… which I did… a lot.

    (note: I noticed the camera motor sound in your live segments)

    3 – mon-key FFX-2 – I started laughing while writing this when you played the clip. It’s still freaking awesome and hilarious.

    2 – I freaking loved the magician bit. It’s was my favorite thing about that review (not to say the rest was slouching)

    note: I especially love it because I get the inside joke with the ores

    1 – haven’t seen the Human Spider but now… MUST WATCH… TEN TIMES!!!

    note: I don’t have my own list because my list would probably be about the same if I had watched everything listed (haven’t yet watched 5 and 1) maybe In a different order but probably the same moments.

  • Tambi

    I just love the matching pirates dresser and the ships steering wheel head board, You are the best spoons and I need ya so bad my sweets

  • CherZ

    Wow Spoony you’re looking quite skinny there fella.

  • doresh

    11 – Whoever came up with those sudden camera shifts in games deserves to be shot.
    10 – This instantly sold the review for me – that and the anticipation of your reaction on the naked catmen XD
    7 – Reb Brown, the unsung hero of the action genre!
    5 – I’m sorta in the middle of your Counter Monkey audience: I understand what you’re talking about, but my own roleplaying history is still fairly young ^^
    4 – Yeah, I figured the title would be far better than the actual movie.
    3 – I knew you would include this scene in your review! I had around the same reaction when I played it (well maybe without the screaming) XD
    2 – The weirdest character from one of the weirdest movies ever. Did he served ANY kind of purpose in the movie, anyways Oo ?
    1 – One of the greatest fake trailers EVAR!

    And yeah! More Ultima ^^ !

  • Anonymous

    We are in the nostalgic factor celebrating era.

  • Arsenal Of Megadeath

    How can you NOT laugh as the DOA Ass-Counter?

  • Rachel Adelson

    Okay, so the DOA Ass Counter was my favorite. I had to stop that video several times just to laugh.

    But what I’m wondering is if you’ll EVER pick Deadly Premonition back up. It left me hanging. :(

    • Anonymous

      He said he wasn’t doing Deadly Premonition, because so many others were supposedly already doing tons of Lets Plays of it.

      Still, I agree that Spoony should consider it; I liked his off the cuff commentary in Phantasmagoria, and Deadly Premonition was pretty damn good; albeit long.

  • Facundo Zabala

    I’m REALLY Happy to see you motivated again, man. I’ve watched our videos for so long now, than I felt like a close friend was having a bad time. Keep kicking ass Spoonster.

  • gerald chubbuck

    Oh god yes more counter monkey.

  • MaTachi

    Great list! Gonna watch some of those videos again now. :)

  • Jamie Rae

    Zoinks! Like, why does Spoony look so much like Shaggy from Scooby Doo in the title card. Minus the facial hair.

    • Dragons_Dusk

      okay I wasn’t the only one who thought that XD

  • Jordan Ream

    I have to say Counter Monkey is great. I just recently started my table topping adventures and Counter Monkey is a big part of the reason I agreed to play. I can’t wait until I have insano stories to tell. Thanks Spoony.

  • Ryan McGrath

    That magician needs to come back. He’s my favorite ever

  • TheDudeAbides

    The Breaking Dawn drunken review and the Vienna trip recap were two unmentioned notable moments of 2011, mainly because those were two aspects of Spoony we hardly ever see, the broken genius and the humbled artist.

  • Laurence Phillips

    I wanna play the warlock.

  • Celeste LaScala

    I love Counter Monkey. I keep watching them because, man, it’s probably better than trying to play would be for me. MOAR!

  • Anonymous

    I actually have a pretty funny “Counter Monkey” Story myself. It was my very first time playing DnD this month. I believe the actual name of the game was called Path Finders. Anyway. I played a ranger character. And our group was on a quest to help clear out this tower of dragon worshipping elves. But to become trusted from the refugee elves trying to take BACK the tower. We had to help revert a curse on two of their brothers that turned them into werewolves.

    So we set up an ambush where one guy would stay out in the open and we would all hide. And before the two were wolves showed up. The DM said a magical sleetstorm filled the area. Limiting vision and causing some characters to slip if they failed an acrobatics check. Anyway, I decide to put my character up in a tree. My sneak skill was pretty high so I was sure I would not be seen. I was a fair distance away from the group as well…bad idea.

    The wolves show up right next to the tree and I rolled my stealth check…rolled a 1. So they grab me out of the tree and proceed to crit me for 2/3rds of my health. There was no way I’d get away but I asked. “The lake is frozen. Can I jump through the ice and save myself in the water as long as I come out before hypothermia sets in?” He said yes and I did so. I rolled an acrobatics and swim check so I’m in the water. The wolves go after the bait now while they all start fighting. And throughout 3 turns. My climb skill was a decent number. Around 12 or 13. But I could not for the life of me. Roll higher than a 4! I kept rolling a 1 while my character attempted to climb out of the lake. So after the 3rd 1 roll. This was a d20 roll btw. My character suffers from hypothermia and can no longer swim. So I pretty much drown. It was my first time playing DnD and I died like that….It was pretty funny.

  • Roland M J Ziemke

    I’m not a nitpicker or hater, but at the risk of sounding like one, I’m glad that Spoony mentioned X-Play’s bad camera sketch. I mean, it’s a universal gripe in 3D games and anyone could have come up with that idea for a video, but I’m glad that Spoony is neither working in a total vacuum nor shamelessly ripping anybody off. Truth be told, though, I think Spoony’s take is a little funnier than X-Play’s. 

  • Arsenal Of Megadeath

    when are you going to finish ffx-2?

  • Heroes Season 5

    The Wing Commander scream is my favorite reaction I’ve ever seen from you. It also got me to play the Wing Commander games. I had seen the movie in theaters before I even knew about the games and then never played them because of the movie. So I guess I owe you one for that, haha.

  • Raila Merinen

    Maybe I’m dumb or something but only thing I laughed my ass of to was that ass counter  explosion :D But I haven’t watched all reviews except the one that had magician-edit-bullshit

    • Arsenal Of Megadeath

      youre not the only one, while i too liked the others, and the “origin” of Oreo, the ass counter (death of ) was the most visually humorus.

  • Christian Ejercito

    I just noticed Oreo was in the background during the Spoony-coe sketch.

    • Arsenal Of Megadeath

      thats just a clone of oreo that Linkara made, pay no mind to it.

      • Simoneer

        He cloned Oreo BEFORE Oreo came into existence?!

        • Arsenal Of Megadeath

          sure seems like it.

  • Nelson Guzman

    your highlander video was in 2010…

  • Anonymous

    Loved them all, Spoony.  :-)  Keep it up, buddy.  Oh, and more Counter Monkeys, lol. 

  • Dragons_Dusk

    Was so pleased to see the Spoony-Snob one so high (low?) on the list.  That is very much one of my favs of yours to rewatch. 

    And I do so love the counter gag.  Fuse box counts for the win!

    Thanks for all you work, Spoony

  • Fergus macpherson

    My fav from this year would have to be the hair cut line from the Tekken anime review, or the Green Bird bit from that review…actually just all of that review. 

    “Look at your hair cut, it brings shame on the family, you need a man’s hair cut like MINE!”

  • Anonymous

    hey, i have the same FFX-2 poster but still in my game guide and i too have a cowboy bebop shirt of spike but with him on the front with the words “bounty hunter”

  • Anonymous

    Cowboy Bebop shirt <3

  • Anonymous

    I hear rumors that Mr.Kill is killing people until they die. watch out!

    I’m spade and BOOM flag gun!

  • Jeffery Phillips

    I think my favourite is the Monkey bit. lol

  • Angeeel

    Spoony seems so happy!
    This was hilarious! :D
    And all of us are, of course, exited to see your material for 2012! :-D

    Nice to have you back, Spoons! =3

  • Arsenal Of Megadeath

    was that Benzai????

  • Miguel Gutierrez

    Fucking Caligula poster haha – Big Tit’s Dragon?wtf!?

  • wfalen-

    Ass to ass!…Just can’t stop thinking about Requiem for a dream here…with doctor insano.

  • Anonymous

    You should drink more Arrogant Bastard. It would certainly liven things up a bit.

  • Anonymous

    You should definitely drink more Arrogant Bastard. I find the key to writing a successful DND adventure is a good brownout.

  • Arsenal Of Megadeath

    review beastmaster 3!

  • Kimani White

    Your dog is too cute xD

  • Jared

    I have to say that even though you got the March Hair and the Door mouse confused…i thought as a story it was amazing. I have only got to play D and D once and it gave me a fun story, but i have to say that your character and they way you described him was worthy of  characters from things like LOTR…just strait up epic. It was also something so funny to me that i laugh untill my sides hurt. Counter Monkey FTW!!!!

    I also loved Rebuary…i hope to see it again one day.

  • Derrick Shields

    Hey Spoony, long time watcher, first time poster. I’m literally posting just because I want you to know that I’m yet another person who may have nearly no knowledge of what you’re talking about on Counter Monkey, but the way you tell the stories is hilarious, and honestly, sometimes very engaging and genuinely suspenseful. The Tempus Thales and “The Chicago Way” story is one of my favorites and a prime example of why Counter Monkey can be great for ANYONE. Here’s one long-time fan saying please, don’t ever stop as long as your (somewhat unreliable) memory holds out!

  • ChillinHD

     Words cannot express how much I praise you :D

  • Andrew Robertson

    Just noticed that you can see Oreo in the background when Simcoe is making the balloon dog.

  • Nathan Zebart Mendonca

    Whenever I need to shout at someone in comedic anger I now almost always call them vapid whores…even when its just one person

  • Jessica Marie

    Honestly, I know this moment wasn’t technically a moment from one of Spoony’s videos, but I personally thought the scream/cry Spoony in the first fifteen minutes of Suburban Knights when he figures out Critic tricked him was fucking hilarious! I laughed so hard tears were forming in my eyes!

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