Vlog 10-16-11 – Paranormal Activity 2 Tokyo Night

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Yep, there’s a Japanese Paranormal Activity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Ellis/100002419726549 Nathan Ellis

    lol this was fast, he hadn’t even heard of it until last nights live stream with the cinema snob and linkara.

    • http://twitter.com/Chibithor Chibithor

      That stream was great. I was hoping for a vlog or something when they talked about it but wasn’t expecting it this fast for sure.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Ellis/100002419726549 Nathan Ellis

        I loved how everyone just geeked out over movies the whole night, Linkara even replied to me yesterday, C list internet celeb Recognition bitches!

  • Anonymous

    Is that… a Captain Hammer shirt? Now I need to see sing along blog again.

  • Anonymous

    Saw it today, it was ok, I loved when the demon took over the girl and forced her to get up despite her fragmented legs. Really creeped me out, even if the scene from the first was recycled when she stood over the bed. That gave me the chills. Other than that, rest of the movie, I agree, was redundant and sort of boring. Not too bad though, hoping the 3rd won’t be as lame.

  • http://profiles.google.com/magdelen2501 Magdalen O’Reilly

    It was cool to hear your analysis of this. I’m working on a review Ringu right now! I guess we’ve ripped off so many of their movie we kind of had it coming XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.jentis Sean Jentis

    wha, but, what stream? :(

  • Anonymous

    That wasnt her broken legs Spoony, thats just how Japanese girls walk.

  • http://twitter.com/EriksBlue Ash Baillie

    The Boy from Hell, is a good J-horror that dosnt do the grudge thing.

  • Anonymous

    For a second I thought it said “Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Drift”.  Anyway, these movies in this series are getting old fast.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m not a fan of paranormal activity. I think their fairly boring and while they do make me jump from time to time I’ve never really felt scared while watching one. I probably won’t bother with the third one unless I get a group of friends who want to see it then I’ll tag along but aside from that I truly am indifferent to these movies.(Spoilers ahead)  But I would point out that the ending of paranormal activity 2 directly contradicts this films set up. After all if the woman from the first one was dead she couldn’t have turned up in the second one to kill the family and steal the baby. Mind you that ending pissed me off because it meant that the second one contradicted the first one because if she was never seen again after the first one had no one seen the footage from the second one? Then it said at the end of that one she’d never been seen again. (Spoilers end)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lysander-Darkholme-Price/100002252740861 Lysander Darkholme Price

    great vlogs on the thing and this ridiculous sorta sequel lol…very amusing reviews :)

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps she attended the school of silly walking

  • doresh

    AFAIK, this whole long-haired girl thing comes from an old habit from feudal Japan: Women used to wear pony-tails till they die, in which case their hair ribbons would be removed.
    Still, there’s no excuse why the Japanese use the same type of ghost over and over if you can have awesome stuff like giant cat necromancers, demon walls, living umbrellas and humanoid turtles that rip out your intestines through your ass XD !

  • http://twitter.com/RantingPhoenix Tiffany

    Well, I think I may have an explanation of why they do this. The ghost in the grudge is called an Onryo. In Japanese folklore, they are spirits seeking vengeance, and as the text in the opening of The Grudge says, an Onryo is formed when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage and so on and so forth.  That may help you understand WHY they do it so much. 

  • Anonymous

    Good morning, Spoony and fans.

    Just spent the past month or so going through found-footage movies listed on Wikipedia’s page for that genre.  And I thought I’d point out a few noteworthy items, in the event you’re interested:

    The St. Francisville Experiment-YouTube has an officially sanctioned, free version of the entire movie you can watch.  I only bring it up because it’s the most half-assed found-footage movie I’ve ever seen.  If you ever find yourself in need of something to bitch about, this is it.

    The Poughkeepsie Tapes-you mentioned this ages ago as something you wanted to check out.  It doesn’t come across like a movie so much as a fake documentary on the crimes of/hunt for a serial killer.  Personally, I quite enjoyed it.  But then, I majored in psychology, so my perspective on this is different.

    Lake Mungo-speaking of fake documentaries, this one is about an alleged haunting by a recently deceased girl.  More creepy than scary, but the “big scare” at the end was unusual.  So there’s that.

    Grave Encounters-Personally, one of my favorite found-footage movies as of now.  It’s about a “Ghost Hunters”-like show taping in an allegedly haunted, abandoned mental institution.  First 20-30 minutes are nothing impressive.  But once the crew has their proof of ghosts, packs up their gear, and heads out the front door to go home, the movie gets unusual and (for me, at least) entertaining.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UF5FCEAKZC6BAIIUY33KOSOHH4 timothy

    8:46 Ministry of Funny Walks lol

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to Paranormal Activity 3. Have the first two on DVD.

  • http://twitter.com/Bolt_V3 Bolt Vanderhuge

    I wan’t going to watch this video… then I saw the still from it was you knock kneed. I didn’t know if you were demonstrating something… or were krumping.

    I was kind of hoping for a Spoony Krump.

  • http://twitter.com/startiller StarTiller

    Yes, salt repels evil spirits.  My parents used to do it every so often at my old house (for very good reason; That house had a slight off-ness about it) and once at our new house.  I haven’t done it in a while, but you drop salt in an inhabited area over your shoulder or walk around said area with incense saying a bible verse and clean up the salt the next morning.

    My info might be off, but my research is all observational and not investigated through text.

    I know it may seem odd, but it’s the norm in my house.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICDHG7TLTN6JVK6JMK3TKQFXKQ Mike Wallace

    The Japanese are afraid of Grudge-girls because they rape you back. *Snerk*

  • http://twitter.com/Laharl777 Zack Norwig

    Paranormal Activity 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  • Adrian Pacyga

    O wise SpoonyOne! Have you seen Insidious movie? The one with the Justin Bieber on the poster? (joke) Insidious should interest you cause it is well written, scary and creepy as fuck and also funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=557020557 William Staples

    A couple brief notes:

    Re: Crucifix: Japan is really relaxed and pragmatic about religion. For instance, most people practice both Shinto and Buddhism. Plus, Christianity is seen as cool or fashionable in Japan, the same way eastern religions are seen in America. So a Shintoist believing a cross would repel demons isn’t that unusual.

    Re: The Grudge: The image of a stringy-haired ghost girl is very common imagery in Japanese culture, as others ITT have noted. It’s just an easy shorthand for “creepy female supernatural being” that horror creators can fall back on.

    The more you know…!

  • Splitminded

    The whole j-horror creepy teenage/maiden girl with the croaking started WAAAAY BACK, like Noh-theatre back. Its a classic “Creepy Thing” in japanese folklore and culture.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

    The superstition that salt wards off evil supernatural beings –like witches, vampires, ghosts, fairies– and bad luck is an old European folklore, too, not just Japanese. Look at Chinese Hongkong fantasy movies, they use salt against vampires and demons in those movies, too.

    Salt, garlick, and certain strong-smelling plants like common tansy, were all believed to protect against supernatural influences. It’s not a coincidence that all these things were used medicinally in the olden times, as they had certain antiseptic properties. And keep in mind that until modern times, table salt (natrium chloride NaCl, one of the most common minerals and very cheaply available today) as well as other earth salts as i.e. potassium chloride, were of great importance but also rare and expensive. In Roman times, soldiers were sometimes paid in salt… that’s where the term “salary” comes from!

    Salt is not just as a vital part of nutrition for humans and animals but also used in baking, to preserve foodstuffs from rotting by drying, salting and pickling, and important in a long list of industries and manufacture, i.e. curing leather and dying cloth. Not to mention the chemical industry and fertilizer.

    Wars were fought over possession of natural brine wells and salt mines. Whole town and counties became rich due to salt. Many names of places and towns in Europe that go back to Celtic, Germanic, or Roman times, still contain the syllable “sal” or “hal”, which means “salt”. Salt was magic stuff. Some salt which contains natural iodine could cure goiter (a feared illness), while some other salt didn’t, so sea salt was in high demand, but to produce salt from brine or sea water you needed either a lot of sun and not to much rain so that the water in the shallow brine pads would evaporate (plus you had to rake the salt crust to produce the wanted kind of crystals), or you needed large amounts of wood or coal to heat up the salty water and evaporate it. Even mined earth salt wasn’t always clean, and if it was dirty or contained impurities you had to first dissolve it in water, clean it, and then evaporate again. Whole other industries were dependent on salt in the times prior to refrigeration or canning, such as fisheries and butcheries (making raw salted ham needed a lot of salt).

    Salt taxes led to smuggling and incited uprisings, such as the corrupt French salt tax system of the 18th century (which played a part in inciting the French revolution) and the British salt tax in India in colonial times, which forbid the people of India by pain of imprisonment to produce salt even though India had exported salt prior to falling under British rule.

    The British East India Trading Company had managed to destroy the Indian salt industry by making it illegal even to pick up natural salt lying around on the shores of a salt lake… all because colonies of the Empire were supposed to cheaply export raw materials to the Homeland but import manufactured goods, and the salt production in the British Raj would have been a strong competition to the British Isles, which is why it was heavily taxed and all production was either destroyed or came under direct control of British rule, creating a monopoly. The salt laws were so hated that Gandhi chose them as his focal point in his nonviolent protests: He announced the Salt Satyagraha. He and his followers marched, on foot, for 24 days to the coastal village of Dandi, and picked up some salt. For this and for daring to incourage Indians to produce salt Gandhi and many of his followers were arrested and jailed. And the rest is history.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

    Female killer hair seems to be a motif that turns up time and again in fantasy movies like “A Chinese Ghost Story” and its sequels, and similarly Japanese animé. Why are there so many female ghosts/demons who strangle and kill people with their insanely long, independently floating hair?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jessano Jessica Marie

    I saw the still and clicked hoping to see Spoony dancing. Terribly mind you. But the video was still entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    the reasons why all J-horror has the “grudge girl” as you call is because in Japanese horror when you cannot see someones face it symbolizes evil. why they make the growling sound or why they all look so similar, i don’t know. I hope this helps.

  • John Sauco

    Nice shirt, corporate tool.

  • http://twitter.com/Hellmuffins Jordan Lopp

    …that voice from the background.  Was that Miles?  Or was that your dog?  Cuz if that was your dog, you need to throw a lemon at it…

  • Anonymous

    The points you make are just. But If you take somone that never watched PA 1 and watch this movie, I think this person will love it. In my opinion what mess up this movie is that unlikely the first PA they have show that there was paranormal stuff happening for sure, so early on the movie, which take all the mistery of what is really going on, away. The scary effect is much much more effective when you don’t know what is coming. The first one was a fine art, it was great and the continuations of it are really bad in comparison to it.

     About the iconic “grudge girl”, I don’t know why everyone refer to this character as the “grudge girl” if The Ring (2002) has came out first and the Grudge girl is obviously a ripoff of Samara.

    • http://twitter.com/fatalrob0t Ehren Hatten

      Watch Ju-On and Ringu. Sadako is the precursor to Samara. Sadako is also probably more frightening than Samara, but I leave that to others’ opinions. Point is the type of evil spirit involved tends toward Japanese folkore and the Japanese have some pretty creepy folklore monsters.

  • Princess Stabbity

    Demonic cell phone? Maybe the Korean horror “Phone”? Cause, that might be the only other asian horror with a phone theme I can think of…

    • http://spoonyexperiment.com The Spoony One

      Yep, it was Phone.

      • Princess Stabbity

        Love that movie. Bonus points for the fact the kid freaked my older brother out…

  • Hashim .

    Yurei is what you are looking for. Japanese ghost that looks like a scary girl with no legs. It basically turns up in every good J horror ‘cept for maybe Noroi… and pulse/kairo or whatever it was called.

  • http://twitter.com/RoperFDF Roper Fuentes

    Alma, the young girl from the F.E.A.R. games was pretty creepy. Awesome PC Shooter if you’ve never played it (the 1st one is the best)

    • Anonymous

      I think I heard they’re adapting that into a movie soon!

      • http://twitter.com/RoperFDF Roper Fuentes

        Uh oh. lol. I hope they do it justice. That would be such an easy movie to rape for some easy cash. Great game tho! The sequels are pretty good if you enjoy the 1st one. 

        • Anonymous

          I can’t find anything now but there was some actor or director I was reading the Wiki file on and it was listed as like a future prodject like for the year 2013 or sometihng.  I think it’d be good if they stick to the game’s plot and don’t give the lead roles to some that just looks good but can’t act scared to save thier own life! 

          Have your heard of how much they’re screwing up the Akira movie!?

  • CoHScrapper

    *Me sitting home alone…in the dark one week after seeing The Ring. The phone rings*

    Me: “Hello?”

    Caller: “…Seven Days…”

    Me: “…um, You mean that 1998 Sci-Fi show that lasted four seasons starring Anthony LaPaglia’s younger brother, Jonathan, as ex-CIA agent Lt. Frank Parker, who can travel back in time exactly seven days? What about it?…”

    Caller: “…um…. w-wel- uh…um…” *hangs up phone*

    Me: “Heh, what an odd phone call..”

  • Anonymous

    1st off love the Capt. Hammer T-shirt!
    I haven’t seen any of the real Paranormal Activity movies but I do like Found footage movies on the ocashion and fouren knockoff sequals and remakes. 
    I think the Japanese thing with creepy girl ghost has to do with the legend of the Woamn in White a type of ghost/demon.  Could be wrong I don’t claim to be an exspert on Japanese spirits but that is a pretty common kind of ghost over there.  Like a bachee in Irland!
    Also, that’s something about J-horror I dodn’t get is it’s pretty common in them to not show too much shock in strange happens or people just for some reason ignoring it all together where as in American horror they at least try to exsplain why n one is doing something in serten scenes. 
    That walk you describbed and did made sound and look like she was walking like she crapped her pants!

  • Anonymous

    Also, the croking gurgling thing the Grudge girl does fits her more than all those knockoffs as her’s exsplained as being the sounds she made while trying to breath after her neck was broken.

  • Evan Elkins

    According to wikipedia, the “Grudge” thing has its origins in Kabuki, where tangled hair and a white burial gown were the costume for a vengeful female ghost.  Having a vengeful ghost not look like that in Japan would be like taking Dracula’s cape away or having a zombie who don’t shamble.  Of course, those things happen all the time in Western movies, and I’m sure there are J-horror movies that ditch that tradition too.

  • Andreas Fondell

    You seriously payed for this crap?! Holy shit you’ve been had… Paranormal Activity is the worst “horror” movie I’ve ever seen. No wonder people pirate movies when there’s so much shit out there. I mean, who’s gonna believe the ads and trailers when you know there’e crap like this out there? blame the shitty movies, not the people who don’t pay!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      I take it your not a fan of ‘The Blair Witch Project’. It’s okay, I hated that shaky piece of crap too. But it wasn’t nearly as bad as ‘Cloverfield’. Has everyone forgotten what ‘acting’ is?

      You know, with all this talk about remakes, sequels and prequels, why don’t they just re-release the ORIGINAL GREAT MOVIES back into the theater? Imagine seeing ‘Radiodrome’ or ‘Clerks’ again in a modern theater. Yeah I can just watch those movies again on Netflix, but I’d definitely pay money to see those movies again on the silver screen. Maybe everyone will remember what a GOOD movie is once they see a real masterpiece.

      Re-releasing the same movie again would also require absolutely no effort from Hollywood (which isn’t into the practice of giving a shit anyway). But by doing this, Hollywood would also be forced to admit that they are creatively bankrupt, and spent the past 20 years spinning their wheels and ripping off anything they get their hands on.

      On a note that TOTALLY ISN’T related to the conversation, did you know that ‘Pulp Fiction’ is being re-released on Blu-ray?

  • http://www.boredomsedge.com ObieWanCoyote

    I always thought it would be cool to have some “paranormal” things going on behind Spoony on one of these review videos. Especially given the time of year. Spoon’ith look me up should you seek some help for in the background.

    Your old friend, -ObieWan

  • Anonymous

    The movie was in fact an ‘authorized’ movie, despite the continuity errors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    He talk about this extensively in his written reviews.

    And he’s thinking of ‘White Noise’ when he talks about a demonic cell phone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AJNVLO3V6BCZJ6KJDW374OCT7E Dennis

    I just saw a movie, called Paranormal Entity. You might want to check it out.

  • http://twitter.com/eqalidan kyle

    japanese horror, in folk lore has sadako (the ring) like characters everywhere. keep in mind what a traditional japanese girl is suppose to look like, until recently its been long black hair, so any “older” ghost would have that same cut. if you bring your head forward with long hair, unless you are trying to keep it behind you, at least half of it falls forward. be it almost any japenese horror story, that’s about what it becomes.

    now for the legs. i havent seen it, but if its like how you said its for support.

    if you are trying to walk straight up, you wont because downward pressure wont let you. but if you were to bend those a bit, you would have less downward pressure, but would be able to kind of walk. at least that is what i’m assuming. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AAWT7KGJATPEGZFFBCF6ER6XBM The Mighty Wombat

       I wonder why they’d go for the whole “disheveled hair falling all over your face” look so often, though. Yes, it would likely indicate something being wrong about this character, but at the end of a movie, we as the audience probably know that. Wouldn’t having her appear completely normal, with just a minor off detail or two – that we as the audience will now know the significance of – be much scarier?

  • Anonymous

    why would you think Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night isn’t canonical?

    There is text right before the movie starts that says “Based on the film Paranormal Activity by Oren Peli”. 

    Also the Japanese trailer for it shows footage from the first movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hURDigyUF8s

    • http://twitter.com/kawaiiamethist Samantha Hill

      Ever see a Cinema Snob review? It isn’t uncommon for a director from another country to make a non canon sequel to a commercial film. Just because they say it’s based on Paranormal Activity, doesn’t mean the crew in charge of the original film have to accept Tokyo Night as part of the story.

      • Anonymous

        That isn’t the same situation. What you are talking about are movies that are Z-grade productions that are then released with knockoff titles to capitalize on another movie. Or that movie will have its name changed in other territories to make it seem as if it is a sequel to another movie even though it was not (e.g. Troll 2). The modern versions of those are like Asylum movies.

        However, Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night is nothing like that. Like I wrote in my reply:

        “There is text right before the movie starts that says ‘Based on the film Paranormal Activity by Oren Peli’. 

        Also the Japanese trailer for it makes specific mention of the first movie along with reactions from the Japanese audiences before setting up Tokyo Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hURDigyUF8s

        No knock off movie ever does things like that. They would’ve gotten sued instantly.

  • Anonymous

    Continuing from my last post.

    it is untrue that this movie contradicts the series (haven’t seen the third one yet though). You’re recalling the facts in Tokyo Night incorrectly. It is said that Katie was “on the run” from the cops not that she stepped out of the house right after the first movie and got run over.

    In Tokyo Night, it is never specified when the Japanese girl runs over Katie. It could’ve been after the events of the end of the second movie or even later than that.

    I don’t know how long after you recorded your Vlog about Tokyo Night but you are quite mistaken about many things. Perhaps the subtitles you had that you say weren’t very good were a big factor.

    1) There are other locations we see in the movie. I don’t know how you remembered it otherwise. For example, we actually do go outside during the movie at night during one of the paranormal encounters that isn’t at the very end.

    2) I don’t know why you say you wonder why they don’t leave the house in this movie. It is covered in the movie (i.e. they speak to their father about it) and at the end he does leave the house.

    3) The reason why he doesn’t take his sister to a doctor is because he is convinced by that point in the movie that this really is a demon. What seemed to cement that fact for him was a character meeting their demise beforehand.

    4) The reason why he uses a crucifix is because he researches on the internet about the happenings and he finds out that the demon may be related to the Abrahamic religions.

    Also, there are some similar events but there aren’t exactly the same as the first movie. I saw anything similar as simply the ghost’s M.O.

    I also didn’t find her walk goofy at all. To me it looked like she was being controlled by someone else, kind of like a puppeteer moving a puppet around.

    Overall, I very much disagree with you about Tokyo Night. I think it’s just as good as the other Paranormal Activity movies (again, I haven’t seen the third yet) and a fine addition to the series. A shame it hasn’t been released in the States yet although it is out in the U.K.

  • Michael Werner

    Shutter… Great Korean horror from 2004, Ye america did a remake 2008… Stupid hollywood

    • http://twitter.com/jarodColdbreak Micha

      Actually, Shutter is from Thailand. But I agree, the original is awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/ninino86 Anna Lerneryd

    Didnt the ring do the scary little girl with the hair first or am I wrong?

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