Worlds of Ultima games now on!

The Spoony One | Jun 18 2012 | more notation(s) | 

Now FREE on GOG: Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire and Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams!

  • John Darren Bunker
  • Stomphoof

    Why not just link the whole slew of free games?

    Also: Awesome thanks for the heads up Spoony!

  • Sam Middleton

    Ahh good, another chance to beg Spoony to play Savage Empire, my personal favorite Ultima game!

    Seriously, it’s really, really good. On par with Ultima 7 and UU.

  • James Drover

    I was never old enough to try these games not even getting my first pc till 1999, thank you GOG for helping me play these awesome games I missed. And thanks for the heads up spoony.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    Nice! Just downloaded it now. I have played all the main storyline Ultima games, but never had the chance to play the Worlds of Ultima games

  • Aquila

    That’s cool but… what are they? I mean I’m not expecting a full-on review, but I haven’t heard of Ultima at all until Spoony started reviewing them one by one. So I really have no idea what I’m getting into or what it’s about.

  • goodguya

    Wow! Thanks Spoony! I might not have noticed otherwise. A bit odd that you’d be the one to remind me, but I’ll take what communication I can get from Spoon the almight-y!

  • Zachary Rogers

    Ultima 4 is also available for free.

  • Timo Takalo

    Oh yes, I have been waiting for this. Getting the games free is better than I hoped for.

  • David Kadadihi

    Wow, all this time I considered The savage empire one of my favorite games of all time and, I never realised that it was named, Ultima Worlds: The Savage Empire.

    Ty for educating me.

  • Terri

    Thank you for the notice.  ^_^ I’ll play those after Ulitima 4, which I got for free from too.  Lucky me.

  • Matt Hayden

    Well now you have no excuse not to review these games Spoony. Get on it!

  • AggroWill

    Awesome. How about Ultima Underworld/Underworld 2 getting some love? I know Spoony hated it, but it was a proto-Daggerfall, which was cool.

    • Apex Pinicle

      He did Ultima Underworld 1 & 2

      • AggroWill

        I meant GOG, for free. I know Spoony did them. 

        FINE, I’ll pay $6 for both of them. 

  • screamqueen3110

    kool i’ll get them just now. thanks spoony

  • Sev Hajinian

     sweet, now ill have a better idea of what youre talking about

  • Francisco Oliveira

    Spoony,now you will have to review those after 9.hey at least you will get a good break from U9.
    PS:what about your review of Minority Report:Everybody Runs ? I’m still waiting for that

    • Apex Pinicle

      Miniority report, i was hoping for an overview review covering the rest of the Atmosphere Series…. i know he used all  his material on first game… but surely (i mean these are the games that no one will talk about… except the 1st)  so maybe if he condensed them all into 1 big video it could work. maybe get Dr insano to find the Cursed Games & then he decided to use SCIENCE to anaylise all of the games to harness there power (thus would be consise even comparitive)… while being pestered by The Gate Cleaner,Insano Jr, Spoony & Oreo,…. maybe any other cameos who willing… maybe Son of Insano is the 1 who finds the games he seems cheerful enought to be curious “rickdedee!”  I see potential.

  • Alix Juarez

    Just grabbed them. Now I have to work my way up to them. I’m on Ultima 2 right now.

  • GreenGear

    That sounds like I’d have fun.

    … Nuh. Nuh Idyunwanna.


    Is it a “sign” that gog keeps giving more and more Ultima games for free?

  • Freddy Duran

    sooo…that means were gunna get some reviews in the future…right?….right?

  • Jamie Sheil

    GOG is amazing

  • dont

    Where are the updates? I don’t mean to sound impatient; I’m one of the more understanding fans, but you have a bunch of E3 stuff ready to upload (you even said so a few days ago). There is basically no editing required… (Ultima 9 I can understand though).

  •öder/738622168 Nicklas Söder


  • Lunam_Kardas

    Am I the only one who saw the word Ultima in the title and went “FUCK YES UPDAT-….awwwww darn it”

    • PeaTearGryfin

       I’d say that should be a yes seeing how title clearly says, ” Worlds of Ultima games now on” and below that is a single line of text with no video. I say should because apparently 2 people like you just skim through everything they read and assume the best.

      • Lunam_Kardas

        Don’t make me love and tolerate you mister grumpy pants, I’m a fierce bear hugger.

        • PeaTearGryfin

           Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come across that dickish.

          • Testsubject909

            You were threatened to be loved and tolerated to death… Go for it! Sounds better then most marriages out there!

      • David Thompson

        That’s just how the human mind works. Certain words or phrases will jump out before we actually read the whole thing or consciously try to read. It’s just how we’ve evolved. So don’t be a dick! Or else the bees will sting you to death.

        • PeaTearGryfin

          NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!! Oh God they’re in my eyes!!!!

          • Mark Reson

            NO BEES!
            Just ask anyone.

          • William Bowles

            Bees… my god.

    • Aron Marczylo

       nope, felt the same.

    • Testsubject909

      I saw the word Ultima in the title and went “YES!” and then I saw free games and went “FUCK YES!”

    • Filipe Isabelinho

      I already knew about the free games, so yeah I was disappointed =(. Look on the bright side, now Spoony has no excuse not to play the games and possibly review them in the future =3 who knows =3

  • Kendotuxedo

    But will it teach me what a Paladin is?

    • Malidictus

       I was wondering the same. After the Ultima 9 review, I’ve really wanted to know what a Paladin is. I hope part 2 will tell us.

      • Darick Morrell

        We actually had this guy in our D&D group who tried introducing himself as “A Paladin” (He hadn’t thought up a name for his character yet) and it came out as “I’m, er…I’m a paddelin’.” To which we immedietly responded with “Well then where’s your BOAT!?”

        Two weeks later I glanced at his sheet, and it said “Name: James A’padalin.”

    • Wenceslao Berriel Felipe

      I’m not entierely sure…

    • Professor_Q

      I thought that was the Genie’s pet name for Aladdin…

  • Gerard Mckay

    I logged into my account and it already had ultima 4 on it so im gunna play it thanks spoony :)

  • JonathanPelikan

    I  got an email one weekend from GOG about how the Ultima and Wing Commander series were on sale for like two dollars per game or something, and I immediately thought, ‘hey, it’s the Spoony Sale!’

  • Filipe Isabelinho

    Well… You did say you were going to play them sometime, didn’t you Spoony? =P

  • Soul5

    Just a few heads up. These games don’t seem to be cracked. meaning you need the reading materials, which are referenced and questioned in the game, downloaded and probably printed out these are provided on GOG for free. Also, the game bombed when running on flat windows 7 for me. I changed it to run in Windows XP compatibility mode and it worked. Also, for newer gamers this will be a frustrating game as it is a typing commands based game, you will be in conversations and not know what the character will understand if you ask a question.

  • Tom

    Dude, Ultima VI itself is free…

    • Hadar Marom

      Where? In GOG you can buy the IV, V, VI bundle, but i dont see a standalone version of VI thats free anywhere.

      • Martynas Klimas

        Comes with a free game bundle that’s given to new accounts.

        • Hadar Marom

          You get IV, not VI.

    • David Hobson

      are you sure its VI? when i started i got ultima IV

  • Nick Jarvis

    …This is good news. I’ve wanted to play these ever since I got hooked on Ultima 7 last year.

  • DavidClarke13

    Thank you for pointing this out! As an added bonus, I can finally re-install Deus Ex!

  • DavidClarke13

    Thank you for pointing this out! As an added bonus, I can finally re-install Deus Ex!

  • DavidClarke13

    Oops. Double post. 

  • Sam McArthur

    …and to think people ask why I like GOG.

  • Ville Gunnarsson

     Thanks for the info!

  • Marc Thompson
  • Merost

    Noah Antwiler ‏@TheSpoonyOne

    My videos will not be on TGWTG for a while. I’ve been suspended for 4 weeks for misconduct. I agree with the decision. 

    • Kostantine Paradias

       What the hell is up with that? And what kind of misconduct can you perform on TGWTG exactly? Did he feel up Nostalgia Critic?

      • Martynas Klimas

        Maybe he sat on Linkara’s hat. So, will spoony review the two free games?

    • Radosław Hołdys

      Not to be bitchy or anything like that, but does that mean we won’t be seeing Ultima IX Part II in that time slot? 

      Also, how the fuck do you suspend one of the most (if not *the* most) popular reviewer on the website(aside from NC obviously)? What did you do? Rape beary and then made Angry Joe calm down?

      • Alexander Hutcheson

        It just means his vids won’t be on tgwtg, there’s nothing stopping him from posting on his own site relax. It’s probably because of his twitter outrage pissing everyone off.

        • Radosław Hołdys

          I don’t really read Twitter, what was it about?

  • Desiree X

    Thanks for the info. I got Fallout 1 a little while ago from gog for free too, i’m starting to like them ;)

  • Per Holmgren

    Probably his tweets annoying people. He’s incredibely caught up in his own misery, ‘Assemblage 23 – Sorry’ comes to mind. I really enjoy Spoony’s videos but dear god those tweets, he seems to think he’s the only person who has ever been depressed and in need of pharmaceuticals. And expecting to get better without going to therapy.

  • Kyliox

    I totally agree with you fella. C’mon Spoony snap out of it!!! We all had our bad moments in our life… Mate, all these people (me first) are here because you are someone (you’re funny as hell, brilliant, your reviews are great and well made). 

  • Steve Gardner

    These games are cool and all, but like The Spoony One said, they use the U6 engine. *shudder* I only really played 3 and 6 as a kid and I’m really not sure how I managed the latter. 

  • WilHiteWarrior

    So spoony how come you didnt talk about these games?

  • Kevin Harrison

    So is Ultima 4, by the way.

  • Kepa140

    I’ve always wanted to play these games ever since you mentioned them so thanks for the annoucment :) There’s only ooone tiny propblem. I can’t get the savage empire to start. It gives me the dosbox screen and a blinking line but I can’t do anything. Am I just a moron who doesn’t know how to start a game or has anyone else had these propblems. Or am I the only one? Please help me!

  • Connor Wilson

    You need to run them as Administrator because of how these games work. Otherwise you will just get, as you said, a blinking line.

  • Segatron

    Thank you for posting this, I grabbed them up post-haste. I am getting rather addicted to that site.

  • Zack Lucard

    I hope after he’s done with ascension he’ll review these too.

  • Segatron

    Thanks for posting this link, I downloaded them both. Gog is making me excited to play games again.

  • Mo Rahman

    They also have Ultima IV for free as well.

  • Mursa ArtDragon

    Ultima 4 is also free on there and collections 1-3 and 4-6 as well as 7 and 8 each for 6 bucks. I highly recommend it guys. Oh and spoony thanks for Making me aware of these games, I have been beating my head on the keyboard with ultima for 3 hours. You shoulda mentioned how you just get gang raped in the dungeons.

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