April & Spoony Review Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Spoony One | Dec 20 2017 | null | 

Will the new Star Wars movie survive the test of time? Will it even survive 24 hours?

Noah & April see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

The Spoony One | May 7 2015 | null | 

I had something really interesting written here, but it was cut for time.

Spoony & April Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past

The Spoony One | May 24 2014 | 471 notations | 

Mother of mercy! Could this be the movie that causes the Megapowers to explode?!

You hate Spoony for hating Spider-Man! (The fire rises…)

The Spoony One | May 7 2014 | 428 notations | 

In response to the wildfire in the comment sections on my site and YouTube! I’ll try to set the record straight. And fail, as usual. EDIT: Dang it! I forgot to address one of the main issues I wanted to talk about in the movie regarding Disapproving Denis Leary. You’ll remember I mentioned being temporarily…file continues…

Spoony & April Hate The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Spoony One | May 6 2014 | 445 notations | 

We know how Denis Leary feels. Fuck Spider-Man and this movie.

Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market Food 3

The Spoony One | Apr 14 2014 | 157 notations | 

April has made it her personal mission to capture the first ever on-screen Spoony projectile vomit. And she might just pull it off.

Noah & April watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Spoony One | Apr 5 2014 | 198 notations | 

But why? Bucky is no mad-dog killer; he is after something.

Noah & April Hate Robocop (2014) Part 3 of 3

The Spoony One | Feb 22 2014 | 77 notations | 

Worst Keaton movie since Multiplicity.