Vlog 8-24-13 – The World’s End

The Spoony One | Aug 25 2013 | 59 notations | 

Spoony likes a movie?! He’s one of the body snatchers!!

Noah & Miles See “The Conjuring”

The Spoony One | Jul 23 2013 | 75 notations | 

We’ve both been needing a little exorcise. Next video will be a review! Coming in a few days!

Noah & Miles See “Pacific Rim”

The Spoony One | Jul 18 2013 | 370 notations | 

In which we see a movie about robots fighting monsters. Not that you’d know that from the title. Whatever. Let’s just get this over with.

Vlog 6-20-13 – Site Update

The Spoony One | Jun 20 2013 | 257 notations | 

Here’s what’s ahead for the site in the coming months! *** For more on Animecon in Finland: The Animecon site: http://2013.animecon.fi/ The store: http://www.urumi.fi/search.php?search=animecon Store customer service: asiakaspalvelu@urumi.fi

Noah & Miles Watch “Man of Steel”

The Spoony One | Jun 15 2013 | 402 notations | 

In which Noah rages a great deal, Miles patiently weathers the storm and delivers a more reasoned analysis, and alcohol is consumed all-around. I suppose I should give a blanket spoiler warning for this review, although I don’t see why people are complaining. This is seriously one of the most predictable movies ever written.

After Earth – The Aftermath

The Spoony One | Jun 3 2013 | 199 notations | 

Noah & Miles return after After Earth, shellshocked at what they’ve seen. Bennett the Sage joins them via Skype for moral support. Also guest starring the Kraken, Pina Coladas, and Johnny Walker. This video is not good.

Vlog 5-20-13 – Spoony & April See Star Trek Into Darkness

The Spoony One | May 20 2013 | 201 notations | 

Spoony & April didn’t much care for the Trek reboot. Will “Into Darkness” fare much better with Khan thrown back into the mix and given a good whitewashing?