After Earth – The Aftermath

The Spoony One | Jun 3 2013 | 199 notations | 

Noah & Miles return after After Earth, shellshocked at what they’ve seen. Bennett the Sage joins them via Skype for moral support. Also guest starring the Kraken, Pina Coladas, and Johnny Walker. This video is not good.

Vlog 5-20-13 – Spoony & April See Star Trek Into Darkness

The Spoony One | May 20 2013 | 201 notations | 

Spoony & April didn’t much care for the Trek reboot. Will “Into Darkness” fare much better with Khan thrown back into the mix and given a good whitewashing?

Iron Man 3

The Spoony One | May 6 2013 | 363 notations | 

Tony’s been busy.

Bioshock Infinite Review

The Spoony One | Apr 14 2013 | 614 notations | 

Anyone who wants to throw baseballs at me, take a number. WARNING: This video contains COMPLETE, TOTAL, RUINOUS SPOILERS.

Spoony & April Try Mitsuwa Market Food

The Spoony One | Feb 18 2013 | 311 notations | 

Spoony invades the Anime Milwaukee convention, but also picks up a little culture on a date with his gal April to Mizuwa. Now together they try a bunch of baked goods and the most bizarre Japanese sodas available! April’s YouTube Channel:

Vlog 12-17-12 – The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey

The Spoony One | Dec 17 2012 | 297 notations | 

Was it great, or an unexpected journey to Ere-bore?