Vlog 6-5-11 – X-Men First Class

The Spoony One | Jun 6 2011 | 233 notations | 

Does First Class break the X-Men curse of horrible, horrible movies? Could a worse actress be inflicted on the series than Halle Berry?

Vlog 5-3-11 – Mortal Kombat

The Spoony One | May 4 2011 | 613 notations | 

Was it kool or a piece of krap? A sick Spoony rants for a while. Edit: Looking back on BlazBlue, I realize that the special moves are mapped to the right thumbstick, not the d-pad. It’s mostly for beginners. The moves ARE ALSO ACTIVATED by special gestures, but– and this is the important part– VIRTUALLY…file continues…

Vlog 4-7-11 – Video Games Live

The Spoony One | Apr 8 2011 | 290 notations | 

I saw Tommy Tallarico’s VGL show at the Mesa Arts Center!

Vlog 12-19-10 – Tron Legacy

The Spoony One | Dec 19 2010 | 665 notations | 

Is the legacy of Tron one of fame or shame? This is just one User’s opinion.

Spoony & Gang Go to White Castle

The Spoony One | Dec 8 2010 | 264 notations | 

Spoony, Brad Jones, Paw, Bennett the Sage, Angry Joe, and Ed Glaser trek to White Castle during the donation drive to grab some grub. ;Filmed by Ed Glaser.

Vlog 11-6-10: Health Update, More D&D Unboxing!

The Spoony One | Nov 6 2010 | 528 notations | 

Part 1: Health Update Part 2: RPG Unboxing In which I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is moar D&D books.

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