Vlog 10-21-11 – Paranormal Activity 3

The Spoony One | Oct 21 2011 | more notation(s) | 

The demon is back, and in the 80s!

  • Mike Eisener

    Wouldve asked for my money back man!

  • http://twitter.com/EriksBlue Ash Baillie

    When I saw appaloosa this guy right behind me sounded like darth vader also he would walk around, and there was annoying background noise like a spring being flicked.

  • Josh Kappes

    You had to explain what a VHS tape was, I wanted to cry.

    • Anonymous

      That part hurt me pretty bad too.  And the light bright.  I’m not even 30 and already I feel old.  I’m a hundred-and-seventy year old fart!  I’m a goddamn zombie.

      …if ANYONE actually caught the reference there, you’re a hardcore trooper, because that one’s obscure even for 80’s today! 

    • Evan Elkins

      I don’t think he “had” to, I just think he thought he had to.  Everybody knew those things, he just underestimated his younger audience.

      At least that’s what I’m telling myself to preserve my sanity.

  • Anonymous

    That Theater sounded awful I cannot imagine how much dread you most have felt with that awful crowd. A good thing you have Oreo to cheer you up though :) I’ve never watched any of the Paranormal Activity movies but maybe I should because you made me want to see what it’s about.

  • Anonymous

    That Theater sounded awful I cannot imagine how much dread you most have
    felt with that awful crowd. A good thing you have Oreo to cheer you up
    though :) I’ve never watched any of the Paranormal Activity movies but
    maybe I should because you made me want to see what it’s about.

  • Anonymous

    That Theater sounded awful I cannot imagine how much dread you most have
    felt with that awful crowd. A good thing you have Oreo to cheer you up
    though :) I’ve never watched any of the Paranormal Activity movies but
    maybe I should because you made me want to see what it’s about.

  • Anonymous

    That Theater sounded awful I cannot imagine how much dread you most have
    felt with that awful crowd. A good thing you have Oreo to cheer you up
    though :) I’ve never watched any of the Paranormal Activity movies but
    maybe I should because you made me want to see what it’s about.

  • http://twitter.com/Suna_Angel Svenja

    Hello :3  I’m from Germany and I think that it won’t take long till the movie will be here too. My Boyfriend really wants me to see this movie but I fear that i will regret it D: Sorry for my bad english X_X

    • stewies_maniacal_bro

      Oh no don’t worry, your English is better than some people I know that has it as a native language haha

  • Anonymous

    oh boy… ben dere dan dat.. i feel your pain spoony..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WROTOGZ2LGL7DXY5JSBNWH2O54 Peter

    Totally unrelated but hey, Spooney has Eclipse Phase. Awesome!

  • Cube-heaD

    I haven’t seen any of the films, but I’m always interested to listen what people tell or write as a review of these films.
    They sound really interesting, like this one you just did tell about. But something keeps me away to go watch them, so I just read the plot from Wiki and/or what people tell of it.
    I was about to post asking where the tapes came from, but I guess that plot-hole was noticed by other people as well. Although there is another thing I can’t get my mind around.
    In the first two films, I understand that maybe the cops did watch the tapes(much like in some other movies), but who did “watch” these tapes if they were stolen/vanished during the “burglary” in PA2?
    This is the thing that really bothers me with many “found-footage films” when it’s not told or there is no clear logic connection who would be watching them.
    It couldn’t have been any of the women, since that would have been a HUGE paradox in the story.

    Ah well, two ways how the next sequel will be of. Either another prequel of granny, or an actual sequel to the two first films.

  • http://templeofthehut.blogspot.com The_Hut

    I loved the movie too but I felt the script needed some tweaking.  I actually found more than the one plot hole you mentioned.  But I was able to rationalize an explanation for a couple.  I am hoping someone can help me come up with something for the last one.  Here’s the holes that I saw:

    1) How are we watching these tapes?  Spoony mentioned this I know but he forgot that in the beginning of the movie during the burglary in Paranormal Activity 2, the tapes were stolen.

    Here’s what I would’ve done differently.  I feel like I’m the lead detective in a murder case watching these movies.  I watch the first movie and I can’t believe my eyes.  So I watch the second movie.  Things are starting to fit into place and I’m becoming a believer in this paranormal stuff.  Then I hear on tape one of the women mention this stuff happening back when they were kids.  So I find these old tapes from 1988 and we have the 3rd movie.  It would be fun to do a murder mystery role play using thse movies.

    2) How could Christina remember what happened?  In Paranormal Activity 2 I can’t remember which one it was Christina or Katie but one of them said they remember all this happening when they were little.  But their memories were supposed to be erased during the ritual.  That’s one of the points brought up in the occult book. 

    Here’s what I think.  Make it less of a memory but more like a deja vu type feeling.  It’s something I think I saw in a dream. 

    3) Why didn’t the Mom know what was happening?  The grandma is this pagan witch occultist grand poobah I guess.  Why wasn’t the Mother initiated?  Why was it the grandchildren got wed off to the demons but not the Grandma’s own daughter?

    I know it would make for a very short movie if the mom knew.  Once all the shit goes down, they go up to grandma and Christina becomes the devils bride.  But I just have to ask why she didn’t know.  It’s not like Grandma kept much of this stuff secret.  It was grandma pushing the mom to have another baby trying to twist it that the mom always wanted a son.  In reality the demon wanted a son. 

    This one I don’t have a solution for.  I’ve been trying to think of one for the last day or so.  If anyone here has a thought on it, feel free to share.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BM7KG3VX7T6UYI7M4XXSM4QWYA L.

      maybe Tobi is actually PedoBear

  • Anonymous


    Geez. I shut the review off for spoilers and never got to hear what you thought of the trailers. ): Dangit.

  • Anonymous

    I might check this movie out since I saw the first and 2nd.  The only thing I hated about #2 were the characters and cheesy effects later on in the movie, it kinda took me out of the experience.  I really hope they have nothing like that in PA 3. 

    Spoony I agree with that crap where they argue about the camera.  It’s so annoying and they do it every fucking movie. It doesn’t make it more realistic at all.  Just don’t mention the camera and let it be.The series is really off and on with me so far even with just 3 movies.  I do like the first 2 movies a bit but really don’t want to see a million sequels.  It’s not that I find the movies boring, just that they need to really keep this from being another sequel every year type movie.  If they don’t I feel it’s going to get old fast.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m also a huge Paranormal Activity fan and i will watch the third one, but i will wait for the DVD release. ‘Cause it is as you said (think it was on your review of the second movie) that you should watch this at home. You should be insecure in your own home watching these movies and getting the living shit scared out of you. The cinema just ruins it i think. I watched the first two on my own and i will also watch the third one on my own ’cause no movie has scared me like the Paranormal movies have, but before i watch the third movie… i think i need to buy diapers ’cause this movie sounds AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    I can totally understand your feelings about the theater. When I wen to the last Harry Potter movie, 2 young girls were sittinh right next to me ( they were maybe around 13 or 14) and they DIDN’T SHUT UP! Constant stupid comments like “Who’s gonna clean this mess?” or “Is he really dead?” every goddamn minute, at one point I told the to shut up, but they just laughed at me. I was never so close to punching a girl… those two b*tches totally ruined the movie for me… If I experienced this during a movie like Par. Activity, I’d probably go on a rampage at that point…

  • http://twitter.com/Bolt_V3 Bolt Vanderhuge

    Spoony, man… I love dogs and I love film reviews. They should not be mixed, though. Put Oreo in a back room or the yard or something. She’s seriously detracting from your reviews.

    Your dog is like those people who are talking, coughing, tapping their feet and generally messing up your movie experience. And the worst part is, you can get this movie on DVD and watch it at home without that. We can’t watch your review without your dog.

    Please find some sort of solution, Spoony.

    • Joe Schmoe

      You really are distracted by the dog? You must have a really hard time concentrating, or ADD, if you are that distracted by something on screen.

      I for one love oreo getting as much screentime as possible.

      • http://twitter.com/Bolt_V3 Bolt Vanderhuge

        It wasn’t bad in this video, but the last few he has done, the dog was distracting as all hell.

        The Squirt Gun Wars was a 45 minute video of Oreo, with Spoony interrupting to tell a story. The Thing was getting that way, until Miles started to do something I have not seen in these videos before… he actually tried to control the dog.

  • Anonymous

    I can share one of – if not THE – biggest scares in my life. I was living in my first ever apartment alone. I am a night owl, so I always do stuff at night. It was about 3 AM and I was watching The Mothman Prophecies on DVD, which was new at the time. There is a very intense scene, where one of the characters is looking outside a window because he is sure there is something malevolent there. In that exact moment, my only mirror falls from the wall right behind me and shatters into a million pieces.

    It was the combination of the scene, which I was completely immersed in, and the subject matter of this particular movie, as well as the loud noise, that scared me so badly I had to stop watching for a while and I was probably in a minor shock for a short time. I will never forget that. The timing was just horrible.

    I’m not superstitious or anything, and I know it was just a movie, but that really scared the living s**t out of me.

  • http://twitter.com/neff Christian Hayungs

    I dont know if it’s a problem with my player, but I hear a popping noise during your whole video.
    Is something wrong with your microphone?

  • Anonymous

    By the way, my solution to bad theater experiences: I stopped going. Just not worth it anymore, because I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to movies and I get seriously angry with inconsiderate people who have no common courtesy. Until there is some kind of ban for cell phones, I will never step inside a theater anymore. Extreme, I know, but that’s how I roll.

    Last three movies were ruined for me, which was my breaking point. Either it is cell phone lights, cell phone calls (wtf, people?!), somebody kicking my back, or my personal fave, laptop inside a movie theater. Yes, I once witnessed this. Try to watch a film with that screen glowing in front of you.

    This is a matter of principle now. Until they do something to safeguard the movie-watching experience, I hope more people would hit the theaters where it hurts, the wallet. I enjoy watching films at home now, and I haven’t even missed theaters that much. It is all about the quality of the experience for me and I don’t get that anymore in theaters.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony! I love you man but how about some more let’s play videos (like the SWAT videos) or even some more reviews. To many VLOGs! It’s getting boring. I joined during the FMV era. That was a good time for an example.

    Now I’ll probably get a whole bunch of negative comments but that’s ok.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s Plays take a lot more work which is why I think Spoony hasn’t done many lately.  The number of movie reviews and vlogs he can produce in comparison is quite large I’d imagine.
      But that being said – I’d also love to see some more Let’s Plays as well :)

      • Anonymous

        I disagree. Movies and game reviews might take a similar amount of time because of the editing and voice over stuff. On the hand, “Let’s Play’s” are basically playing the game on talking on it. I would really like to the a continuation of Deadly Premonition.

        But your opinion is well noted : )

        • Evan Elkins

          Yeah, I like the vlogs, but I’d love to see some more Deadly Premonition or other let’s plays.

  • Ava Luman

    I’m not big into this movie but I think I can explain a possibility to you plot hole problem. Grandmother doesn’t know how cameras work so all she does is take all of stuff and just puts it in a box in one piece. Didn’t old cameras just stop when they ran out of film?

  • Francis Coulombe

    I dont understand how the ending you described could be “sequel bait”. There will probably be another sequel if this movie works out well, sure, but the story and ending just seem to build up to the other two, existing movies. It doesn’t seem to really beg for a fourth movie in any way I would describe as “sequel baiting”. The only questions it seems to raise are the type of questions that can be left unanswered, your imagination filling in the blanks. Like, what does it mean that she is “married to a demon”, or why did the witches do it, what were they gaining from this, or what sorts of horrible things happened to her while she was raised by her grandmother. Its not really questions that would definitively ask for a new movie, its the sort of thing that can be left up in the air.

  • http://twitter.com/Yadokingu Moritz

    You know what would have been really funny? If the woman had said “What?! I’m terrified of horrible edits! One of them killed my father!”

    I probably would have said something like this in that situation. :D

  • Anonymous

    Dammit I can’t watch this review until the film comes out in the UK. *Bwaaaaaaa* (cries like a baby). :D

  • http://soldierhawk.wordpress.com/ SoldierHawk

    I’m not a horror fan at all, but I LOVE reading and hearing about them. I think this is your best movie vlog yet–in spite of the small Doggie Distraction ™, I was totally caught up in your descriptions. I swear, when you talked about all that shit falling from the kitchen ceiling, I almost jumped.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R6JHY3KVDFKEDVDDOTJ42ZNQJU kirk

    Is it just me or is Spoony being REALLY positive lately? I think the doggy might be changing his outlook on things.

  • Liz López

    Aw, Spoony, why do you make curious about these horror films? I’m a giant wuss and you make them sound so interesting >: 

    I mean, if the garage thing had happened to me I’d be shitting bricks and crying for my dad, I’m super paranoic!

    Also, I love watching you and Oreo interact, so cute<3 (but don't let her bite you!)

  • http://www.ofinteresttome.com/ Matthew Jordan

    I haven’t seen any of the Paranormal Activity movies, I can’t stand found footage films, but I love your reviews. It’s always great when you do a positive review of something, you really should do it more often. Instead of focusing on bad movies and games, why not mix up the Spoony Experiment with reviews of stuff you liked. Not just the short opening bits like Wing Commander, but full length episodes.

  • doresh

    The audience you’re talking about sounds rather tolerable. When I was in the first Lord of the Rings movies, I had a bunch of annoying teens behind me who kept on laughing, talking and using laser pointers (>_<)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7J7KNNJN5U36OSRJWWQTUD5Y4Y Adam

    Am I the only one whe wants to see a sequel to this, of  somone kicking grandmas and the demons ass?

  • Anonymous

    Regarding creepy shit when you’re home alone. Several years ago my sister and I lived together in an apartment. I was home alone one night and I heard the sound of a door creaking. I thought that was odd as no doors in the apartment made any noise so did a quick chck and saw nothing. A few minutes later there’s another creak. Checked again, still nothing. Then it happens again and I’m getting a bit weirded out. 

    Eventually I found my sister had left her computer running with the monitor off and her instant messenger was logged and would play the creaking door sound whenever a friend logged on or off. I think I was only minutes from crying like a little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously hate bad movie experiences, especially given how much tickets to these things cost.

    When I saw 300 the first time there was a guy right behind me who was tapping his foot VERY loudly through the whole movie. And I would have loved to ask him to stop like you did… but this guy was an amature UFC fighter who while sitting and waiting in the theater before the movie was having a screaming & crying arguement with his girlfriend who was dumping him over the phone. I was quite scared that if I had asked him to stop he’d have ripped off my arm and beaten me to death with it.Then when I saw 300 the second time there was an elderly couple sitting right behind me who through the whole movie had to explain the movie to each other. Like durring the scene where the Persians blacken the sky with the arrows the guy asked what that was and his wife responded with “Oh my, that’s a lot of arrows”.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    The woman behind you narrating may have had a visually impaired friend with her. Not completely excusing her behavior but there may have been a legitimate reason for it.

  • Lisandro Arau

    Hey, Spoony. Just a minor thing that you won’t care about bout I just sort of need to comment. This kind of movie aren’t found footage, they are fake found footage. There are movies out there made entirely with scraps of found film, usually very artsy stuff, rare times good (not saying there aren’t films done this way, but the idea of putting random stuff together and trying to make a story out of it proves to be more complex than some believe).

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5BA65TPDUGU5CTE32H6TSZOREY Tio

      Of course it’s fake. It’s a movie. Do you call every action movie a ‘fake action movie’ because its not footage of a real war zone or police shoot-out? The genre refers to a movie’s style, and this style is in found footage.

  • http://twitter.com/WittyNameHere14 Jessica Montague

    I saw this last night with a terrible audience too!  There five girls sitting behind my friend and I would not shut the fuck up.  When my friend told them to they yelled saying nobody was talking on screen so it was ok then threatened to slap my friend. 

    Then the dudes next to us kept called every chick a bitch, which made the guy in front of them ask them to stop because it was upsetting his lady.  They said that was just their opinion and he said he should see them after the show.  Don’t know what happened cause I took off when the movie ended, but I saw the giant dude stand up, roll up his sleeves, and started pointing at the teens who had been sitting next to us.  I like to think they got their asses handed to them.

    Over all though, I liked the movie…at least the parts I could hear.  Sadly every time there was a jump scare everybody screamed and then had to talk about the fact that they screamed for the next 30 seconds.

  • http://www.boredomsedge.com ObieWanCoyote

    So Spoonith, what horrible theater was this? So I don’t end up wasting my money on a crappy experience?

  • http://twitter.com/EmmaVE83 Emma Evans

    Haven’t seen it yet but if the father dies in this one, who did Katie call in the first film when they find that photo of her as a child which she said was lost in the fire?

    Maybe that’ll get explained in 4.

  • Anonymous

    You know you’re getting old when you actually have to explain a damn *light bright* to other people.  AND a friggin’ VHS tape!

    You young people today and your crappy toys and immaterial digital videos, you don’t know anything, dern kids, geddawfmahlawn!

    Side note: I was a huge Teddy Ruxpin fan as a child.  Ah, 80’s! 

  • Anonymous

    The original Lady in Black is probably one of the creepiest movies ever made. I have trouble imagining even a good remake matching it. There’s not many movies I can provide my adult brothers with and and have the opportunity to recount the part that terrified all of us. (In my case, even knowing roughly when it should happen)

  • http://twitter.com/Jacob_Scherer Jacob Scherer

    I have a theory on the plothole, sort of relating to the idea of grandma wanting the tape to be in the box:

    Seeing as how cruel toby was in trying to get his way, and how unforgiving the grandma was when the action kicked in, i figure that theyve obviously got some evil intentions, and they arent going to let anyone stop them. So obviously with all these cases, they make sure every single thing that is recorded of what they did to these people is shown, as a case of “Mess with us and our plans, and you’re next.” because if they really cared about whether people should see the tapes, they could just as likely have done something to make the cameras not work, because they clearly can do a lot of crazy stuff. They want it to be seen, because they want it as a warning for anyone else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jessano Jessica Marie

    Aw! My dog cries every time we’re gone too! And she gets all lovely when we come back. Sometimes she even spazs out and starts running around the house barking at us. Great review Noah! Kinda nice to be in a comment section where there’s not an all out war going on between a random person and the uploader of the video.

  • wayne norris

    I dont know if I’m right about this. And i have only seen the first one about three times. But in the first movie, Did katie not call her dad to ask about their house fire and pictures? If their dad died in this move then who did she call in the first?

    • Mark White

      Dennis (Main Guy) was not the girls father. They make it pretty clear that he is only Julies boyfriend living with her. Therefore the girls still have a living (as far as we know) biological father, who they could be refering too.

      Spoony kept mistakenly calling Dennis the father, and so do alot of people but he was only the boyfriend.

  • http://twitter.com/T9SayWha Jerry Sosa

    D: I have to watch this movie now.

  • http://twitter.com/Larslarsen39 Lars larsen

    I liked the first one and it scared me because of the mystery. The second one revealed too much and made it not as scary.

    I hope the third movie is better.

  • http://twitter.com/ConservaTibbs Scott Tibbs

    Suggestion: Don’t put Oreo in the crate for future vlogs.

    Jack Russell Terrier cuteness adds to the quality.

  • Anonymous

    I just got back from watching the movie to. Can’t wait to see your thoughts Spoony. I’ve already got my analysis. Now it’s time to compare notes!

    P.S. I enjoyed it.

  • http://twitter.com/ConditionCure CureLight

    Well I guess the VHS’s were kind of like the kid’s wedding video, right? M-Maybe grandma kept the tapes for all the good memories… of murdering her family…? D':

    I’m glad you do these videos. It sounds awesome, but there’s no way I’m ever seeing this movie. I watched the first Paranormal Activity in my room on a little TV in the broad daylight and by the end I was still was huddled up with a pillow. Not to mention I didn’t sleep for the next two nights. I’m such a pansy.

    And yes, we do love listening to you gush about movies.

  • Anonymous

    Oreo is shaping up to be as much of a camera whore as Brad’s cat Lloyd.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4EPEVBFWDI2Q6PEED7MSML3XVI Rachelle

    2 Things:
    Lite-brights scared the fucking SHIT outta me when I was a kidling… so this as you can imagine was super freaky for me

    Also, I am sure “Toby” was an hommage “Tony” of The Shining notarity…

  • gravityBomb

    Knowing my personality, I would be the poor sap at the half way point of the movie in the corner of the theater, huddled in a ball, and quietly sobbing, while still watching the movie. Mostly because if I’m really scared of something, I negate crying and start silently sobbing and hyperventilating.

    I so wish I could watch this series, since I know I would get a kick out of it. The only problem is that, back when the original was coming out, WITHOUT EVEN SEEING THE FIRST MOVIE, the commercials and the summary on wikipedia kept me awake in fear for 2 nights. No joke. I was literally hiding under my blankets going ‘It’s only a movie. It’s only a movie.’ ….and I’m in college for fucks sake! DX

    And yes, hearing you gush/rant is really great Spoony. :)

    P.S. I love Oreo. She’s just so damn cute! /rolls on floor.

    P.S.S. I never thought I would hear the words ‘They made a Light Bright scary’ from anyone ever. XD

  • http://twitter.com/yersifanel Rocio Quintanilla

    The Woman in Black has to be one of my favorite Theatrical adaptations ever, I hope the movie does good too.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen Paranormal Activity 3 (I want to) but I want to post this regarding Paranormal Activity Tokyo Night because Spoony you are quite mistaken about some things and I hope you read this. This has spoilers for Tokyo Night so be warned.

    Tokyo Night is (unless part 3 changes it) cannon to the series. I am not sure how you missed it (maybe the version you saw didn’t include it) but there is text right before the movie starts that says “Based on the film Paranormal Activity by Oren Peli”. 

    Also the Japanese trailer for it makes specific mention of the first movie along with reactions from the Japanese audiences before setting up Tokyo Night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hURDigyUF8s

    Another thing Spoony, it is untrue that this movie contradicts the
    series (haven’t seen the third one yet though). You’re recalling the
    facts in Tokyo Night incorrectly. It is said that Katie was “on the run”
    from the cops not that she stepped out of the house right after the
    first movie and got run over.

    In Tokyo Night, it is never specified when the Japanese girl runs over
    Katie. It could’ve been after the events of the end of the second movie
    or even later than that.

    I don’t know how long after you recorded your Vlog about Tokyo Night but
    you are quite mistaken about many things. Perhaps the subtitles you had
    that you say weren’t very good were a big factor.

    1) There are other locations we see in the movie. I don’t know how you remembered it
    otherwise. For example, we actually do go outside during the movie at
    night during one of the paranormal encounters that isn’t at the very

    2) I don’t know why you say you wonder why they don’t leave the house in
    this movie. It is covered in the movie (i.e. they speak to their father
    about it) and at the end he does leave the house.

    3) The reason why he doesn’t take his sister to a doctor is because he
    is convinced by that point in the movie that this really is a demon.
    What seemed to cement that fact for him meeting their demise beforehand.

    4) The reason why he uses a crucifix is because he researches on the
    internet about the happenings and he finds out that the demon may be
    related to the Abrahamic religions.

    Also, there are some similar events but there aren’t exactly the same as
    the first movie. I saw anything similar as simply the ghost’s M.O.

    I also didn’t find her walk goofy at all. To me it looked like she was
    being controlled by someone else, kind of like a puppeteer moving a
    puppet around.

    Overall, I very much disagree with you about Tokyo Night. I think it’s
    just as good as the other Paranormal Activity movies (again, I haven’t
    seen the third yet) and a fine addition to the series. A shame it hasn’t
    been released in the States yet although it is out in the U.K. 

  • ORCACommander

    thumping in this video too.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ULUK3HNFCHM6ZAJOVACZ3YQDZA Hathor Liderc

    Funny you mention the whole thing between the girl and Toby. My niece has an “imaginary friend” who she occasionally talks to, and her “friend” does things around the house. XD

  • Anonymous

    Spoony… Oreo… muzzle it… please…

  • Nagneto Lives

    The little girl has an imaginary friend named Toby, and NOBODY there made a The Shinning joke?! 

    • Anonymous

      I actually immediately thought of the vampire girl from Quest for Glory IV and her monster friend Toby. Only Toby in that was a nice demon.

      • Brian Long

        That was exactly the first thing I thought of,  now I’m curious where this story of the little girl and Toby comes from………………….
        I know that QFG had a lot of Russian Lore in it, the Resulka, Baba Yaga, domovoi and others…….
        I wonder…….

  • Anonymous

    Man Spoony, I think I have you beat for terrible audiences. I paid the way for me and my friend, which set me back a good 20 bucks. The theater is packed, we were lucky to find two seats together. Our first indication that something was wrong should have been that pretty much the entire audience was talking through the previews (there were several screams during the exorcism trailer).

    Like you said, the movie opens completely cold, to the point that for a good 15 seconds I couldn’t tell the movie had started. So I’m thinking that everyone else is still being chatty because they think its a preview, or they haven’t quite settled in. Five minutes later, and they are STILL talking, despite repeated “shhhh”s from myself and others.

    These fuckers screamed at EVERY single jump scare, pointed out EVERY single thing happening on screen, and EVERY single time anything remotely scary happened, they would proceed to talk about it for a few minutes. If this was just a small group it wouldn’t have been so bad. I would have just walked out, contacted the manager, and had them ousted. Or just told them to shut the fuck up.
    But no, this was the ENTIRE theater, around a hundred people, all being complete jackasses. It was so bad that talking to my friend afterwards, he couldn’t even tell what had happened partly because of the distracting and partly because of the seething rage.

    I’ve only ever called someone out on talking in a theater once, during ‘I Am Legend’ (“Excuse me sir, are you Will Smith? No? Then kindly shut up”). This one? I had to speak up NINE freaking times. “Quiet please”, “I paid them to talk, not you”, “Seriously guys? Are we really doing this?”, “Oh look! Something happened, lets talk about it for five minutes instead of watching the fucking movie!”. There were two ladies also telling them to shut the hell up, but to no avail.We also had a TON of people sneaking in. I think at least seven or eight people walked IN halfway through the movie, loudly SPRINTING up the isle stairs. I thought it was part of the movie at first because of how loud it was. Oh, and that jump cut you said that lady screamed at? Our ENTIRE theater screamed at that. They screamed at everything, the movie was obviously both terrifying them and fascinating them based on how obnoxious they were.

    And get this, at the end of this wonderful fucking movie that they had talked during the WHOLE time, yet had somehow managed to be scared at every single scene…. there’s suddenly a ton of people just going “Wow, that was disappointing”, and just murmurs of  disapproval. Ingrateful bastards.

    As the credits were rolling, and everyone was getting up to leave, I just kinda stand up and loudly proclaim “I just want you guys to know you are the worst audience I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting with. Thanks for ruining the movie.”On the plus side, we went to the customer service desk afterwards to complain, not expecting a refund or anything, and we see a group of like five other people who are just plain frustrated at having the movie ruined. The manager was really surprised to hear about it, and was really nice about it. She gave each of us two free passes, one so we could hopefully see it again with a good audience, and one to apologize.

    PS: Movie was fantastic, and I enjoyed it very much despite having the worst audience of my life.

    • Anonymous

      That was nice for the management to give you free passes at least.

      Unless it’s because I don’t watch that much movies at the theaters, but as far I remember I didn’t have a lot terrible audiences (fortunately). I guess peoples around here know how to shut up when they watch a damn movie or I watch the movie later, when it’s less crowded. :P
      One of the bad audience experience (and the funniest) I remember will be when I watched The Grudge when girls were screaming at every single “scary” moments (Oh my god! A cat! D: ) and I laughed each times. XD

      I guess the most annoying part at the theater here will be the theater itself, especially when I can hear the movies in the next rooms (well, kind of noticeable, but still) or when they have to restart the movie about 5 times because they were having trouble starting it for some reasions.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jessano Jessica Marie

      I know how that is! The previous owner of our house built it sometime in the 60s and we still have all the old wiring and piping still up so it definitely creaks and makes noises at night. Not to mention there’s a huge hill behind the house and it gets pitch black out here at night. Having all that going for it when I was a kid, creepy as hell!

  • http://twitter.com/SolidGoldCEO SolidGoldCEO

    Is it that weird for a prequel to have a sequel-bait finish?

  • Anonymous

    Creepy pie?  Witches?  {thinner…}

  • jasenjava

    Sweet review, Spoony. I’ll definately check this one out, thanks for saving me from The Thing!
    I’m guessing the name Toby was a suggestion it was the devil, “Old Toby” I think is one of his names. The plothole you mentioned though they could have fixed by including the camcorder in the box, with a tape still inside and maybe one character popping it open at the beginning and reading  “Wedding Night” on the side, thinking “Oh, we’ll save that one for last, Mom and Dad’s wedding.” That sounds like a plausible scenario for finding the tape and a call back like the ending of the first “Saw” to something seemingly inconsequential at the beginning of the movie. Good work as always, man!

  • Anonymous

    You can tell Spoony is excited about something when the profanity meter exceeds 30 F-bombs/minute.

    I really want to see these movies. But nobody wants to watch them with me, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch them alone.

  • Darryl Fabia

    You really know how to sell a movie when you wanna.  I was skipping this, but your enthusiasm has us there when we get the chance.  And goddamn, it sounds awesome!

  • Anonymous

    My dad had a camera in the late 80’s that had night vision lenses but they where expensive, about £100 for the lenses and they where a greenish filter that did work but not as well as modern night vision. I’d say Paranormal Activity 3 went too far with the night vision.

  • http://twitter.com/gaberry_ Gabriela Lopes

    I really enjoyed the movie. Really. I think the series are getting better. But I missed a explanation about that photo of the other two movies. It was so important in the plot of the frist and secong movies that I thought it would be on the third. 

    I saw this trailer before watch the movie, so I was expecting some other things. I love the version I saw, but I’m curious about this version ou this cuts.

    Please see this and tell me what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BgHYLuBtFw

  • http://twitter.com/gaberry_ Gabriela Lopes

    Besides that’s a lot of new things that change completely the plot!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001431953772 Jed Sheppard

    the guy who got possessed by the devil in the doctor who episode ‘satan pit’ was named toby…coincidence?

    • Evan Elkins


  • Anonymous

    I get the whole thing your saying about freaky noises, I live in a bungalow with a converted attic space to provide an extra living room and bedroom. My brother has a lot of animals like rats and hamsters and stuff and there is all kinds of birds and stuff living in the half of the attic which is still storage space and the house is still settling. The house makes all kind of strange noises and when I’m home alone I actively avoid going upstairs simply because I always feel there is someone behind me when I come back down. All of the houses are up on banks so the lane is in a sort of mini ditch like valley so car noises are distorted and we have three cats who keep on setting off the security lights so I get the whole thing you were saying about the garage door and someone messing with you I’ve had the same sort of thing.

    But despite all that I don’t find the Paranormal Activity movies scary, I mean I watched the first one when I was home alone at about ten at night in winter. Normally if I watch a horror film in these circumstances I’m giving it it’s best chance to scare me, I’ve been really freaked out doing this with really scary films and needed to stay up until my brothers comes home from where ever the hell he is. But I got nothing from Paranormal Activity, not a single thing, I was really reluctant to watch the second one but I got pulled along and again I didn’t get a single scare from it, that’s why I watched this the whole way through I don’t intend to watch this film.

    The worst thing is I want to be scared by these films, I want them to scare me and I don’t know why they don’t that’s the hell of it. They should freak the living hell out of me, but I just get nothing.

  • http://twitter.com/Misha_Miller Michelle Miller

    Commenting at 13 minutes in, and liking it so far… But I do have to disagree about there not being any annoying characters. Randy was an idiot.

    • Anonymous


  • tkklassen

    Even the youngest of your fans probably had VHS in their youth.

    • http://twitter.com/Misha_Miller Michelle Miller

      VHS… what’s that? O_o 

      Just kidding. Born in ’84.

    • Anonymous

      I was still using VHS tapes up until the early 2000s before I completely converted to DVDs

      • http://www.facebook.com/tony.molock Tony Molock

        im twelve and ive used vhs tapes to watch cinderella and family tapes.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRFNBE3SNUN65AYOYNRK3H45ZQ Tyler Youngblood

    im really glad I watched your review before the movie instead of spoony

    quit half way through one because i got board but I loved this one.

  • Anonymous

    I now have this vision in my head of your brother pulling up to your house in his squad car, lights flashing, and running in with gun drawn, for no other reason than to weird out your neighbors. :-D

    I know that its against all the rules but still…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MUURZXZD4FBJ35Z7BSX7XFLXOI Zach

    In the first movie wasn’t it mentioned that there house caught on fire when they were kids?
    What happened to that?

  • Anonymous

    Wow,  sounds like a pretty epic ending,  reminds me of this


  • Anonymous

    I’ve yet to see any of these movies but this one does sound like it’s a lot better than the 1st movie.

    I never owned a Teddt Rucspen or however it’s spelt, but I owned the Spooney equivilent of it.  and it scared the crap out of me when I was little.
    Never owned a Light Bright(or Lite Brite) but i recalled playing with one as a kid in Pre-kay!

    Who names a demon Toby!?

    I had an aunt that was like that woman you talked about in your theater.  She loved horror movies and because of her I got into watching them but she was so easily scared while in theaters and haunted houses at Halloween.  I recall something that happened when I was 13, there is this local haunted house thing the college students do called JC’s Haunted House, and I talked my aunt into taking my mom, step-dad, uncle, little cusin, and me to it.  I’ll put it this way my little cusin(he was like 6-7 at the tiem) went 1st with my aunt in behind him with me behind her and my mom, uncle, and stp-dad behind me.  How these haunted house worked was it was like a tour threw a maze you went in groups with a giuld in front with a flash light and you fallowed him in a line.  My aunt got so scaredby the 1st freaking spook she basically pushed my little cusin in front of her and forced the giuld to jog a head to keep in front of her.  Now how the giuld ting worked in this hanted house was his flash light was the signal to the dudes in the costumes to jump out and do their shtick.  My aunt made the giuld have to keep up with her so quick that by the time me and the rest of us got around the corners the guys in costume had already thought our groupwas finnished and were taking a break.  I recall coming around a courner and there were these 2 dude dressed up like doctors with a guy laying on a table with this prostetic on his chest to make it look like they were cutting him open alll Dr. Insano like, but insted one of them was smoking a cig the other was on his cellphone and the other I don’t recall what it was he was doing but he spotted me and my uncle as we walked but and were like “Oh Shit!  ummm…..  AAHHHHHHHH!!!  BOOOGY!!!” They’d actually tried to go back to being scarey.  The only scare I actually got out of it was when you walked out the other end a guy comes from behind you with a real chainsaw with no chain on it and rebs it up and brings it so close to the lack of your legs you can feel the heat off the exhaust!

    PS: A reason why Grandma might’ve kept and gave them the last tape is probaly why a lot of seriel killers get caught or found out they don’t want to be forgoten and want credit for their haard work!

  • Anonymous

    You would think anyone running a cinema would think about sound insulation. I have not experienced that at a cinema. I know for a fact people expect a pretty high standard here. If you are ever in Norway check out the cinema called Colosseum in Oslo (Capitol). They are pretty anal about sound quality, and so on…I actually saw Water World (Kevin Costner) there 3 times. Not because the movie was that good, but it was so entertaining seeing the water ski action etc on the first row literary moving my head left to right to follow the action on the huge screen. Only thing missing was water splashes and the smell of the ocean.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

      It might have been one of those old “shoebox” theaters that were around when I was young, prior to the invention of “Cineplexes”. Back when anyone could convert an old house or store with a bunch of rooms into a theater by putting in a few crappy seats; or technically the seats may have been okay back when they were installed, but if they never get renovated, well….

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianthenewfie Brian Hunt

    I don’t know if the version I saw was different from Spoony’s but everything he said was accurate except for the end with the grandmother.
    In that scene the dad is crawling towards the grandmother like he said but she just stares at him when he folds in half. She didn’t do a jedi thing lol. And then she just reaches he hand to her right and one of the little girls comes and takes her hand and then the little girl says “C’mon Toby” and they go upstairs.
    Can anyone else verify this or confirm if what I remembered was right?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Mr. Spooney One, I’ve just remembered a series that comes on Animal Planet late late at night and I’m curious if you’ve ever seen it and would be willing to review it called Lost Tapes!  It’s is a really cewl show!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      I’m curious…what time?

      • Anonymous

        It’s on right now and it’s 3:30 Sunday morning.  The episode is about the Jersey Devil!

  • http://twitter.com/Esven_the_drake Esven

    VHS camcorders worked using evacuated tubes with a photocathode that would react to the light impacting it.  S-1, AgOCs was the first compound photocathode developed in the year of our lord 1927.   S-1 is sensitive well into the infrared range so the technology was there and applicable to evey camera made with an S-1 photocathode.  Later S-1 would be replaced with InGaAs for infrared specific cameras.  A photocathode sensitive enough to act as a light amplifier would likely have been rather costly, not sure though considering Germany was giving their forces night vision equipment in 1939, so chances are the target was simply illuminated with a filtered NIR light source. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICDHG7TLTN6JVK6JMK3TKQFXKQ Mike Wallace

    Seriously people, show some fucking theater etiquette. Sit down, shut up. You can be sick and giggle and fart on the ride home, when we don’t have to put up with you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CHFKIZCDM6QNLAXYQ53HFKPGWM Kelcie

    I just saw this tonight and I’d say I was in the disappointed crowed. I really enjoyed the effects and the scares (though to me the purposeful ones got old) and the characters, it was the story I didn’t care too much for. Grandma being evil was fairly obvious, but what I want to know is… just how don’t Katy and Kristy remember this shit? You’d think she’d have mentioned this when she met with the ghost guy in the first movie right? And even if they were brainwashed, you’d think they’d remember that one they suddenly didn’t have a mom or mom’s boyfriend! And just when did this fire of hers occur. In the first movie they refer back to this fire a couple times and “everyone got out, no one was hurt” but…when did THAT happen? And if it did, how DID the tapes survive? I’m actually really curious to see what you think of this because it kind of ruined the whole movie for me and I loved the first two.

    • http://phycokrusk.livejournal.com/ PhycoKrusk

      The boyfriend (Dave?) or Randy- I forget which- mentions that after the rituals, the girls wouldn’t remember anything; It was in one of the demonology books.

      In PA1, Katie tells the psychic that it happened twice before, once when she was 8 (PA3) and again when she was 13. The fire probably occurred during this second haunting; I prefer to think of it as a botched assassination by a group of witch hunters (because why not?). I’m not real happy about having to wait for another year to find out what happened after they went over the river and through the woods to a pine box that’s in the ground, but what can you do?

  • http://twitter.com/BigJonGoob Jon Fite

    Probably my BIGGEST hesitation to going to the theaters to see a movie, ESPECIALLY a midnight premier screening, is that there’ll be a shitty audience. I HATE movie crowds that don’t shut the fuck up and watch the goddamn movie they PAID to see.

  • http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/cornbredx/ CornBRED-X

    I just saw the second one last night on Netflix. I thought it was a great setup but it ended really poorly. 
    I thought it was really good up until that ending- oh man I was really disappointed.

  • http://elizabethpulp.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth HorrorPulp

    I LOVE these movies! They’re great!! Really entertaining, good fun, great story, and characters that I actually give a dayam about! Your review has gotten me even MORE excited to see this movie! (seeing it tuesdaaaay!! ^_^) shame that your cinema had a wubbish audience….that’s the only thing I’m not looking forward to….the teens in my area who’ll see this movie are LOUD…never mind I’ll look for a late night screening….great vid Spoony!

  • Anonymous

    spoony u made me watch PA1 and 2 just due to this glowing review. i m not thaaaat blown away but they are decent i guess. at least not totally over the top. it kind of bugs me though that a) she calls her dad in the first movie and then as we know in the latest movie he is killed. some people suggested that wasnt their real dad (just the bf of the mother at the time) but that wasnt made clear enuff imo. 

    also its stupid they didnt inlude a scene with the house on fire as it was referred to extensively in 1 and 2. its been said to have been cut to save runnin time but really i felt it was quite essential to at least have a 5-15secs clip of the house on fire.

    • Robert Miller

      In the newest film (PA3), when the Mother and the Grandmother are discussing the fact that shes not going to have another child, its very strongly implied that the mother is serperated/divorced/not with the girls actual birth father. She makes a comment about how great he (Dennis) is with the children..I believe the grandmother also says something about them missing their father. Also the girls call him Dennis and not dad, so its pretty clear that Dennis is probably a stepfather or a boyfriend

  • Melisa Vargas

    first, a friendly advice: don’t touch your dog and then rub it all over your face!!! that’s why you get the allergies! second, the fact that we’re seeing the footage doesn’t mean that anyone in the story is as well; they explain right at the start that the box dissappeared before they got to watch any of the tapes. So, the fact that we (the people watching the film) are being shown the content of the tapes isn’t a plot hole

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

      Not everyone is allergic to dog hair.

  • Shawn Avery

    Haha, Spoony, I don’t think you need to tell people what a Light Bright and VHS are quite yet. VHS only became obsolete about a decade ago, and I’m pretty sure I saw commercials for Light Bright in the early 2000s as well. 

  • http://twitter.com/covenantdrum William Meade

    what the hell theater where you at? lmao

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tom-Williams/615060931 Tom Williams

    Thank you!  I’ve been waiting for somebody to address the “sniffling issue” for some time.  People do that on the buses too, and it really sounds like they’re a cokehead or something like that.  It drives me crazy.  Not much else to comment on, never saw any Paranormal Activity movies or really much for that matter.  Just can’t stand sniffly people.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

      Oh god yes. It annoys me even more if it’s a roleplaying game evening or a convention, and someone across from me is constantly sniffling or sneezing, but when I tactfully offered him a packet of paper handkerchiefs (hint hint) or even ask him to use one, he declines! WTH? I had this happen not once, but twice. One guy even tried to explain that he had read that blowing the snot out of your nose is supposely bad for your health. Um, yeah, sure, I bet that’s why nature tried to get rid of the damn stuff by *sneezing*! It’s called a reflex, man. Take the damn handkerchief! At least he didn’t spit it out.

      • Billy Ray

        Exactly, a guy behind me at work sniffles once every 5 to 10 seconds and wont stop, its making me go nuts. Ive offered him a box of tissues and he just doesnt use them. BLOW YOUR NOSE AND BE DONE WITH IT JESUS

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

    @Spoony: So far I’ve been too chickenshit to watch the Paranormal Activity movies, but I’ve enjoyed your reviews of them, very illuminating and entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    So, I couldn’t find anything on a camcorder from 1988 with night vision or any information on when that might have become widely available BUT I did find an article about how in 1998 Sony accidentally sold 700,000 camcorders that could see through people’s cloths :) 


  • Anonymous

    Oreo is adorable, but a bit distracting. I put my dog in a crate when I do webcam shows for my members. Just saying. xo

  • Anonymous

    Hey Spoony At the start of the movie they got the tapes but then the ghost destoryed the house and took the tapes. the end of the 2010 video is “nothings gone but the tapes”

  • Anonymous

    At the start of the movie the tapes disaper after they get them

  • Tam Lin

    Boy I gotta disagree, this is the first of the PA films that I didn’t enjoy, and I’ll tell you why; it has nothing to do with the scares or the characters or the camera tricks, it has to do with the fact that the longer this series goes on, the more it becomes clear that there’s no real story being told here.

    The first flick is simple, you have a couple of people menaced by an evil entity. Done. Okay, that was fine for one movie, but what to do for two, and three? Well, not much, as it turns out. Granted, we do get a little more info on what the demon is and what it’s after, but it’s all boiled down to some lukewarm, vaguely-defined mumbo jumbo about witchcraft, in this case shoveled into the last ten minutes of the movie. It’s like the ending of “The Last Exorcism” spread out over several films.

    A series of incidents is not a story. If you want to keep making these movies, you’ve gotta give us more, especially since the gimmicks that are the series standby are becoming less and less effective.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICDHG7TLTN6JVK6JMK3TKQFXKQ Mike Wallace

      The problem however, is that much of the terror from these movies comes from what we don’t know. The series has unfortunately painted itself into a corner; as you said it can’t just be a series of incidents, but if it goes the next step and starts explaining everything then the fear will start to deflate fast.

  • Tam Lin

    Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but it was very hard for me not to actually yell out in the theater “Grandma is a witch!” She might as well have worn a flashing neon “Bad Guy” sign around her neck as soon as she started pressing the mom to have a son (which is a huge red flag for anyone who watched the second film). And as is always the case in these movies, any character who pops up from time to time but never seems to actually be doing anything in the story is almost certainly setting everyone else up. It was a 1-2-3 formula if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t think they were expecting to get past the movie, and they’re just making up the story as they go along. The explanation in PA2 (the deal with a demon having to do with the first-born son) was completely abandoned. They might realize this in PA4 (there WILL be one) and include it, but the first movies have already been explained.

  • Richard Ton

    Soild review. Now Spoony can you or Miles review Batman: Arkham City?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VRSDYWFQHDJLADRBAYMD5LLOWA Joe U

    I didn’t like part 1 and didn’t finish part 2 but, because of your review I saw part 3 with the gf and loved it! Thanks dude!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q22JWMQ4QWJNY2ZUU4RO64BIFY Eric Liffers

    I did like all the build up but the ending seemed too much like The Last Exorcism.  

  • http://twitter.com/luwinkle Nicholas Hornung

    Oh man..talking during movies..I haven’t been to a movie in ages because of one of my more recent experiences.  I was watching..I think it was that X-men wolverine origins movie or whatever.  It was in a small theater because they were about to stop showing it..there was this group of like 4 guys in the back that would not shut the hell up through 70% of the movie…and they only shut up when when I turned around and was like “WOULD YOU BE QUIET”…and they finally stfu’d.
    I have rather epic ADD..and it kept breaking my concentration and focus on the movie..I don’t even remember much of it because of that.

  • http://twitter.com/iolitewraith Leet Shark

    *shudder* Judging by your description, this movie would’ve scared me to the fainting level. Creepy atmospheric stuff drives me crazy… but I love the review (and Oreo is adorable). Great job!

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one to remember that in the first movie the girl said her
    house burned down and she called her mom after finding the picture in
    the attic?

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one to remember that in the first movie the girl said her house burned down and she called her mom after finding the picture in the attic?

    • Jared Trezise

      I’ve seen a bit of discussion elsewhere where it’s been theorized that the coven went back and burnt the house down after the events of the third film to cover up that the deaths were murders. 

      Then that during Katie and Kristi’s upbringing under their grandmother they were brainwashed about certain things, and were probably exposed to a few of the other things they mentioned from their past that wasn’t shown in the third film.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-Ellis/100002419726549 Nathan Ellis

    I saw PA3 today, I’m pretty sure they had no idea their indie film would have had such an extremely positive response, so it doesn’t seem like the whole ‘house fire’ thing is a deal breaker if you like the series.
    I’m very patient with moviegoers as long as their commentary is worth while, but when the last Harry Potter movie hit theaters, the crowd i saw it with was insufferable, 3 year olds who couldn’t sit still during the great dialogue sequences, 40 year old guys muttering ‘ oh yeah ‘ when hermoine and ron finally swapped spit, and a poor old man with a breathing machine, a fucking breathing machine!
    I do recommend seeing a paranormal activity movie in a packed theater.

  • Johnny Davlin

    I have a friend whose sole experience of having fun is going to see movies at the theater.  It’s not a big deal until I sit right next to him and realize that he is the biggest mouth breather I’ve ever met. :/ 
    I know all to well what it’s like to be surrounded by obnoxious people in a theater. (It’s probably safe to say that we all do.)

  • Anonymous

    Finally got around to seeing this movie. I didn’t really like the theatrics in it.  It just had too many cheesy moments and the end was just lame to me. It was obvious from the start something was up with Grandma.  I still liked #1 the best and didn’t like this one as much.

    You ever notice how it’s always the women in these movies who are completely oblivious?  They never believe the husband and always pretend like shits not happening when they know it is.  I just wanna slap these chicks(not literally) for being so blind and stupid.  It’s like hey dumbass you ever notice your mom is an utter freak??!

    The movie would have been nice if it was more like the first.  I really can’t stand the effects of floating, dropping an entire kitchen it looks so corny to me.  The first was good for the concept that there wasn’t anything really dramatic until the very end.  I believe subtle things happening over a period of time makes it more believable. 

    • http://twitter.com/AH_Nand Mike

      Did you even see PA2?  If was the Dad who was not believing in any of the supernatural stuff.  His daughter and Christy were the ones who knew something strange was happening.

      In the first one, Katy knew something was happening, but she was trying to ignore it and play it off like nothing was happening.  If you DID see PA2, you should remember the scene when Christy is telling Katy about strange happenings, and Katy tells her that being freaked out by it and pay attention to it will only make it worse.  Hence, when it starts haunting Katy’s house, it’s not that she isn’t believing it, she’s trying to ignore it.  Hell, even in the beginning, she brings the psychic in (not Micah, who was essentially mocking the psychic), saying strange things have been going on around the house, like keys falling off the counter and what not.

      In the 3rd one, it wasn’t until about halfway-3/4 of the way through when the Mom was really showing frustration at the whole supernatural thing.  She had her reasons to, what with the Grandma saying that the guy doesn’t earn enough money and is kind of a loafer/moocher, which sets in when he starts ignoring work and becomes obsessed with recording and observing the demon.  But this whole mindset barely lasted, because soon after was the kitchen scene when everything fell from the ceiling.

      Go back, rewatch, and pay attention.

      • Anonymous

        Wow you sure are butthurt over something so trivial. No need to be rude, I did see PA2 for your information.

  • Anonymous

    Well I did have a 80’s video camera that had a mode that can do the whole night vision thing called V mode or something. I know they did mention the mode in BE KIND REWIND but however attachments were preaty darn expensive and would of made the camera bulky as hell. Also VHS tapes can go up to 8 hours and also depening on how you set up the recording speed. Honestly the tech that they used in the movie sounds believeable and not really a stretch.

    Good video spoony. I do feel your pain though about crowds to but I tend to be an idiot myself like when I went to SUCKER PUNCH. I had a cold (not bad nasaly) and my head felt rather spinny when I was watching the movie. Also I do hate how some movie produce older food for late showings myself and I really hate hearing big Boom type movies next door while Im watching a non big boom movie myself.

  • RosieRoses

    I’m too scared to go to bed after watching this review – definitely don’t want to see any of the Paranormal Activity series!! I love seeing Noah being all enthusiastic and seeing Oreo go crazy-eyed every time a hand is put in front of her face. Is that a baggie of weed beside the magic cards? It’s kinda dark so I can’t really see. The only time I saw a horror film in the cinema was when I went to see a Korean movie in Dublin with my sister and brother called a Tale of Two Sisters or something like that and I was exactly like that shrieking woman Noah described – never again!!

  • Anonymous

    holy shit that was a scary fucking film i hadn’t seen the first 2 either so i had no idea what we was fucking dealing with here holy shit thats the first film i got into in ages

    • Anonymous

      I was a late starter myself. they have PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 on the Netflix instant que. I saw that with a group of my friends and I found some parts ubber creaping like everything in the house opening (which was like WHOAAAAW!) and a cloud covering the daughter up which caused her to fall and have her like wtf. I’ve never seen 1 but a friend of mine felt 1 was better than 2.

  • Anonymous

    we got to see paranormal activity in the biggest screen of the cinema with the best sound system and there was like 10 of us alone in this massive fucking room >.o

  • Ithamar Ramos

    Just to answear
    In 1988 recording weeding and parties are a huge business
    Not everybody had a camcorder or know how to use
    And to get a good picture and a sound at that time you needed a couple of guys carryng a boom mic and lights
    Like a real movie

    It was nothing unusual to a guy who recorder partyes have that kind of equipment at home
    There are not such a thing as home editing software, those guys have the same professional equipment as tv stations

    • Anonymous

      True. I even remember there being a mike plug in to my camera despite it haveing a built in the the mike plug in was to enhance audio for a single room instead of just picking up the room only. mikes were kind of cheap ($10, 20$?). However about 8 hour tapes it still depends on the record speed. you can turn a 8 hour tape into a 2 hour tape by setting it to XP,EP, or other tape speeds. I did experiment making a B/W video by goofing around with it. Sadly I don’t have the camera anymore so I don’t remember the button for it. besides I was 10+ when I was seriously messing around with my VHS camera.

  • Tiler Bradshaw

    I love the Paranormal Activity  movies, especially the first, though I’ve yet to see the latest installment, I prefer to watch them at home in the dark, but I like the types of scares that PA offers (super-subtle stuff that makes you stop and think about what’s actually going on and gets in your head all at once) like in PA1, the part after Micah brings in the ouija board and gets cussed out by Katie and the Demon messes with the board – admittedly, not very creepy/scary – but just before that happens, you can actually hear the demon walking out of the bedroom (seemingly, which makes it extra crazy for me) then it clearly goes down the stairs and across the living room to the table then it starts messing with the ouija board. Or when the demon breaks their photo and after they find that only Micah is defaced Katie freezes up saying that the demon is ‘right here’ (and by this point we already know that she can feel when it breathes on her) and then you see her hair get flitted aside as the thing freakin’ breathes on her and she freaks the hell out. 

    In PA2, my favorite scare~ish thing is after the mother (Christy?) gets bit and is actin all comatose an strange, but when the younger cousin (Abby?) takes the camera up to Hunter’s room and she sees Christy through the ajar door and I think she looks at the bitemark. So then Abby enters the room and the mother’s not there, and she tries to take Hunter out of the room and you hear some thudding sounds and Christy barges in from the same doorway that Abby came in through all dark and menacing, sternly telling her to leave Hunter alone in an almost angry/robotic kind of way. Abby freaks out and the sequence ends. It’s such a mess because the whole thing is so weird and messed up, but it’s not like a hallucination or anything because it’s there recorded on camera! Just the idea of the demon acting in such a way (which is clearly going out of it’s way to torment people with freaky Houdini tricks  on camera)

    In Exorcism of Emily Rose, it’s two things, The first is the midnight contortion when she’s in the dorm room with her boyfriend and he falls asleep,wake up and she’s in the background (out of focus) and then she shifts into focus, which is actually a seldom well-done reveal, and she’s all ‘inverted pretzel of wrongness.’ It’s more of a visceral scare almost in jump-scare territory, but it’s so messed up that I just can not get used to it (which is weird, because I have no bad reactions to any other scare-contortions. Ever.) But that one just crawls under my skin and fucks my mind. The second thing that I liked most from that movie was when she’s in the hospital and sees the demonic storm clouds forming off in the distance. It’s neat because you don’t see it right away and by the time you do, it’s too late. It just kind of creeps in on you. One final note on Emily Rose, the entire Barn scene is awesome. It’s not scary at all, but it’s just so intense that it really becomes very fun to watch. 

    I can go on forever about this stuff, because like you, Spoony, I love this sort of stuff and it’s hard to get enough of it. But if I’m going to mention all these other movies, I have talk about The Exorcist. My single-favorite scare in that movie is probably the most subtle one and it simple defines (for me, of course) what a real scary movie has in a serious arsenal, in a manner of speaking. I’ll keep simple: The first time the statue (I think it’s supposed to be of Pazuzu?) appears in the room, I think in front of the shut door, the light is really dim almost pitch black, but then yo start to see the outline of the statue in the room. It’s the kind of scare that freezes your mind because you’re not sure if you’re really seeing it or just imagining it. Personally, I was told about well before I ever saw the movie, and I still couldn’t spot it until my third viewing.

  • Anonymous

    The Spoony that is reviewing this, is this the same Spoony that not long back said he didn’t like prequels as they were pointless, unnecessary and added nothing to the plot?

    The trouble with these films are if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.
    Nothing but “jump scares” and wobbly camera work.
    Personaly I found these “found footage” films boring and stale about 20 mins into The Blair Witch Project.
    You are just watching the same film over and over.

    • Anonymous

      I’m hard to convince myself but at least PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 was more stationary compared to BLAIR WITCH PROJECT since a good chunk of the movie was done via security camera’s and not the wonderful handleing of the family (which yeah tended to get annoying here and there). However frankly I agree I feel the same about this franchise myself also that since i’ve seen PA2 Im not hot to trot on seeing 1 and 3.

    • Jared Trezise

      Depending on where you’re quoting him saying that (I’m just guessing it’s the “The Thing” review) it could be that he didn’t like prequels WHEN they added nothing to the plot. 

      He found The Thing (2011) didn’t add anything at all new to the story other than plot holes (with the functional ship) and so thought it essentially a useless remake. Apparently the directors actually wanted to establish that the alien ship was not the thing’s at all, but just the host of another thing-related incident, but they felt it felt a bit ham-fisted to get in there.

      The prequels of the Paranormal Activity franchise (regardless of if you like the Found Footage genre itself) unarguably uncover more of the plot as they go. It’s just how they’ve been structured. The earlier films hint at a dark past family secret, and instead of uncovering it detective-style in subsequent sequels, they reveal it real-time in prequels.

  • http://twitter.com/ReviewCultist Christopher Cirillo

    Even with the spoiler stuff, I totally plan to see this flick. Thank you spoony. I am now stuck in a position of whether or not I should go to sleep right now, it’s 2 in the morning! lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQ2HIUGU6IHCW56JTPHZKHXKBM Carmyn Davidson

    I thought the movie was pretty good.  But a waste of a ticket.  I don’t think I got the full effect in a theater.  Should have waited to view the movie on dvd in the dark alone at home. All that jazz.

  • Sery Illich Ulianov

    i seriously cant believe you like this series, your “annoying experience” in the theater sounds like a way better experience than actually watch the movie.

    I really thinks this series is going from boring to stupid.

    • Anonymous

      I suppose gore means horror to you?

      • Simoneer

        That’s a stupid assumption.

  • Anonymous

    My theater experience was pretty sad. During pretty much every scary part, a few people were actually LAUGHING at the shit happening on the screen. It pretty much fucked up the whole experience for me. Wait for this one on DVD guys. It’s a lot more effective in the darkness of your own home.

  • http://twitter.com/LazEffect Larry Coetzee

    just saw this last night great film, what i find funny is this review is almost the same length as the movie

  • Thomas Garcia

    The same exact thing happened to me with a woman being scared by a jump cut. That is awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/Mcbonk Frank Saponare

    I’m just waiting for him one day to throw his ball at the camera by accident.

  • http://twitter.com/RoppongiCoffee Gabriel

    Great review, and I agree with almost all of it!

    A pitty to hear your bad cinema experience.

    Even though I’m not really a fan of talking during a movie or any other noises, I quite enjoyed “whispering” and talking stuff like “oh behind this door, shit is so gonna happen”. Maybe this just works in horror movies for me. Also found it funny when people burst into laughters sometimes. I only see this working with this movie I think.

    Overall it has been a great movie which really makes me agree too, that the series gets better with every successor.

  • http://twitter.com/Nightshift10000 Daniel Johnson

    Spoony the only good Paranormal Activity was Number 1, and let’s face it Kate Featherston made that Movie awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony has a hard on for this series and I don’t know why. It’s good but nothing groundbreaking, it borrows heavily from other supernatural horrors. It is not “remarkable”

  • http://twitter.com/JiiDee Jii Dee

    I have no interest in this series of movies as a whole but this hour long spooge fest actually makes me consider watching ‘em. Fucking that Grandma. Never a Ghostbuster around when you need one.

  • http://twitter.com/LikChan Lik Chan

    Great review. I don’t plan on seeing it but your enthusiasm will make me check it out when it’s on Netflix.

  • http://twitter.com/ATumerick Edward Liu

    You should do another video where you get drunk. That was pretty amusing, in all honesty.

  • Volodymyr Burmas

    at some point ur not even reviewing the movie u r reviewing the trailor that both me and my girlfriend agreed was epic its a bit strange because I live in the UK and when I saw paranormal activity 3 we saw the same trailers u saw  

  • Volodymyr Burmas

    at some point ur not even reviewing the movie u r reviewing the trailor that both me and my girlfriend agreed was epic its a bit strange because I live in the UK and when I saw paranormal activity 3 we saw the same trailers u saw  

  • http://twitter.com/Spokavriel Daniel Thomas Stack

    Biggest problem with low light cameras is that the technology wasn’t really even available outside of the armed forces until the late 80’s early 90’s. Sure it was public knowledge that there was IR (infrared) cameras in the 70’s and it even got included in the movie Blue Thunder. But quality of tech to get the footage in the movie for the night footage wasn’t even available to our armed forces until like 85.

    Lower quality was used in Vietnam and it was developed because IR was useless there and in Korea with everything being constantly as hot as a person, or hotter.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ECWJGLQJTNIV5HAAMM4A5EJHPY Mark

    Spoony, man, if you like found footage movies then i seriously, SERIOUSLY suggest checking out marble hornets (assuming you havent already)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6EVM3F2U7HDWHYC7LO7TETE2KA MichaelT

    You think they could go back even further and have the people recording the scary shit on Super 8 film?
    Of course that would forfeit the night-vision.

  • http://profiles.google.com/samanthatemple113 Samantha Temple

    Please please PLEASE do a review of The Devil Inside!! I saw it a few weeks ago and I would love to hear what you thought of it! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Riku-Himawari/100001113904887 Riku Himawari

    Just wanted to leave my comment about THE biggest plotholes in the entire series. Here:

    At the end of PA3, not only do you see Katie and Kristy’s mom dead, you are absolutely sure that they were left with their grandmother.

    That said, is it safe to assume that their grandmother raised them?

    If so, during the very first movie, Katie calls her mother, after the scene where Micah finds the semi-burned picture in the attic. How can she call her mother if her mother has been well dead for at least two decades?

    Some have argued that their grandmother brainwashed them into believing SHE was their mother, which makes absolutely no sense. They are quite aware of who her grandmother is. At the very beggining of PA3, Katie is handing Kristy the box with the tapes that she CLEARLY states that she got after the grandmother died.

    The last, and by far, stupidest plothole is, how did they get the tapes AT ALL? Following the first and second movie’s canon, they clearly burn the house down. Sure, Katie and Kristy’s dad had his camera with them. That last tape could have been preserved at the granny’s house. But what about all of the tapes in the previous house? Why would they be so stupid as to salvage it and burn everything else? Why not burn them along with the house to begin with?

    I want to go on record to say that I love this series, but it was just infected with Hollywoodesque movie-making mistakes. I’m absolutely sure the producers didn’t count on making such a huge hit and were rushed to vomit something out as sequels without enough time to even let the thing sink in. These plotholes are unforgivable, and unless they make an entire movie about the decision to keep the tapes alive, I don’t see any future title fixing all of it.

  • http://profiles.google.com/likalaruku Allaiyah Weyn

    I don’t really want to see the first two, but this one does sound pretty interesting, so I’ll rent it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.welch.395 Adam Welch

    I hated this movie, as I hated the second one. Haven’t seen the first, but want to. I heard it’s the best. Maybe it’s just a matter of person opinion but I find these movies god aweful boring. I do not find shots of people sleeping and nothing happening interesting, nor do I feel it adds any tension just for the fact that their is too much of it. I could literally cut this movie down by a half hour by taking out most the night scenes. I understand what they were going for, after all, of course they needed to show you all the normal routines before the shit went down, but they really didn’t need to have so damn much of it; less is more. Also, there are moments in both of these movies where I laughed my ass off because either A) I laughed at the audience shrieking their heads off at obvious jump scares or B) They try to do things that are suppose to be creepy but just come off as stupid. For instance, in PA3 their is the scene where the mother is in the kitchen at night and the camera pans over to see Tobby with a sheet over his head. Is that suppose to be horror? It literally looked like the Charlie Brown sheet ghost and couldn’t help but laugh at that. On a second thought however, that scene is not only stupid, but a major plothole. The mom asks the girl about Toby and the dialouge goes something like this, “How big is Toby?” “He’s very big” “How big?” “Really big” “As big as daddy?” “Bigger.” If Tobby is in fact as big or larger than the father than he wouldn’t of looked like that. Now too this i’ve heard some people reply, “Well he’s a demon, he can change his shape.” Ok, so maybe he can change shape. So? Why would he? Why would he shrink himself down to stand behind the mom with a sheet on? The answer: to scare the audience. There’s no real reason behind it. The mom doesn’t see him, it’s just a cheap scare for an audience mostly uniteligable enough to think about that. Now, if they had done it so that the mom turned around, kinda laughed, thinking it was her daughter, then takes it off to see there’s no one there; that would have actually been effective and actually very chilling. Showing Toby has multiple powers and has a very creative and almost sadistic mind to scare the parents. But as it stands it’s just stupid. But, loved the video Spoony, always do whether I agree or not. Hope to see some new content spoon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OCLJELGKLDFYI6T76NMWV7FBNM Adam

    I hated this movie, as I hated the second one. Haven’t seen
    the first, but want to. I heard it’s the best. people sleeping and nothing
    happening interesting, nor do I feel it adds any tension just for the fact that
    their is too much of it. I could literally cut this movie down by a half hour
    by taking out most the night scenes. I understand what they were going for,
    after all, of course they needed to show you all the normal routines before the
    shit went down, but they really didn’t need to have so damn much of it; less is
    more. AlsoMaybe it’s just a matter of person opinion but I find these movies
    god awful boring. I do not find shots of, there are moments in both of these
    movies where I laughed my ass off because either A) I laughed at the audience
    shrieking their heads off at obvious jump scares or B) They try to do things
    that are suppose to be creepy but just come off as stupid. For instance, in PA3
    their is the scene where the babysitter is in the kitchen at night and the
    camera pans over to see Toby with a sheet over his head. Is that’s suppose to
    be horror? It literally looked like the Charlie Brown sheet ghost and couldn’t
    help but laugh at that. I totally saw that shit coming and felt is was so poorly
    done.  Also, I really hate these movies
    because there is so many scenes that are either added or thrown out; example,
    in my viewing on the movie it did not have the babysitter play with the kids
    with a sheet on her head. On a second thought however, that scene is not only
    stupid, but a major plot hole. The mom asks the girl about Toby and the dialogue
    goes something like this, “How big is Toby?” “He’s very
    big” “How big?” “Really big” “As big as
    daddy?” “Bigger.” If Toby is in fact as big or larger than the
    father than he wouldn’t of looked like that. Now too this i’ve heard some
    people reply, “Well he’s a demon, he can change his shape.” Ok, so
    maybe he can change shape. So? Why would he? Why would he shrink himself down
    to stand behind the mom with a sheet on? The answer: to scare the audience.
    There’s no real reason behind it. The chick doesn’t see him, it’s just a cheap
    scare. Now, if they had done it so that the chick turned around, kinda laughed,
    thinking it was her daughter, then takes it off to see there’s no one there;
    that would have actually been effective and actually very chilling. Showing
    Toby has multiple powers and has a very creative and almost sadistic mind to
    scare the parents. But as it stands it’s just stupid. But, loved the video
    Spoony, always do whether I agree or not. Hope to see some new content spoon.

  • Haon2

    Noah, you know that you’ve done a good review when people are still posting comments months after you posted it. Oh, yeah. And, this movie wasn’t as good as 2.

    • Simoneer

      Or a really bad one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matei-Nicolaescu/100000226813442 Matei Nicolaescu

    Yep, he is really good at keeping you interested in what he says. He has a grate storytelling talent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matei-Nicolaescu/100000226813442 Matei Nicolaescu

    Yeh sure, VHS, what about the Beta tapes :)

  • http://twitter.com/MursaArtDragons Mursa ArtDragons

    I feel there has to be something wrong with blip videos cause while they are loading they are very choppy, running like a few frames getting stuck for a moment. and for some reason it seems the worst on spoony ones’s videos >< TGWTG it don't do as bad, youtube doesn't at all. But its only when blip videos are loading, but when fully loaded they run smooth. Any one know how to fix this maybe?

  • DraculaAlucard1

    It’s worse when someone doesn’t realize there disturbing the movie. If you’ve ever seen the theatre scene from scary movie 1, that was my viewing experience for Zookeeper. This bitch is screaming, on her cellphone, & people told her to shut the fuck up, & she’d scream louder for them to shut up. I finally went to the lobby, & got her dragged out of the theatre by the ticket taker guy.

  • DraculaAlucard1

    It made me so sad when you explained VHS tapes. I feel so old, & I’m only 17. Next you’ll have to explain what a GBA link cable is, or what a Dreamcast is.

  • DraculaAlucard1

    The creepiest thing in my oppinion, is babies, & mirrors. Because babies are so fasinated with their reflections. Also Tobi……Is he really Madara in disquize? If these movies are really a crossover to naruto, that would be the most awsome thing ever.

  • Simoneer

    Spoony looks healthy and energetic here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shinokage7 Amanda Rivera

    Awww doggie :3, talk about multi-tasking xD

  • wiegeabo kilijabob

    Just watched this over the weekend. So good. These types of movies are the types of horror movies that get to me the most.

    The plot hole about the final tape didn’t even occur to me. But it is pretty glaring. Although, I sorta can see the grandmother keeping the tape for kicks. It probably gave Toby a sick laugh.

    But i can’t believe you didn’t mention the garbage disposal scene! I actually paused the movie and walked away shouting “Nononononono!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/kairimun1988 Tasha Gardner

    I honestly HATED PA3 .____. If they’d done a different ending, it would have been EPIC. But.. just… the way it ended…. Ugh. X___X PA4 better be good, or I might actually throw my popcorn at someone. x.e

  • Lori

    LOL loved watching your excitement over this one. I’m a big horror fan and I really liked #3 too. I was “eh its OK” on the first, didn’t care for the 2nd, but loved the 3rd. Totally hear you on the creepiness factor of the subtle things!

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