Vlog 12-18-11 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The Spoony One | Dec 19 2011 | more notation(s) | 

Bigger, dumber, louder, shadowier!

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelCWells Michael Wells

    Love the VLog, and I might have to look at this movie because I did like Sherlock Holmes (2009?) and so this might hurt a bit.

  • http://twitter.com/retrorant Retro Rant

    Welcome back spoony!

  • http://twitter.com/FinnishPhenom Mikko Laurinen

    I was under the impression that the “elementary my dear Watson” cliche is more a product of interpretations of the books, the TV series’, parodies etc. than the actual books. Watson is a DOCTOR. He’s very much a learned man not some bumbling idiot Holmes drags along so he can explain stuff to the reader. Maybe I’m mistaken, but that’s how I understood it.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony, I love your shirt.  River City Ransom rocks.

  • http://twitter.com/totem91 Totem of Low Bap

    I love these v-logs!
    You had me at “exploznier”!!!

  • http://sbkmulletman.deviantart.com/ sbkMulletMan

    I’m getting the idea that Spoony should maybe make “acted out” 5-second versions of the movies he sees.  Shooting Moriarty in the head had me laughing to where my stomach muscles got a decent workout. 

  • Joe Escamilla

    Unrelated to the video, did you ever make that t-shirt with just a spoon on it? I’ve been waiting for you to pump out a shirt with just a spoon on it.

  • http://filmstock.blog.pl Mateusz Hemmerling

    Speaking of Christmas spirit, are you going to make a summary of best/worst movies, like you did last year?

  • Sev Hajinian

    i made the same comparison to 300 when i walked out of the theater and talked about it with one of my friends. but ya, this movie shouldnt work, but it does. im with you, i liked it.

  • http://twitter.com/Neon_Geo Jan Sedlacek

    Damn you spoonies brother. The girl with the dragon tattoo is a swedish not a swiss film. Americans tend to mix theese two countries up ;) 

    • Clay Norwood

      Watch out, Miles might lay down some Maricopa Deputy smackdown on you!;)  But as an American, you’re right, I honestly wasn’t taught the difference between sweden and switzerland.

      • Anonymous

        There’s quite the drastic difference betweens those 2 countries. One is in Scandinavia, one is not, is one -.-
        This is research on the level of Irate Gamer knowledge -.-

        • Craig Pierrot

          I’m American, and yes, I do know that Sweeden is up north next to Norway, and that Switzerland is further down south closer to Austria. lol, not all of us apparently went to high school in Texas, you know! ;~D lol

          • Anonymous

            If Irate Gamer did, I would be very surprised o.0
            But very well, I didn’tt know how schools works in the US, but it was mandatory at age 12 to at least know where countries are on a map here in Norway ;) It think they have moved that up to age 15 now actually.

  • http://twitter.com/RedSuitCaseXxX Sofie Liv Pedersen

    May I just say how absolutely great it is to see you looking that good!
    You are just shining with energy, I’m so happy to see you are doing better! remember to take care of yourself.

    • Craig Pierrot

      I know, right? I noticed that, too! Good to see you doing so well, Spoony!

      But yeah, this is why I had to bitch that other guy out for “complaining about the lack of updates.” I mean, what a cruel, callous, moronic, ignarant, and outright DUMB BASTARD this @Knifegash:disqus guy is, huh?

      But yeah, it really is good to see Spoony “shining with energy” again and looking so great! In fact, that was the first thing I thought when I started watching this video. lol

      • http://twitter.com/RedSuitCaseXxX Sofie Liv Pedersen

        honestly, people who have little enough life to write that long a message concerning one single internet critic.. Why the heck even bother? He’s a troll, he wants attention. Don’t give it to him.

        I’m just happy seeing Spoony looking good and spunky. And good he could enjoy a movie that seriously disappointed me. I am just so much more looking forward to the next BBC entry of “Sherlock.” to wash out my own personal disappointed… yeah, yeah I like that show a lot better. And heck, I can go bitch over that show on my own on my own blog and my own web-show, no need to rant and rave here. 

  • Jared

    I have to say that i liked this movie a lot. I actually have some difficulty deciding if it was worse or better then the first. Granted i have not read the books, i generally know who Holmes is and that i found a lot of the sceans really cool and interesting. Idk…great review though :)

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? So you’ve been gone without a trace for just shy a month, having never provided an explanation for the absence to the viewers on your website, and you make your return with a vlog? I did look at your twitter account, from advisement of another fan, but all I saw was random tweets about haircuts and talking about some woman, and general nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I love the vlogs and I love the counter monkeys, but this whole time I figured either you were dying, your woman woes revealed in the Breaking Dawn video shattered your resolve, or you were gearing up for something massive. I can’t tell if I should feel relieved or a little disappointed at neither guesses being wrong.

    And I don’t care if I am disliked or called out on for this, Spoony made a living for dishing out the hate; the difference here is that now it is in an untimely manner.

    P.S.: The cross-dressing was Robert’s idea. The costume was originally going to be of a priest, but Downey thought it’d be wittier if he dressed as a woman. It was an action brought on for entertainment, not desperation. You should know the difference.

    • Craig Pierrot

      DUDE! You are SUCH a *FUCKING* DICK! I’ve never used this phrase before, but seriously, GO EAT SHIT AND DIE!!! I’m NOT saying this as a fan…I’m saying this as a DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING. You are the biggest lowlife it has EVER been my misfortune to run across.

      Go READ THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE, SEVERAL TIMES, DUMBASS! He’s explained his hiatus *SEVERAL* TIMES! You would seriously have to be FUCKING RETARDED to be as ignorant as you are! I mean, THE NAME OF THE POST WAS “About the Delays…” HOW CAN YOU FUCKING MISS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! You insignificant, ungrateful little PRICK!

      In addition to going to Washington DC to ADVOCATE AGAINST SOPA, he’s also been dealing with issues of clinical depression FOR WHICH HE EVEN APOLOGIZED (tho he really DOESN’T have to) *MONTHS* AGO! This is NOT the kind of thing you POKE FUN AT. Nor is it just a matter of “being sad.” It’s a physical chemical imbalance in the brain. ADD (which I’m using as an example as I have that myself) in fact, is actually caused by a similar phenomenon, but whereas depression is caused by a shortage of serotonin in the brain, ADD is caused by a shortage of dopamine.

      And no, Spoony doesn’t “make a living dishing out hate,” tho apparently YOU do, Spoony is essentially an Internet COMEDIAN. I mean, I’d HARDLY call MST3K a “show of hate,” would you?!?! Because that’s essentially what Spoony does! MST3K mixed with reviewing games and movies!

      And yeah, he CAN live with some complaining, but not some half-ass, uninformed, MORONC, IGNORANT, UNDESERVED FUCK, for whom I can’t even come up with enough words to describe just how much of a FUCKING BASTARD you are!!! Seriously, go to the front page and scroll down until you see a post titled “ABOUT THE DELAYS,” AND CLICK ON IT, YOU FUCKING NITWIT.

      You are seriously a fucking prick! You’re the kind of person who, if your best friend broke their leg, you’d bitch at them for not being able to play BASEBALL with you, and then kick HARD them in their cast and say “Pussy! Why’d that hurt so much? It doesn’t hurt when _I_ get kicked in the shins!” Yeah, because *YOUR* leg isn’t broken, ASSHOLE!

      Seriously. I’ve never seen anyone as vile and fucking DISGUSTING AS A HUMAN BEING as YOU are. And since I spend a LOT of time on YouTube, THAT’S SAYING A LOT.

      And you know what? You SHOULD FUCKING CARE that you are “disliked or called out for this!” Actually, no, “disliked” is too weak of a word. I think a better set of words to describe our feelings about you would be FUCKING HATED, DESPISED, AND DISGUSTED BY YOU. By both your UTTER lack of morality and your STUNNING ignorance! I mean, what, do you like to visit Children’s cancer hospitals just to laugh at how apparently all the children there are skin heads because you are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY ignorant to the fact that those children HAVE FUCKING CANCER and aren’t just SHAVING their heads?!?!?!?!?

      I never thought I’d actually meet a person who liked to go and laugh at sick people. FUCK YOU!!! GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!


      The Internet

      P.S. You make me fucking SICK. Just go FUCKING die! You’d be doing the world a favor. (And this means a LOT coming from ME…I’m normally the hippie type, so I don’t usually say stuff like this. You’re just such a SICK, TWISTED FUCK that SOMEONE had to put you back in your place! I didn’t see anyone else doing it, so I’M volunteering. In fact, I’m 99.99999% certain that EVERYONE here agrees with me when I say, “GO BACK TO HELL, you FUCKING *PRICK*!!!)

      • http://twitter.com/ThatBeardguy Guillaume P.

        I think the guy just went super-saiyan o.O *take a few steps back*

      • http://twitter.com/Enerccio Peter Vanusanik

        After reading your post AGAIN for other guy, I have to say, that you need help, sir, you need professional help. Take care.

      • Anonymous

        Get off his cock, man.

    • sanktmikael


  • Anonymous

    I’m sure I read somewhere that Guy Ritchie was conscious of the fact that they were falling pray to that common sequel flaw, going over the top, and made efforts to rein themselves in, so I do wonder what it might have looked like if the initial version had been made. It was still an entertaining movie, but IDK, it just feels like a Sherlock Holmes movie should be a bit more light on the ‘explosioning’, of which there was plenty as the brothers Antwiler said.

  • Anonymous

    I am just glad Spoonys back. can’t wait till your editing is done.

  • Edetha3

    I agree that this was a good movie but it could have been better. Again my congratulations on another great Vlog

    some of my favorite parts were not the holmes vision scenes, but the dialogue between Holmes and Moriarty, two geniuses locked in a game of wits, such as the chess scene (although Moriarty could have come up with counter points after against Sherlock’s points until Holmes pulled out a final point against him). Also, kind of Hypocritical, of me after what I said about the Holmes vision, but one of my favorite scenes was when they going back and forth in that state, coming up with attacks and counters, showin just how deadly and matched these two were.

    My biggest dislike is how the portrayed MyCroft. In the novels, yes he was lazy, but he was also A) rather than a slight bumbler, he was smarter than either Moriarty or Sherlock and B) rather than some minor official was one of the most powerful, and informed, individuals in the British Empire.

    I know that Moriarty died in the novels, but I would like to see if they will keep him alive for the movies. He is one of my favorite villains of all time.

    • Craig Pierrot

      Are you seriously giving SPOILER alerts for a 100+ year old novel???? Might as well give SPOILER ALERTS for fucking Star Wars! HINT: VADER IS LUKE’S DAD! See how rediculous that is?

      I’ve only ever heard of this movie a little bit when the first came out, I barely heard about it, this is the first I’ve EVER heard about there being a second one, but every time I hear the name “Moriarty” I keep hearing Jordi La Forge in my head saying, “Computer, create an opponent capable of beating Data.” lol, if I actually went to see this, I’d probably be making Start Trek jokes the whole time. lol.

      • http://twitter.com/Laharl777 Zack Norwig

        Almost as ridiculous as misspelling ridiculous.

  • http://twitter.com/JimmyTehFreak Jimmy TehFreak

    i wonder if the asylum will go 2 for 2 and make a superior sherlock holmes sequel

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/EFQ5YFGAIWKUNBNN7DXU3OFTJ4 The Hobbit

    going back to the oxygen tank a sec…If ownership of the breather was changed from hero to villian, and was still sent to Dr. Watson. Hmm, makes it a pretty dark message. also on surviving water impacts, if one character or the other used their adversary as a shield before hitting the chances of surviving the fall could be literal and not figurative?

  • http://twitter.com/Yuoaman Nick Burns

    Watson is actually a pretty smart guy in the original novels, it was the film versions that made him into a bit of a bumbling idiot. This is a much more accurate portrayal of the character.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, cool, another vlog. 

    You know, since SOPA will almost assuredly be passed, that means all your reviews will become felonies. So maybe you could go ahead and give us one last actual game review before that happens. I’m thinking maybe another FFX-2 video, since it’s been FIVE MONTHS since the last one. What happened to making game reviews? I miss the days of SWAT Lets Plays and fuse boxes.

    I appreciate your desire to communicate with us via vlogs, so we know you’re still alive and whatnot, but this is getting really tiresome. Yeah, you’ve got clinical depression. Man up and deal with it. I always come here in hopes that a new game review is up, but I’m lucky to even see a legit movie review (e.g. your review of Yor, or DOA, or Reb Brown month) these days. If I wanted vlogs and “hey I just saw this in theaters” schlock I’d go to youtube.

    • Craig Pierrot

      DUDE! You are SUCH a *FUCKING* DICK! I’ve never used this phrase before, but seriously, GO EAT SHIT AND DIE!!! I’m NOT saying this as a fan…I’m saying this as a DECENT FUCKING HUMAN BEING. You are the biggest lowlife it has EVER been my misfortune to run across.

      Go READ THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE, SEVERAL TIMES, DUMBASS! He’s explained his hiatus *SEVERAL* TIMES! You would seriously have to be FUCKING RETARDED to be as ignorant as you are! I mean, THE NAME OF THE POST WAS “Regarding the Delays…” Did you only read HALF OF IT?!?!? HOW CAN YOU FUCKING MISS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?! You insignificant, ungrateful little PRICK!

      In addition to going to Washington DC to ADVOCATE AGAINST SOPA, he’s also been dealing with issues of clinical depression FOR WHICH HE EVEN APOLOGIZED (tho he really DOESN’T have to) *MONTHS* AGO! This is NOT the kind of thing you POKE FUN AT. Nor is it just a matter of “being sad” or “manning up and getting over it.” It’s a physical chemical imbalance in the brain. ADD (which I’m using as an example as I have that myself), in fact, is actually caused by a similar phenomenon, but whereas depression is caused by a shortage of serotonin in the brain, ADD is caused by a shortage of dopamine. And I’d really like to see you tell a bunch of Adult ADD sufferers to “just man up and focus!”

      And yeah, he CAN live with some complaining, but not some half-ass, uninformed, MORONIC, IGNORANT, UNDESERVED, UNGRATEFUL FUCK, for whom I can’t even come up with enough words to describe just how much of a FUCKING BASTARD you are!!! Seriously, go to the front page and scroll down until you see a post titled “ABOUT THE DELAYS,” AND CLICK ON IT, YOU FUCKING NITWIT.

      You are seriously a fucking prick! You’re the kind of person who, if your best friend broke their leg, you’d bitch at them for not being able to play BASEBALL with you, and then kick HARD them in their cast and say “Pussy! Why’d that hurt so much? It doesn’t hurt when _I_ get kicked in the shins! Just man up and DEAL with it.” Yeah, well *YOUR* leg isn’t broken, ASSHOLE!

      Seriously. I’ve never seen anyone as vile and fucking DISGUSTING AS A HUMAN BEING as YOU are. And since I spend a LOT of time on YouTube, THAT’S SAYING A LOT.

      I never thought I’d actually meet a person who liked to go and laugh at sick people. FUCK YOU!!! GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!


      The Internet

      P.S. You make me fucking SICK. Just go FUCKING die! You’d be doing the world a favor. (And this means a LOT coming from ME…I’m normally the hippie type, so I don’t usually say stuff like this. You’re just such a SICK, TWISTED FUCK that SOMEONE had to put you back in your place! I didn’t see anyone else doing it, so I’M volunteering. In fact, I’m 99.99999% certain that EVERYONE here agrees with me when I say, “GO BACK TO HELL, you FUCKING *PRICK*!!!)

      P.P.S. Here are the links to those posts, so now you have NO FUCKING EXCUSE for being so GOD DAMNED IGNORANT.

      P.P.P.S. That said, while Spoony is still recovering from his illness/condition, you may enjoy watching some of the Cinema Snob’s material. He puts out new reviews quite refquently and is _almost_ as funny as Spoony himself, if not just as funny. Basically, his “gimmick” is that he reviews the kind of old, crappy movies that they riffed on MST3K, only he also reviews really bad old porn and stuff, too. He mostly reviews old, bad exploitation movies. Think “Clones of Bruce Lee,” but the Cinema Snob is not the only thing Brad Jones does. Seriously, check out his site! The address is http://www.cinemasnob.com.

      P.P.P.P.S. AND STOP BEING A FUCKING PRICK BELITTLING PEOPLE’S MENTAL ILLNESS! As someone with a mental illness myself which handicaps me in my everyday life (ADD), I find your ignorance to be incredibly insulting, sickening, disgusting, and downright inhuman. Why don’t you go and read up on the brain works and what can go wrong with it and THEN come back here, asshole! There’s NOTHING to be ashamed about if you have a mental issue…and it’s not the kind of thing that can just be “willed” away, either! Well, only as much as having an issue with any other organ could…like your kidneys, say, nd I’d REALLY like to see you try to “will” yourself out of a dialysis machine!

      • Peter Triezenberg

        Jesus Christ, Spoony fans ARE insane. 0_0

        • http://twitter.com/Enerccio Peter Vanusanik

          I have to agree. Holy shit, only retards (their terminology) are fans like that. I like spoony but I am as well bothered that there are no reviews in 5 months.

          Oh, and just a little bit, this is not free entertainment, it is actually what spoony does for living, so listening to fans is important.

          Also, depression is something that he *has* to deal with, because it would hinder him. So I see nothing wrong with original post. He wasnt rude or anything. Instead, YOU are. So YOU go DIE in a FIRE or SOMETHING, and I will WRITE like THIS…

          • vincentlaflamme

            Our point is that he doesn’t owe us anything at all. We don’t pay anything to watch his videos. Also, to complain that someone who’s presently on a sick leave because of depression is not productive enough is kind of a dick move. To say “man up” to him is not only cruel but also counter productive, really.

            So yeah, your comment really makes you look like an entitled douchebag. You really ought to do something about it.

      • sanktmikael

        …the fuck was that?

      • Anonymous

        I refuse to believe that someone with ADD could sit down and spend that much time writing this out, twice.

        • sanktmikael

          It’s called copypaste.

      • http://twitter.com/RabidBiscuit Noah J. Horan

        You know what’s worse than an inconsiderate moron who doesn’t get the shit that Spoony’s going through? The obnoxious asshole who overreacts and responds to him in all caps telling him about what a piece of shit he is.

        Seriously, take a fucking chill pill, dude. The first guy’s comment was incredibly ignorant and inconsiderate, but a true fan doesn’t make the rest of the fanbase look like, well, the “Spoony fan stereotype” with a reaction like that. Clearly this is something that gets to you personally, and I can understand that, but yikes, man.

    • Anonymous

      So I take it you want a refund on this free entertainment?

    • basa.123

      Wow, you are in every sense of the word a “retard.”

      Now go and read his post on this very topic on why he is behind. Maybe then you’ll stop looking like a complete fuck nut.

    • Anonymous

      O.0 dude clinical depression is’t something you can just “man up” from and get over it…if it was that easy it would’nt be called clinical depression. As you dont pay for any of the stuff he does you cant really complan, hes not a preforming monkey after all. He will get round to doing the vids you prefair just give it alittle more time and please be abit more respectful on the subject of depression….its not something you can just flick a switch and make go away.

  • Anonymous

    Juxtaposing a dry exposition scene with unnecessary nudity? How very Game of Thrones-ish.

  • Anonymous

    “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” isn´t swiss it´s swedish.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know there was another Sherlock Holmes movie being released. Damn, I should watch more movies x.x

    I did liked the Sherlock Holmes movie in 2009 so I will look forward into watching this one too.

    Thanks for the excellent Vlog, as always. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ava-Luman/669422633 Ava Luman

    I love how the Sherlock Holmes movie ended because it can lead directly into the comic book Victorian Undead. If you happen to find that book then I think you should give it a shot.

  • Anonymous

    Miles… with… hair…

    • http://boorat.deviantart.com/#/d4c9c3t William “BooRat” Blackshire

      It’s cold this time of year in AZ!

      • Anonymous


  • Radosław Hołdys

    I like listening to you talk about stuff and this Vlog is no exception. 
    I still wait for your normal reviews though . Cheers :3 

  • HuneyMunster

    Im more looking forward to the 2nd season of BBC’s modern abdaption called Sherlock than watching A Game of Shadows.  I like the first Downey Jr movie, but this one sounds too much like an action comedy, but watch it just cause its Holmes.  I still think Granada’s Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett will most probably never be beaten.

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought this was better then the frist one, seemed more epic and grander in scale. I do agree that his deducen abilitys (forgive the crapie spelling >.<) were boardering on supernatural this time round and that the slow-mo style was alittle over used at times. But i got more of what i loved the frist time around with alittle bit extra. Homes met and had to overcome someone that was on his level and i enjoyed the mind games.  
    I belived the the gril was still working for the dude cause he said he would kill homes if she did'nt (if i remember that right…im sure he sugested that in the frist movie)

  • Zach Lewis

    Thanks for the post- after your time in DC anything new you post is guaranteed to be fantastic :) Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Swiss version? Is it any better than the swedish version? ;) 

    The ending really bothered me though because he fell such a huge distance without any parachute or anything.

  • http://twitter.com/amayasenpai Amanda Panda

    Waston’s not an idiot in the books, he’s just slow compared to Sherlock. The Watson in these movies is about as close to the book Watson that I’ve seen. 
    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated Rachel McAdams. XD
    Stephen Fry IS Mycroft! I love that man. <3

    • HuneyMunster

      Its only in alot of the most well known earlier film adaptions that Watson is portraid as a bumbling fool.  Granada’s tv series with David Burke and Edward Hardwicke portrayed Watson correctly.  Also The recent modern adaption in BBC series Sherlock with Martin Freeman as Watson also did so.  Their is also a Russian version and Spielberg Young Sherlock Holmes didnt do a bad job on Watson.  I cant remember much about Watson in Cushing versions.  I think Rathbone Holmes made Watson a bit of an idiot, but need to watch again to clarify.

      Also if I remember correctly most of the earlier versions of Holmes on film was Russian and German between the 1920-1940s. I think There was one adaptation made in US an one in UK with about five or six from Russia and Germany.  Most of these were Hound of the Baskervilles.  Not seen any of these so dont know how they portrayed Watson.

  • http://twitter.com/SkirrAme Johnny Millar

    Agree with Amanda
    Watson IS the guy that Holmes has to explain shit to, but he’s not stupid. He’s an expert in his field, and very good at deductive reasoning. By the point in the Holmes/Watson chronology that the Guy Ritchie films take place Watson is already catching up the basic deduction that Holmes possesses which is why you have scenes like the first film where Holmes gives Watson the watch and gets all his deductive reasoning before going “aha but you missed this one tiny Holmesian detail” but never really explaining the entire deduction to him

  • http://twitter.com/SkirrAme Johnny Millar

    PS. I don’t think the Holmes vision was overused. Every time it was used in the 2009 film, he succeeded. In this film he only succeeded once. The obligatory opening bad-assery fight scene where everything goes off without a hitch

    The second time he uses it, he performs the first move and then Sim, the Gyspy woman throws something at the assailant and he can’t continue his combo.

    The third time his OWN Holmes-vision ends in his own defeat. So it was taking a concept from the original and making it so Holmes was on the losing, or more challenging end this time. It was the original, in my opinion, that made it look like Holmes could do anything. This one had him on the run a lot.

    And Watson DEFINITELY DID CHECK HOLMES’ PULSE. REPEATEDLY. Though, the CPR was definitely cringe-worthy. I’m glad it didn’t work and that they used the adrenalin

  • http://twitter.com/SkirrAme Johnny Millar

    The shared Moriarty/Holmes vision makes sense to me. In the books at least, Moriarty is said to be as good at DEDUCTION (not just as smart) as Holmes, so it makes sense they would both have that ability to deduce each other’s moves. And they’re both skilled fighters (Holmes uses Wing Chun kung fu in the films, and Bartitsu in the books) and Moriarty is a champion Cambridge boxer or whatever. Both of those styles of fighting, Wing Chun and boxing, are based heavily on parrying/blocking punches and returning punches. So it makes a lot of sense to me that super genius deducers could use their fighting art in that way.

    And I like that he survives an impossible fall from the Reichenbach falls because that’s EXACTLY HOW MORIARTY DIES IN THE SHORT STORY THE FINAL PROBLEM. Holmes and Moriarty engage in a deadly fistfight on the Reichenbach falls and they both fall in, Moriarty dies and Holmes survives. With no explanation of how. It doesn’t make sense, but it suits the kind of pulpy style storytelling

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      Yeah, but Arthur Conan Doyle was trying to end the series and kill off Holmes in the books because he couldn’t stand his own creation.

      The Sherlock Holmes series was continued (by resurrecting Holmes through magic), not for any narrative reason, but because Doyle was strapped for cash and was financially forced to continue the series.

  • http://twitter.com/Toernis Andreas Törnqvist

    Swedish. SWEDISH. And Noomi Rapace isn’t that good an actress. She suffers from the Swedish theater-masturbation with the ‘one facial expression’ and pretentious tone of voice.

    • Anonymous

      I agree — but I can understand that you don’t notice this if you aren’t Swedish.

  • http://twitter.com/EpicNinjaShiro Patryk Halaczkiewicz

    haven’t read through the comments yet, so if someone stated this my bad, but

    I was at a speedway filling up when on the tv came a mini interview for this movie, where the stated reason for why he was in a dress was his idea(I believe he said) and that “it was the most horrifying thing for Watson’s wife to see me doing”

  • Ryan Gilmartin

    I’ve been a fan of Spoony’s for over 3 years, and i’ve remained relatively quiet. But this is getting ridiculous…. All of you who call yourselves fans, and yet you berate his comedy and ignore his personal problems, get bent….and i mean that in the nicest way i possibly can. Spoony is a great entertainer, and you really shouldn’t complain about something that does’nt effect you personally… go read a book or watch one of the movies he’s reviewed, or watch his old reviews (i know i have multiple times over…). But just chill out! Give the man his space, and as he seems to be looking a lot better lately, new content will hopefully follow. If it doesnt, then go read that aforementioned book. Good things come to those who wait.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      It DOES affect us personally. We are loosing a great entertainer to this sickness. I just want to see him get better, like everyone else.

      That aside, I DO have a problem who keep bitching about problems everyone is aware of, like they will be praised for pointing out the obvious.

      Example: “DUDE, you pointed out that Spoony is focusing too much on VLogs. That is such a classic burn, dude! You are totally clever man.”

      • Ryan Gilmartin

        Am i doing that?

        and Merry Christmas to all!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

          No, your not doing that, but the people you complain about are I can’t stand them either.

          I guess I can’t blame them for running out of sympathy. It’s been a long time, and they just stopped waiting. It hard to see this.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony.  Loved the analysis of the movie and you guys are right.  Rachael McAdams is terrible in these movies.  I think she was only in the first one to let you think that Holmes and Watson have a case of the NotGays.  Hell it’s the only thing she did do.

    I’ve been reading some of these comments, holy shit if these fans did kill FilmBrain cause they’re insane I wouldn’t doubt it.  I hope you are feeling better.  It’s good to see you back in front of the camera again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      The NotGay was strongest in the first half.

      Holmes: “Oh Watson, WHY are you getting married? I thought what we had was…*sniff*…SPECIAL!”

    • Magrat Garlic

      I didn’t like Rachel McAdams too, but mainly because her character had nothing to do with the original Irene Adler. She’s so shallow in the both movies.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/BTQI2j5pzJTC9kG4mg4A_FTG_htQXQw-#b039e tambi

    Marry me spoons before I spend my millions on someone else. love ya   tambi

  • http://twitter.com/SolidGoldCEO SolidGoldCEO

    It sounds like you feel the same way about this as I did about Hellboy 2. They just amped up the comedy, threw in a load of action and the story was a bit lost in it all.

  • http://www.youtube.com/thefaustianman Faust

    My God man! Have I died…or is there a new video up? Spoons, it’s always good to see you back in the saddle.


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

      Even better! He’s going to have a real review up by Tuesday! With a script! SQUEEEE!

      • http://www.youtube.com/thefaustianman Faust

        Dare I say….it’s a Christmas Miracle! So happy he’s back. I hope he’s feeling better. He’s looking good. (In a non gay way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    Holmes: “I will defeat you. MIND FIGHT!”

    Moriarty: “Not a chance Holmes, I can mind fight you TOO!”

    • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.veihdeffer Kyle Veihdeffer

      I found the moment in the cellar the worst use of it. The “Holmes-Vision” in the first movie was accompanied by Holmes explaining his thought processes. We don’t get that in this except for the last fight with Moriarty. In the cellar, I have no idea how Holmes could have realized that there was a secret door. We were shown no actual clues hinting at it being there. Instead Holmes just stands there and we get a bunch of random images of people drinking wine. After it he’s like “Ah Ha! Secret exit!”

  • Zach Robinson

    Nice to see a v-log with you and miles again. Excited for your next video, but don’t feel the need to rush it if the deadline is too much at the moment. What are your thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises Trailer that played in front of Sherlock Holmes?

  • Anonymous

    …I want that shirt, dammit.

  • Anonymous

    Nice video, I can always relate when the brothers are vlogging. I think i’ll go see it, maybe with some friends at home, just for fun. Although I kind of want to see Hero with Jet Lee again, ‘couse now that brilliant scene is stuck in my head.
    And I would love to hear  a review about TinTin. I’ve read several (10+) comics when I was young, so it’s part of my history. Hope miles can convince his brother.

  • Anonymous

    Spoony, Never before have you said exactly what i have said about a movie.  Sherlock is pyschic in the movie.  thank you for validating me!

  • Anonymous

    To people who think spoony should just get over depression by taking meds n such (I think he posted thats what he was trying to do way back cant remember for sure) the point is, theres alot of different meds on the market and at least 90 percent of them wont work for you even though they happened to work for somebody else, everybody is different and reacts differently to various things. One has to consistently take the pills everyday for a month before one would see any results. If no mood change has occured at that point you would have to talk with your doctor about increasing dosage for a stronger effect or trying one the many other types which would take another month and continue the game of trial and error till you found a match… I shouldnt have to explain to anybody with basic math skills that it could theoretically take years to find something that works to the individual.

    Hope this sheds some light on the subject to those who dont suffer from depression that the “take some meds and fix it” statement isnt as simple as it sounds.

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn’t Moriarty have “Holmes Vision?”

  • Ted Parsons

    The way you were describing the Holmes/Moriarty psychic duel sounds like the tennis match in Death Note…

    • sanktmikael

      Oh god that scene always cracked me up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ICDHG7TLTN6JVK6JMK3TKQFXKQ Mike Wallace

    I hear Tintin is pretty good, and I enjoyed the books. You should give it a chance, Spoony.

    You’re looking better too, man. Your color’s coming back and you’re looking rested. I hope things are working out better for you, even with shitstorms like SOPA lurking on the horizon.

  • Anonymous

    Miles is like the cool uncle, whereas Noah is the cool cousin.

  • Anonymous

    Yay, another review from the Spoondock Saints!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that bothered me about the movie is that Moriarty has basically the same plan as Moriarty from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie.  And that’s terrible.

    Other than that, I loved it!

    • http://boorat.deviantart.com/#/d4c9c3t William “BooRat” Blackshire

      That’s always been his plan!

    • Anonymous

      He’s not kidding, that part of “LOEG” was not flubbed for the movie, that really is his plan and it’s a damn good one.

      the thing that really pissed me off about that movie (Aside from some of the worst acting and CG I’ve seen in such an ensemble casted movie in a while) was the fact NO SHERLOCK HOLMES TOOK PART IN IT!

      In my opinion, the Sherlock Holmes movies are basically “LOEG” done right.

  • Anonymous

    YAY,  new episode or… something done by Tuesday!

    Christmas is Saved!!! [BLOOD ORGY]

  • http://boorat.deviantart.com/#/d4c9c3t William “BooRat” Blackshire

    I saw this movie Sunday and I actually liked it better than the 1st!  I proffered the villain and female lead over the 1st movie’s!
    I’ve never have read any of the classic Holmes books but I’ve read stuff that features the characters or references like LXG!  The henchman sniper guy was actually another famous Sherlock villain from the books and Moriarty’s right-hand man!  I hope they do make a 3rd movie so that he can come back!
    I loved the Little Hansel sequence!  
    I’m surprised ya’ll didn’t talk at all about the late 1800s plastic surgery that was so good it could actually make a guy look like a totally different guy so convincingly!   That kind of suspension of disbelief was higher than some of the other stuff ya’ll mentioned!  
    I can believe Holmes some how quickly calculated the speed and angles needed and all that jazz of that fall to hit the water soft enough not to die horribly!  He did basically the same thing when he flung Watson’s wife out of a speeding train car off a bridge and into the river full of rocks below!  Not that hard to believe after that!
    I liked this enough I’ll buy it on DVD when it’s released!
    But I do agree if you didn’t like or understand the 1st movie you’re not going to jump on at this point!

    Tintin looks good to me and I’ve never read the books or saw the old cartoon before!
    Warhorse looks like just another Oscar grab movie and it’s just not my cup of tea!
    MI4 I don’t care to see!  The only way I’d see it is on TV someday or if some one bought me a ticket and took me to the Imax showing with the DKR prologue and extended trailer!  I’ve just never cared for the Mission impossible movies!

  • http://twitter.com/Weaverjho Weaver Jho

    Does Miles like Oreo too? He always seems to be kinda angry when she’s around.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    I just finished the main quest of Skyrim in a weekend and change. I can’t bring myself to do the side quests after defeating the all powerful Satan-dragon and saving the universe from Ragnarok. It feels like there nothing worthwhile left to do in the game that can equal the challenge of defeating the ultimate boss.

    I don’t like feeling that way. Are there any side missions more difficult than the main quest? Just anything that can give me something to do in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Well there’s a second “main” questline that is the Civil War between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. 
      Alduin wasn’t all that hard, really. I guess it’s because I did a lot of stuff other than the dragon questline, like the Dark Brotherhood and the Civil War, and got leveled up to nineteen with maybe about 40-45 marksman before I finally fought the thing.
      You could always go find Dragon Priests or liches or whatever they are. I’ve only fought 2, the one you kill directly before going to Sovngarde and Krosis, but I think if you look at the map, their symbol is the dragon head, if you want to find them.
      You can clear out some caves and forts.
      What you could do also depends on your character. If you profess in melee weapons, then I guess you could go clear bandit areas or something, I don’t use melee so I wouldn’t know what exactly what to suggest.
      Guilds. Companions for a fighter, the College for a mage or the Dark Brotherhood for a sneaky-sneaky marksman or backstabber character. I’m sure that like in Oblivion, you can just as easily complete the Companions guild quests as a sneaky marksman or a mage and the same for the College and Dark Brotherhood.
      But then, there is always the fact that Alduin is meant to be the hardest fight you have in the game, being what he is. Still, he was barely any stronger than a regular dragon, I had a harder time fighting two giants than I did when fighting him. Probably because my strategy was to knock him down with Dragonrend and then fill him with arrows from my 7-shock-damage bow that was pretty powerful on its own as well.

      If TL;DR, 
      Alduin’s a wuss. You’re supposed to put a bunch of time into sidequests and guilds because there are so many of them and the main stories are pretty short. Go to uesp.net to learn all about the elder scrolls games and ask at their forums, I’m sure someone would love to leave a comment even longer than this one to lay out all of the things that you can do because they know all about it because they are level 40-something and I am level 20-something.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

        Actually, I’m keeping myself occupied with the Mage’s College quests.

        But Aldruin is still easy, even if you completely ignore side quests. I was level 16-17 when I fought him. Maybe the level designers shouldn’t have given you the aid of three other random warrior spirits to help you fight the last boss.

        Actually, the increasing difficulty of the dungeons was a little weird. The abandoned Dwemer city to get the Elder Scrolls was fucking BRUTAL (goddamn robots!), but the very next dungeon (the LAST dungeon) had zombies that you can kill in two hits, and a mid-level boss that was harder than Aldruin.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly! What are you, mage, warrior, or archer? I’m an archer and actually find the robots and draugrs really really easy. As in, one hit kills with the sneak bonus. For the difficulty, I think they did it by region for this game, so certain places would be harder or easier than others in the world. But even with that they could have placed the places you need to go to in harder areas. I also thought it was weird to have draugr in that last area, why not have dragonlings or something? I think the story kind of forced the three to help you, but they could have made Alduin harder, more health, more damage. I think oblivion and skyrim (only elder scrolls I have played) just get a little too easy too fast. But that’s ok because they make up for it by being AWESOME.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

            I selected an Imperial, and put my points in Restoration, Destruction, and One-Handed. Almost every inch of my body is enchanted with Fortify Magicka (except my weapon, because enchanting weapons always sucks). So I sort of play a battlemage that uses Destruction and Restoration in place of a bow or a shield, so I travel pretty light (except for the enchanted heavy armor). More room for dragon bones!

            About the Dwemer city, why do the Dwarves have this habit of using simple puzzles that could be solved by anyone in about five minutes to guard their most precious secrets? Yeah, I needed the magic sphere thing to activate the puzzle but why would anyone use such an overengineered, expensive looking, puzzle based lock as a layer in such an important security system?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, but you have to consider that everyone on that planet is an idiot and have to work for months, even years, on the things you solve in a minute or two, so it’s not surprising that the puzzles that they make themselves are easy. Oblivion had the Mysterium Xarxes books where you just had to read all of the fancy red first-letters. It makes the game a lot better in ways though, making everyone stupid to where they can’t solve their own problems, because then you have a lot of quests where you can be a detective and use your brain instead of your hands. The one with all of the moving lenses to get the Elder Scroll was just pressing every button I could as much as I could. I guess they would have to make the puzzles a little easy because some people are just dumb or just want to go fighting rather than thinking. But they should just buy a shooter game if they want to kill things. Not CoD because CoD sucks, but a good shooter.

  • http://twitter.com/thelostcolorkid Erin Sprague-Rice

    Okay, I know we all love Downey and everything but just watch the BBC’s Sherlock. Please. It’s on Netflix instant watch. If you want to see how these characters are really done right give Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins) a shot. Trust me, it makes the Ritchie movies feel like stale, cheap, witless popcorn. Also season two is on in January!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, Cumberbatch is one of the best Holmes in years. I think it’s funny how him and Freeman will be in the Hobbit together

      • http://twitter.com/thelostcolorkid Erin Sprague-Rice

        I know! I can’t get enough of those two. I heard Downey say in an interview that Game of Shadows’ Moriarty-Holmes face off was the closest to Conan Doyle’s vision that film has ever come. Sigh, nope!

    • Magrat Garlic

      Oh yes! Although I really like Richie’s movie, the BBC version is so much better. And I can’t wait to see the next season.

    • http://twitter.com/Winterwander Miika Kuusisto

      This is correct. Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock films are ok, but I feel like he has failed to represent the characters correctly. There have simply been better TV incarnations (1984 TV series and the 2010 TV series)

  • http://twitter.com/DragonChi David Guthman

    I very much liked the new Sherlock Holmes movie. However I can definitely see the problems you guys talked about. The ending was awesome.

    If you are planning to go see any more movies soon, apart from mission impossible (which I thought was freakin amazing) definitely go to see Hugo. It is just a phenomenal movie. It is just..SOO well done, to the point where its..magical. As corny as that sounds, its true. I watched it twice in theaters it was that good.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MCK6CIYZ2C55FES3NW4BAOTG4E Christina

    Doctor Watson using CPR in Victorian 19th century England? Wow, movie-Holmes may be able see 10 minutes into the future, but Watson can see more 60 years into the future! Because CPR was invented by Austrian surgeon Peter Safar in the late 1950s, and promoted it during the 1960s!

    That was actually a plot point in the Eureka TV series, when the characters time-travelled from modern early 21st century town into the military research base that was Eureka in WW2, and when the female doctor masquerading as a nurse administered CPR to a victim of an accident, everyone stared at her and asked her WTF she was doing to the man? She pretended it was a new experimental technique she had recently learned in a nurse school training course.

  • Raymond Groborz

    So when are you going to review Face/Off?

  • http://twitter.com/Alex_DeB Alex DeB

    actually, Tintin is pretty good ( saw it last week in Quebec )… the first 15 min or so are horrible, because Tintin is constantly speaking to himself the entire time. but as soon as he meet Haddock, the movie pick up. the rest of the movie is amasing!

  • Dylan Ryan

    How did I know that this would be your next video?

  • http://twitter.com/armads Armads

    I noticed this in the first movie, but it sounds like it happened again with the “holmes vision.” The slow motion and sped up film always reminded me of the scene in “League or Extraordinary Gentlemen” where they are showing the villain’s plan on the record player. It doesn’t look like anyone worked on both… but the two are so similar! Even in time period. Still I wonder if they did it in this movie because it seemed like a good idea in League.

  • http://twitter.com/MarLugia Lindsey Rapisarda

    So did Spoony hate it or like it?

    • sanktmikael

      Maybe he was ambivalent about it? Nah, dat’s un-possibel!!1!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    Hey Spoony. It’s Tuesday.

    Is the review gonna happen today?

    • http://sbkmulletman.deviantart.com/ sbkMulletMan

      He’s working Spoony-Time.  Which is kind of like Valve time, only it tends to take place more during the dead-hours of the night.  So grab some coffee, put on some MST3K, sit back and relax like me. 

      Y’know, Spoony-Time isn’t really so bad once you find something to do once you wait.  God, I love Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

        I guess I could curl up with some Puma-man…

        • http://profiles.google.com/mecha.manson Ben Rush

          Dude this is Spoony, this Vlog, is the weekly release, has been for the past 4-6 months

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

            I’ll pretend you didn’t say that, if only to protect my fragile psyche from my prolonged lack of Spoony reviews.

  • André Åberg

    i was wondering what Spoony did like Noomi rapace Humm…


  • Anonymous

    Hey Spoony, have you checked out the first trailer for The Hobbit yet? It’s online now so you don’t have to see the new Tintin movie to check it out. 12 months will feel like forever!

  • Anonymous

    This movie actually brings up a good question.

    How far are we exactly into the lore of Sherlock Holmes?
    I read the books, YEARS AGO, but I’m pretty sure with the Moriarty story arch a lot more was different then how this movie interpreted.

    They make it seem they’ve been doing their shenanigans for years now, and are practically bored or just tagging along with the ride instead of exploring it. It’s kind of the same problem I have with the Pirates movies. Jack doesn’t give a damn about anything  and is just tagging along, but at least it explains his adventuring days have just been too dangerous and he just wants to get drunk on his ship and die with a bottle of rum. Also in the first movie he pretty much does what you’d expect and reclaim the Black Pearl and saved his new “friends”, he showed character in that movie and gave a s***.

    In the Sherlock Holmes movies, Holmes is still in business, he’s still taking jobs and aiding the police, and yet I feel like NOONE cares about the plot and just want to act witty.

    Still, I love these movies and hope they make more, I just want the leads to act more alert to their situation, or at least take notes from the fails the pirate movies let on and hope they don’t follow that path.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap! I just noticed your shirt is from River City Ransom. Epic… Another great review

  • Anonymous

    being a holmes buff after reading the books a few times this is a new interpretation, and i kinda like it, its acted well I guess, a few too many things arent holmes enough for me but i somehow dont mind it, not sure how.

    The scene with the british guns and guys isnt so hard to explain away as moriarty could do things of that nature, he was just that conniving, but the idea that holmes would know which guy was point man, which gun was his rifle and it would save both him and watson is yeah, more psychic than smart, i thought he kinda knew something he shouldnt there.
    but the big problem for me was, moriarty wasnt a fighter, or seen, or even MOVE a lot. He didnt have to, he was moriarty, he would send people to do his dirty work, thats what made him so untouchable, no one knows he is who he is, because hes never doing any of it, he wouldnt have even been at the party at the end, cause hed have someone in his place.

    secondly, when holmes psychically fought moriarty, and he beat him, we already established that someome COULD be impersonating him, sure holmes would know, but at the same time, hes dead! or it was his stunt double mua ha ha! that will just kill it for me.

    i suppose the biggest problem is just moriarty in general, i know its a new interpretation, and so moriarty was never really shown as anything in the books, but thats what made him so awesome, you knew NOTHING about him, he literally didnt exsist if he chose, thats what made him cool, and now hes literally standing in the spotlight 24/7.  it just hurt, he was so much more than that, and they just sorta half assed his badassnes relegating it to a game of chess and boxing ability again, it just hurt, make it the always missed kind of thing.  like holmes never caught up to him cause he was always one step ahead, but it was only a few steps rather than the normal 50 steps to all normal folk that made moriarty hate holmes, he hadnt bested him, but he was always one step from doing so.

    afterwards doyle made moriarty a more overt kind of character which had the same effect as this movie had on me and it killed the mystique of moriarty, but i did find myself liking the movie, even though i kept having issues with it. It was just made well, or well enough that i couldnt see through the fog.

    hope that helps to see it from the book buff fans


    P.S. i thought the scene with the sniper and watson taking the lighthouse out with the cannon was hilarious, i saw it coming a couple steps before he did it and got to do the “oh, oh no, he isnt going…? he is! POW!” it was just funny to me

    P.P.S. If you get the chance, check out “Sherlock”, just “Sherlock” on netflix, its one of the best modernizations i think ive ever seen of sherlock, that actually capture how much of a dick he really is, just by being as awesome as he is, with a mystery you could figure out, had you been paying attention

    • Keith Guilliams

      The only thing I didn’t like about that was Moriarty him self he was Waaaaaay to over the top for my taste but other wise good show 

      • Anonymous

        To me Blackwood and his fuckin black magic were waaaaaaaay over the top. Moriarty was far more subtle, no theatrical gestures, no big showoffs, cold mathematical precision at work. Much better.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, where did you get that river city ransom shirt! I WANT IT!!!

    • http://whackpackstudios.com/ Edward Giacin

      Yes! I had to sign in and post just because I want to
      complement spoony on his shirt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    *SPOILERS* I’ve got a weird question about Skyrim’s plot. *SPOILERS*

    So…Aldrin was banished because Felldir read the Elder Scroll, learned Dragonrend, and then banished him to the future.

    Okay, how was Felldir able to predict that his reading of the Elder Scroll would just HAPPEN to teach him how to beat Aldruin? From books on the subject given to the player in the Mage College’s library, isn’t it impossible to predict exactly WHAT the Elder Scroll will teach you, on top of putting the reader in danger of going blind/insane? It’s seems really convenient that Felldir just HAPPENED to learn how to beat Aldruin, instead of learning literally anything else.

    Felldir: “Hey guys, I just learned how to iron the fourth dimension of my socks flat! That really interes-AHHHHHHH!!!”

    And why did Felldir wait until the world-eating super dragon was engaging his combat posse before reading the Elder Scroll? That a lot of unneeded pressure, especially when your devoting all of your mental energy to comprehending the written language of the gods. Couldn’t Felldir have done that before fighting the World-Eater, where he would have had the luxury of time and a peaceful learning environment? I don’t know, it just seems that reading an Elder Scroll should be harder than that, especially since it has this habit of DRIVING PEOPLE INSANE WITH ONCE GLANCE!

    • Anonymous

      Why in God’s name (and I’m not even religious) are you posting this here? Seriously dude. Find a forum, or an IRC chatroom.

    • Anonymous

      What in the FUCK does Skyrim have to do with Spoony’s vlog of Sherlock Holmes 2?

  • Damian Wielk

    ok i know it not will be on topic and anything but please please do last ultima game i know it total crap and 3d and anything but i would love to see it and i know you dont have time and have some problems but i just want to see another review from you please 

    • Anonymous

      Banging out a poorly worded, rambling, punctuation-less comic is not going to cure Spoony’s depression. Nor will it make his review come out any faster. Do what the rest of us do, bite your tongue, stay patient and stay supportive and your review will come. He has no obligation to satisfy you.

  • Emil Uppa

    Good points on most of the movie and characters.
    I liked the movie but as you guys said its more like a action movie then a detective movie.
    But guys whats with you americans and confusing sweden with switzerland? theres several countries between us and the laguage and culture is as similar to eachother as america and france.
    Nomi Rapaze and the girl with the dragon tattoo are from sweden.

    • Kyle Rybski

      Americans and geography: not even once.

      • Keith Guilliams

        dude I’m American and I kick ass at geography!…but have poor grammar

    • http://www.droppingpenny.de DPPalbert

      What do you mean? Nobody confused Sweden with Switzerland and Sherlock Holmes was a British movie, as in you know Guy Ritchie is British and stuff…

      • http://twitter.com/totem91 Totem of Low Bap

        There is a gigantic, gargantuan difference between Swiss and Swedish.

        Most americans think of Europe as one nation with small differantiations between the states like the U.S. but that couldn’t be more false. We’re talking about different countries, not states…

        Anywho, I’m not sure if spoony said swiss instead of swedish, but I think that is what Emil Uppa was referring to…

        • http://www.droppingpenny.de DPPalbert

          I know the difference, I just thought he talked about the movie. But saying Sweden instead of Switzerland is a very common mistake even in Europe because the names sound similar. Also it’s just a Vlog cut him some slack.

          • Emil Uppa

            It was his brother that said nomi rapace was in the swiss version of girl with the dragon tatoo.

            Im not arguing that much but i think its a strange penomenom for american.Yea they sound kind of alike both start with sw but austraila and austria are mor similary sounding and they dont get mixed up nearly as much.

          • Xer Noia

            Austria and Australia get confused CONSTANTLY in America, more so than any other pair of places. Switzerland/Sweden does quite a bit, but you really are over-blowing it.

            Also, here’s a thought for you guys; Misremembering which it actually was can be separate from thinking Switzerland and Sweden are the same place. It’s like claiming someone thinks China and Korea are the same place because they forgot which one a recipe belonged to. They dont ever even actually SAY Sweden, or keep switching back and forth – Just Switzerland is mentioned.

            TL;DR – Here’s some Swiss Cheese for that Whine.

          • http://twitter.com/Shantalfigueroa Shantal Figueroa

            Americans aren’t really good at geography, especially European Geography. I don’t really know the difference at the top of my head and I would confuse them constantly. Also, Swedish and Swiss cultures aren’t exactly on our radars everyday.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry I just need to point this out: “The girl with the dragon tatto” is not f*cking SWIZZ!! It is SWEDISH! I don’t know what the problem is with non European people, but Switzerland and Sweden is NOT THE SAME F*UCKING COUNTRY! 

    there, rant over.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry I just need to point this out: “The girl with the dragon tatto” is not f*cking SWIZZ!! It is SWEDISH! I don’t know what the problem is with non European people, but Switzerland and Sweden is NOT THE SAME F*UCKING COUNTRY! 
    there, rant over.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry I just need to point this out: “The girl with the dragon tatto” is not f*cking SWIZZ!! It is SWEDISH! I don’t know what the problem is with non European people, but Switzerland and Sweden is NOT THE SAME F*UCKING COUNTRY! 
    there, rant over.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=611579271 Matt Browning

      Maybe you could spell Swiss properly then. If you’re going to rant, might as well spell it right. I know Switzerland and Sweden are different countries. It’s an easy mistake to make though, when you don’t know which it is. They sound the same. The countries are different, but “Swiss” and “Swedish” can blend together simply as words.

  • http://twitter.com/Kimikimochi Kim Butler

    I saw Brad’s review of this before I watched your guys’ review, but you seem to have similar feelings on the movie. 

    About the Mary thing – well, the same thing happened to her in the books. Not the EXACT same thing, but her fate was sealed before filming basically. I really liked Mary and agree that she was the best female character in the films; however, I understand the choices the film makes in regards to her character. 

  • http://templeofthehut.blogspot.com The_Hut

    Sherlock Holmes is awesome.  Tintin is pretty good.  And Mission Impossible sucks.  Don’t see that one.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the Midnight screening of this in Chicago, and went with three friends.
    We all started our discussion with the same thing: TOO. MUCH. SLOOOOOOOWWWW MOOOOTIOOOOOONNNNNN.

    Too much slow motion.
    The movie was 2 hours long. It needs no padding. None. The “beauty-shots” of the explosions were completely unnecessary, as was the following “Obligatory CPR Panic Scene” (Which is also anachronistic, as CPR wasn’t invented until the 1950s).

    I hate those stupid fucking CPR-scenes too.
    1) It brings EVERYTHING to a grinding halt
    2) We know they can’t kill the protagonist before the movie ends.
    3) It’s a grossly overdone scene
    Combining all of that, it’s just padding in a movie that doesn’t need it. The scene should have been deleted, and the Super Adrenaline Shot should have been used elsewhere, or never given to Watson at all. (When he received the shot, I KNEW one of these fucking, useless scenes was inevitable)

    But, going back to the slow-motion for a moment: Why?
    Honestly, apart from saying “We blew millions on production AND we bagged Robert Downy Jr”, it’s completely pointless. I admit, it’s better than “sHak-keY-CAm” (sorry, Shakey-Cam)
    but you don’t need to portray action in either of these. Let the consequences of the movie dictate the tension, rather than the editing.
    (It worked for the Indiana Jones movies brilliantly. The three. Indiana Jones Movies.)

    The only theory I’ve come up with is that those scenes were considered for 3D.
    You know, the “Slow-motion 3D money shot”.

    Apart from that, the tone was far less subtle, the pacing a bit rapid…yeah this was basically JJ Abrams “Star Trek”, but applied as a sequel to a much better movie.
    Still, I laughed my ass off at several points, the action is still very good, and the acting is (almost entirely) excellent.

    See it with friends, or just watch the first movie again alone. Either way…

    Oh, and Merry Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back seeing this with friend. We expected to see bromance and we got that. We both admit that what we were most of time watching was the chemistry between Holmes and Watson. Think we got our 10 euros well paid back…

  • http://twitter.com/Veddabredda Védís Rúnarsdóttir

    Dude, Tintin blew my mind. You do know Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright BOTH wrote parts of the script?

  • http://twitter.com/EzJames Ez James

    The British Rail services stops for the following:

    pollen (seriously, I was once stranded because of pollen)
    lightning strikes (from above, not industrial action)

    And the rest of the time it barely works because, ironically, it’s a creaking monolith on bloody Victorian infrastructure! 

  • Alex Tanner

    You mean to say the “immortal game of chess” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immortal_Game

  • Anonymous

    I agree about some things said here now that I’ve seen the movie, but I feel that you are missing a lot Spoony. Irene Adler doesn’t continue to work for Moriarty because she thinks it’s a good idea, but because she doesn’t have a choice. You can’t dissappear from Moriarty, and he will definately kill you if you try, while if you work for him, he just might kill you. Irene also isn’t surprised about the poisoning attempt; she actually gets rid of the first pot of tea offered to her, and orders a new one. Unfortunately that was poisoned too.

    Moriarty threatened Watson’s life openly because he wanted to distract Holmes. Much of what Holmes does in the film is to run after red herrings that Moriarty has arranged for him, because the alternative is to let innocent people die, when to Moriarty this is just a distraction to keep Holmes engaged with non-vital operations so he can pull of his big plan.

    My big problems with the movie were that Mycroft didn’t have any real part to play, only doing a little exposition, when he’s supposed to be the smarter Holmes, and often implied to single-handedly run the British intelligence agencies. He seriously couldn’t have had an actual impact on the story rather than just a couple of funny cameos? And worse, Moriarty was boring. If you’re going to make this character such a mysterious, shadowy menace in the first film, you better pay it off in the next. But he’s just a greedy psychopath who happens to be very smart. I would have preferred if he had been kept out of focus for the majority of the film, with Stephen Moran acting as his middle-man, so his appearance and motivations would have gotten much more drama to them.

    I have to disagree with the assessment about Doyle’s intents on killing Sherlock Holmes, though. He clearly left himself an escape clause right from the start by not having the duel between Holmes and Moriarty to take place “on camera”, so to speak. Instead we just get Watson’s incomplete deduction at the end of “The Final Problem”. If he had actually intended to get rid of Holmes for good, he would have had Watson witness the fight personally. Doyle pretty clearly wanted to leave his options open if he ever changed his mind, as he did.

    Theoretically you can survive a fall like that in a waterfall, since the waterfall actually breaks the water’s surface tension, so it’s not going to be like smashing on a concrete floor like in most cases when you fall to water from that height, as has been proven by the crazies who actually have dived down Niagara in a barrel and survived in real life. It’s an extremely unlikely gamble, but not a 100% certain death.

  • Rodrigo Ibarra

    A couple of things. Watson did check the pulse b4 movie CPR, and the gipsy checked the breathing. Movie CPR is annoying, but  those things did happen.
    Now, a little  thing. About the waterfall… It is not that Ritchie hated Holmes. It was Doyle (original author of Sherlock) who hated that motherfucker and made him fall with moriarty to the  waterfall. Actually the story is called The final PRoblem, in which Holmes AND Moriarty die.
    Mycroft and Moriarty are supposed to be smarter than Sherlock. I don’t think Sherlock was meant to EVER beat Moriarty, make a draw game at much. However, Watson was supposed to be a plump military doctor and Sherlock a skinny tall drug addict, but then again, this is a re-invention and background should not be that much of a problem…
    The problems with the over-the top sequences can be summarized as: “they get too near to Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”.

    • http://twitter.com/Amiz4Eva Amiz4Eva

      Not to mention, there’s the possibility that Watson is a doctor who is far more skilled in war-time situations (e.g. hasty CPR, quick stitches, etc) than he is with actual, accurate medicine. So things like pounding on the chest might definitely be something he would do, especially if it is a habit he picked up in the war.

  • Brendan Bard

    I notice that Miles said the gypsy was a plot point and not a character. Then about 30 seconds later he gives Spoony credit for saying that. Is he nervous on camera?

  • http://twitter.com/Shantalfigueroa Shantal Figueroa

    Yeah…I think Rachel Macadams as Irene Adler  didn’t work not only because of what Spoony said (she’s a crappy femme fetale), but she also can’t seem to get rid of that valley girl voice. They should have at least chosen a more suitable American accent for her. 

  • Keith Guilliams

    I really enjoyed this flick it has its problems yes but It’s all in good fun 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DEMMXQ2ZYNQTX5U4EMTUXVCLIQ Sakura

    I loved this movie as well, even with its shortcomings, and will look forward to another sequel if they decide to make it.

  • Styrkjar Steißbjörn

    Did you see the 2009 Incarnation of Sherlock Holmes done by the BBC?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_45SIYM4H2CTIWNMWSAADCYCAFE E

    I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. As an action film, it’s pretty damn good. The problem is that it’s not better than the first movie. To me, it seems like Game of Shadows tries to bring back some of the things that the first film did well… only they fail at it. Like the whistling gag in the first fight of the movie. It was obviously a callback to the jokes in the fight at the “ginger midget’s” lab; but it just didn’t… mesh well. 

    However, I will say that I really like this portrayal of Moriarty. The actor was wonderful at appearing normal and unassuming, but being scary as shit when he got down to business. And, I liked the female lead who they got to replace the Irene Adler character. She was tough and sexy without being trashy or seeming like she was trying too hard.  

  • Anonymous

    Soony if you are reading this, I DARE you to see the pilot of the bbc miniseries Sherlock and come back and say this shlock was good.  The second season which just came out is FUCKING AMAZING!  To me it just serves to highlight how lame this franchise was. 

    • Anonymous

      Just because one version of the story is absolutely, brain-meltingly phenomenal, it doesn’t preclude the possibility that another version is at least okay. For instance, I LOVE the Christopher Nolan Batman films, and I consider them to be the height of superhero cinema as a genre… but that doesn’t mean I think the ’89 Batman film is garbage. On the contrary, it’s one of my favorite films.

      Is it a perfect film? No. But it’s entertaining.

      Similarly, the Sherlock miniseries from the BBC is amazing, fantastic, etc., but that doesn’t render the Robert Downey Jr. vehicles valueless. They’re just different interpretations of the same story, and they cater to different tastes. And personally, I love both of them– just in very different ways.

    • Simoneer

      What itbegins2005 said…

      You seem to (wrongly) have this ridiculous idea that you have to hate anything you deem inferior to something else.

      • sardonicmedia

        No the similarities only accentuate the difference in quality and make the movie seem cheap and lazy in every scene. Just like The Dark Knight and Batman and Robin.

  • Anonymous

    Its his house! Why can’t Mycroft be naked?

    I understand that things are a little slow in the beginning and that
    some of the fast and slow mo’s are over used, but I thought that this
    was a really good movie.

    Some points I have to disagree on.

    – Watson does check Sherlock’s pulse.

    – If Sherlock walked into his study and shot him in the face, he would
    not only have been arrested because he had no proof against Moriarty,
    but the game would be spoiled and Sherlock is all about the game of

    – Its all deduction and intuition and the whole “Telekinetic Scene” is
    brilliant because it plays on the whole chess motif. The chess motif is a
    very strong symbol for the entire movie.

    – Also, if you noticed what Sherlock was drinking when he left to play chess with Moriarty, Sherlock’s body was a ragdoll as he went down, so his bones weren’t as easily broken and he was unconscious for most of the journey. (You noticed his eyes were closed as they fell).

    I understand it is quirky, but I loved it.

    The symbolism was very strong and sometimes the clues came up a bit fast
    to follow them, but you could typically reason with Sherlock’s
    intuition and deduction.

  • http://twitter.com/ihaveno_life Katrin

    I actually liked the second one much more than the first. In fact I really didn’t like the first and the second one has me asking for more.

    I do think that most of it is because of the love interest dying. I hated her in the first one. Whenever she was on screen I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

    The beginning bit of action, I think, was useful to get you excited about the movie while re-establishing what had happened in the previous one.

    Was it over the top sometimes? Yes. Was it less mystery and more action? Oh yes. But I think its a really great and memorable movie. They handled the balance of serious and funny well, and it was never boring.

    My favorite scenes: chase sequence with the germans!(my friend who works in film hated that part because it wasn’t shot on film and the fake grain was really noticeable, I guess), “now that’s just not fair”, the hook torture scene, the sequence where Watson and the gypsy try to figure out who is Renee, and love interest being poisoned(I was so much more excited about the movie without her in it)

    Least favorite: the introduction and use of the adrenaline (it destroyed the drama, we know its going to get used), and I actually didn’t like the back and forth mind fights. It was just too over the top, and I find re-watching the same fight not as entertaining, which is something I didn’t like in the first movie either. It’s probably a more personal thing.

    Also, I’d like to say I was rather excited about the gypsy character, and I sort of wish that she got to fight more, taking into account how much action was in the movie.

    OH, and Tintin was really really awesome! Possibly better than this.

  • Anonymous

    well, he survives because in the books, he does the same. the movie is clearly partly inspired by one of the episodes (“the final problem”) for the falling down, and the beginning of the adventure of the empty house.

    Originally, Arthur Conan Doyle had intended to kill Holmes off, so he could do different types of literary work (The lost world, his bullshit on seances, etc), and came up with the falling off a cliff canard. fine…that’s his business, at least in theory.

    problem was, his subscribers (the Holmes series was published over several magazine IIRC), had an uproar (one lady called Doyle a “brute” or sth for that), so Doyle had no choice but to have him as surviving (Moriarty doesn’t though).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6EVM3F2U7HDWHYC7LO7TETE2KA MichaelT

    I share Noah and Miles’ sentiment that this movie is too overblown, and doesn’t gel together as well as the original. However, it did have several really good scenes, and overall it was a worthwhile experience.

    Also, this was probably literally the gayest film I’ve ever seen (and I mean that in the best way possible).

  • Robert Clarke

    How can these two call themselves film critics after giving this review?
    They couldn’t be more
    wrong, it’s almost insulting how stupid and homophobic they both are.

    “Hur hur, bromance of Sherlock and Watson are fags they both are gay” It takes some kind of amazing level of stupidity to think like that. Two men that love eachother? DUR MUST BE GAY! What else then, brotherly love is gay? Parental love is gay?

    only is that stupid as a film critic, but it’s stupid for a social
    human being, being unable to understand basic human emotional
    interactions, like they have some kind of sever autistic handicap- or at
    the very least, some serious masculinity/identity issues.

    they both want to fuck each other but are too afraid and ashamed to
    admit it, and so they take it out on anything that reminds them of their
    suppressed sexual lust for eachother. That would explain a lot,

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6EVM3F2U7HDWHYC7LO7TETE2KA MichaelT

      From this comment, I can glean three things about you:
      1) You have not seen the movie
      2) You did not pay the least bit of attention to this video
      3) You are a reactionary ass

      And besides, if you hate these guys, why are you even on this site? Go away.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

        You are right to recognize how stupid this man is.

        But I have to fault you for your “if you disagree with us, why are you here” attitude. Just someone has serious problem with a video doesn’t mean he has not right to comment.

        I would be more sympathetic to Robert here, if he weren’t basing his opinions on flawed logic and the assumption of homophobia.

        Maybe I’m getting my pants in a knot: he seems more like a troll than a real idiot.

    • http://twitter.com/TaylorBeck2 Taylor Beck

      Yeah, spoony want’s to bang his brother because he thought a bromance in a movie was over the top. *rolls eyes*

    • TCBLB

      Yeah Niles and Miles sure are homophobic for talking about the bromance in this movie for about 2 minutes in a 30 minute video.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SEICNGV67KVRQAD2XOLV46NP6A Syn

    Concerning Holmes and Moriarty falling to their doom.

    From imdb.com

    Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

    A person falling onto water from a great height would be killed by the
    impact, so an oxygen supply would be of no benefit. It would be
    equivalent to falling on concrete. However water at the base of a
    waterfall is highly aerated and therefore softer. (Divers practicing
    from high platforms often use aerated water in case of errors). It is
    possible to survive a fall into the base of a waterfall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Marv4928 Zachariah James Von Anderson-S

    The version I saw ended with Watson getting up after writing “The End” on his type writer, getting up and leaving the room, then Holmes gets up from the chair in the background, having been blended in with his camo suit shown in the beginning, and adds a “?” to the end of Watson’s story.

    Also, I have a theory on the whole plummeting to your death thing:
    1) Similar to how drunks can survive car crashes without a scratch on them due to their body’s being totally relaxed when they hit, Holmes was at total peace as he and Moriarty fell, with Moriarty screaming and flailing the entire way down.

    2) its been proven that if fallen into water and the surface isn’t basically calm or flat you can basically pass right through it instead of hitting a nearly solid surface.

    3) with 2 said, with both the fact that they are falling into a river at the base of a waterfall and if Moriarty hit the water first, Holmes is highly likely to have survived the dive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gregory-Magoon/1308092296 Gregory Magoon

    same shirt as your avenger vlog ha

    • Simoneer

      Uses a shirt more than once…? My God!

  • Simoneer

    Did Miles say “the Swiss version” (in reference to the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)?

  • http://www.facebook.com/goodolfiresoul Charles Martinez

    All things considered, he was falling near a waterfall: he wasn’t going to shatter on the surface of the water, he was going to pass right through it.

    Second thing is they weren’t fighting within some sort of psychic connection.  What was going on was, Holmes was voicing his moves because he respects Moriarty as an intellectual like himself, both of them using their knowledge in human psychology and hand-to-hand combat mentality to predict the outcome of the fight and what they both would wind up doing move-for-move, and thus predict ahead of time what would be the best way to counter each move.

  • IHeart28

    This is pretty much a year old already I’m aware but I feel the need to say my two cents. This review was great and I can see where Spoony and Miles would believe this movie is overblown and such. Personally I disagree, I found the movie extremely well-done. I LOVED the first one and this sequel did it justice. Now on the subject of which Sherlock Holmes movie is better? I’d say both are equally great and equally enjoyable. The first succeeded in best character development and mystery, this movie succeeded in best comedy and action. So that’s why I like them both equally, ’cause they’re good in their own right.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Moriarty declared he was going to kill Watson because thats what he does, he feels he is Holms superior so he dares Holmes to stop him.

    • Zuzanna Patkowska

      Actually, it’s more connected with the way Moriarty is viewed today. In original “Final Problem” he makes sure that Watson will not be present during Moriarty’s and Holmes’ final fight. Old fashioned Moriarty knows that it’s a deal between him and Holmes, so he has no interest in harming Watson.
      Now, today the character of Moriarty is viewed more as a psychopath, who just LOVES to fuck with Holmes, so he definately try to threaten Watson, his closest friend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manuel.wolf.94 Manuel Wolf

    i actually quite enjoyed the movie.
    yes, some scenes are pointless and over the top and i still like the first one better, if just for it’s villain alone. i actually went “oh great… hollywood had to reinvent sherlock holmes and they added magic”, but it turned i just fell for the plottwist.
    also, i love robert downey jr. but his german is terrible. i always hate when i can’t tell what actors are saying german, because their pronounciation is terrible, but i guess that only bothers you if you speak german.
    *spoilers* on the other hand, moriarty was awesome and that moment where he predicts world war I was great, but his ultimate motivation was very weak. he really was only after the money, which was quite dissappointing considering that elaborate plan he came up with.
    the chess scene was awesome though, especially when they continued their game by just announcing their moves, while holmes explained how he outsmarted his opponent. and of the course predicting the ensuing fight and moriarty’s counter prediction, leading to holmes’ counter-counter-prediction.
    i also liked that irene died, because it made the battle more personal and moriarty more threatening
    for the ending, i would have preferred for him to die. not because i hate the character, but because it would have been a fitting conclusion, like the ending for code geass *spoilers end*
    all in all, i agree with spoony in that i liked it, but the first one was better

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