Vlog 7-4-12: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Spoony One | Jul 4 2012 | more notation(s) | 

  • Daniyal Siddiqui

    Dood! spoony! You rule!

  • http://twitter.com/SoftInsanity Soft Insanity

    Yay, new stuff to watch!I didn’t even watch the third one. Not sure if I’m going to watch this one.

  • http://twitter.com/Bolt_V3 Bolt Vanderhuge

    I didn’t see this movie, simply because… it looked horrible in trailers and I watched half that 25 minute pieced together partial movie and hated it.

    Why do we need to have a Spidey origin story? Handle it in a two line narration: “Back in school, I went to a science lab and accidentally got bitten by a radioactive spider. Now, I’m a superhero… and I get to do things like this!” And then he swings into an alley, beats the crap out of a couple thugs mugging someone. Boom, done. That’s all we need to know about Spider-Man.

    • Arn1

      I love that thing – “i no watch movie/read book/comic, but me hateh it!!”. If you would watch it, you would know that he beats the shit out of bad guys pretty fast. It takes less than wasting 25 minutes of your life on “trailers”. What’s next “gem” will be from you? “Me watch no dark knight rises, because Bane looks like cheap knock-off of Lecter and catwoman is lulzy”. Bring it on, you will give this world more happines.

      Garfield was average at best and even creators knew that, so they cutted out his dramatic shouts and replaced it with music, so you can hear it barely in the background.

      Some reviews said that it was too close to the first movie and its a the dark knight rip-off, but they are retards or didn’t watch the dark knight, just jerked off to overrated Joker with the rest 13 year olds. This movie when was funny, most of the time really was.

      There were some thing stupid, but one annoying thing was Killer Croc… er, I mean Lizard. Actualy, no, that comparison is offensive. God he was cheap. I mean… When I saw him, I had a flashback to Super Mario Bros. I hoped that design of “goombas” died with this movie :/

      Still good movie, worth a watch. I’ve seen worse. For me, it was somewhat better then the first movie, but that’s just me.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Styx-Gorkamorka/100000108396538 Styx Gorkamorka

        You should see the Actionfigure, it really looks like a Goomba without the Coat.

      • http://twitter.com/Bolt_V3 Bolt Vanderhuge

        I never said I hated it. I just said that it looked really bad from what I saw. I don’t want another origin story. I am sick of them.

        As for Dark Knight Rises, I actually think that looks good. And any interpretation of Bane that isn’t the dumb fucknut we got in B&R is an improvement.

      • http://twitter.com/MichaelCWells Michael Wells

        Just so you know the ORIGINAL Lizard looked exactly like that. The one your thinking of is from the 90s Cartoon and is designed by a different writer. So they went with the Classic Original design then the semi newer model. And so yes the Goombas where weak copies of that design.

        • Arn1

          Not exactly. Since when he had a nose? He looked more “lizardish” in the comics, he’s face wasn’t as much humanoid, closer to the lizards then human. He looked sometimes like roadkill, especially face, but he wasn’t on steroids in the comics. But it is worth mentioning.

          The origin of the suit was funny – painting of the mask on the wall. When I saw that I laught, because for a second I imagined, that insted of this design, there would be painting of Warrior ;) Your friendly neighbourhood Ultimate Warrior is here, Hoak Hogan.

  • http://twitter.com/totem91 Μεταλλεργάτερ

    It was okay. Just that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=655701905 Corey Schaff

    Just a little more facial hair, and you will finally be ready to cosplay as Charles Manson :O

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.robinson.986227 Sam Robinson

    I totally agree with you about the original franchise, Spoony. Even when the first spiderman movie came out (and I love spiderman), I didn’t like Tobey Maguire. I know he’s a good actor but he just never fit the role for me. I ended up just not caring much for the entire franchise.

    This one was much better. I can see how some people won’t like it but it definitely worked for me. Nice to see you up and doing vids again.

  • http://twitter.com/anceldelambert Aaron Kerr

    Spoony’s back!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sean.hennessy.144 Sean Hennessy

    Great review like always, sort of want to see it now just after hearing the Suicide Kings joke. Cant wait for Ultima

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I saw this movie yesterday. It was…ok. The acting was decent. I thought that Garfield was decent, probably better than McGuire. Emma Stone was good. I really liked Rhys Ifans as the Lizard (even if the CGI was terrible). I will say that it was better than I thought it would be, but not in league with the likes of The Avengers though.

  • mac corbett

    why aren’t the ads working for this video

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000808190873 Chris Roberts

    5 minutes in, so far I’m siding with MIles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Drain-Blut/100001687703474 Drain Blut

    You don’t need tgwtg. Just keep making videos and you’ll be fine. You had fangs long before tgwtg and if you just keep sailing you’ll have fans long after.

    • Gabriel Croath

      *derpy voice* Hee-hee… You said fangs instead of fans…
      Funny! :D

      • Marc Warner

        If the ‘fangs’ thing was intentional then its still true xD in a manner of speaking anyway, as the character Spoony.

        The problem with TGWTG would appear to be that they’re afraid of controversy despite their premise being comedy which allows for over the top jokes about crude or horrible things as well as other stuff, of course.

        Not to mention, after all this time have they not realised that the Spoon-Man is a massive troll sometimes, for the LoL’s I get that.

  • LandlordROB

    Personally I really liked the movie, and I’m not against the idea of different directors and actors taking the story of Spider-Man and making it their own. It happens with comic books all the time, where you have so many different stories of the same character’s origin. The difference with movies is that you can’t say, “This is a cool idea for Spider-Man”, and make a movie about it. It takes a lot more time and money to make a movie. But all-in-all, I thought it was shot well, Andrew Garfield is a great role for Spider-Man, you actually felt sympathy for the villain, and I had a few moments of childhood whimsy during the movie. I hope to see the sequel, and see where this series goes.

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelCWells Michael Wells

    The Crane scene never bugged me I assumed that the Crane Guys have a Radio system set up so their never swinging their cranes into one another. So it is a slim possibility. As Far as why it happened no clue. I think they wanted to show that those good choices come back on you in a good way.

    I agree with the Voicemail being weirdly timed.

    I thought the one Exec. died when he hit the window.

    As far as the Lizard I felt they where doing a call back to Green Goblin in the movies where he is hearing voices. But Lizard is not a true crazy villain Curt Conners is a good guy in the comics. So it shows when he is finally able to shake that insane mind set and he caught Peter and struggled to save him. So it worked.

    • Atmos_Duality

      Insanity is an incredibly convenient motivation for villainy.
      It’s as convenient as amnesia for creating a mystery.

      • http://twitter.com/MichaelCWells Michael Wells

        In the original Spiderman Norman Osborn was not a bad guy till he became the Goblin. There is even that scene where he is talking to the Goblin mask as if it where another person and you hear the voice over for it like its answering.

        In the movie they did a scene like that with Connors and the Lizard Persona.

        • Atmos_Duality

          That’s the one odd constant for me with these movies: The villains are much more interesting than the protagonist(s). (though perhaps that’s because I hate Peter Parker’s angst-driven subplot shit. It’s a wet-blanket over the whole experience.)

          Doc-Oc had moral fiber. The Green Goblin wrestled with his inner demon.
          (I cannot speak for the villain for Spiderman 3. Didn’t see it. Didn’t WANT to see it, and that was before any of the bad press and word-of-mouth about the movie got out)

          Lizard…is obsessed with getting his arm back. All the destruction he causes afterward I could only attribute to Spontaneous Insanity.

  • Kendotuxedo

    Noah and Miles. CROSSFIRE

    YOU Get Caught up in the… CROSSFIRE

    Crossfire… Cross-Firuhh… CROSSFIRAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

  • http://twitter.com/tubes78 Tubes78

    Spoony, I have the side with your buddy on this one. In no way is it (properly) explained what the lizzard did to make him feel guilty for whatever hapened to the Parkers. To me it seemed like lazy writing.

  • http://sbkmulletman.deviantart.com/ sbkMulletMan

    Great, not even 15 minutes in and already I have to change my pants.

    The nerd battle had me pissing myself in laughter.

  • marabackman

    Oh this is awesome! :D This is just like the conversations we have with my friends, especially when we get our nerd on.

  • Nikolas Kieker

    Did anyone else feel somewhat uncomfortable when Noah and Miles started arguing about the implication business?

    • chris cerda

      i found it pretty funny

    • thehivemind33

      Nah, felt like a normal sibling argument to me. I remember always getting into heated arguments with my brother, then five minutes later we’d be on good terms like nothing happened.

  • http://twitter.com/LazarheaD Lazar Gruev

    I’m on Miles’ side.

  • Adell

    Really lol’d at the two of you arguing for a good 10 minutes

  • http://www.justin.tv/imagoth2004 imagoth2004

    This is amazing. I’m glad you’re still posting.

  • Jake Lohrke

    Spoony, You gotta hold back a bit more, haha. I know it’s your vlog but if we had a drinking game for every time you cut off Miles we’d be wasted in the first 30 minutes.

  • CowardlyMclusky

    The parents sub plot is going to be explained over the course of the next two movies, that’s one of the main reasons Marc Webb wanted to take on this project.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.cubberley.3 Jesse Cubberley

      also, they leave more options open by not saying Connors involvement. Hell, maybe they aren’t even dead and Connors does not know. What is clear is Connors and Parkers took different paths on a scientific ethical dilema and that Connors continued roll in evil genetic research he believes aided in the Parkers death. And that is all we needed to know for this movie about Connors motivation/guilt (pre 1st injection)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gerard-Mckay/1552902991 Gerard Mckay

    Yeah I just got back from the movie and none of my mates knew whether or not he organised peters death or not or how he was involved exactly, the say he was involved etc but it must have been super subtle because none of us knew if he killed them or caused the events leading to their death. For a long movie it’s way too subtle about something that important. Anyways good to see you making some vlogs spoony i thought you were going to work yourself into the ground :/

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      That point isn’t important in Spidey’s character arc right now. It is just important to know his parents were killed and it had everything to do with OsCorp. Other movies are planned and the Parkers’ deaths will be explained there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Martin/1596700226 Stephen Martin

    They actually are developing taser rounds for shotguns for use by police forces. You know, because being shot with a beanbag didn’t hurt enough.

  • http://mm-geek.blogspot.com/ Jaebird

    As much as I enjoyed the movie, your reenactment of it is far more entertaining. I’ll honestly say that I had trouble hearing what was being said between Conners and Evil Indian Guy. I’ll have to watch it again, or ask someone who heard it better than I could.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Styx-Gorkamorka/100000108396538 Styx Gorkamorka

    ‎(started to wrote this before i saw the end of vlog )I can fix the “Crane Scene” on the Fly.
    Spiderman get shot in the Shoulder, so it makes sense he cant swing. The
    Father of the saved Kid is not a a Crane Guy, he has a Taxi Company. At
    this Way the Guy can contact all his Employee. All the Cabs drive
    through the City and Spiderman jumps from Car to Car.

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.rose.921 John Rose

    I got stuff about this movie I want to say, but all I’ll say is this. Spider-Man was supposed to be an exaggeration of puberty, and leaving the webshooters out of the Rami films was to help that point. Rami’s films also captured the puberty feel a ton better, with the gained strength, finding one’s self, accidentally “shooting web” all over a fork in the cafeteria in that scene in SM1, covering his room in the web during personal “experiments”, friends and heroes changing in SM2, and fighting your move aggressive self in SM3. Whatever, it got that down, and the new one didnt. also the emotional transitions were very lacking, like there were very few transitions to show why spiderman was all manic depressive over ben parkers death and then all goofy 12 year old with the car jacker.

    • Danger Turtle

      Apparently spontaneous ejaculation is far more faithful to the comics than Spiderman joking around while on the job..

  • http://twitter.com/incarnedine_v Dan Hibiki

    that crane operator scene needed a parralel Pizza delivery scene:
    Pizza guy 1: you watching this? We need to get out there and get spider man a Pizza.
    Pizza guy 2: how the hell would that help?
    Pg 1: it’d cheer him up… wouldn’t you be happy to get a free pizza?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.mckinnon.50 Tyler Mckinnon

    The crane scene was to allow spider man to do what he does in the comic/show, which was swing down the middle of the street. Through out the movie he was always just kind of running along the buildings using his webbing as say a rock climber would use his rope. They took a more realistic take with web swinging i suppose. If you connect a line to the side of a building you will just slam in to the side of the building. With cranes positioned hanging over the middle of the street it allowed for a realistic way for him to do it and not just have the webs attaching to the sky. I’m sure they also made a point of it at the end of the movie so they don’t have to bring it up again in the next movies. That’s my take on it at least. Though it was kind of stupid and jarring.

  • NickyArmstrong

    What’s that on your finger?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cart-Man/100002326540155 Cart Man

    Spoony rules,but….

    • Evil, LLC

      Heh. Yep. It’s really fun to watch Spoony and Miles go at it. A serious argument probably wouldn’t be, but watching them nerd rage off each other is damned entertaining.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caio-Trubat/100002080389485 Caio Trubat

        I was afraid they would go physical on each other.

        • Darke Mayer Goulart

          You don’t have a brother, do you?

          I was watching this and, when Noah and Miles tarted arguing, I could see myself and my brothers discussing about DotA, or World of Warcraft, or another shit we do together. It’s like that, and it nevers end physically. That’s why brothers beat each other when they are children: so, when they grow up, they can nerd rage one against the other without doing so.

          • Marc Warner

            Oh so true, I felt the same :)

          • Christopher Bertram

            my older brother tried to push me into a hot BBQ one Christmas because he made fun of my part time job at a supermarket, and i pointed out he didn’t have any job until he was 23.

          • Kyle Rybski

            Holy fucknuggets.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amy-Flynn/132700402 Amy Flynn

            You don’t need a brother for that! Me and my sister are the exact same way. Although we do get physical sometimes but more a tickle fight scenario.

          • http://www.facebook.com/kim.flynn.3701 Kim Flynn

            We do not nerd rage at each other! I’m angry that you would even suggest it.
            ps. can you really call it a fight when you’re so outmatched? No, it’s a massacre!

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caio-Trubat/100002080389485 Caio Trubat

            You obviously don’t know how often I see my friends settling their discussions about which console is superior, usually with punching, kicking and nipple twisting.

          • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.westgate.100 Daniel Westgate


        • draxo

          Nah, as someone who has a brother and we’re the same age between us as Noah and Miles, this is normal brother talk.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000528912775 Daniel Baquerizo

            I agree, and my friends and I talk like this all the time when we discus tv shows and video games, when I told one of em I was excited for the next Assassin’s Creed, we both argued about it for like a half hour. It’s all in good fun

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000528912775 Daniel Baquerizo

            I agree, and my friends and I talk like this all the time when we discus tv shows and video games, when I told one of em I was excited for the next Assassin’s Creed, we both argued about it for like a half hour. It’s all in good fun.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nash-Knight/740228999 Nash Knight

      I disagree. I think Spoony is very charismatic and a good reviewer but Miles is kind of goofy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.belanger.31 Chris Belanger

    I pointed this out when the movie got out. There was a helicopter in the sky as Spiderman is swinging on the crane to get to Oscorp. Why not attach to that and simply fly to Oscorp?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacob.w.brody Jacob Wilson Brody

    never seen Noah and Miles argue before

    • draxo

      They’re brothers, its probably a daily thing off camera. Brothers argue. A lot.

  • http://hyperbolicfilmrant.blogspot.com/ sekiwat

    Thank you, Spoony, finally someone agrees with me that Quantum of Solace sucked ass. I’ve seen every single Bond movie ever made (even Casino Royale with Peter Sellers) and I have to say that Quantum of Solace is my least favourite.

    • David_Dennings

      I disliked Quantum too but worse than Die Another Day? Come on, dude.

      • http://hyperbolicfilmrant.blogspot.com/ sekiwat

        It may not have been a very good Bond movie, but as a straight-up action movie, I actually liked Die Another Day. But Quantum of Solace failed as both. Not only that, but they completely butchered the character of James Bond and turned him into a brooding pussy who was sad about his girlfriend’s death.

        • http://www.facebook.com/NewDefect Dru Pearce

          I cannot agree that Craig is better Bond than Connery…

          • http://hyperbolicfilmrant.blogspot.com/ sekiwat

            huh? wha? I never even brought up that subject. Who said anything about Connery or Craig?

          • http://www.facebook.com/NewDefect Dru Pearce

            I was Disagreeing with spoony, It just fit to post it here since I also can’t stand Craig’s films. I haven’t enjoyed a bond movie since Goldeneye.

  • Logion

    Hm, I just spend an unusually long time there, trying to figure out what Spoony was eating each time he picked something.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      at first i thought it was a twizzler but he was snapping bits off… so yea stumped too.

      • PeaTearGryfin

        I thought he was just shoving bacon into mouth at first. I think it was really a piece of jerky though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Sulkowski/1063430223 Mary Sulkowski


    . . . Wait, what was I talking about, again?

    • theshamster

      You’re tearing me appart, Spoony!

      • http://twitter.com/KennethTanRZ Kenneth Tan

        Dr Connors: I did not harm the Parkers, that’s bullshit! I did not! Oh hai Evil Indian Guy.

        Evil Indian Guy: I heard that, Curtis!

  • Merost

    The dog is annoying. At least at the beginning.

    • http://www.facebook.com/elyanley.kerifero Elyanley Keriferô

      “If you mess with the Dog – you mess with ALL of Us!”

      Misdirected Movie Quote aside, Oreo is so cute, one can almost forgive her anything. Probably even Murder..
      I would forgive my Dog Murder… probably..

      Sure, one could probably take away the more nosy Toys from her, than they do a V-Log. It’s a bit distracting, and if she gets used to not always having her Toys, it might work better for her, because she is a little bit spoiled..

      ..but sometimes it’s hard not to spoil your Dogs (I know I do plenty of Spoiling with mine, even though I try not to) and Oreo has her Daddy completely wrapped around here tiny Paws^^

  • David_Dennings

    I have no intention of seeing this but that crane scene sounds absolutely hilarious. Loving this vlog.

  • http://www.youtube.com/thefaustianman Faust

    adderall eyes.no way I am going to see that. just can’t.

  • http://twitter.com/NinjaKyuubi Nowell Tarnate

    I really enjoy Spoony and his brother doing reviews together. They should do all future movie reviews like this.


    Glad to see you back Spoony, can’t wait for Ultima 9: The Shittening.

    You are still awesome Spoony.

  • http://twitter.com/Okanehira Okanehira

    Loving this spiderman vlog, it’s so great to see miles getting so animated and into it, you can really see miles coming out of his “shell” over all the reviews he has been in from being kind of timid and letting spoony talk over him, to now full on arguments.

    Fantastic you two are a great duo – these duo reviews are a real highlight!

  • Necrovarium

    I agree with Miles on this one, especially for the argument between them during this. If he DID something, SHOW a flash-back. This is a FILM. It’s not like it was in good taste, and obviously they were able to do a two-hour film. Instead of most of that stupid scene, they could have just had that flashback.
    Even still, I liked the film for the most part. I wasn’t crazy about it. I have to wonder, though, why Spoony didn’t nit-pick it further. With films he tends to be. However, I think Spoony may wish to watch this movie a second time.
    They shoe-horned plot points into the film, and they dropped others due to convenience. My girl-friend made me go see this, and I would not have watched it otherwise, but it was “okay”, the definition of it, in fact.
    I picked up the first three on Playstation network for $6 on the other hand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1506378338 Jesse Franciskovic

    Quite a bit of muffled wind blowing through your microphone, thought you ought to know.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      it’s the hum of the air conditioner, nothing much you can do about it really.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amy-Flynn/132700402 Amy Flynn

    Yay! Glad to see a new review. Loyal Spoony fan and always will be. I love how you guys actually argued. Before I got the sense you and Miles didn’t agree but didn’t want to argue on camera. This reminds me of what it’s like when me and my Sister argue over nerdy stuff and movies. Everybody can disagree but it’s all cool at the end. Unfortunately haven’t seen the movie yet, no time or money. I’ll have to re-watch this again later.

  • Danger Turtle

    I like this portrayal of Spiderman better because he doesn’t have the Harry Potter syndrome like he did in the older movies. I watch movies to be entertained, not to watch a nondescript moron screw around until the villain kills himself.

  • http://twitter.com/BHGOzzy Benjamin Osborn

    Okay… how is the non-cop brother more knowledgable then the cop brother about legal matters? :P

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Because Spoony has played through SWAT 4. And we all know that that game is a perfect simulation of being a cop. :)

  • IHeart28

    First a “To Boldly Flee” Teaser Trailer, Then a Teaser to “The Cinema Snob Movie” now a vlog review?! WITH MILES?!

    You’re spoiling me spoony! <3

  • Renaissance_nerd

    I know it’s a vlog but I totally would have loled like a schoolgirl if Dr. insano explained the whole “illegal science” bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Freddy-Duran/100000817426762 Freddy Duran

    you know i may have lost some respect for the guy…but hes still entertaining miles should start up his own review show on the side :3

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      You watch (therefore support) a guy you ‘lost all respect for’…You’re the one who doesn’t deserve respect, because you don’t even live up to the standards you set up for yourself.

  • DerDavenWarrior

    You forgot to mention possibly the cheesiest part of the crane scene. when, after the cranes all line up, the police helicopter shines a spot light on spidey and then slowly pans over to the first crane. It’s like spider-man has no fuckin clue what to do, and then after the light goes on the cranes, he’s like “I know, CRANES!”.

    • Patrick Coyle

      That sounds like the kind of thing they’d do in the tie-in video game, just to make sure the player knows how to progress the plot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Guthman/500543755 David Guthman

    Spoony, did you by chance see the extra scene that occurred after some of the credits? I would have like to hear your opinion on that as well. I guess maybe you didn’t catch that part. But its really mysterious. I don’t want to say more than that cause I don’t know what would be considered a spoiler for anyone. Yourself Included.

  • http://twitter.com/CompnyLvsMisery Jesse Lemons

    The Spiderman Trilogy WAS lame. Glad to hear I’m not the only one out there that feels that way.

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      I totally agree and was actually clapping when Spoony said this and I gave a standing ovation when he stated that McGuire sucked.

  • SnapIntoASlimJim

    Glad to see the brothers do another review. However, some points I need to bring up since they missed out or misunderstood aspects of the movie:

    How did either Miles or Spoony forget that the webshooter did become a plot point later in the movie? When Spider-Man was fighting The Lizard at the end, he crushed Spider-Man’s webshooters. That’s why Spider-Man had to climb up the beam to reach the device. Had he had his shooters he would’ve gone up much faster and be down in time to help Captain Stacy with The Lizard. That’s also why when Spider-Man falls off the beam Dr. Connors has to hold on to him.

    I don’t know why Miles is complaining about Peter’s parents thing. It’s clear that it’s going to be a running plot that goes to at least the next movie.

    Norman Osborn is clearly being built as a scary individual which is why he is in the shadows. It’s a way to build him as a menace. I thought it was great. It also makes Oscorp into an intimidating organization.

    The Daily Bugle is not omitted. You can see the paper here and there in the movie. Clearly J. Jonah will be in the sequel but this movie had already so much on the plate that throwing him in it would’ve been overload. You already see the start of Parker taking pictures which is establishing that future aspect of his character and the Daily Bugle. It’s not a flaw. It would be like complaining that The Dark Knight didn’t the batcave.

    The Lizard doesn’t become a one note villain. The movie didn’t establish this totally clearly but what happens is that after he becomes The Lizard he develops a dual personality where the primal side of him is battling with him internally. His mind becomes messed up which is why his original wish as Dr. Connors to improve everyone’s self and eliminate weaknesses turns into the wacked out version as The Lizard wants to turn everyone into a cross species like him. That by the way is a direct inspiration from the comics.

    I have no idea why they have a problem with the crane sequence. It wasn’t to give closure to the dad but to demonstrate that the city isn’t against Spider-Man despite the cops going after him.The scene in the first Spider-Man movie with those New Yorkers throwing pipes and wrenches at the Green Goblin yelling out cheesy lines and corny acting about them being together and no one can mess with Spider-Man was waaaaay worse. It was probably the cheesiest scene in all of the Raimi movies and that’s saying something. Green Goblin is there with missiles in his glider but pipes and wrenches stop him? Horrible. Absolutely horrendous. The scene in this movie was far better. Sounds to me that the brothers just don’t want to see any scene with people helping Spider-Man.

    And the reason why Spider-Man had it hard to get over to the Oscorp Building without the cranes is because he didn’t have a clear path to swing over directly. It meant that he would have to be doing a lot of running which be very slow due to his hurt leg. That was set-up when we see Spider-Man running on those rooftops just to get to the point where he was at when he sees the cranes being set-up for him.

    Glad they liked the movie though. I agree about the tone being far more welcoming that Raimi’s cheese fest and that the actors were overall better as well as this movie nailing character closer to their comic roots. Plus the scenes felt authentic. Peter and Gwen’s scenes were much more credible than anything in the Raimi movies involving Peter and Mary Jane.

    P.S. Ang Lee’s Hulk is a great movie. The trailers mis-marketed as a dumb action movie which is why people walked in the movie with the wrong mindset. Marvel Studio’s Incredible Hulk was bad movie. That’s a big reason why Edward Norton didn’t come back. He co-wrote the movie but a lot of the scenes he wrote got cut that had they been kept would’ve made it a better movie than it ended up being.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.huntley Jeremiah Huntley

    because theres a part where the bugal is giveing a reward for pics of spiderman and the lizard

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vaughan-MacDonald/100000473507885 Vaughan MacDonald

    The only real reason they’re constantly remaking and re-vamping super hero movies is for kids. By now anyone interested in Spider-Man KNOWS how Spider-Man started, so all the re-tellings of the origin are just so young kids know what’s going on.

  • fatalrob0t

    From what I can gather about this movie it is trying to reboot Spiderman so he can be included into something like Avengers 2. The previous movies were terrible and you want to bring in a new guy for the role, reboot.

    • Jegsimmons

      wrong, its still owned by sony, until sony sells the film rights to disney or let the rights expire, spidey wont be in the avengers.
      thats why the xmen probably wont because their movie rights are owned by fox.

      now if you’re wondering why warner bros doesnt make a justice league film…..well, with the exception of batman….they fucking suck at superhero movies.

  • Cory Silver

    Long live the Spoony one!

    I was a bit worried for a second there, but, well yeah. Stay strong, and uh, maybe do some more Kingdom Hearts sometime :D

    Also, Impact still sucks…

  • http://twitter.com/Jesseraygarza Jesse Garza

    I came here to see a suicidal trainwreck… Wtf is this shit? Your glowing? Why are you so god damn happy and normal looking? LOL! Im just joking man. Your looking and sounding more bad ass than ever, not to mention shining with a dark brilliance and radiating with a glorious inner light of wisdom! I hope you recover from this like the amazing atheist did and shoot up to his level of fame and importance on not only the web, but the world! Go get em Spoony!

    • http://twitter.com/newace9577 Austin Covello

      1) TAA was already famous before TGWTG. 2) I’d say Spoony is already at his level.

      • http://twitter.com/Jesseraygarza Jesse Garza

        Well we all love Spoony, but even if you dont like the amazing atheist you cant deny the amount of daily views, fans, daily content, quality of video and dialog, and strange aura of fame that TJ has. TAA gets like a million hits a day, minimum, is payed like crazy, is a published author, has a decent selling documentary out there, and is a great source of political news and insight, even better than the daily show or the colbert report. The Amazing Aithiest knows his politics.

        Spoony has him beat in the indie film department, but He isnt doing as much as the amazing atheist is or doing it with the same amount of production quality. In my opinion. BUT! I believe whole heartily he could if he wanted to. TAA also hates his fans and curses them out and tells them to fuck off and makes rape jokes all the time and its ok! His fans love him for it. But its only ok because thats his show, thats part of the act, even if its not an act, you know him and how he is before your his fan. So its ok, but when Spoony did it working for channel awesome which is like a kid friendly channel for toddlers, then its not ok for him to treat his fans like garbage because they are all sensitive and mostly kids and teenagers. Now that Spoony is fired he can remake himself and his show into an adult show for us adults, IF he wanted to. That way none of his new fans would ever get butt hurt when he curses them out, calls them names, or makes rape jokes at us, it will be ok, because he is an adult, were adults, mature show, mature audience, no problems, no consequences, EVERYBODY WINS! EVEN THE KIDS!

        But its all up to Spoony and I will still keep watching and be a fan no matter what he does!

        • Renaissance_nerd

          Spoony is funnier and is a better entertainer. TJ is more informative. Both are really great. Both also doing some of their best work while separated from Channel Awesome.

          • http://twitter.com/Jesseraygarza Jesse Garza

            I agree! I like both of them and I am just saying that I want to see Spoony rise up from this endeavor like nothing even happened! I just used TAA as a positive example! I love Spoony and I want to see him keep going!

          • Evil, LLC

            Let’s be fair here. In Spoony’s case, that remains to be seen. His separation is still recent, and he’s probably been too busy working on his Ultima reviews to give much though as to what his future plans are going to be.

            That being said, it’s Spoony. Whatever he does, it’ll probably be awesome.

          • Renaissance_nerd

            Well being equally fair Spoony was not always with Channel Awesome, in chronology he joined up around the time of his Star Trek borg review (he did it for the TGWTG donation drive to get the site going) so everything he did before that (like his FMV hell series and his lets play of Phantasmagoria 2 to the best of my knowledge was done before his involvement with CA and imho some of his best stuff.

          • Evil, LLC

            True and excellent points. But CA did give him a fair bit of exposure. I myself am a recent Spoony convert from the Channel, by way of NC, and from him by way of The Nerd. I would never have known about Spoony if I hadn’t had those first two links in the chain. And my life would have been poorer for it! :P

            And here’s another counterpoint: Right now, Spoony has a great deal of publicity surrounding him. A lot of people are just being exposed to him thanks to this unfortunate drama, because let’s face it, the Internet loves it some drama. And while we know he’s The Man, those people are just now being exposed to Spoony’s awesomeness. If he plays his cards well and creatively, he could end up being bigger than ever, and really shove it in his haters’ faces. And who wouldn’t want to see that? :)

        • Darke Mayer Goulart

          I wouldn’t say TJ is better than Stephen Fuckin Colbert, however. Stephen and John are just awesome.

        • IHeart28

          Spoony(In my opinion) is superior to TJ in both humor and entertainment but I can agree that TJ is pretty damn informative. Spoony(To me) is awesome no matter what, whether he’s with channel awesome or not(Even though I’m still a pretty big fan of channel awesome; I can admit that they do sometimes get hit and miss for me)

          • Fraser Stewart

            Ok I’m just gonna put this out there, who the fuck is TJ.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000901746556 Allaiyah Weyn

        I watch TJ & Noah, but comparing them is like comparing a tomato to a pomegranate; different styles, different tastes, different things rub them the wrong way, different personalities.

        You watch Spoony when you want to laugh at how agonizing a game or movie can be, you watch Amazing Atheist when you feel like hearing someone bash zealots & republicans (you also watch Bill Maher for that).

        What did he mean by “recover” anyway? TJ made a video explaining that he left because of the low hit counts on Channel Awesome. You get 30-600 on TGWTG while his 2ed to last video has just under 70,000 hits & his Transformers review has 6.5 million.

    • IHeart28

      How dare you Jesse!? How dare you state the obvious of how adorable spoony is when he’s happy?!…. Just joking with you. Seriously though, your comment just made me grin for real. But hey, one can never deny the awesomeness of the spoony one!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elijah-Henly/1488214955 Elijah Henly

      The difference being the amazing athiest is a pretentious tard that needs to be locked in a room and starved, and spoony is actually funny.

      Nonetheless, this is probably the most upbeat I’ve seen spoony in…months.

  • http://twitter.com/newace9577 Austin Covello

    Ironically, while I enjoyed the 2000s Spider-Man films, the biological webbing pissed me off. Only female spiders can spin webs. That’s why Spidey needs web cartridges.

    • Brad Duke

      That’s not entirely true. It depends on the species, but while most male spiders stop spinning webs at maturity, they never lose the biological ability. In fact, some male spiders use webs to fertilise females.

  • notyoursavior78

    Wow Miles is the critic this time for once. Actually I think this may have been one of the most unnecessary movies released in quite some time. Seriously what was the point of rebooting Spiderman? Other than just for the sole purpose of cash.

    Anyways I was going to close the video and just watch some older Spoony vids, but Noah and Miles going at it, kept me watching and listening lol

    • Brad Duke

      Keeping the movie rights to Spiderman from reverting to Marvel, dear boy. TBH, I was expecting them to pull a Fanstastic 4 with it and not release it.

  • wiegeabo kilijabob

    Like Miles, I was expecting a point where the webshooters run out.

    But I also think that may have slowed down the pace of the movie. I do expect to see it in a deleted scene since there are several scenes from the trailers not in the final cut.

    I guess we have to be satisfied with the webshooter failing underwater, even though they work fine in the comics. (Although, I want to say Peter had to tweak the shooters to get them to work in water, so…who knows).

    • Johndar

      His web shooters may have never run out, but they did play a part in the movie. During the final battle, Lizard crushes them and he can no longer use them for the rest of the fight. This makes it necessary for Lizard to grab on to Peter when he falls off the building after he starts getting his humanity back, otherwise Spidey could have just shot a line to safety.

  • NymphadoraTonks

    I really loved the movie.. I enjoyed it a lot more than the original. I didn’t really latch onto that crane thing so much.. I mean, yeah, it was silly, but I sort of forgot about it and enjoyed the rest of the movie XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/wagnerpaivafernandes Wagner Paiva Fernandes

    Hum, they fight in the beginning, it felt weird, but then they get along again, so, it is cool

    • Renaissance_nerd

      oh come off it this is regular sibling banter.

      • http://www.facebook.com/wagnerpaivafernandes Wagner Paiva Fernandes

        Yeah, I watched only 8 minutes, they get along just fine later. Cool vlog

  • Jegsimmons

    i hated the spiderman, it wasnt as bad as i thought, but its bad enough for me to wish either disney had the film rights, or that sam raimi who i love made a fourth installment, we had room for carnage.
    I found that lizard man was too much a stretch to believe, along with the web shooters, those dont translate to film well.
    i dont like garfield as much as toby, i think toby was way better, i thought his jokes sucked, that crane scene killed it for me, spideys parent…..dont….matter…..at all…..they worked for shield and thats as good as we got and really….fuck them, they are not that important!
    Dennis Leary needed to say fuck so bad i could tell.

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      At least Garfield’s Spidey told jokes, unlike MacGuire/Raimi’s spidey.

  • http://twitter.com/StacySG Stacy Galler

    Awesome review guys! Watching the Antwiler Brothers argue about nerdy stuff is hiLARious! But even without that it was great – you were both really into it and it was entertaining as hell.

    Beyond that…get some sleep, Spoony. You’re starting to look like a raccoon. And since half the reason I tune in is for the eye candy that is The Spoony One…well…you’re disappointing me. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Kilkowski/583400802 Bruce Kilkowski

    Evil Indian guy? Apu is in this movie?

  • http://twitter.com/PenHellbourne Tim Edgren

    my brother dragged me to it….sure it was better than the other spiderman movies but…it’s a 4th spiderman movie..you have uncle ben and peter parker and flash and web slinging it’s just….. not anything new…..sure they had lizard…I guess…and gwen…. it was good but just not my great love..I couldn’t share in my brother’s fangasming. I couldn;t get a lot of energy even if it was better….especially since we went there at midnight after I told my gf I wouldn’t be going to to it ad spending time with her. Also….spoony..your brother is just…ugh….he has to have every single tiny detail spelled out and put right in front of him. to quote you “it’s called subtlety” there are tings that are IMPLIED in movies, not spelled out for you. That sort of irks me.

  • http://twitter.com/PenHellbourne Tim Edgren

    second note: peter parker is a double major in physics and biology, he’s incredibly smart which is why he makes the web shooters. organic webbing just downplays his intelligence, much like the tobey trilogy.

    • http://twitter.com/PenHellbourne Tim Edgren

      also the shows and comics had him often running out of webbing in cartridges and having to reload. also I did like that oscorp made the wiring stuff and he just made modifications.

  • http://twitter.com/SuckerpunchRoy Gern

    Miles was AWESOME in this video. Completely agree with him, this movie was barely okayish…but this vlog was gold!

  • rudy023

    I didn’t hate this movie, but there was a lot I didn’t like. I agree the special effects were better and Martin Sheen was a bright spot, but I thought Sally Field seemed miscast as Aunt May. She just didn’t seem old enough for the part. I also didn’t like the way they made The Lizard’s face look. When I saw him, I thought I was looking at a Goomba from that shitty Super Mario Bros movie! Plus they were redoing the origin story. They tried to make some things different in this version, but again, it’s rehashing the same material. On a positive note, now that they have the origin story out of the way, maybe the inevitable sequel can go in a whole new direction and surpass Spiderman 1 and 2.
    Of coarse, maybe instead of a sequel, they should develop a whole new movie. Forget minor characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow from The Avengers getting their own movie. The next marvel movie can be C. Thomas Howell as “Crane Dad”. Captain America can lose his shield…Crane Dad lifts it up and lowers it to him in time to save the day! Iron Man can be low on power…. Crane Dad can launch him into the stratosphere to stop Mandarin just in time….
    OK, in all seriousness, Amazing Spiderman wasn’t bad, wasn’t great, but The Avengers was better!

    • Johndar

      Am I the only one who liked the Lizard’s design? I thought it allowed the character to show emotion a lot better then just having a lizard face there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

    I liked how they made Peter Parker kind of an irresponsible douche. It makes sense for the character to begin at an irresponsible place before learning that great power comes with great responsibility, as opposed to beginning with a boy-scout that becomes even more of a boy-scout. They changed some details a little, but it ultimately works to shrink down the universe a little, which is good if your only gonna do about 2 more movies.


    That said, there was a lot of convenient writing in this, especially in the second half. Like how the father of that kid Spiderman saved SOMEHOW set up a bunch of cranes for Spiderman to use on such short notice, during a police evacuation. Or how the vaporization machine that the Lizard used can just be accessed from the top of a building without any sort of security measure.

    In fact, there were a lot of contradictory/stupid moments too. What made Peter think that anyone would believe his claim that a scientist-turned-mutant would attack the New York? And the quality of the effects were all over the place, sometimes with visible green screen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Branden-Lau/1472914463 Branden Lau

    Feels so weird seeing Noah being the more forgiving person in the discussion. Not used to seeing Miles being so worked up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianlemur Thrian Bering

    (Some spoilers in this comment) I liked the lack of Daily Bugle (by the way, there’s a small nod to it on the final scene in the Parker house near the end, the news report on TV is by the Daily Bugle) mostly because the story of “the newspaper guys don’t like Spiderman” never really worked for me, accurate-to-comics or not. The police created a much more real aspect for me, in that they furthered one of the main character points of spiderman–not all he does is right. When Uncle Ben dies early on, it’s because Peter did something that he thought was right–getting revenge on the shop owner. Then, it comes back and haunts him when the man kills Uncle Ben. Peter gives Curt Connor the formula to complete his serum, and ends up creating the Green Goblin. Fighting car thieves seemed to fit that theme, in that he was doing something that could be considered right, but since the police were using these car jackers to take down an entire ring, what he’s doing is not as beneficial as he had thought.

    I also like that Gwen’s father hated Peter on just about every level (Boys around his daughter, questioning his authority in terms of hunting Spiderman, and the fact that he *is* Spiderman). This was something you could never really get out of the goofy JJ Jameson character.

    All of this said, I never read the comics, so what the fuck do I know?

  • Patrick Coyle

    The first twenty minutes made me feel like I was watching Frasier again. You two are amazing.

    • ScutigeraColeoptrata

      Yeah, I actually got a Niles and Fraiser vibe from it as well, though with more swearing.

    • Vismutti

      Heh, that’s actually a good comparison.

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata

    I have mixed feelings about this film. On the one hand I liked the acting, the choreography, and the special effects, and I thought there were some great character scenes that really struck a chord with me.

    But, I’m with Miles. The film really needed some script rewrites to a) clear up plot points that are dropped cold, and b) match the tone and themes of the film into a more cohesive whole. Realistic scenes like the death of Uncle Ben clashed with absurd and campy scenes like the crane bit. Speaking as someone who liked the Sam Raimi movies, it’s apparent to me that those films had a consistent and intentional semi-campy tone throughout, whereas this film was rather schizophrenic in the tone it was aiming for. I also thought there were missed thematic opportunities to tie the stories of the Lizard and Spider Man closer together by contrasting their motivations and mentalities, and I was disappointed that the ending was resolved by a plot device and not by some triumph on Peter’s part. There were also a lot of flaws that would be nitpicks by themselves but when taken together just made the script look sloppy.

    But I didn’t hate the film and I thought it was ‘good enough’ for what it was. If a sequel is made (and it seems likely) I will check it out. It just could have easily been much better.

    Also, what ever happened to Rodriguez?

  • Mateusz K.

    Go team nerd-rage! There’a a stupid movie in need of a head bashing!
    Thanks for a new vid!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Fisk/1066089255 Lisa Fisk

    I think Aunt May figured it out earlier in the movie when Capt. Stacy put out the warrant for Spiderman on live TV and Peter walked out of the room obviously upset.

  • Sevyne

    It’s funny that you guys went off so much over the Crane scene because I had a pretty big rant over it with a friend after we left the theater about that. Part of what I told him that in the part where Spiderman missed on one, I almost expected Randy Quaid to catch him with a Crop-duster and be all like, “Alright you lizard punk! i got Spidey on my wing! It’s payback time!”. That’s about how ridiculously stupid that scene was.

    Btw, The Incredible Hulk touched on the origin story perfectly by pretty much summarizing it in the opening credits and I like that you used that example. That is also an example I’ve used for how this movie should have done it. We didn’t need to see how he got his power yet again.

    • AggroWill

      I think that would have made the movie so much better. Randy Quaid flying a cropduster toward the Oscorp building shouting “I’M BACK!” while Spidey’s clinging to the wing shouting “TOO SOON! WAY TOO SOON!”

      • Sevyne

        I know I would have enjoyed that part much more!

  • Marc Warner

    I love this, its like an argument I’d have with my own brothers xD

  • Patrick Coyle

    If I were in the testing audience, I would have gone with the helicopter pilot idea. When they were talking about the crane scene, I was imagining that maybe OsCorp could be on an island with a floating bridge or something, and a bunch of helicopters could fly out to let Spidey swing under them. Maybe they be doing crazy maneuvers to help slingshot him further.

    Because if you’re going to have something that ridiculous, you might as well go balls-out with it, right?

    Oh wait, I know… Hot-air balloons!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominic.gonzaga.1 Dominic Gonzaga

    I thought the crane scene was because the buildings were too short to effectively swing, especially with all the people running around below. That made Spiderman have to run the rooftops and exacerbate his leg injury. I’ll have to see it again to confirm.

  • http://twitter.com/TheRetroCritic TheRetroCritic

    The Amazing Crane-Operators lol

  • Rebecca Little

    I did think the crane scene was a little bit silly, though I didn’t rage on it as hard as Spoony. At the same time, I thought it was better than the bridge scene with the Green Goblin (not that such a feat is hard to accomplish). Seriously, the Green Goblin should’ve turned around around and blasted everyone on the bridge away. It’s not like he cares about civilian lives one way or the other. Maybe he was just more interested in dealing with Spider-Man quickly at the time, but I was having trouble buying it. That scene with Doc Ock on the train was great, though. The civilians are all, “You have to go through us,” and Ock’s response is basically, “Pfft, seriously? Fine. *BAM!*”


    first up – LOVE movie and think its far better than Riami’s in terms of characters and terms
    Concerning what you guys were saying
    With parents and Conner – Spoony covered how he is part of reason they left company and had to be killed PLUS it is left over for the next two films to develop further (shown at End stinger with the supervillian in shadows and “WE” he mentions). And with Connor Alive he can return for later films.

    Also – Yeah Chekovs Gun with Dispenser, but it did clearly establish how the Lizard could harm the city, rather than just building it in the Sewer.

    Police- They didnt believe the Giant lizard story because its a blo*dy big monster, where as Spiderman has been shown to exist by this point and is clearly a guy in a suit. And as Stacy was saying, at first Pete was on an (unknown to him) revenge trip and till the end (and hints of involvement wiht bridge) never knew otherwise. The guys probably were set up for both of them, and took their chance with Pete. It was only one guy who shot him with real bullet.

    EVIL Indian – Is a character that was proto-goblin so he could come back. Also, there is a deleted scene of him in Conner’s sewer labs

    Web-shooters played into harder fight on Oscorp tower and Redemption of Connor having to save Peter from fall.

    Cranes and Leg injury – IM FINE WITH THIS SCENE- WOW
    Anyway, it plays into scene of Peter first truelly being a Hero saving the guys kid (plus own parents issues), and as reward is helped by him and plays into Bens message. Also Peter didnt have direct sight to tower so he could swing & RUN/PARKOR his way around there in time to potentially save Gwen and stop Connors on his hurt leg. He’d have to run into and around a bunch of buildings along way, making his leg worse. Unlike Raimi’s “People help spidey” this doesnt have INCREDIBLEY crony lines in all 3 of his. Also it plays directly into stopping Connor and its the first huge Spidey swing in the film, so acts as pay-off rather than scene stopping. Talk about obsessing over unneeded details guys!!! haha :P

    Voice Mail – I Got it that it came after he ran off and he ignored it. It was him calling him just as you said. We just didnt see it. SO Pete starts listening and is angry at himself for ignoring it, and later plays it after resolution with May. Maybe im remembering it wrong, but it certainly seemed that way to me.

    Green Goblin and Dr Ock arent sympathetic in the comics. Though i think both played well, Raimi ALWAYS had to play his villians tragic ie Ock and wife, Sandman and daughter.
    Connor is more sympathetuc in my opinion because, whilst also going mad, he doesnt mass murder people and is actually in a twisted way trying to help them. I also think they did cast his family, but im guessing they too got cut for time

  • jean_rene_hiccup

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who was completely turned off by Toby’s performance and grating acting style. And if you grow just a little more facial hair, monsieur Spoony, you could cosplay as Gabriel Belmont.

  • draxo

    I can’t wait for a spoony skit utilizing superhero crane operators.

  • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020

    I agree with Spoony on this one I enjoyed the movie and thought that the movie as a whole was more enjoyable than the recent Raimi films. However I will say I like web shooters over biological web shooting its just a preference I assume. The Crane scene looking back is pretty dumb but thats the only major complaint I towards the film your brother did make a good arguement about Curt Conners not being tragic enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xMalanic Chris Blue Rose Broadway

    I’m surprised they didn’t comment on the after the credits scene

  • http://twitter.com/Aard Adam

    I didnt watch the full review, and I havent seent he new movie. I stoped at when you were talking about the web shooters. Spoony, you say your a spiderman fan, but you dont seem to know a thing about him. Peter Parker is a nerd, and he is very smart. He is not some bumbling idiot with no technical knoledge. So no shit he was able to build his web shooters, to go along with his other abilities. Come on, how could you not remember that?

    • http://twitter.com/MichaelCWells Michael Wells

      I think he meant to imply that he has Spider Powers. What is the one thing people associate with spiders? Their Webs and Webbing so to say he had Organic Web Shooters as a result of the powers makes a lot of sense. All he has is a Danger Sense, Strength, Reflexes, and Wall Climbing (I know he has more but those are the ones people think of instant) so Webbing would have made his powers seem more solidly spider. I mean hell he could have called himself FlyMan and still had the right powers for the name.

    • Johndar

      Peter’s smart, but he’s not that smart. He’s no Reed Richards. Being able to create something that miraculous on a high schooler’s budget with no preexisting technology? No, just no. It worked in the 60’s, hard to swallow now. This movie did it fine though, so whatever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Motica/100001428480278 George Motica

    Nothing ever said he was doing something illegal!


    • mik_robertson

      I laughed so hard. The timing was perfect.

    • http://twitter.com/mariner1712 Nick Martinelli

      15:15, for those interested.

  • RHCZ

    The whole “Crane Dad” bit was so damn funny, seeing you two dissect it and mock it.

    I saw it and thought it was KINDA cheesy and didn’t think much of it … didn’t think too much about it. NOW I can’t stop laughing about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jovan-Stipic/1520802005 Jovan Stipic

    these 2 are awesome :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595262743 Kevin Friel

    I’ll give you a ruling on this. While Spoony was correct, Miles was also correct in that the movie should have shown, rather than told us that he did shady things. However I thought the movie was ungodly long so maybe it’s for the best that they didn’t.

  • AggroWill

    I thought the Indian guy threatened Conners with the same thing that happened to the Parkers. It seemed to imply that Oscorp killed them, and that if Conners didn’t do what they wanted they’d do the same to him. Similarly, if Conners knew the Parkers were killed by Oscorp, he probably bent the rules and ethics just to save his ass and eventually that rule-bending brought him some success. It makes the most sense. He didn’t kill the Parkers and he didn’t necessarily do human trials, but he probably played a bit fast and loose when he was pressed for some progress.

  • AggroWill

    They should have brought back James Franco as a much more sinister Harry Osborne instead of the Indian guy as Norman Osborne’s messenger.

    “My father is dying. The pie was not good.”

  • Ben Huffaker

    to be honest im glad they rebooted spider-man the rami triilogy is shit while this new one is great

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1098990731 Oliver Grant

    I see Spoony’s point of view. Being spoon fed every detail on every film would get old fast, a lil subtly with just enough detail to allow the viewers imagination/common sense to tell the rest of the story is enough. I’d rather that than some lame excuse for them to bring it up and make it seem completely fabricated…. Still Miles had a good arguement…

  • Klarden

    “You can put Martin Sheen in anything…” Yep, The River of Souls.

  • http://twitter.com/omahonyf Finbar O’Mahony

    indian guy?
    dots or feathers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Wilbur/100000233713624 Michael Wilbur

    Heh. I love the vlogs with Miles; let’s call him ‘The Spoony Two’.

    • http://twitter.com/anceldelambert Aaron Kerr

      We’ll call him Forky.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Wilbur/100000233713624 Michael Wilbur

        I like it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Blanchette/100000711191865 Patrick Blanchette

    Spiderman didn’t swing from building to building that much in this movie. That’s something I kinda liked. They establish that he need something above him to grab to, he can just shoot his when on any building. That’s why in the seen at the end, he need the construction worker to create a bridge for him.

  • http://s12ord.smackjeeves.com Megaman0

    Miles really took it to Spoony in the start of the video and he was right!

  • Christopher Bertram
  • Merost

    Why doesnt Spoony like whiny characters?

    Didnt he himself make at least 5 Vlogs and 10.000 Twitter Posts whining about his health, mental condition, girlfriend etc.?

  • Stanislav Tcachov

    There was also a quip from the Raimi Spidey in part 2, when he repels the money bag Ock hurled at him and says: “Here’s your change!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=753345456 Octo Seven

    Miles got this shit handled bro.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Timo-Takalo/503889411 Timo Takalo

    I have to disagree with the Sam Raimi films having great villains, especially Doctor Octopus. My problem with him is that they start him off as way too good of a guy. He’s happily married, recites poetry to his wife, briefly becomes a father figure to Peter, is working on clean energy… There’s not enough flaws to make his turn to villainy credible. And let’s remember what do they use to make him turn evil: Mind-controlling tentacle AI. And his big evil plan was to… repeat the failed experiment on a bigger scale with even less precautions? Why exactly?

    Relatively minor changes to the script could’ve made him a much better character. For instance, point out his disregard for safety precautions in his science demonstration, and explain it as him cutting corners because he’s a glory hound and wants to hurry for everyone to see his genius. And then when things go catastrophically wrong, it breaks him because he had everything riding on that project.

    • c.conley90

      The Lizard’s motivation is so mixed up it isn’t even funny, so yeah, Dr. Octopus isn’t a real that bad of a villian in Spider-Man 2 he at least had the essence of just not being right in the head. The Lizard what was his suddenly lizard world plan a part of, wasn’t he originally trying to stop the indian guy. What the hell movie.

  • J.G. te Molder

    Every time I read the criticism about the organic webshooters that “he should be shooting web out of his ass”, I want to sink my forehead into my hands and shake my head despondently.

    Yeah, out of his ass, because a Spider spins web out of his ass, that’s why a human ear would never grow on a rat’s back… oh wait…

    • kurt21g

      It didn’t: “The Vacanti mouse was a laboratory mouse that had what looked like a human ear grown on its back. The “ear” was actually an ear-shaped cartilage structure grown by seeding human cartilage cells into a biodegradable ear-shaped mold.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacanti_mouse

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.gonzalez.7737769 William Gonzalez

    I saw this yesterday too, I’ll admit not as good as I had hoped but I still found a lot of stuff to like about it. About a 7/10 for me. I do fall more with Spoony than Miles, I don’t think they need to do a 5 minute flashback with Dr. Conners crashing the Parker’s plane. Between the scenes with M. Night Shyamalan (they gave him a name in credits but yeah) and the Man in Shadows before the end credits does implicate Conners and the Parkers with shady dealings, it’s enough for foreshadowing something that will be revealed later in the series. And yeah, the whole crane scene is really lazy writing, like Spiderman just happens to save the 1 kid that’s the son of a construction worker that knows a crane operator. Definitely could have gone through one more rewrite. All of his school and home life seemed really awkward, which does seem pretty natural, it did build him out to be a fairly normal kid. The action was decent too, seemed a little too closely shot but they got pretty creative with the webbing and fighting. This movie definitely needed J Jonah Jameson.

  • http://twitter.com/BoggyManOct31 Boggy Man

    Oh he’s back!
    The man behind the, …thing,
    And he’s outta control!

  • http://twitter.com/vinyin_leykur vinyin

    @10.0min they sound like a old couple :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Lutz/100000352133310 Ken Lutz

    Okay alot of the issues you proposed in the script are mostly due to Sony pushing this movie to be released this year because if they didn’t they would lose the rights to Marvel and Disney. And Sony would be like F that we gotta get this out.

    • http://twitter.com/anceldelambert Aaron Kerr

      Really? They pushed it out? No wonder I felt some weirdness…

      • c.conley90

        Its called corporate greed guys, the whole entire movie was made for the base purpose of getting some good profits off it. Hey who cares if any care was put into it or you know good screenwriting no, its shoddy editing and lame moviemaking. Its just how FOX did to get a Daredevil movie released.

  • http://twitter.com/vinyin_leykur vinyin

    “I don’t through the sqeaky toy because daddy is working, okay?” classic

  • http://www.facebook.com/erich.hau Erich Hau

    They did establish that the webbing Spider Man was using was based off of Oscorp Bio-Cable, which is used to pull planes and

  • level_control

    Wow. Blip Tv is such a massive piece of shit, the only way to get the video to load is turning on ad blocker. Don’t worry, I’ll run the video again to get the ad when they fix their fucking website.

  • Sexual_Tyrannosaurus

    Can’t wait for Crane Dad the movie

  • Sebastian Allegretti

    yay spoony’s back =D love those long vlogs and rants as much as your reviews. keep em coming dude.

  • calbeck357

    Just watching you two go back and forth over the Lizard’s motivation makes me love this video -XD

  • pelleparafin

    Oh god, I was expecting Miles to just say fuck off and leave the house like 12 minutes in.

  • Chucky Kane

    i ALSO hated Toby as Peter Parker. he SUCKED!

  • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

    I thought Sam Raimi was a fine director for the Spider-Man movies…

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      They were good at the time, but the non action scenes don’t hold up too well for me.

  • calbeck357

    Spoony, how do you NOT know about the Urban Services Justice Team?


    “Jimmy! Get Mike on the horn! Galactus is in town and we need to launch the Batmobile at him, so Mike’s bridge needs to be up at exactly a twenny-three-degree angle in FIVE MINUTES!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Black/100000380573698 Steven Black

    An excellent vlog. Nice to see you and Miles passionately arguing each of your opinions. Practically Siskel and Ebert levels of vitriol at 12 minutes in. I still have no desire to watch this film. Another reboot. They are getting annoying all the way around in comics and movies. You get three movies, then we remake the series…again. I didn’t care for the other Spiderman Trilogy much either. The third one was a waste of time, and the first one seemed like it was remade as the second one with the appropriate ending. Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst aren’t very good actors. I remember liking the villains a lot more with both Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octopus. Meanwhile the third Batman movie looks like its trying to combine Knightfall and No Man’s Land in 2 hours with a terrible looking Bane. The only series that is really working at this point is the Avengers line of movies, built on the strong basis of the Iron Man movies and to a lesser extent Thor. What I think spoiled us all was the excellent cartoons which simply delivered when we were kids/teens. X-men, Spiderman, Batman The Animated Series. All of them some of the best art, characters, and story around and based completely on the comics. When the cartoons have more depth than your movies, its a huge problem. And none of the current movies even holds a candle to them with the exception of The Dark Knight (which was like watching the cartoon joker in live action). On the other hand, the Avengers movies are far superior to the rather cheesy Iron Man cartoon of the same era.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.d.davis1 Daniel Dylan Davis

    Tobey Maguire does not cry much through the spiderman series. This is commonly overused by haters, I only remember a few incidence of the crying actually happening. Me and other people on forums have proven this to be true time and time again.

    Also while you may not like Spiderman nor Raimi the first two were critical and commercial success (Spiderman 2 was even regarded at one point as the best Superhero movie of all time). Obviously he did his job, and he it quite perfectly.

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      Of course, it was a critical and commercial success! It could have starred Pauly Shore as Peter Parker and been a critical and commercial success! There was no other live action Spidey movie that wasn’t a low budget piece of shit up until that point, this was the first Spidey that was being done on a big budget, with a fan boy favorite as director, and it was first live action Spidey being made in the era of CGI and was going to look great. And it did look great. I like millions have read Spidey comics for years. He’s my favorite superhero character. Millions felt the same way, whether they were fans of any of the animated series or the comic. And that was the only game in town when it came to Spidey. OF COURSE it was going to make billions. But that wasn’t Tobey power. That was the power of the iconic image of Spidey on the screen. But it was lacking. I hated McGuire as Parker. But what are you going to do? You take what you can get. But those movies don’t hold up to well. I don’t own them on home video, but i will purchase ASM.

      • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.d.davis1 Daniel Dylan Davis

        That still doesn’t change the fact that Andrew Garfield cried more times than Tobey Maguire in the first movie alone.

        • c.conley90


      • c.conley90

        Well sucky suck suck for you Tim Terrell, I think you are ignorant as the day is long and stupid too, you bitch about people hating your new and Improved Spider-Man now with Hipster douche action enjoy him and suck it, suck it hard and suck it low. Because I know all you are a pathetic little man on a comments board.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacen-Chen/532265634 Jacen Chen

    The cops in the comics really LOVE Spiderman. They will support him. There are times when they would just let him go

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      Yes, now, but not when Spidey first arrived on the scene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jacen-Chen/532265634 Jacen Chen

    Miles WISH he has special Batman taser bullets. Would make his job so much easier with the only shoot as a last resort thing

  • itbegins2005

    Guys, I hate to point out that you’ve both missed the point, but in the scene in which Evil Indian Guy is talking to Curt about the disappearance of Richard and Mary Parker, he’s not saying that Connors was somehow involved with the Parkers’ disappearance… he’s saying that Connors knows that OSCORP was involved, but he chose to stay silent so he could continue his research (and also presumably not get killed in his sleep). He’s also, very subtly, threatening Connors by pointing out that they’ve made bothersome scientists disappear in the past.

    But that’s why Connors is so upset about the suggestion of testing the serum on innocents– because up until then, he HASN’T been involved in any unethical activity. Connors IS a decent guy… up until he gets hopped up on Lizard-juice, at least.

  • Luke_Duke

    Fish boots! I got that reference. :-D

  • c.conley90

    I really hate the shitting on Raimi’s movies.

    • c.conley90

      I agree with Miles more in this review, this shit that Noah is saying about how the the original trilogy is aging horribly and BULLSHIT, That is utter horseshit noah, utter, its not like these were made in the 70s or the 80s they were enjoyable enough then and they are enjoyable now. So yes I cry bullshit, I will remember Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man much more than Marc Webb’s Spider-Man and that is a fact.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.m.baldovin Joseph Micheal Baldovin

    I need to know, what the fuck are you eating!?

  • http://twitter.com/Shada67 Shada67

    About getting pictures of the Lizard, they showed the offer for a reward for proof of the Lizard on the front page of the Bugle. I was wondering with the bridge scene, what happened to the other cars? Were there people still in them? Spidey just swung off and left them *shrug*.

    This movie had a MUCH better actor playing Spider-man/Peter Parker. My daughter and I really liked Gwen Stacey (and her actress) a lot better than MJ too.

    They did actually use the web-shooters as a destroyable thing. Near the end, the Lizard is holding him by both wrists and intentionally crushes both web-shooters. This is right before Capt. Stacey comes upstairs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chaos7Theory Christopher Philabaum

    No, Spoony, you guys aren’t the only one. When they were pulling the crane scene I couldn’t believe it to the point I shook my head and facepalmed. I -still- can’t let it go!

    And is it just me but with the climax when Connors is choking Peter, he’s going on about how his mother, father, and uncle are dead and he’s alone, Aunt May had disappeared for quite sometime now in the movie. It let on that Aunt May was catching on to Peter (as slow as she seemed to be doing so) and then she vanished except for watching the evacuation on the television. So when the climax was happening and I heard the shotgun pump, that instant I thought it was going to be Aunt May going, “He isn’t alone.” and start shooting up Connors.

  • c.conley90

    I really don’t get this yes Andrew Garfield was a better Peter Parker but I disagree with Spoony, and Brad Jones reviews. The complete lambashing of Sam Raimi’s first two movies, that is just stupid bullshit. The oh, how better this new spider-man is to sam Raimi’s movies and yes how complete bullshit was Raimi’s movies and how we should all toss them in the trash because they are old outdated bullshit because oh they had no fucking wisecracks or quips (they did quip a few times you just miss it for your stupid undying hatred of Tobey Maguire) attitude annoys me.
    You know without Spider-Man 1 or 2 this little so called superior movie wouldn’t have existed, by the way Noah Raimi wasn’t the worst director for it, Webb was far more uncredible having only directed a stupid rom-com before this. Raimi had already basically directed a superhero movie in Darkman and was at least experienced in doing one. Marc Webb was just an indie Rom-com director who was a hired gun for Sony, so they could keep the freaking rights to the character. So they can shove out a adequate enough movie into the movie theaters to make more money. And they will succeed most likely, so all this movie was made on was pure corporate greed. And I am sad that there is so much backlash against Raimi and Maguire, undeserved at that. Well just enjoy your “new” and “improved”, “Maguire-less, Raimi-less and J. Jonah Jameson-less” hipster Spider-Man movie.

    • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

      Quit being so butt hurt. Why would you give a shit that Brad and Noah like this movie, and Noah doesn’t care for the Raimi movies? Spoony didn’t say ASM is superior and hedidn’t call anyone dumb for liking the other movies. He just happened to like this more. It’s a matter of taste, it doesn’t make someone dumb because they prefer one over the other. Take solace that there are millions of Raimi fans who hate this movie, and will only accept McGuire as their live action Peter Parker.

      The fact is there are a ton of us (like Spoony) who dig this movie more because we never…NEVER liked Tobey McGuire as Spidey or Raimi’s Rain-drops-keep-falling-on-my-head-Saturday Night-Fever-Jazz-Musical-Dancing, corny, Norman Rockwell-wanna be soulless bloodless dialogue and relationships, cardboard-cutout-versions-of-MJ-and -Aunt May-having Spider Man movies. We just took what we could get. But now we have choice. Choose the Spidey you like. Some people such as Spoony, Brad were never emotionally attached or invested in the Raimi/McGuire Spidey. Some of us hardcore fans of the comics and animated shows didn’t see Tobey as Peter Parker, that’s all.

      As for the complaint about Spidey not being a smart ass in the other movies…”You’re the one who’s out, Gobby- Out of your mind!” does not cut it. No one is stupid just becasue they don’t make a list of the quips that McQuire said. The four quips that Spidey said in the whole Raimi trilogy were forgettable because of 1) McQuire’s sedated and uninspired performance speaking as Spidey 2) the HORRIBLE and humorless writing and dialogue that permeated the Spidey dialogue and 3) the muffled voice “behind the mask”. It’s a big budget blockbuster, Raimi. Your actor doesn’t have to sound like he’s being smothered to death just because his character wears a mask. Ever heard of ADR, Raimi? Use it sometime, why don’t ya?

      Garfield as Parker spouted off more funny jokes and one-liners in one school library fight scene than Tobey did in all 3 Raimi movies put together.

      And who gives a crap that Raimi made Darkman? Yeah, that is an iconic film. It always tops the best superhero movies lists, right above Halle Berry’s Catwoman. So, Raimi has more experience. But being an “experienced” director sometimes means being stale, and being young and inexperienced means having fresh ideas. Though Webb is NOT inexperienced, he’s made big budget movies. Raimi’s effects and visuals during the fight scenes were spectacular, but the dialogue, writing, character development, story and character chemistry in the Marc Webb movies is Amazing.

      • c.conley90

        One: Butthurt? What the fuck are you talking about, I just don’t really really agree with Spoony or Brad Jones’ opinions on this movie or the other movies. I was just stating my opinion, I know in an over the top way, much like Noah does in most of his V-logs (see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).
        Two: What the fuck do you mean that Marc Webb has done big budgeted movies? He only worked on video documentaries to 3 doors down, green day, Jesse Macarthy and No Doubt, one movie (500) days to summer, and one episode of the office (See Imbd). Yeah really big budget fucking movies,Raimi was making Evil Dead on his own fucking budget, Webb didn’t. I think Raimi was a good director for it and a more experienced director so sue me.
        I really don’t care if you hate Raimi and Maguire’s guts so badly for those movies, I don’t hate Webb he did a pretty good job. It’s just I don’t think it will ever compare to me well with Raimi’s movies, in fact it will probably fall a little short (stupid crane scene, been there done that origin story) broken plot threads left and right possibly left on the cutting room floor, hipster parker). I know Spider-man 3 was pretty horrible, I admit it but I felt Spider-Man 1 and 2 were pretty good adaptations regardless of small nitpicky comic book nerd flaws like oh he doesn’t wisecrack as much as in the comic books. Get over yourselves, I felt the same way about X-men the last stand but I had to get over it, I still hated the movie but I got over it.

        I still liked what Raimi achieved, and I didn’t think Maguire was that bad. I mean sheesh I feel bad for him, he must get E-mails from comic book nerds saying he sucks all the time and how he ruined Spider-Man. Oh well, here’s to hoping the next Garfield Spider-man better than the last. I enjoy the first well enough. Its just I don’t understand all the hatred, out of nowhere suddenly, some kind of “what’s old sucks, what’s new is great” fever or maybe all the non fans are crawling out of the woodworks. I’m not just talking about Spoony and Brad, I’m talking about the comments I have read on here and other comments I have seen. And three Spoony has call fans of movies morons before just watch, Tron:Legacy’s V-log where he calls people who liked it mediocre or easily entertained idiots basically. He may have not on this one, but he has done it before.

        And Darkman was at least some experience in the superhero field, its an underrated movie, not compareable to Catwoman sheesh. But you can not hide from the truth that all this movie was just more money for sony and that was all. They didn’t care probably one ounce about the comic book, didn’t care just for the money. The way of Hollywood, at least I saw some touches of someone caring in Raimi’s movies. And as far as the ADR, nothing is always perfect on these movies, get over it really, fucking nitpicker. And the Garfield quips weren’t that funny, yeah maybe the carjacker part but, otherwise he didn’t give as much you think and one of them sounded just as cheesy in the same vein as the out of your mind quip. But I don’t really don’t give a shit, I was more concerned with 3’s cramming bad guys than that.

        And excuse me it wasn’t until now that I find out how neither Spoony or Brad Jones liked these movies, they never stated it before, so yes its kind of a shock, that the moment a reboot comes out for them to just say I liked it way better the originals I didn’t like the originals at all its time to tell you, though its telling that Brad Jones only likes some obscure Spider-Man tv show movie from the 70s called “Deadly Dust” talk about cheesy. But in all actuality I don’t hate Brad as much as Noah sometimes, I just disagree with him.

        • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

          We don’t have to “get over” the Raimi movies. There’s an alternate Spidey more consistent with the good spidey stories from the comic books to watch now. As for people liking this because it’s new…Well that is ridiculous. You really think that if this movie was shit, Spoony, Brad and the others who liked it wouldn’t say so? Brad has no stake in it, he’s not a comic book fan. Spoony is just brutally honest and recognizes B.S. when he sees it. What I have seen is that critics who trash this movie seemed bias toward the Raimi movies and even make up lies about what happened in the movie in their written review. Anyway, to each his own.

          • c.conley90

            I’m not biased to the Raimi movies, there are problems in them. And by get over the Raimi movies, I mean I think its stupid that people, compare the comic books to the movies so much. I really don’t go to these comic book movies, to see a fair accurate representation of the comic book, because much like books to movies, I know that will never be 100%. And I’m not lumping Brad and Spoony into the people that just hate it now because its new, I’m pointing the finger at you internet fools. And I love that you blindly follow Spoony like his loyal fan and agree with his opinion, newsflash Terrell Spoony is usually full of shit most of the time in my opinion. He hates a lot of things, he nitpicks things to freaking death and has a negative opinion on most things. And even the movies he likes so much he nitpicks so much. Besides his constant love of Reb Brown movies is stupid as all hell, like Reb Brown movies are that good, maybe for a laugh. Or is he just playing that up, oh well. I am not trashing the movie, no the movie was pretty good, it had flaws, but unlike you it will not measure up so well to Raimi’s for me, part of it is the nostalgia factor. So no, I take Spoony’s opinion with a freaking grain of salt, the man has problems. I take Brad’s opinion on a more face value, I just disagree with it. Spoony is usually full of shit, he’s right sometimes but for the most part I don’t agree with him.

          • c.conley90

            Oh, and I read the comic books too, and none of them dropped characters and storylines as badly as this movie did, I mean I’m still waiting to find out what happen to the indian guy. And as far as Brad Jones goes, he didn’t exactly hate Raimi’s movies he thought they were just OK. Unlike, Spoony who just sits there and just calls it shit. And as far as I am concerned, Raimi isn’t as bad as Joel Schumacher, the man who ruined Batman movies for a long time and then sunk the comic book movie industry after it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stanley.h.tweedle.3 Stanley H. Tweedle

    @ 3:00 I TOTALLY agree with you.. Those movies were terrible and Toby Maguire was the WORST fuckiong actor you could cast.

  • http://twitter.com/GuyManMontague Brunstead

    I was getting a bit of a 9/11 vibe from the crane guy part, like they just wanted to portray people in the city in some “empowering” way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SaetonChapelle Heather Freitag

    I love your vlogs with Miles. xD I think they’re amazing. Still not sure about seeing this movie however…

  • David_Dennings

    There’s something about the way Miles says “YOU GET EM SPIDERMAN!” has me in fits. Of all the Noah/Miles vlogs (i.e. the best vlogs) this has to be one of the best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/FXguy Bill Cassinelli

    Fish boots! Suicide Kings is such an underrated treasure.

  • Solemn_Witness

    I agree with Miles more in this review. Lizard’s story was underdeveloped. The first episode of the 90’s Spiderman cartoon “Night of the Lizard” makes Doc Conners a real character with a family. Netflix is awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stanley.h.tweedle.3 Stanley H. Tweedle

    I’M GIVING YOU FLACK SPOONY!!!! YOU DIDN’T BITCH NEAR ENOUGH ABOUT TOBY MAGUIRE!!! God he sucked. Ruined the whole series for me.

    P.S. See the BBC series “Sherlock”. You will rethink your opinion of Robert Downs syndrome Jr.’s version. Trust me!

  • http://twitter.com/zodd88 Guido Palombi

    Like the Prometheus review, you two made my day.
    The crane scene was just one of the many things that pissed me off at this movie, but at least nothing really topped Emo-dancing-saturdaynightfever parker.

  • c.conley90

    Please stop with the shit about Maguire, I saw flaws in bother versions of Peter Parker, just please stop the constant raking Tobey Maguire over the coals, where the hell is this all coming from. What is Tobey Maguire as hated as Shia Ledouche, on these sites. Give the guy a break, douchebags like MR, Tweedle below me.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Ok we get it, you like Toby Maguire. No need to constantly get upset because there are some people out there who really didn’t like him.

      • c.conley90

        I don’t like Maguire, its just why is it that all people are just beating the poor guy up constantly for his role as Peter Parker, so he wasn’t Andrew Garfield.

        • http://twitter.com/TTHOOM Tim Terrell

          So you are saying people shouldn’t share their opinions on the internet? Good luck with that. BTW, I wish you hadn’t shared you opinion.

          And I think Tobey McGuire is as annoying an Shia LeBouf.

          • c.conley90

            I’m just giving my opinion, I think you need stop beating up on Maguire, people are free to give their opinions but I will also state my disagreement to those opinions. Mr. Terrell, you shouldn’t really talk when you hadn’t even checked your facts on Marc Webb in your previous posted reply to me.

  • aroihkin

    Suicide Kings reference! I love that movie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/faolan.lunasvalen Faolan Lunasvalen

    Amazing Spiderman movie is the best & most faithful to the source material
    of any movie yet.

    I’m a cynical sod, especially when it comes to thinks I love & this movie
    really has my approval.

    THIS is the web-head we know & love & far from the emotionless shell
    the previous Spidy was.

    I do think it was way too easy for him to get into OSCORP & the fact that
    they kept those dangerous spiders basically loose was just dumb.

    • Solemn_Witness

      They weren’t exactly loose. The spiders were behind two doors. One door needed a pass-code. Okay, OSCORP was pretty stupid. Or, they wanted Peter to find those spiders.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

        It’s also pretty convenient that the pressure was built into mass-produced canisters, because it explained how a kid in high school could make web shooters. All Peter had to do was mount the canister on a wristband with a button that punches a hole at the tip of the container. Maybe even a little solenoid valve, if the canisters hold more than one strand of web per container.

        In fact, ANYONE with a little robotics experience could build these shooters. Hell, I could make this with my Arduino prototyping board if I had the magic web canisters. Why don’t we see more Spider-man copycats swinging around, smacking into buildings because they don’t have super strength?

  • Colin McCarthy

    I have a way you can fix the crane scene.
    First, drop all of the other cranes, it just makes it stupid. Have Crane Dad working a night shift while working on a building and Spiderman is trying to swing around with his bad leg. His leg acts up and he misses a webshot and starts falling as Crane Dad brings his crane around and Spiderman grabs onto the cable.
    You can have Crane Dad save spider man, without the silliness of all the cranes operators getting up in the middle of the night and making this perfect path.

    Just an instance of a guy at the right place and the right time.

  • http://twitter.com/Awkwardspy Ben Wilson

    Well accually The evil indian guy said he would give the fomula out as a flu shot or as a vaccine but yeah i dont know were the fuck that guy went or what his name was

  • Brian Weisberg

    This just affirms how much I love Miles, he should really be in more videos.

  • Tai_MT

    The only complaint I ever had with the “organic webshooters” was that it takes away from Peter Parker. It kind of kills who he is as a person. I would have been fine with them being organic if it had been obvious in OTHER WAYS like throughout the cartoon series that he was a genius. When Peter creates his OWN webshooters it’s a shining moment of awesome for him because he’s that smart. It even later becomes plot points when imposters show up and their webs stick around after 24 hours when his biodegrade after that amount of time. In the movies… We don’t get anything of the sort. Peter is portrayed as a “nerd”, but not necessarily very smart. In fact, after the first act of the first movie, there’s nothing to even hint at him being anything other than average intelligence. It doesn’t get much better from there. Peter is supposed to be a genius. He’s supposed to understand science and technology and he’s supposed to be somewhat “punny”. The movies took that away from him. They started by taking away his created webshooters and making them organic. It doesn’t spoil the movies or Spiderman for me… But it does spoil the CHARACTER for me.

    • http://twitter.com/RebornAleph Vincent Brooks

      Great point, actually. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve given Spiderman (or any Marvel/DC Comics/Cartoons at all) any attention, and the webshooters aspect completely slipped my mind, so much that I didn’t even think about it.

      Thanks. Remembering what Peter Parker really was somehow makes me want to get back to Spiderman as soon as possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adam.murray.77398 Adam Murray

    this is the best movie blog ever man, even more entertaining than your breaking dawn 1, I cant wait for breaking dawn part 2..you sh

  • Merost

    So Ultima on Friday was another bullshit talk? Wow Spoony got lazy.

    Back then he put out three videos a month, one “official” review and one or two Vlogs.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Rest assured that he is working as hard as he can. The other day he was tweeting about how he was editing so much that he had almost gone cross-eyed.

      • MikeBester

        And Spoonys 1st Fanboy comes to the rescue. “HES WORKING AS HARD AS HE CAN!!”.

        Bullshit. Merost is right, I can remember when he published Vlogs IN ADDITION to his main content. Now they seem to count as main content -_-

        • antiquarius

          The Vlogs are interesting, but they shouldnt replace the main content.

          Spoony should work on an official schedule, like the AVGN. The AVGN first released 2 videos a month (real produced content, not just him talking in a camera what a Vlog actually is), and then he announced he would only do 1 a month – But then he really DID that one video, you could rely on it.

          With Spoony its first boasting on Twitter “OMG I HAVE TONS OF STUFF” – And then nothing. 1 Vlog a month and nothing else is pathetic, especially compared to his times from 2007-2010.

          • level_control

            I wish Spoony would go the Brad Jones route. There is a lot of easy content be could add.

            1 vlog review a week
            join or start a weekly podcast
            1 weekly unscripted lets play session
            1 scripted review a month

            I think that would keep everyone happy.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Now THAT is a plan that I can see working. I can’t see bitching endlessly that Spoony isn’t working hard enough for them being a good plan.

          • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020


          • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020


          • antiquarius

            Sounds perfect.

            But will never happen. Spoony has become way to lazy for that. I mean he has too many “problems” for that -_-

            I would be happy with 2 vlogs 1 review every month.

          • Vismutti

            What the hell do you know about his problems? Do you think you have worse problems? Sorry but I hate people who have no real problems of their own while complaining that other people should just get over theirs. Also people who imply that mental illness isn’t a “real illness”. I don’t even know much about Noah’s situation in particular, this is just such an issue for me in general and I’m tired of people shaming clinically depressed people for being sick.

          • level_control

            I think finding a co-host and turning counter monkey into a podcast would be awesome.

            I think it’s the writing process that slows everything down. I imagine It’s fucking hard to write a script. But Spoony can be funny or at least entertaining when hes just talking about shit. Most of the work for these would be rendering and uploading the videos.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Rendering does take forever, however, I am told that the editing process is the hard part. The general rule of thumb is that for every minute of video takes about an hour to edit.

            Oops. Sorry about the double post.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Rendering probably does take forever, however, I am told that the editing process is the hard part. The general rule of thumb is that for every minute of video takes about an hour to edit.

          • level_control

            Since lets plays and vlogs are basically unscripted, it’s very minimal editing. It would pretty much be shoot, render, upload.

          • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020


        • PeaTearGryfin

          You know, I can’t help but notice a trend in how you post. Somebody bitches at the lack of free entertainment. Somebody else tells them to get over it. You show up to defend the original poster. Have you actually watched anything that has aired on this site in the past year?

          • MikeBester

            Yeah I can see a trend in your posts to. No one ever agrees with them and they always end with 0 likes 10 dislikes after a few hours.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Oh Mike you disappoint me. I thought after all our little “chats” you would have realized that I don’t give a crap what you and your little pals think of me. You can dislike my comments all you want (Hell, you guys have already hit the dislike button on every comment I’ve ever left regardless of it’s content anyhow). Truth of the matter is, I’m not going anywhere.

          • Zimmad

            I remember you getting into a rage and saying you would find out who we are on the forums and get us banned!!! :D :D Yeah didnt happen :D And everybody only klicks on dislike when he sees your posts because you already made a fool of yourself a 100 times. Not even fellow fanboys take you serious anymore.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            Ok since everybody is so fixated on this stupid like/dislike system, I’ll bite. How can nobody respect me when I have made 280 comments and have 428 likes? Just because YOU don’t respect me doesn’t mean that others don’t.

          • http://twitter.com/RebornAleph Vincent Brooks

            There’s really nothing to respect, to be perfectly blunt. You white-knight your soul off. It’s entertaining to watch, and believe me that I am filled with joy to know that there are so many loyal people out there — loyalty is a rare thing these days.

            It’s just sort of… vicariously embarassing to watch you do this day in and day out. I mean no offense, and I certainly don’t care. I just would really love to know why you do it.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            I do it because the man deserves a little bit more respect than a group of selfish pricks in his fanbase demanding new content when they snap his fingers. Anybody who has followed Spoony for any given period of time should know that he has health issues beyond his control that sometimes keep him from getting work done. I really don’t give a crap what people think about me (especially since you don’t know me). I will continue to “white-knight” (God that is such a stupid term) until people get it through their thick heads that they are not Spoony’s bosses and have no right to try and strong arm him into doing what they want for him.

            Man I am hating this new layout, Ignore this one guys. Disqus decided to upload my comment 3 times.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            I do it because the man deserves a little bit more respect than a group of selfish pricks in his fanbase demanding new content when they snap his fingers. Anybody who has followed Spoony for any given period of time should know that he has health issues beyond his control that sometimes keep him from getting work done. I really don’t give a crap what people think about me (especially since you don’t know me). I will continue to “white-knight” (God that is such a stupid term) until people get it through their thick heads that they are not Spoony’s bosses and have no right to try and strong arm him into doing what they want for im.

          • PeaTearGryfin

            I do it because the man deserves a little bit more respect than a group of selfish pricks in his fanbase demanding new content when they snap his fingers. Anybody who has followed Spoony for any given period of time should know that he has health issues beyond his control that sometimes keep him from getting work done. I really don’t give a crap what people think about me (especially since you don’t know me). I will continue to “white-knight” (God that is such a stupid term) until people get it through their thick heads that they are not Spoony’s bosses and have no right to try and strong arm him into doing what they want for them.

          • antiquarius

            You dont have 428 likes…You MADE 428 votes.

          • itbegins2005

            No, actually, that tally is for votes received. I know this because I checked my votes before I started reading this thread, and after “liking” something like twelve posts, I rechecked it. Nothing changed. So the counter is for votes received, not votes placed.

          • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020


          • http://twitter.com/McphuckCocker PMS-Gaming2020


    • Vismutti

      He’s been sick. Give him a break. It’s a loss to his own income too when he doesn’t post new content so I doubt it’s that he doesn’t want to.

      • antiquarius

        Hes been sick ALL THE FUCKING TIME. He made constantly Vlogs about his health from 2009 onwards. -_-

        • PeaTearGryfin

          Dude, Spoony is tweaking out on withdrawal from medication. Cut him some slack. btw let me right the reply for this comment for you.

          OMG U iz stuped lozer bitch. Git off teh internetz and leve teh smrt peple to cause shit.

        • Vismutti

          Being sick “all the fucking time” to me sounds like just a BETTER excuse to have problems with working. What are you implying, that if a person is sick for several years that magically means that his sickness doesn’t matter anymore and he should just act like a healthy person again?

  • Skellz

    At this point, the Raimi trilogy is still better…I enjoyed the original Spider-Man and its story/characters far more than this pointless reboot. I don’t get what Noah is saying.

    • c.conley90

      I agree, I really don’t get what Noah is saying or what some of the commentors on here are saying either. So much hate for the Raimi series is pouring out of the woodworks.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/George-Rosenbaum/100001387887487 George Rosenbaum

        This is not crying. It is pathetic groveling. Watch all of it, and feel pain.


        • c.conley90

          Yes its from the weakest of the original trilogy, so what, this movie was really not that much better than Spider-Man 3.

  • http://twitter.com/SolidGoldCEO SolidGoldCEO

    Spider-Man lets a criminal run past him then later finds that the guy shot his Uncle. Raimi made it so Spider-Man let go a guy that bumped into the back of the guy that accidently shot Ben.
    Anyone that can do that to the KEY character moment of Spider-Man can clearly bugger off. Tobey Macguire was a wet spineless Peter Parker and a bland quipless Spider-Man.

    Just one thing I wish all actors would take into consideration. If Hugo Weaving can keep his mask on for the entire duration of that let down V for Vendetta why can’t you keep a mask on just for the action scenes?

    • c.conley90

      Ok, that first paragraph really didn’t make any sense. What are you talking about? What is wrong.

      • http://twitter.com/SolidGoldCEO SolidGoldCEO

        People are comparing the new Spider-Man to Sam Raimis and that is an example of why I think Sam Raimi can “bugger off” or if you will “get lost” and also my opinion of what I personally felt was wrong with Tobey Macguires performance of the character of Peter Parker.

        • c.conley90

          Why does he need to get lost, he made a movie based on the character first, so yes naturally I and others would compare his to Webb’s movie. Its not Raimi’s fault that Sony is making a reboot that we like to compare to the original. What when people compare the 2012 version of Total Recall to the 1990 version will you tell Arnie and Paul Verhoven to get lost, if so how nice of you Solidgold CEO for being an absolute bully about the matter of comparison.

    • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

      Yeah but that wasn’t done until a shitty retcon in the third movie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xfirefly Tori Maier

    Thanks for the input! I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie, but I’ve found a lot of Spoony’s movie preferences cross over with mine, so maybe I’ll see it.
    Looking forward to the next Ultima review!

  • http://twitter.com/koyaa1 koyaa

    man, spoony… you’re always so picky i can’t believe you actually liked this garbage. this movie is barely better than spider-man 3

    • c.conley90

      I second that.

  • c.conley90

    I can’t believe nobody recognizes the evil indian guy as the police captain from Slumdog Millionaire, that’s the only other movie I have seen him in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juha-Torvinen/100000007129372 Juha Torvinen

    This looked like their opinions were different in this movie so this actually felt a good to watch and both gave very plausible points of view with some extremely irrational and funny to watch stuff too.
    Couldnt help but to snicker all the time and when orio jumps to the scene, it punctured through my laughing point.
    I guess that “spiderman shot in the leg” had something to do with him actually needing to land sometime, which shouldnt be easy after getting shot”, but since that didnt seem to be established it made it look just stupid. Sure grabbing something with his hand but i guess he doesnt get enough grip… I dunno. Just trying to get what they were thinking when making the movie.

  • http://twitter.com/dafk13 dafk13

    They might have cut some things especially about Evil Indian Guy


  • http://www.facebook.com/domenico.tozzi Domenico Hairyfoot Tozzi

    C’mon Spoony…you do one half of a game review then leave the other half for over a month?
    Other people are able to get a solid review out once per week, even once every other week.
    TotalBiscuit can do several reviews in a day.
    I come onto this site because I enjoy your content, but there’s almost no content any more. The reasons for people to keep watching are growing thin.

    • Vismutti

      I don’t know if you knew this but he’s been kinda… massively under the weather lately. I think he needs some vacation.

      • antiquarius

        He has been “under the weather” all the time. Check out how many Vlogs he made were he only talked about his health conditions.

        The break up with Scarlett was rough, but he said multiple times on Twitter “IM BACK!” and “I HAVE TONS OF CONTENT!”

        Its getting annoying. The AVGN made more videos while working on his movie than Spoony.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Youkhana/100003137512216 Steven Youkhana

      But Spoony’s videos are very long though that’s the difference his
      Ultima 9 video was at least 40 minutes so it takes a long time to edit
      and do everything else.

    • http://twitter.com/TheMasterpieceP Casey Mason

      I wouldn’t mind it that much, I have a lot of things that have kept me entertained up to this point but he promised he would have it up by friday… which was 2 days ago. I agree with Domenico on this. A review every 2 months (if even that) will not keep people around for long. I’m not trying to be a douche or anything and I understand that he has a personal life and all that good stuff but I do expect him to keep his promises and actually give a damn about his fans, who have been incredibly loyal up to this point.

      • antiquarius

        I would like him to have a fixed plan like the AVGN and Cinema Snob. You know “every first monday in a month a scripted review”. And then another Vlog when he has something to talk about.

        1 Scripted Revied and 1 Vlog every month seems fair I think.

        • http://twitter.com/TheMasterpieceP Casey Mason

          Certainly, 1 review a month can’t possibly be that hard to edit, script, film and stuff. If it is for him, then he’s doing something wrong.

          • http://twitter.com/TheMMOFifty TheMMOFifty

            That, and, Spoony has said that Ultima 9 will be in 3 parts, not 2, so, keep in mind, he is working on them, plus, he shouldn’t be working on anything if he is recovering from withdrawal symptoms and jeopardizing his well being, in short, just put up with the wait like the rest of us, and go build a model plane, learn Chinese, do something to take your mind off of it, and it will come up sooner than you think.

            Spoony is obligated to finish, but not at the cost of his well being, and not at the whims of his viewers, if you want to make a review of the same length, and of the same quality, then please, do so, and see how much work actually goes into this, its much harder then it looks.

          • http://www.facebook.com/BleakCabal David Thompson

            You do make a very good point but you’re neglecting the most important fact: He doesn’t have a job and this site is his revenue source. It sucks being depressed, believe me I know, but if this site is his only paying job I think it’s fair to expect at least weekly content. Something other than a no prep work or script Vlog. I’m sorry to have to say it like this but it would seem that this is his job.

          • http://twitter.com/TheMMOFifty TheMMOFifty

            Unlike a traditional job, there is no set deadline for anything,and job or no job, that isn’t to say that his time isn’t preoccupied with other things, like making sure the footage is OK, having to play the game to even get the footage which for rpgs, some can take several dozen hours to get the footage required, not to mention the time it takes to script.

            I do wish that Spoony wasn’t plagued with the numerous issues he has, but I bite the bullet and exert my patience when called for. And again, Spoony has no timetable, now, if he had a set timetable to do these things in, then you would have a more legit gripe, but he works on this and other projects without any of us the wiser.

            Cool your jets, the world wont end before you get your Spoony fix.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27215287 Jeremy Smith

      Oh no, the free content the guy is putting out in his spare time isn’t coming fast enough. How about we stop making speculations about the guys personal life or what kinds of schedule’s he should be keeping and enjoy the content when he releases it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/John.Kennington.4 Ryan Van Camp

        It’s his job, he should learn to keep a schedule

        If I missed work too much I would be fired, this lazy ass shouldn’t be exempt from that

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=27215287 Jeremy Smith

          “It’s his job”. That’s one crappy job, only being paid for web traffic for putting out amazing content. I would think he should complain to his boss about the hours, the pay, and the fans who make up schedules for him to follow. I sure hope he gets good dental and medical and his manager isn’t too hard on him if he isn’t on time or misses work for being sick.

          It’s his website, he doesn’t charge subscriptions, he can do whatever he wants with it. We as fans should enjoy his FREE content when he puts it out.

    • coyoterys

      There’s no way to compare what Spoony does to TotalBiscuit. Spoony’s production level and writing takes a lot more time and effort than a “WTF is…” video by TB.

      • http://www.facebook.com/domenico.tozzi Domenico Hairyfoot Tozzi

        I agree that it takes more time and effort, but here’s the thing. Spoony doesn’t have a traditional job. These videos are his bread and butter, his reviews are what gets him money. You’d think he would want to get these out a bit more frequently, even if they were shorter videos. Let me give you another example. Nostalgia Critic on TGWTG is able to put out one solid, heavily edited video per week (with a few exceptions). Whilst what they do is slightly different, it still shows that people who really care about this as a job are able to get out high quality videos regularly.
        I love the guy, Spoony provedes AWESOME content…when he gets of his arse and actually makes it.

  • taylor fox

    The Lizard did break the web shooters later in the movie

    • http://twitter.com/mprshane random-shane

      He did break them, and it seemed to be for Connors to save Peter from falling was the reason, a bit contrived but hey, what can you do

  • http://www.facebook.com/GaynateHikikomori Nathan Sary

    I’ve already posted a few massive arguments so it’s nice see you looked at it the same way I did. Frankly this film was not “epic” and I’m so completely ok with that, It was literally just a couple spider-man story arcs put on screen. The loudest complaints I’ve seen about Amazing Spider-man keep coming from people that either don’t read spider-man at all or haven’t read it since the 60’s. For better or worse if you’re still reading the comics this movie is spot on weird foreshadowing plot twists and all.

  • http://twitter.com/RebornAleph Vincent Brooks

    I have to say I love to watch you two discuss about movies. You guys are definitely a great duo. Would love to see the both of you on all of the future movie review vlogs.

  • CorpuscleSchism
  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Philip-Harris/676608860 Philip Harris

    Spoony looks like a tramp. Cut your hair and have a shave man.

  • mac corbett

    Look kiddies his is in withdrawal from Cymbalta this no picnic trust me on this he be lucky if he get up move in the next week so chill out the review will be done when it done. And if you want proof of this go check his twitter

  • http://www.facebook.com/eshtebala Rashid Al Thahli

    I think the argument at the beginning would’ve been better if Noah wasn’t interrupting Miles

  • Nikolai Streisky

    It’s look like spoony quit the reviews. It has been for years now, waiting for some content. Goodbye spoony, I really enjoy your vids, but since you didn´t make it anymore, it’s timne to look up for new sites to watch.

  • gman422.irish

    i love how miles is trying to explain what he is trying to say but spoony is completely not getting it.

  • gman422.irish

    they need to make a movie about crane man. or at least have him in the sequel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732482984 Nicholas J. Michalak

    I think the Ultimate Warrior told Dr. Connors to take the plane into a nose dive.

    I really liked “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and while I did notice some of the silliness, it didn’t bother me. I was expecting Spider-Man to do a web-slingshot to hurl him towards the OsCorp building instead of the the out of nowhere “crane operators to the rescue” segment. Rajit Ratha, “Evil Indian Guy,” did vanish out of the story. I almost completely forgot about him as the film went on, but yeah, that’s a hanging thread. I’m not sure if they meant for him to die in the bridge attack or not. The silliest moment to me was the Stan Lee cameo. The film practically stops for like half a minute for a gratuitous laugh that I did not laugh at. I’m actually getting real sick and tired of the Stan Lee cameos altogether. It’s nothing against the man himself, it’s just how each film seems to want to play it up more and more to where it’s obtrusive to the flow of the scene.

    • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

      This was the one Lee cameo I liked actually.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skytom Thomas Smith

    Oh the crane scene i hated it to, my main problem being if the news helicopter knew what was happening why not just fly spiderman to oscorp tower

  • Whitney Randolph

    Hi, Spoony. First time commenting. I enjoyed your review. A couple things I felt needed to be made clear. Not complaints; just to help give you a better understanding of certain scenes from the movie.

    1) Peter set up a camera down in the sewers to take a picture of Lizardman. He did this to get a reward from the Daily Bugle (or some other newspaper). A scene earlier briefly showed the front page of the newspaper saying that there would be a reward for getting photographic proof of Lizardman. So, there was that reason.

    2) Spiderman got shot in the leg. Yes, he’s hurt. Why doesn’t he swing from building to building then? Well, that’s kinda based off swinging logic from the other Spiderman movie, where it’s implied that he’s swinging from buildings, which looked more like he was swinging from clouds. In this movie, though, what Spiderman did was more of swinging from buildings, then either running along the side or just clamping onto the side. He hardly ever just straight up swings freely from building to building. Kinda makes sense when buildings aren’t really directly above him and would have the web line pulling him towards the building itself. He could probably get a free swing from a couple of web lines, but the swings would just get wider and he’d slam into a building. So, of course, he’s forced to swing a couple times then climb up a building to continue on, which would be difficult with a hurt leg. The cranes, then, help him swing freely and straight forward. Yes, the crane scene was quite cheesy, but it had a point, at least. Fifteen minutes more of watching Spiderman struggling to get to Oscorp wouldn’t be very exciting.

    Overall, entertaining review!

  • Dan Schuett

    Miles I hate to correct you but those crane operators were not union, you will never get a union worker off his ass after 5 o’clock, or before 5 o’clock for that matter.

    • http://twitter.com/mprshane random-shane

      It’s funny it seemed to me that all those crane operators were already at work still, and it would have been past 8, 9 ish in the evening.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      Not to mention that if they were union workers, they would have a response time of about 5 months, not 2 minutes.

  • Sara Jean

    I thought the movie was going to be really bad the first time I saw the trailer. But after seeing it today, I thought it was pretty good. The crane scene was hilariously bad, though. In fact, when the camera angled out so that you saw all the cranes in line and Spiderman standing on the building in front of them, it looked like a level in a video game.
    Something stupid I noticed was after Spiderman fought the Lizard in the sewer. After he gets out of the sewer, he immediately goes to Gwen Stacey’s apartment. Nothing is shown to indicate that Peter cleaned up at all before going there, he still looks dirty. And yet Gwen doesn’t seem to notice this, when he just went through filthy sewer waste. It’s like she doesn’t have a sense of smell.

    • http://twitter.com/SolidGoldCEO SolidGoldCEO

      Same here with the trailer. I think its because they tried to go the “Dark Knight” route by making it seem darker which doesn’t suit Spidey at all.

  • LeoMoon

    Spoony make a movie were someone dos that voice and laughs maniacaly.

  • zerok999

    Spoony has been through so much and the stress from the fanboys doesn’t help. Just look at him in these videos, he doesn’t look so well. You guys should be ashamed crying over stupid things like when videos go up when clearly the guy isn’t healthy. Get over yourselves people and just deal with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake.mays.1 Blake Mays

    Lol nice Suicide Kings reference about the fish boots.

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    Sorry, Spoony, but that’s not Miles misunderstanding. The evil indian guy (EIG) actually did go to the old people hospital. If you remember, the moment Connors realizes he has a new arm, tries to call EIG and the secretary actually tells Connors that EIG went to the VA hospital. So I definitely wouldn’t call that a misunderstanding or exaggeration. This was just bad writing in the movie for all the reasons you mentioned when you started picturing what would happen if he did went to the hospital.

  • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

    Just saw – and loved – this film, and figured I’d clarify one thing. Well, two things. You’re right that “Evil Indian Guy” is never identified by name in the film, however the end credits name him as Rajit Ratha.

    The other thing I’d like to clarify is him supposedly hitting the windshield as the car stops in midair suddenly. He doesn’t. He’s in a luxury sedan/stretched limo and what he hits is the plexiglass partition between the rear passenger area and the front/driver area. It’s likely he survived that as this particular partition isn’t as hard as a windshield and so smacking it wouldn’t do any serious damage, usually. You are right, however, that Rajit just disappears from the film without any explanation, which seems strange.

    One thing I wanna know is why was rescuing Jack (the kid) so important? His father’s fretting aside, Spider-Man had no real reason to believe Jack was in any more danger than Rajit and the other people dangling in their cars. And, anyway, after having saved Jack, why didn’t Spider-Man rescue all the other people in the exact same predicament Jack had been in? I thought he would, but upon returning Jack to his father he just swings off, as if the other innocent people (and Rajit) were of no consequence to him.

  • Artwood

    Dammit Spoony, now I want to see Peter Parker’s Day Off.

  • c.conley90

    I will say one of the complaints I have on this movie is the that much of the scenes where Spider-Man were featured were at night. I wanted him to be seen swinging in the daytime, why did it have to be always at night. What does Spider-Man only come out at night or something. I mean what was he trying to be batman or something. The only scene that had him not was either him going into the sewer or him fighting the lizard in the school. Otherwise, he was doing everything at night, and that is something I don’t remember being a part of the Spider-Man stories was him doing everything at night. That is something Raimi like it or not did better, that had a better more concise plot that followed on plot lines.

    • PeaTearGryfin

      I had the feeling when ever one of the night scenes started that somebody in production mixed up Spider-Man for Batman. I have to say though that the fact that liberties were taken didn’t really bother me as much.

      • c.conley90

        Well, it bugs me, because Spider-Man isn’t freaking Batman, he comes out in the daytime to fight crime also, I mean I know Batman goes out in the daytime too to fight crime but not as much as Spider-Man. That’s just something I think of with Spider-Man is him swinging around in the daytime. Not hanging around at night looking for criminals to beat up in alley ways.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fatenabu1 Dustin Gibbons

    Great review etc, also your dog and the squeaky toy was amazing cause it made my puppy confused and looking for a squeaky toy.. anyways, I agree the old movies do not age well, and I really only liked the 2nd one and that was only certain parts.

    • c.conley90

      Oh, brother more of that outdated shit again, look its not like it was made in the 70s or something, it was ten years ago. Yeah, the CGI has gotten a little worst looking and the patriotism has dwindled, and the goblin costume is hokey. But honesty, I don’t buy that it hasn’t “aged well” shit. I’m waiting in the year 2099 or something like that for when idiots will say that The Dark Knight or the Avengers hasn’t aged well. Or the ultimate joke, they say this movie hasn’t aged well, either, especially in its use of Bing. I love the Raimi’s is outdated shit reasoning people are employing into liking this cash cow for Sony.

  • http://twitter.com/nazzerdawk Nazzer Dawk

    Spoony, I have to remind you, they did establish why Peter was taking pictures of himself. Shortly before he goes into the sewers, Peter stops at and picks up a copy of the daily Bugle saying something like “Cash for pictures of The Lizard!” so he goes to get pictures of both himself and the lizard fighting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ballsblazin Jonas Andersen

    There’s two things I don’t understand which really hasn’t been mentioned by anyone.

    1.) Why are the cranes are lined up? Is the normal in New York? To just have cranes lined-up from different buildings? It didn’t even look like they were constructing anything on the street, Spidey, has to swing through. (Indeed a stupid scene.)

    2.) How did the car hanging with the kid magically catch on fire? Like seriously, I can’t remember if the lizzard somehow managed to smash it to a point where the engine might fuck up bad. I honestly think this is another, “car magically catching on fire” cliche, combined with o nos fire! how will spidey save tha kid? WITH THE MASK OF COURSE!

    I honestly think we’ll see EIG again. The extra scene during the credits gave away that the sequel will indeed feature more about Oscorp.

    • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

      It seemed as if the Lizard’s claws had ruptured the gas tank when he threw the van off the bridge. The gasoline flowing down the vehicle came into contact with the hot engine. That seemed to be how it ignited.

  • Alex Huneault

    Miles… noah is right. just saw it today, when peter was 6-7 (ie. the kid peter) the parkers were involved with connors in illegal human testing, possible ways for it to be illegal is not explaining all possible outcomes/side effects or without consent or without knowledge

  • Daniel Thomas Stack

    There is no Jameson? WHAT? . . Aerosol weapon. Ever read or Watch Linkara’s Clone Wars Saga Review? That weapon got used by a clone killing a whole town, But Jameson is on SpiderMan’s Arse DAY ONE. Not even having to meet Parker. The Job is not needed yet. Red Phone? That is a White House Hotline isn’t it? Wait lining up cranes? What happened to web slinging in suburbs complaints? This is sounding seriously brain flucked in development. For working late night… Wait how did they know that he needed to get to OsCorp? But really late at night maybe they have been working on Contracts like the ones Washington DC has been issuing since Obama took office. Its really insane having them work around the clock on construction. Crane Operator Defcon and Alarm system? The Responsibility lesson was done by Voice Mail? WTF?

    Well I have heard of cranes being used to deliver pallets of fertilizer to roof top gardens…

    So really its poor planning and not working out the plot right to make it so it can avoid near infinite nitpicks… Couldn’t they have gotten Dafoe to phone in the voice for Osborne?

    So Swinging the Cranes is the new Jumping the Shark? Glad I saw this review before seeing the movie. From the way you described the Crane Scene I likely would have gotten arrested for repeating your Betrayal screaming performance and possibly banned from the only theater close enough to get to without hiring a taxi.

    • http://twitter.com/BillHiers Bill Hiers

      I assume Jameson is being saved for a sequel.

      • c.conley90

        Yeah, but whoever they get isn’t going to be as good as J.K. Simmons.

  • David_Dennings

    Okay, having watched the film last night – Spoony’s talking out of his arse on the Connors segment. His argument is fraught with “maybe” and “I don’t know” which in itself is poor logic but on top of that he is literally making things up about Connors’ past. It is NEVER stated outright what his involvement was with the Parkers’ disappearance, neither is it stated outright what the deal with the Parkers is anyway. It’s not even said if they were even killed, just disappeared.
    Definitely agree with the cops being over-zealous though.

    • c.conley90

      I hated the constant Spider-Man at night, I mean he doesn’t only come out at night, he comes out in the daytime.

    • Childaeus

      I don’t know, I think the problem with Miles and your complaint is that you’re saying that heavily implying he did bad things before the content of the movie is completely irrelevant. That “he never did anything bad” just because he didn’t on-screen. It wasn’t framed as “but within this movie he’s done nothing overtly bad,” it was framed as “this character hasn’t ever done anything bad ever, because we haven’t seen it.”

      Characters are often haunted by dark and troubled pasts that take place before the content of a story, this is nothing new. It was heavily implied that Dr. Connors worked together with Peter’s Father on the genetic research of the spiders that mutate Peter, and that Dr. Connors has something in his past that he’s ashamed of that’s possibly related to betraying the Parker family.

      The obvious stinger and unanswered plot hooks are obviously setting up for a The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where the “truth” will be explored further or revealed. Dr. Connor’s involvement will likely come to light in the context of following movies, alongside what actually happened to Peter’s parents.

      There are theories going round that Dr. Connor’s implied human testing, and struggle with the Parker family after being partners with Peter’s father, are because he did testing on Peter himself. That the Spider’s are somehow linked to Peter’s DNA, and their bite mutates and kills anybody other than Peter, because of the testing he was subjected to. If that’s the “human testing” that Dr. Connors was involved in, then it and Peter’s father’s work are the scope of another plot line that is preceded by this one (the origin story) and likely involves Os Corp.

      Should/Could Dr. Connor’s have been shown doing reprehensible things on screen? Probably. Though if the reprehensible things are left intentionally vague (though obviously heavily implied) because they have a larger plot significance than simply being morally reprehensible (such as them being directly related to Peter’s parents disappearance, or Peter’s genetic mutation) then it’s pretty clear why the writers would leave it as a mystery to be solved in an upcoming sequel.

  • yetifarmer09

    I always thought that when Peter came home after fighting The Lizard and Aunt May sees how beat up he is, she just thought it was due to all of the lizard people running around after Connors sets off his doomsday weapon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001006204452 James Jones

    What do you guys think of the name “Swinging the Cranes” for that scene?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.gregory.161 Dylan Gregory

    I’ve had arguments like this with my friend over cowboy bebop. Good times.

  • Sebastian Zetterström Nygren

    Miles missed almost every single plot-line in the movie… Oo

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.arseneau David Arseneau

    Alright, I won’t defend the crane scene, but I have absolutely no problem with it. It’s
    stupid, it makes barely sense, it’s contrived as shit, but god damn is it
    glorious. You may not like the very idea, the concept of the scene in itself,
    but you gotta admit the execution did make up for some of the flaws of the

    Although, just like you did, people who enjoyed the movie are still going to have that
    one scene that almost ruined the movie for them. For me, it’s the lab scene
    where Peter finds out what happened to the rat that received the treatment. Just
    looking at that ridiculously out-of-place gremlin-like monstrosity almost made
    me burst out laughing. The scene would have been way more effective it they’d
    only shown the broken glass and the blood. Perhaps having the rat dead, which
    would mean the serum that “cured” Connors is also slowly killing him,
    giving a reason for Spiderman to actually save Connors instead of simply stopping
    But overall, Amazing Spiderman is a damn good movie, far better than Sam
    Raimi’s work on the franchise (although Dr. Octopus and Sandman were better
    antagonists than how they portrayed the Lizard in this version, and each one’s
    introduction scene is a real work of art). I really hope this reboot means we’ll
    see more of Spidey in the upcoming Avengers’ movies.

    • c.conley90

      How was it far better than Raimi’s I’m still waiting for an answer on that, it just seemed to retread the same freaking ground as Raimi and the Lizard was sucha Green Goblin clone. So what that Garfield was less annoying than Maguire, or that Spider-Man wisecracked more. I still thought this was a ok, but forgettable movie that is only marginally better than Spider-Man 3. Also, I don’t know how this movie is better when I didn’t feel any excitment in it, or any sense of wonder, I just felt Sony’s greed. That’s right this movie, is nothing but a gigantic cash cow for Sony and people on here rarely admit it. And neither did Noah, thats the main point of criticism, that it felt like a money grab movie and we are the suckers who fed into it so Sony can keep Spider-Man to themselves away from Marvel. I respect your opinion but at the same point disagree with it.

      • Childaeus

        Can you go into more detail about Lizard being a Green Goblin clone? Apart from the split-personality-conversation scene, I really can’t see any more comparisons between the two, neither as villains nor literary characters…

        The split-personality thing seemed odd, though somebody has explained to me that that scene is just the internal mental battle of Dr. Connors fighting to be in control his Id (which is sometimes called the “Reptillian Brain”), whereas the Green Goblin was just insane and literally talked to a split personality. If anything, the Lizard is a Mister Hyde clone.

        • c.conley90

          A green goblin clone well what do I mean, well lets see, both get turn into something by subjecting themselves to an experimental chemical (different one a lizard, the other a insane man with super human strength), under pressure. They both find out who Spider-Man is (its handled poorly in this movie, the lizard just goes to Parker’s school and starts attacking, Green Goblin threatens his Aunt ,Lizard apparently has not enough intelligence to strike her or due to poor screenwriting.)
          You mentioned the split-personality-conversation scene and yes that is the same down to the tee, I don’t care how many comic book examples you throw at me about it, it just looked like they watched Raimi’s original and copied the idea. The Lizard pretty much insane too, much like Green goblin in first film, also Osborn showed signs of fighting with his Green Goblin persona also in first film and losing and just agreeing to get spider-man.
          The difference is that the Lizard at first seems to be trying to go stop the indian guy from going to the veteran’s hospital which somehow turns into a insane crappy turn everybody into lizards plan. While yes Green Goblin had at first a plan to kill all the military generals that didn’t like his (Osborn’s) project, then moving to zero plan because yeah he’s insane and Spider-Man’s Joker (random chaos and attacking randomly, parade scene). And finally in the last part of the movie, harass Peter Parker and threaten his family members.
          Plus there’s the fact that both Connors and Osborn are in their respectful movies are tied to Peter’s life in different ways, Osborn his friend’s father, Conners’ is the only one who knows what might happen to Peter’s father and mother and had worked with them before. Once again the only other difference is that Peter Parker in this movie contributes to his nemisis being created by providing the rest of the formula that creates him.

          • Childaeus

            I don’t know… After reading what you said, I was prepared to agree with you, but then I thought back over it all again and really think there’s more differences than you’re given credit to.

            You mention a few things in the opening, differences that I feel are somewhat important to the character of the villain. For instance:

            You point out that the Lizard hasn’t the intelligence to go after Aunt May, instead charging right at Peter where he knows he can find him (the school). You say this is due to bad screenwriting. Then later you say that the writers “had it right” when the Lizard is mindlessly going after the Indian guy on the bridge by just acting on Dr. Connor’s last immediate thought and barrelling off (wild Id unchecked by Ego).

            If the Lizard is acting on instinct and an unchecked want for gratification (known here as “Id”), then wouldn’t he have simply gone after Peter as directly as he could without giving thought to the consequences or other, more manipulative ways to go about it? This is in contrast to the maniacal intellect of the Green Goblin, who liked to torment Spider Man by capturing his loved ones, Aunt May and Mary Jane, and to give him cruel moral dilemmas such as whether to save his girlfriend or a vehicle full of strangers.

            Sure they’re both subjected to an experimental chemical, but that’s really a very vague similarity when it comes to super villains and heroes. Many heroes/villains are brought about by untested experiments of some sort – Dr. Octopus with those arms, the Sandman with that pit. If it’s not some form of mutation then it has to be an augmentation (magical artefact/curse, technological suit/weapon, etc…), or just intense training. They’re archetypes that don’t directly copy one another, unless you’re arguing they should have used a non-mutated villain. In this case, the experimental chemical doesn’t even have a similar purpose. Norman Osborne’s chemical is designed to make super soldiers for the military, Dr. Connor’s chemical is to give animal qualities to humans for medicinal uses.

            Both Lizard and Green Goblin become villains in response to testing their experiments when under pressure, yes. That’s a generally accepted, if not recommended, way to tell a story. If you don’t put up stakes for a character to do something they don’t want to do then they don’t have motivation, and it’s usually less tragic when a villain is created by something they’re confident will succeed than by something they were forced to resort to test on themselves. Is Mohinder Suresh a Green Goblin clone because he injects himself in Heroes?

            As for them both finding out who Spider-Man is, there’s a sense of catharsis (pleasure through release of pent up tension/stress – the pay off) that’s missed if the villain doesn’t realise who it is he’s really fighting with. The same goes for the hero’s loved ones. I’m pretty sure every Spider-Man movie has the villains realise who he is. Though I agree perhaps the discovery could have been handled better.

            The split personality thing I already addressed. As you said, the Green Goblin is fighting with an alternate persona. With the Lizard, it was less a split personality/alter ego and more just giving voices to an internal struggle in his head. As in, Norman Osborn literally went insane and became two personalities, the Green Goblin and Norman Osborn. Dr. Conners doesn’t hallucinate or talk to himself, the one brief internal-conflict scene is done in voice-over while Dr. Connors is working hard in the hidden lab. It’s just voicing a losing battle in his head where his Id and Ego are fighting it out for control. Maybe there was another way to show this internal conflict, but this wasn’t the worst way. “The Lizard” isn’t another personality, he’s basically just Dr. Connors under the effects of intellect-and-self-control-inhibiting drugs.

            I think the Lizard-people plan was explained in the movie as Dr. Connors (who had an interest in helping cure what he saw as weakness, such as a missing limb, through his research) lost control of the Lizard (Id part of his psyche) when he realised that being the Lizard cured all physical weaknesses that human beings are susceptible to, and he ran with the idea of them being superior. If Dr. Connors were normal, and his experiment worked perfectly fine, he’d want to (through proper, legal channels) get this miraculous cure out into the public so that people can start living enriched, better lives. The same happened here, The Lizard thought his experiment worked, ‘curing’ him of weakness, and he wanted to share this with the world. However, since he’s all Id, no Ego or Super Ego, he decides to do it in the most direct, quickest, easiest way by dispersing his gas over the entire city. This mutation would make everybody equally superior to human beings, rising humanity into a new age of empowerment. Or so the Lizard saw it, because it couldn’t think straight with the higher brain functions that deal with morality and “what is humanity” and the like.

            I felt this was different to the Green Goblin, who was more about destruction and merely being insane. Didn’t the Green Goblin try to convince Spider Man to join him in his destruction? That he and Spider Man were superior to humans and had a right to rule over them? That seems like a different motivation, and plot, to trying to raise everybody up to be equal with you (by mutating them without their consent).

            Even as expies though, they’re not similar. Norman Osborn lives a double life where he still pretends to be normal to his family, while Dr. Connors starts to alienate Peter Parker and the others he knows, and then retreats into the sewers even when in human form.

            The Green Goblin has a glider to fly around on, and he makes a lot of use of explosive pumpkin grenades and homing blades and all sorts of technology, making him more like a technologically advanced threat that is maliciously directed. The Green Goblin targets people he wants to see suffer, and causes other random mayhem such as attacking that bank or terrorising the citizens at the parade.

            The Lizard just weaponises his gas, which itself is non-lethal but transforms people into what he considers to be superior beings. He has super regeneration and is a more animalistic force, and spends little time on the surface, or terrorizing anybody who isn’t in some way a threat to him. At the school, for instance, he only goes after Peter, completely ignoring everybody else, except when Gwen intervenes. Even at the end when Gwen has taken something he needs, he sees no reason to maliciously harm Gwen, who at that stage is not a direct threat, and simply takes what he wants and leaves. Other than that he has his claws. He can’t fly, or explode things at a distance, or set up traps or moral dilemmas.

            You mention how both The Lizard and Norman Osborne are both closely related to Peter Parker. In this case, I think Dr. Connors was handled better. There is an overarching plot in Dr. Connors relation to Peter Parker’s parents, and their research, which is heavily implied to be explored in a sequel. Peter Parker unwittingly helps create his nemesis with the answer to the formula, but Dr. Connor’s (along with Peter’s Father) created the spiders that made Peter into Spider Man. Their origin stories are intertwined and of similar source, with animal-human genetic mixing.

            With the first movie, Norman Osborne just happened to be the father of Peter’s best friend. Then, completely unrelated to one another, they developed super powers from unrelated sources, and just happened to do so around the same time as one another. There’s no real reason given as to why this coincidence happens.

            I thought you didn’t want comic book examples, but fair enough. I don’t know which depiction of the Lizard, across all the various works it appears in, is more effective or better handled. I’m just concerned with the movies.

            All in all, I can’t see enough similarities to warrant calling the Lizard a clone of The Green Goblin. They’re not similar superficially, in personality, in aims or wants, in methods, or even in story progression beyond the basics of what any hero vs. villain story has.

            Perhaps there’s enough there to say they’re similarly treated? I don’t think so, but I’d accept that rather than calling him an outright clone (which is where something has been copied so closely that it’s almost identical, with perhaps only a different name to avoid copyright or a slightly different power or something.)

            If anything, the Lizard would be a “clone” of the Hulk. The two are far more similar than with the Green Goblin, as they’re both based upon the same original character, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are still enough differences that I’d count them separate enough though (Id vs. Rage, though they’re similar, and how they undergo transformations).

          • c.conley90

            He is nowhere near the Hulk in this movie, he is no mindless attacking monster, he’s a psycho with a plan to turn everybody into Lizards over his arm. Now at first it was him stopping the Indian guy, fine, that was what he was trying to do and the Lizard just did what Conners was thinking about. But suddendly, he has this turn everybody into Lizard’s plan, because the chemical has messed with his mind. This is not what the Lizard’s even about, he’s an uncontrollable monster that attacks his loved ones and random people. This movie version created by the writers just reminded me of the Green Goblin, someone who under pressure creates a psycho out of himself, (not physical in the case of Osborn) and splits personalities. And no, Conners also tries to go and pretended to be normal but fails miserably and gives himself away. And no the screenwriters just had to have the bad guy find out that Spider-Man was Peter Parker, I mean not every bad guy in Spider-Man’s gallery has to know who he is.
            It just seemed to similar to how Green Goblin found who he was and I thought, oh great now their going to redo a bad guy threatening Aunt May, but thankfully no, they just have him going to Peter’s School and attacking it. I didn’t say he was exactly like the Green Goblin, he just seemed like one at certain points, there were a lot of echoes to Raimi’s original bad guy. I hated the Lizard in this movie, he was too mad scientistish, when the Lizard isn’t a mad scientist, he’s a raging monster. Like Hulk he goes through the city, destroying things, attacking others, that was what was done right in the first scene with him. The whole turn people into Lizards plan seemed too stupid and corny. Then again I hated 60s version of the Lizard too, he had the same stupid diabolical plans and horrible dialogue.

          • Childaeus

            Fair enough, though I don’t really know why you would want that.

            If all the Lizard did was attack his loved ones and some random people that get in the way, because he’s an uncontrollable monster, then he’d basically be just a reptilian re-skin of a werewolf. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a werewolf movie that isn’t either a survival horror or a hunt-the-monster movie (or supernatural action flick amongst many, many creatures). Hardly worthy as a single super villain nemesis to a hero in a large city.

            I don’t really now why you’d highlight that as something unique about the Lizard either. As I said, werewolves as a monster already cover the man/beast relationship. As a reptile, however, and as our most instinctive and base part of our brain is often known as our “Lizard” or “Reptillian” brain, it makes more sense for him to “be about” uninhibited fulfilment of urges without concern for consequence or morality. Unchecked Id.

            This also complements the theme of Spider Man’s origin story far better, which was partly the content of the movie. You want the Lizard to be about Animal vs. Human (i.e. Brutal Savageness v.s. Civility)? Well, as the Lizard was portrayed, it was about Unchecked Id vs. Responsibility.

            Peter had to learn how to be responsible in this movie. Going from a vigilante thug on a personal vendetta and growing into an actual hero that is responsible for his actions and does his best to protect people. The Lizard here is about irresponsibility (once again, all Id).

            If something is all Id, it literally means it is thinking only of what it wants and how to get it now. It’s not governed by conscience, morality, ethics, or consideration for anything other than itself and what it wishes to do. Even if the concept in psychology is fairly outdated, it’s still used often as a literary theme.

            That this isn’t your favourite version of the Lizard is personal preference, and that that “Someone who, under pressure, creates a psycho out of himself.” reminds you solely of the Green Goblin sounds more like a personal problem. I’m guessing it’s not due to a lack of reading/watching other stories, so maybe it’s because you’re comparing this movie so closely to the Raimi versions simply because they both happen to be movies about Spider-Man but otherwise unrelated to each other?

            And no, it’s not an objective requirement that every Spider-Man villain find out who he’s fighting. But c’mon, really? You really think it’d be a better movie if Dr. Connors, who knows Peter Parker in person, doesn’t realise that Spider-Man is him? Spider-Man doesn’t NEED to realise the Lizard is Dr. Connors either. They could have written the movie so that he finds a way to defeat the Lizard without ever figuring out that it’s a man he admires. Would that really be more interesting?

            In cases where the villain doesn’t know the hero in person, it’s no great loss. But both the Green Goblin and the Lizard (and Dr. Octopus, for that matter) all actually know Peter before becoming super villains. It’s not a requirement, no, but it does hit a cathartic note because many people enjoy seeing how characters react when they find out their nemesis is their friend.

            As for “I didn’t say he was exactly like the Green Goblin, he just seemed like one at certain points, there were a lot of echoes to Raimi’s original bad guy.”

            You said, and I quote, “… the Lizard was sucha Green Goblin clone.” (with context to the movies). Maybe you just picked a word you didn’t mean, or have a really skewed definition of “clone,” but you basically said that “The Lizard in this movie was such a rip-off of the Green Goblin in Raimi’s version.”

            If you don’t think the Lizard was a good choice as a super villain, then that is a separate issue to thinking that the Lizard is a “clone” of the Green Goblin in the movies. I personally think that the version of the Lizard that you wanted sounds kind of dull and uncreative, no different to a “raging monster” werewolf, and that it’s far more interesting to have the Lizard be more like, well, a lizard, but that’s just me and it’s all personal preference.

            If you felt the movie misrepresented the Lizard/betrayed the way you feel he should have been treated, then I can understand that feeling. At the same time though, as someone who doesn’t particularly care about his portrayal as a reptillian werewolf, I think that his portrayal in this movie complements the themes and story far better than otherwise. =

          • c.conley90

            I’m not talking about a freaking werewolf here, I’m more talking about a Hulk-Like character. That was what he was now in the comic books, a creature that just rampages through New York attacking people. If you find that incredibly boring so be it, I found parts of this movie incredibly boring. And yes I think the Lizard was kind of a rip-off, stop talking about all this ID bullshit, because it doesn’t fly. All this stupid Lizard in this movie, did was the same mad scientist cliche that would have made Dr. Insano proud, and the same one I have seen in horror movies since the 30s. I find Mad Scientists to be boring cliches, I would have rather seen a movie, where the lizard was just rampaging through New York and Spider-Man had to stop him, none of this turn people into lizards bullshit.
            And no, as far as I’m concerned, the Lizard wasn’t the only freaking problem with this movie, the editing sucked, clearly this thing was longer at one point and some logic and coherenence was thrown out the window. Characters and plot points disappear throughout, even if their going to spell it out in the sequel, they can at least still refer to it in the movie. For instance after Uncle Ben is dead the whole entire why my parents died thing got tossed out the window. The Indian guy disappeared after the bridge attack, where did he go, I didn’t see him die, where did he go, never explained ,EXPLAIN MOVIE EXPLAIN. And let’s not forget instead of feeling guilty over Uncle Ben’s death and becoming Spider-Man out of shame, Parker becomes Spider-Man for revenge. That is something that the Spider-Man mythos never had, REVENGE. That’s not a trait of Peter Parker, I remember, what are they mixing him with the Punisher all the sudden.
            You see, Spoony and most of the Reviewers on The Guys with the glasses (Brad Jones, Nostalgia Critic, Last angry Geek etc.), never saw these flaws and so do the general viewers, their like oh, whatever and stick their finger in their ass. Those are SOME PRETTY BIG FLAWS PEOPLE, THIS MOVIE IS HEAVILY FLAWED. I’m not saying Raimi’s were flawless (Spider-Man 3 had more problems than this). But you know continue being blind to these flaws, of oh how this movie is so “better” than the first one. And I say what the hell are you talking about, this movie is flawed, its better than three but it can’t even touch the first two. I hated hipster douche Parker and his stupid skateboarding Tony Hawk webspinning bullshit. I hated the non-epicness of it all, I hated the bad guy who wasn’t flesh out way enough. I even hated the freaking wisecracking in the movie, the whole “small knives” scene is the most embarrasingly bad comedy I have seen this year. I know Tobey never really quipped, but after watching this movie, I know why Raimi left it out, because too much turns Spider-Man into a dick really quick.

          • Childaeus

            You still haven’t explained how it’s a rip-off in any way that doesn’t involve lots of “It’s the same here, except for the bit where it’s different.” such as “Both Lizard and Green Goblin find out that Spider Man is Peter Parker and then decide to kidnap one of his loved ones, Aunt May. Oh, except that Lizard doesn’t kidnap Aunt May, or any of Peter’s loved ones, or anybody at all actually.”

            Also, it’s Id, not ID. Id as in “idd,” not “eye-dee” or “identification.” It’s not my fault if you’ve never heard of the term before, or understand the use of character representation of Id, Ego and Super Ego as metaphors in literature. They’re quite common actually, often in the form of a character trio (usually women), where one woman represents each.

            This is how the argument is going at the moment:

            *Part of your initial argument*: “The Lizard is sucha clone of the Green Goblin.”
            Me: “Can you elaborate on why the Lizard is a copy of the Green Goblin.”
            You: *Elaborates opinion and interpretation, and then talks about how Lizard isn’t how he is in the comics, and Green Goblin had vaguely similar cinematic moments.*
            Me: *Contests with own opinion and interpretation, and pointing out the similarities aren’t as close as you think.*
            You: “I hate the movie because it’s all wrong.”
            Me: “That’s nice, but why is the Lizard a clone of the Green Goblin?”
            You: “You don’t get it, I hate the movie because it’s obviously all wrong. You’re a sony slave!”
            Me: “Interesting, but once again, how is this relevant to your argument that the Lizard is a clone of the Green Goblin?”

            See how this keeps going? I don’t care if the movie was worse than the first one. How was the Lizard a clone of the Green Goblin? All your other complaints about the movie are irrelevant to this argument. If the topic were “Is this movie “better” than the first Spider-Man movie?” then it would be relevant, but that’s not the topic.

            Whether the movie is good or bad is entirely separate to whether the Lizard is a rip-off of the Green Goblin. For all you know I thought this movie was worse than the other Spider Man films, it doesn’t matter, because that’s a different topic. That you keep flailing off topic by grabbing onto red herrings seems to indicate you really don’t actually know what it is you’re trying to argue.

            You hated the movie, fine, be content with that. I don’t care if you liked the movie or not, I just don’t see how you can confuse seeing a few similarities between two very different villains as being a complete “rip-off” of one another. Are you one of those people that think Battlefield 3 is a 100% rip off of Modern Warfare 3 because they both have soldiers and guns whilst first-person shooting? If not, why not? Because it’s the same logic you’re using here, or at least it seems to be the case, unless I’m mistaken and you can show me otherwise.

            As for Spider-Man’s portrayal, it doesn’t matter how he is in the comics. Once again, if you’re just pissed that the movie didn’t cater specifically to you when it comes to fan service, then that’s a separate topic and problem. If you feel your loyalty was betrayed, you have a right to hate the movie. However, the movie and the comics follow different continuities and have different stories to tell with different versions of the same character. If you think Spider-Man should have been portrayed differently, fine, but that still doesn’t prove Lizard is a rip-off of Green Goblin. How do you get to that conclusion?

          • c.conley90

            I already stated my reasoning why I thought the Lizard was just a rip-off of the Green Goblin, he’s not a 100% rip-off but parts of him were so freaking similar it was distracting to me. Lizard being a rip-off is only a minor problem of this movie, my problem is that people seemed to think this movie is “better” the first one. Which I think isn’t true, this movies isn’t that good. It isn’t totally bad, but it gets things wrong in some parts and the editing of this movie before being released is painfully obvious. But everybody else, is bringing up how bad Tobey Maguire is and how its oudated and cheesy, well you know at least it had some coherrence to it. You are the one who brought up how the Lizard was a Green Goblin rip-off, and I answered you, you refused to accept my reasoning and you disagreed with me, fine. I moved on to the other flaws of this movie. My problem is how people, seem to be sitting here thinking how “better” this mess of a movie was. I was responding to a poster, another one who on this board called this a better movie.

          • Childaeus

            I don’t know, I guess it all just comes down to subjective opinion and personal tolerance then. While I can see enough similarities between the Lizard and the Green Goblin’s portrayal to see what you’re getting at, I personally feel that other aspects of the character redeemed this by making them even more distinct from one another. Then again, I have no particular hold-ups over how the Lizard is portrayed in other media, because I don’t really follow the character myself.

            As for outdated and cheesy, that’s all personal preference. A lot of people these days want to be treated more seriously and to have more mature portrayals of things, and a lot of comic books heroes simply aren’t that, and require re-design. Turning people into Lizards is closer to cheesy than just being a monster, but it’s less cheesy than the cartoons I remember of the Lizard taking over the streets with armies of crocodiles.

            It’s not necessarily a maturity thing, though it can speak to how people in general are feeling they’re treated. Sometimes on the whole they just want something to feel good and laugh about, but then too much of that and a feeling of being treated like children sets in, and they want more stories that are more realistic, or intellectually challenging, or just more opposite of what they’ve been getting. Then, after a while of this, people start to get overloaded on huge doses of symbolism, or plots that are riddled with meta-plots and everybody is drearily serious all the time, and people start to wonder why these movies don’t just lighten up once in a while.

            The “outdated” feeling for many comes from something like that I think. It’s not necessarily outdated cinematography, or special effects, it’s just a product of a culture before more recent cultural shifts made it less desirable to the general public. That’s not a complete rule, and many will still like it or hold it close to their heart, but you can’t really blame others whose tastes have just changed since.

            People just like variety, is all, so when something new comes along and everybody likes it, all the companies and businesses start trying to market their stuff so that it’ll be on the edge of these new cultural trends, until once again everything is just too much and people are itching for something new again.

            “You are the one who brought up how the Lizard was a Green Goblin rip-off, and I answered you …” I brought it up after you mentioned it, so in a way you brought it up. My bringing it up, however, was a question that became the topic of an argument, which is why I didn’t quite understand why you kept bringing lots of other topics into it (such as the overall quality of the movie, or the ability of others to enjoy cinema these days without becoming slaves to Sony).

            And yes, don’t worry, I understand you didn’t like this movie very much, but there’re none of those people you were responding to left. Most of the people who posted here did so over 20 days ago, and none of them get updates on our discussion, it’s just you and me in here.

            All in all, whichever movie was “better” is basically all just subjective opinion, and isn’t really worth debating over unless one of us hadn’t yet formed an opinion of our own and were still trying to do so. How much one work copies another is at least somewhat measurable, and so at least somewhat objective, and that’s all I was really trying to discuss. =

            Either way though, I think we’ve basically said all we can on the subject.
            I definitely learnt a lot about The Amazing Spider-Man through this though, so thanks and have a nice day! =)

          • c.conley90

            Understandable on the differencing of opinion, I’m ashamed to say that I was one of the few people unlike on this board that didn’t really think Transformers series was that big of a disaster or worth all the hate. I just didn’t think it was that bad. But then again difference of opinion.

          • Childaeus

            Sorry, you must have edited your post after I opened it up to read, because there’s more here now than before (I could only see the first paragraph and a bit, which have been changed a bit too.

            Sorry if before I was coming off elitist or condescending, I was trying to type politely, but I think it came out wrong.

            However, as you outline with Dr. Connors and the Lizard being separate personalities in your favourite version, where Dr. Connors fears turning into the Lizard again and hurting those he loves… Well.. Honestly that is so incredibly boring to me now after years of Werewolf literature, which the classic werewolf practically fits that to a tee. Maybe a scaly werewolf is a new enough spin for some, or if you didn’t get exposed to werewolves much and the Lizard is one of the first times you experienced it, then fine, but for me (and many others) that’s a rather overused, stale, character story.

            But as I said, if this hate for the movie is because you feel betrayed by the portrayal of the Lizard, compared to one version of him in the comic books, then that is an entirely separate issue. If you’re unwilling to view the movie as a self-contained continuity and story, then are you just here to see your favourite comic book characters be shown in live-action?

            As for his motivation, I don’t know why that part confuses you. The Lizard in this movie is not 100% there in the same way a human is. Id acts on impulse. After Dr. Connors first becomes the Lizard he is still angry and acting on the impulse of wanting to stop the indian guy from doing something that Dr. Connors didn’t approve of. Later, he comes to the realisation that being a Lizardman isn’t half-bad, and he actually thinks that it means his work was successful after all. Now his impulse is to make more people like him, because that’s what he’s lived his life doing – trying to cure weakness.

            This hypocracy of using his serum on unwilling people, which is what the indian guy was going to do, is not a character plot hole, but something that a person without any form of moral self-control, or ability to look at themselves critically, is likely to do.

            The indian guy was doing something he didn’t want to happen, so he goes out and stops it. He then decides he wants to do something himself, so he goes out and does it. Pure impulse, which is what Id is. When he’s chasing the indian guy he hasn’t realised yet that he wants more people to be like him. And even if he did, it wouldn’t matter, because people who act on impulse can’t withold doing stupid things that hurt them later if they get tempted to. The Lizard wouldn’t have stopped to think about what the consequences are of letting the indian guy live, or kill him, he was just thinking about stopping him.

            Note how being a hypocrite, and not being able to think your actions through, are signs of immaturity and irresponsibility? That’s what the Lizard embodied in this movie, which is in contrast to the responsibility Spider-Man had to learn if he wanted to be a hero and not just a thug that was a menace to the police.

            As for you insisting the Lizard had a split personality in this movie, he didn’t. That conversations is a metaphor for how the impulsive desires of the Lizard (Id) are out of control of the rest of Dr. Connor’s psyche (Ego and Super Ego). If he was like that in some of the comic books, that’s different.

            Also, I find your rambling rhetoric at the end of your comment to be completely uncalled for. I’m not overrating the movie, I never said it was good or bad or the best thing ever. I’m saying that The Lizard is not a clone of The Green Goblin, even how he was treated as a character, and no, being “more of a clone” than something else has no meaningful use, because apples are “more of a clone” of oranges than horses are. It still doesn’t mean they’re “clones”.

  • http://twitter.com/Mandrew3Grand Andrew Henderson

    Someone probably mentioned this, and I must have missed it, but there was a slight mention of the daily bugle, where it was set up to be less of a legitimate newspaper, and more a slightly more legitimate “Weekly World News” type paper, where the cover was offering a reward for photographic proof of the Lizard’s existence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002985518635 Jake Zender

    they had a reward for picture proof of the lizard that’s why peter set it up to take pics

  • Chris Dean

    I think the details about the Parker tragedy are meant to be spelled out over the course of the new series, maybe in part two and maybe further in part three or so. The stinger ending seemed to imply this was an overarching mystery to connect the installments of the series.

    And the web shooters did come into play in a small way when the Lizard broke them during the final fight.

    The Daily Bugle was present in that they were looking for Lizard pictures and that’s why Spider-Man was taking pictures of himself, Miles got that right, but you had to read the Newspaper’s title when he picked it up to get that. I don’t think they ever said it out loud. I’m not sure if JJJ would’ve helped the movie, though, he’s a bit of a cartoony character for this film, where he was right at home in Raimi’s series. I don’t know, that’s a tricky one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nash-Knight/740228999 Nash Knight

    I was watching the video and I started laughing at the part about the superweapon so hard that I woke up my wife. She asked me what was funny so I paused the video and explained it, and we started talking about how anyone could put anthrax in it. She went back to sleep and I unpaused the video just at the part Spoony mentioned anthrax and I bursted into laughter again :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.hauser.332 Alex Hauser

    Enjoyable v-log review as usual (except the argument between you two that went on for forever lol). I personally preferred this to the previous spiderman movies, so I agree with Spoony on this one.

    Some points I’d like to mention:

    -The Daily Bugle wasn’t mentioned in the movie at all, which I personally think is a great step forward. Newspaper subscriptions are at an all-time low, which I don’t need to tell you guys because you’re reading this on the far-superior internet (freedom of information, ahhh-yea.).

    -The Crane Scene could have been easily replaced by a ten second scene where Crane Dad is being interviewed on tv and building his good name with some gratitude – establishing him to the general public as more of a hero than a vigilante.

    -I was surprised that you guys never brought up the part where the Lizard was throwing canisters of Lizard-Steriods all over the place, to the point where an entire police squad is infected. Strangely, we start seeing them turning into lizards rather than pigs, but I digress. Jokes aside, I personally think the climax would have been a lot more climatic if spiderman got injured fighting a horde of minion-lizards, rather than getting shot by the cops.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bigfeetz Aaron Trussler

    Your friend is a bit of a dumb ass…

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.colombe.5 Josh Colombe

    I liked the Crane scene. the implication was that because of his leg injury, he would not be able to get to oscorp by wall crawling fast enough. he couldn’t swing to oscorp, because the distance between the buildings and the angles weren’t good for swinging. the cranes were put out (by crane dad and the workers) to give him a fast and direct path. is it a little corny? maybe. When I watched the movie though, I could buy what the movie was selling, and thought it was a decent scene.

  • SBTM

    I’m sure someone has pointed this out already, but Noah, I’m very certain that the voicemail Uncle Ben left WAS left at the time you were saying it should have been. He even asks him to come home during the message.

  • Jesper Bengtson

    Thanks a lot for the VLog guys. Always a pleasure.

    I preferred this movie to the other ones, but there are some nitpicky stuff. I agree with Miles that he should be running out of web. As far as I remember, they said that one of these things contained ‘hundreds of yards’ of web. That’s enough for maybe ten shots and then he should be out. Fix the problem. Say hundreds of miles or something (no pun intended) :).

    Also. The death of the parents was not explained, and I think Spoony is misremembering :). What Evil Indian Dude said was something like ‘remember what we, i.e. the company, did to the Parkers’. In no way was Connors implicated. Evil Indian Dude just threatened him and fired him, and Conors experimented on himself because the next day he would be thrown out of the lab and he would loose access to the serum. Why Evil Indian Dude didn’t throw him out immediately but let him romp around the lab for a few hours surprises me. I’ll have to resee the movie, but as far as I recall Evil Indian Dude just threatened that Connors would disappear just as the Parkers did — never was it implied that Connors was responsible for it, other than keeping quiet about it.

    As for his fate…. EID was left hanging off the bridge along with lots of other people except that one kid. I don’t know if he died or not….. sequel?

    I also agree that crane scene was immensely stupid. It’s not just you. I was rolling my eyes in the theatre. But as far as the leg goes…. with the cranes he doesn’t need to run off the walls, which he usually does when he swings from building to building. Regardless. Immensely stupid scene. It’s also funny that he waited so long to dress his wound. Just cut out crane guys, and have the cranes already be in place. That would make for a better movie. This is by far the most stupid scene in the film. It’s right up there with the butler confessing that Spider Man didn’t kill Osborn several years after the fact.

    Favourite quote is when he tells his girlfriend: I’m going to throw you out of a window now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001074160110 Kailyn Alise Fazzino

    Spoony, I’m sorry, but Crane Dad is not a helicopter pilot

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.convard Alexander Convard

    I had to comment this…
    They DID do something with the mechanical webshooters. The Lizard BROKE THEM during the final fight. Remember when all that webbing was exploding from his wrists? It’s why he didn’t use any webbing during the final fight. Which is why it was dramatic for him to need to hang on to the building, because if he flew off he had no webbing to save himself.

    And what Evil Indian Guy was talking about was that the Parkers where withholding information nessecary to complete the research, probably because they tested it and saw the shit that happened, and when they tried to run they killed them, and Conners KNEW and didn’t do shit about it. Hence the “Don’t tell me you’re growing a conscience now.” line.

    Before he goes down into the sewers, he’s reading a newspaper that is offering a reward for proof of the Lizard.

    The crane thing was hilarious. What I was hoping for was the news copter, or the police copter, to hover over and go, “Hop on!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=73600571 Shaun Knutsen

    This was a great review. I really liked Amazing Spider Man. I thought it did away with the goofy shit of the Sam Raimi movies. Also, I hate Tobey Maguire’s facial expressions. Plus, Maguire was ATTEMPTING a NY accent? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcus-Butson/576414925 Marcus Butson

    I enjoyed the Raimi films when I shut my brain off and watched it as an over-the-top goofy kind of thing. They were mindless entertainment for me. “The Amazing Spider-Man”, however, was more thought-driven and got as realistic as a movie about a comic book character can get.

    Also, Spoony, I enjoyed both “Hulk” films. Yes, even the Ang Lee movie. I looked at it as a character study, and it works a little more than you’d think; the setting is a modern, real-ish world view where there are things happening everyday that make you mad. Stuff happens and your life can start to fall apart, making it difficult to control your anger. The use of Bruce Banner as the subject adds to the drama because of what happens to him when he loses his temper.

    • c.conley90

      Thought driven? Ok, I didn’t really see much thought put into it, mostly rehashing Raimi only making it really mediocre and boring and changing actors. And then dropping a lot of its thoughts like, oh where did the indian guy go, or oh how Peter forgets entirely about him trying to find out what happen to his parents. About as Realistic? Ok, also no, hell no, even Nolan Batman movies doesn’t get it right, because that is not what I want when I go to a movie. Is for this movie based off a comic book, based in fantasy to be highly realistic. I mean I get sick and tired of people wanting to see realistic superhero movies. When I think of Superheros I think fantasy and nothing else, some realism can go out the door. Ang Lee’s Hulk was ok, but Amazing Spider-Man please, I didn’t need a hipster near emo Peter Parker sitting around in his hood, displaying really no set emotion. Amazing Spider-Man to me was just plain mediocre, boring, weak and utterly forgettable.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcus-Butson/576414925 Marcus Butson

        normally, i’d agree that since ‘superhero’ is an escapist fiction, i’d rather not have it try and play off as real. but for heroes like Punisher or Batman, the attempt to use a realistic portrayal is something to think about, since they’re the ones who have more potential in that representation.

        Spider-Man, because he was created to be the ONE super-being that related more to the audience, also has some of the potential. his real life is supposed to parallel ours and just have the added complication of being a superhero. i thought the Raimi films were incredibly bland with a hint of campiness, and i think that Webb’s film was on par with Batman Begins – not the greatest work, but well done. it’s all opinion.

        i’m mostly just relieved that i’m not the only person who doesn’t mind Ang Lee’s film.

        • c.conley90

          My problem was that it was almost too much like Batman begins with the father ‘s sins crap repeated, the only coming out at night stuff. Raimi’s bland or not had at least some hold on what Spider-Man was, he wasn’t some Batman begins clone. I saw way too many similarites between the two movies an hell they threw in the lizard talking to himself ala the Green Goblin in the first movie. And unfortunately the lizard just looked awkward as all hell, I know Green Goblin looked like a power rangers bad guy but the CGI lizard wasn’t especially good in places either.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcus-Butson/576414925 Marcus Butson

            ugh, yeah, Lizard looked atrocious. it’s like a rejected Reptile design for Mortal Kombat with Nolan-verse Joker face.

            “Batman Begins clone”… well, it IS Spider-Man, clones were gonna get involved somehow, right?

          • c.conley90

            Yeah and they cut out a lot of stuff from the movie that would of helped like, the indian guy coming back to find Peter in the lab and him getting attacked by the lizard and Conners going to see his son after school. And yes I’m serious a Batman Begins clone, it felt like they were thinking of Batman most of the time not Spider-man.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcus-Butson/576414925 Marcus Butson

            i guess i can see that, but that’s the Hollywood/Seth McFarlane methodology; if it works, copy and paste the fuck out of it.

  • c.conley90

    I love how how this movie has everybody fooled, they think its the most brillant pile of shit they have ever seen and how all of it is just so realistic and good. HAAAAHHAHAHAH, this pile of mediocre shit isn’t any relevation on Spider-Man, it isn’t really that good people. Its mediocre, bland, weak, full of holes, predictable as hell, lame rehash. I feel like the people who called Prometheus bad and I felt that movie was OK. But this movie, oh god, this is my Prometheus, it isn’t really that good people. The Avengers blasted it out of the water before it even came out, and then Dark Knight will blast it again. It is a weak movie, to me it is the equivalent of Daredevil from 2003, the most mediocre weak movie of the early superhero movie phase. Flame me all you want fans, I say it so you hear it. THIS MOVIE IS NOT THAT GOOD, I LOVE HOW PEOPLE PUT THIS MOVIE UP ON A PEDESTAL AND THINK IT ONE OF THE GREATEST SUPERHERO MOVIES EVER MADE. For this movie I would change the title to Amazingly mediocre douche hipster skateboarding Spider-Man yes, that’s what I call this movie. I tell you, this movie will be forgotten. it should be forgotten it is nothing but Sony’s Ultimate cash grab, a movie made for their pocket books. So the movie is already crippled by that reason alone, it is nothing but a paycheck for Sony. It is the ultimate in Corporate Greed. I am glad, I am not fooled by this movie, I know it isn’t really that good, that it is a bland little rehash of non-epic crap that bores me to tears. The people who think this movie is the bestest ever made or something like that. I pity them I really do.

    • Garmrspor

      You’re a complete and total piece of shit, sir. I’m very happy to break this to you.

      • c.conley90

        Oh, I am a piece of shit for pointing out my opinions in a massive rant like the great spoony one does in every one of these videos. Then that means he must be a piece of shit too. And I’m happy to break this to you, I don’t care at all what you say.

        • Garmrspor

          Spoony being a piece of shit doesn’t make you any less of a piece of shit. But even he — the fucking Spoony One, indeed infamous for being a narcissistic asshole — makes grounded arguments, whereas you’re doing — or at least did — NOTHING but saying “the movie sucks and everyone who likes it are inferior to me”. Seriously. It wasn’t anywhere near merely “pointing out” your opinions, because you were treating said opinions like hard facts and were being a seriously condescending prick in the process.

          • c.conley90

            I never said any of you people were easily entertained absent minded morons and by the way yes he did, re-watch the Tron: Legacy review and see him tell everybody who liked it was a person who was easily amused and entertained (i.e. a moron, lower than him). I just said you were fooled by the movie, a lot of people are fooled by a movie and like it the first time they watch it. The second time they do, they realize how weak and mediocre said movie is. I hope some people in rewatching the movie in the future suddenly stop singing their damning of Raimi and realize that this movie wasn’t that good. I admit to my over the top attitude and apologize. But really rewatch some of these v-logs and I can find several where he basically says how dumb you are for giving this movie money, blah ,blah, blah. I think he did it when Transformers 2 came out, told the audicence they were a bunch of idiots then. I know he did with Tron: Legacy and his so called grounded arguments could easily be debunked as him nitpicking and not watching the movie well enough.

          • Garmrspor

            Fair enough about Spoony, though these are very few examples seeing how many vlogs he has put out. You’re right in that he does nitpick A LOT, though (which made me want to slap him right across the face when he told Miles HE was nitpicking!), and I can think of some moments where he has gone a bit too far with the holier-than-thou shit (like the Cabin in the Woods debate on Twitch.tv). But then, Spoony’s an online critic and it’s all the better for our entertainment, seeing him basically trying to convince himself he’s better. He’s a very troubled man.

            As for you, it’s big of you to admit you had an attitude, but now you’re saying “meh, they’re wrong, but it just takes time for them to process it” instead, which is much less aggressive, but equally condescending. PLEASE realize that your opinion, no matter how strong, is still an opinion. You seem so convinced that it’s just the way it is. It isn’t. Your taste is in the minority, and most people will not agree no matter how much you think they should. That doesn’t mean your opinion is wrong, for taste is immeasurable, but it’s not right either. Argue all you want about the movie, but not about the opinions. Such is pointless.

            On a separate note, as much as I love Raimi’s take on the series, I have to agree with Spoony that they are pretty cheesy. I used to think think the first movie was the best thing in the world, but now it’s almost a guilty pleasure. Almost. I do like a lot about it, though.

          • c.conley90

            I admit my expecting too much out of an audience, I mean I just thought the movie was ok. It is mean of me to think that about the people that watched it. And I wrote that post 3 months ago and my opinion on it has dwindled. I no longer feel as much rage, I felt, mostly out of disappointment at the movie. I mean I will admit Raimi got cheesy in some categories, no cheesier than Burton did with Batman. And I guess that’s the problem to me Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 and 2 are like Burton’s Batman there something that is good, albeit dated but when they came out and when I watch it, I considered groundbreaking to me especially the first one.
            I mean at the time we had so many bad comic book adaptations and only Blade to fall back on. But then I watch this one and well, it just seemed to repeat everything Raimi did minus the cheesy aspect and added in some Twilight factor in the movie. Plus, it’s just the movie had stuff in it that was never explained, I mean what happened to the Indian guy, why did the whole my parents got killed thing get dropped. I mean I know it’s sequel baiting possibly, and no I just found The Lizard to be a weak bad guy. And he just looked horrible, I mean like a cartoon sometimes. I know Willem Daefoe as the Green Goblin looked like he walked off the power rangers set, but this was equally goofy. And then the crane scene, well just kind of meh.
            But Spoony, well his thinking he is better than other people has gotten old, and his nitpicking and his drama. I mean the guy is just an emotional wreck, I honestly feel sorry for him, but he’s not helping himself much right now. And our entertainment is based probably in his suffering, which is sad as well. That Noah’s problems serve us as entertainment.

          • Garmrspor

            Ah, I understand that your disappointment may have gotten the better of you.

            Raimi and Burton is a good comparison, actually. When I saw Batman as a kid I didn’t find anything about it silly. That has certainly changed, yet it’s all the more charming now. As for this new Spider-Man, “Twilight factor” might actually be spot on. It has that “teenager” dark aspect to it. I didn’t mind it, but it’s there. And yes, it certainly had some holes. What occurred the most to me was how Ben seemed forgotten very quickly. He should have been what we (Swedes) call a “röd tråd” (lit. “red thread;” a recurring theme; a leitmotif) throughout the story, but he was not, or he didn’t feel like it.

            Another annoyance of mine, though not a plot hole of any description, was how quickly Peter revealed himself to be Spider-Man to Gwen. Maybe it was the point, but at that point Spider-Man wasn’t a big deal. He was a small-time vigilante. But yeah, it might have been the point; he might have just revealed that he was that bastard her father was after. I didn’t take it that way. I took it as poor writing.

            Addressing your specific points, the first two are indeed likely to be sequel baiting (though more closure would indeed be appreciated), and personally, I didn’t have a problem with The Lizard in any respect. I also thought he looked decent… Less humanoid might have been good. But as for Green Goblin, he DID look like he walked off the Power Rangers set, but I actually loved that! Perhaps in a so-good-it’s-bad manner, but I loved it nonetheless. And yes, the crane scene was somewhat embarrassing, and wholly unnecessary. It’s like they were looking for an equivalent to the “you mess with Spider-Man, you’re messing with all of us!” scene, as if we needed THAT again.

            Overall I really enjoyed the movie, myself. To me, the positive aspects far outweighed its flaws.

          • c.conley90

            The one scene that I’m sure Webb copied was the the Willem Daefoe talking to himself scene, I mean they did exactly the same. It’s like really movie, please, come up with something different. And no I’m not normally this mad at movies, I mean don’t get me wrong I hate certain movies (Twilight, a lot of Roland Emmerich) but I do not really let it get me. I just don’t watch them. But at the same time, I’m a guy who can watch a Michael Bay movie and not fly into a rage about it. Which is why I didn’t quite share Spoony’s absolute rage and venom on the Transformers movies, I recognized his complaints but I could also see some worth in the movies. Just as I can see some worth in Amazing Spider-Man, it’s not a completely horrible movie, it just has problems. But that’s just me, I don’t agree with Spoony a lot, I mean lately Spoony has gotten tiresome to watch him just rant and rant.
            Even when he does a movie he really likes, he must say something crappy about another. For instance, Dark Knight Rises, he mentions how horrible Batman Returns is. So when Amazing Spider-Man comes out he suddenly states how horrible Raimi’s is and I’m kind of just looking at him slack jawed. I mean I know the movie I saw wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t really good enough for me to consider it better than 1 and 2. And I know Raimi’s are certainly not horrible. But then again this is the guy comparing Tron: Legacy to Inception. Yes, he actually wanted, Tron: Legacy to be like Inception, he wanted a sequel to a fun but cheesy 80s movie, to be inception level groundbreaking, who is he kidding here. It’s Tron spoony, not Chris Nolan here, wake up. I consider that v-log his worst he has ever done. I mean spew all your venom at Michael Bay all you want, he deserves it somewhat but what were you expecting out of a 20 something year to Tron, 2001.

  • dipperf

    From What I could Figure,Spiderman seems to need to use his entire body to balance and swing himself on the webs, It’s not just right arm, left arm, as someone would presume, he has to lunge his weight along with the web, starting with his legs, which you’ll frequently notice him swinging to the front, so a wound would in fact make it a lot harder for him to do this as the muscle would be strained constantly and this would put him into blinding pain. Why The Cranes are useful is because he’d have to concentrate less on trying to aim as opposed to having to aim at far off targets and making sure he doesn’t hit something as fragile as a window accidentally, then fall to his death when it breaks due to his weight. How the fuck crane-dad figured this out ? I have no idea.

    • c.conley90

      Beacause the screenwriting stinks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arturo.medina.98 Arturo Medina

    Totally agreed with Spoony, i hate Tobey as spiderman he was so empty, boring and UNFUNNY while he is talking with his enemies wich is the thing that defines spiderman more. Still i cant believe how people like him so much.

    • c.conley90

      WTF, at least he wasn’t a hipster loner douche riding on his skateboard wearing a hood and moping about his parents. Which by the way the comic books, he never moped that long about his parents.

    • Garmrspor

      I’m with the people that liked him, to be honest. I think Maguire is too darn endearing. No homo, naturally.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gregory-Bey/638217731 Gregory Bey

    finally! someone who feels the same way about Toby Maguires Spiderman!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gregory-Magoon/1308092296 Gregory Magoon

    before the part where he trys to take pictures of himself they show a newspaper article where someone is paying for any evidence of the lizard man. The reason i didn’t like the movie is because of loose ends like that where it seems they had more in the movie.

  • MichaelT

    I’m with Noah on this one. I wasn’t at all confused about Connors’ subplot.

  • MichaelT

    I actually loved the crane scene, but after all I’m a sucker for cheese.
    And OH what a cheeeeeesy scene it was! :)

  • http://shinyavarice.tumblr.com/ ShinyAvarice

    Why didn’t Spider-man just ride on the news helicopter that followed him all the fucking way to the Oscorp building?

  • http://twitter.com/LikChan Lik Chan

    just watched it today. loved it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BuggritITeltEm Ian Bassett

    Evil Indian Guy is listed as Rajit Ratha on IMDB

  • disqus_shJf4hzloz

    When I saw the crane seen and the helicopter’s light trailed the way…all that went through my head was “Trophy Get/Achievement Unlocked”

  • Brett

    In the movie’s defense, I think the reason Spider-man couldn’t swing with his wounded leg is because his legs actually play an active role in his swinging. He uses his legs to keep momentum and balance, and to help change direction. I mean, we have three movies worth of watching him swing around, and all those silly poses he strikes while web-swinging in the comics. This doesn’t take a genius brain to figure out.

    Granted, showing him trying to swing with a bad leg and crashing into everything would have likely been a poorly timed comedic sequence, it doesn’t justify the crane scene, and he seems be using his leg fine during the fight with Lizard immediately afterward. But that just goes to show it was a dumb idea to have him get shot in the leg in the first place.

  • http://zottepark.com/ brutallyhonestfrank

    I totally agree with Spoony’s opinion of Toby Maguire. From the very first scene in the first spider-man, everything about his performance just turned me off, and his very presence in the movie was a distraction. I would relate it to Colin Ferrel in Les Mis. It would have been excellent otherwise except for every time he was on screen.
    On a slightly unrelated note, if I could warp time and reality and have a say in how the first movie was made, I would have made it another avenger tie-in, and it would only have required 2 very small changes.
    First, Oscorp is sub-contracted by the military to create a new version of the super soldier serum, much like the origin used in the incredible hulk, and the spiders were a first attempt that was abandoned because they could never seem to make it work with humans. When Peter’s class is touring the lab, one of the super spiders escaped from the secure lab they were being stored in and bites him, same-ol-same-ol.
    Second, Norman Osborn uses the new, untested super soldier serum not because the borad of directors is trying to force him out, but because he sees spider-man on the news, recognizes the spider powers that he had designed into the super spiders, and thinks spider-man stole one of his spiders, so he considers spider-man’s body to be oscorp property, and wants it back.
    BOOM! instantly better movie
    thank you, I’ll be here all week!

  • TheVoid

    I love how Spoony, whom is known so much for nitpicking, is yelling at his brother for nitpicking a valid point.

  • Matt Browning

    Uh, this video is broken. Only lasts 2:08.

  • zhellas

    The video only lasts to 2 minutes 8 seconds.

  • endplanets

    If you want to watch the full vid check out the direct blip vid.

    And the reason Spider Man has web launchers is because of Spider Queen.
    And the reason the Doctor was guilty was because he probably told evil Indian Guy where the Parkers were going or what their flight number was. But it, and the scene with an army of lizards, was probably cut out.

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