Vlog 8-28-13 – Cornettos & Saints Row IV

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I feel I have to explain myself: Spoony does not hate everything, and not everyone hates Spoony. And then I proceed to hate on Saints Row 4.

Revision: Someone raised a very good point: I said that Pacific Rim was good, stupid, loud fun, and that’s all it should have been. It’s robots punching; it’s meant to be stupid and fun. And then immediately afterward, I said that “it’s not Shakespeare” is not a valid argument for why a film is entertaining. Very good point. I’ll try to explain.

I said that in regards to not having to explain plot holes. As in, “why don’t they just leave town?” “Oh come on, it’s a robot movie; it’s not Shakespeare.” It’s perhaps a minor distinction, but I think to clarify my stance here, I’m saying that “it’s not Shakespeare” is often used as an excuse, not as an argument. A movie should play to its strengths, but being stupid or silly does not excuse it from being poorly made. Pacific Rim was well-made; World’s End was poorly-written.

  • http://UnholyFireDragon.blogspot.com/ Unholy Fire Dragon

    Oh, so now I’m a troll?…
    Spoony thinks I’m a troll.
    Call the national guard!
    Call the internet police!

    I deserve compensation for this free entertainment.
    Everyone get your lawyers ready.


  • Furrama

    Why not just stay off of Twitter? I’m not on it because the few people I looked up were either not posting at all or were spewing constant not-thought-out slime and making me lose respect with each passing post. I can’t imagine that the rest of the site is much better.

    • Christopher Smith

      Why do people write comments on pages like these? They want to express their opinions and vent. In the case of Twitter, for a lot of people, it’s a tool for sharing mundane annoyances or little positive things. Most celebrities or corporate profiles post updates on stuff. I do agree that what people say to Spoony on Twitter should be just noise that goes in one ear and out the other. Filtering stuff out that isn’t relevant in their lives is how celebs seem to cope.

      • Furrama

        I wasn’t venting, I promise. The site is just easy to do stupid crud on. And if you’re any kind of famous have fun with that. You can only have skin that’s so thick before it wears down and you explode.

        • Christopher Smith

          I didn’t say you were venting. :D I meant people on Twitter and comment sections in general. ;)

          Sure, it might get to others but a lot of celebs don’t seem to care (at least on the outside).

          • Furrama

            Oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood.

            I think a lot of them have people who read through their crud for them. Or aren’t even run by the celeb at all, but some intern at an agency who works for their handlers.

          • Christopher Smith

            You’re absolutely right. Some sort of secretary works wonders for their stress levels. I don’t want to say that anyone’s style of handling comments is better than the other’s, but it’s just that, for instance, TGWTG reviewers get a whole load of the “you used to be good and now you sold out” comments and they don’t really comment or seem to care all that much. Although, maybe they have people going through the comments for them. I’m not sure how it works over there. The tricky part is how TSE is a one man project and Spoony has to take the brunt of _everything_. Maybe if he could get someone to lighten the load? That might help him concentrate on the creative production side while the help goes through comments and deals with the fanbase. Idk, I’m not an expert on the subject but this is just an idea (which most likely has crossed Spoony’s mind but he has a reason for not doing that). I’m just thinking out loud at this point. :D

  • jesseastle

    Pacific Rim is one of those movies that you cannot say anything remotely bad about. It’s a stupid, one dimensional movie that at best has the good sense of keeping the camera still during the fight scenes… and in no way does this mean I hated this movie. It’s just I refuse to call it fucking genius or agree that I have to ‘turn my brain off’ for me to enjoy it.

  • Penfold Berry

    Personally, i don’t know why people are getting so mad at spoony. so he calls a movie stupid or shallow, so what? he -is- allowed an opinion. i like some of things he likes i dislikes some of the things he likes, same for stuff i like and dislike people need to wake up and just watch as -the professional journalist who has been published in the past- gives a movie or a game an analysis and then a review.

    if you don’t like spoony’s opinion then don’t listen. just because he has one doesn’t mean your allowed to hate on him for it. as for saints row 4. i’ve played saints row 2 they are stupid games. designed for mindless fun. its what if GTA admitted you really play it to have fun (and in gta 2 start gang wars :D! so much fun) if you have fun with saints row 4 good for you!! if not oh well. i had massive amounts of fun with the darkness 2 and all my friends hate the game (one is a massive fan of the comics) people are different DEAL WITH IT.

    i watch spoony because i enjoy his videos and respect his analytical views of games and movies. if you don’t then don’t watch. if all your going to do is insult and complain then bugger off we don’t want you here. i like things he hates but i respect his opinion. i dont insult him and call him wrong

    • Penfold Berry

      oh just as an afterthought a question to Noah: the camera quality for this Vlog was no where near as good as your other videos, it seemed grainy which just has me wondering if you use a cheap yet reliable camera for Vlogs and save the expensive cameras for your proper reviews. or the more logical choice being you just forgot to dust your camera :P but if you do use a different camera what kind is it?

      • Silly_Hats

        It’s a vlog, not a standard video. Its not really worth the bandwidth to see his Xbox game collection in HD.

  • Silly_Hats

    Spoony gains popularity by pissing off Final Fantasy fanboys. Fans of Spoony get pissed off when he doesn’t like something that they do. You can’t really have it both ways.

    People are so crazy.

    • http://UnholyFireDragon.blogspot.com/ Unholy Fire Dragon

      Yes, we are. Isn’t that why we’re all here. ;-)

  • Arturo

    tl;dr – I don’t understand the hate of the commenters.

    Hi Spoony, I’ve been watching your movies for years and I don’t think I ever posted a comment, I guess I’m one of the silent majority.

    I don’t get why people hate on Spoony for stating _his_ opinion on something. So what is he hates a game or a movie you like, it’s his opinion. And many times he also says good things about the things he nitpicks. You can see that he took the time to think about the material he’s talking about. And the vlogs with Miles are even better because you have two points of view, usually different ones and that’s great!

    I loved SR4, it’s the most fun game I’ve played this year next to the Deadpool game. I still agree with all the problems he stated but it was a lot of fun, so who cares! It’s all about the fun. SR2 was fun, SR3 was fun, Bioshock Infinite was fun. Shouldn’t it be about the fun? I come on this website to watch videos for fun, not sure what others come here to do. Do people come here and think “No matter what Spoony says, I’m gonna hate it!”, if they do I think they should change the website to soemthing else. If Spoony’s vlogs were all like “This movie/game is awesome, bye!” I think they would be boring and #SpoonyLovesEverything would start trending, how boring would that be?

    Spoony you should just ignore those people, I know it’s hard, as it is hard for me to write this comment cause I’m afraid I’ll get attacked for it and that scares me a little. But I try not to care cause I’m a big fan, I watched every video, some of them a couple of times, I follow you on Twitter an I appreciate the time you take to brighten my and everybody’s day with your videos.

    Thank you Spoony, keep them coming up :)

  • Matticus

    You made some really good points and analysis in this video, Spoony. I won’t comment on World’s End or the World’s End VLog, since I haven’t seen either. I might have an idea why the positive things you say about movies/games gets missed or ignored: your VLogs might be a bit too long.

    Now don’t get me wrong, your VLogs can be funny and informative, and you and Miles do a good job of not only stating your opinions but also explaining your reasons. Even when you self-describe as nit-picking you’re often hitting on valid points. The problem is that your reasons get lost in the shuffle, or people just aren’t sticking around for the entire video.

    I can speak from experience on that front. I love Counter Monkey, and I love your VLogs, but there have been many that I haven’t watched (or at least not finished) simply because they were so long. I’m not the kind of person that can sit in a computer chair and listen to someone talk for an hour if it’s just that person sitting there and talking. Stuff like your game reviews or a movie is different because there’s stuff that’s visually interesting happening. Now maybe it wouldn’t matter as much if I just listened to it in the background like a podcast while doing other things, but I find that I can’t listen and read at the same time. Whenever I try to listen to a VLog and check my blogroll I’ll inevitably find myself missing parts of the VLog.

    I dunno, maybe I’m the only person that can’t mentally multitask like that. Then again, brevity might head off the haters a bit. Ultimately it’s up to you. Just keep up the good work, Spoony!

    • Gborr

      Do what I do: Download the videos, rip the audio and listen to it while doing something boring (commuting, monotonous work, etc.). The only counter monkey this wouldn’t work with would be the Cyberdoll one, since that needs the visual aid, but the rest are fair game.

      • Christopher Smith

        If you have a smartphone, you don’t need to rip the audio because the Spoony app has every video on it.

        • Gborr

          Nah, I am an old-fashioned guy. I have a separate camera, MP3 player and phone for the simple reason so that of one breaks down, I still have the rest. :P

  • Princess Stabbity

    Sorry that you get so much crap for the most inane things. I don’t understand how hard it is for people to just accept that you aren’t always going to agree with them. I mean, I don’t agree with all of your opinions (I for one loved Man of Steel, watch me take heat for that somwhere) but I’m not about to go treating you like shit for daring to disagree with me. Good lord… Priorities people. The vocal angry mobs should look into that.

    On the topic of Saints Row 4, I agree that it’s completely over the top. I think it kind of has to be after what they did for 3. That go big or go home mentality. To stay that same level would be stagnant for them and to return to the style of 1 or 2 (which is my favorite of the series) would be backtracking for them and it would return to just being a GTA clone. This way they stand out, for better or for worse. As much as I had fun with 4, it also feels like it’s just one big acid trip of the Saints and you can blatantly tell it was originally planned to be DLC for 3. That being said, I absolutely loved 4. 3 felt off to me (so many activities just felt off to me somehow) and it lacked a lot of the fun part 2 had in my opinion. But I have fun with them all and I get exactly what I paid for. It may not be the identity it started out with, but it seems like its the one that they want to have now. Either they’ll stick with it or find a new and better balance in the future.

    I’m now going to return to my lurking. Even when I disagree, I still think you do fantastic work. I always enjoy your videos, there’s always something of value in them, whether its a laugh or just an opinion to think about, they’re great stuff. So thank you for the effort you put into them!

  • MrRuse

    I finished Saints Row IV yesterday, and I liked it. Sure, it had its flaws (major and minor), but I enjoyed it. And this review does not alter this liking of the game in any way, so I cannot help but wonder why people keep thinking it does. Just because you like something does not mean you have to defend it viciously and attack everyone who disagrees.

    Something that does bother me about Saints Row IV is that people hate it because of the powers that are in it. Not what it does to the game, just that they are in it. But it’s a change made to the series, and I do not think you should hate a series just for the changes that are being made in it. That is crazy. You just cannot hate the change made to shit just because it is change, instead demanding the same fucking thing over and over again. You know what the difinition of that is?


  • DasBass

    Spoony, I agree with what you say when you bring up SR3 and SR4 and what makes them different. I feel about SR3 the way you feel with 4. I think they took out too much from SR2 that made it feel right. I liked playing 3 and had a lot of fun co-oping it….but I don’t like it even if I had fun…..Yahtzee really said it best.

  • notincompliance

    Ah, the perfect way to follow up just having finished SR4.

    Question, then, Spoony: If this had been what it was originally supposed to be, the SR3 DLC “Enter the Dominatrix”, would you be giving it as much flak as you are? What I’ve taken away from your “bi-polar review” is that it didn’t earn it’s number. A number release should be big and move a series forward. I admit this felt like the add-on to the previous game it was slated to be. I still very much enjoyed it. I won’t be recommending to anyone at full price, but once it comes down, absolutely.

  • Reaki

    I had fun with SR 4. I played it through and I am keeping it on my
    HDD as my new fucking-around-for-30-minutes game, replacing Dead rising

    With that said, Spoony is mostly right. While I
    dont have any problem with the whole matrix parody (its not like we are
    drowning in them), the rest of the points are … spot on. The game
    could have been a separate franchise and no one would notice. In fact if we didnt have to deal with the saints bs, it could have been much better.

    Just wait for it to fall to 15 dollars or so and go nuts for 10 hours. Also I heard that Volition is about to release the SDK, so the glory of PC modding might make it even more fun.

  • http://UnholyFireDragon.blogspot.com/ Unholy Fire Dragon

    Apparently, I offended people by making a joke where I’m nitpicking Spoony’s “troll” comment. I actually liked the comment he made (among other comments in the vlog). I also found it funny. Hell, I found it SO funny that I felt like giving some sarcastic banter (which I did). I couldn’t stop laughing after the comment he gave, and I even laughed some more after my comment. I’m not hating on Spoony here. He explained himself fairly well. It’s all good. :-)

  • VonSarno

    psh haters gonna hate, Spoony. I do feel like you have a following of people that just like that bash on you. But i value and respect your opinion whether i agree with it all the time or not. You have given us YEARS of free entertainment so i thank you for that.
    I might even get flamed and called a fanboy and so on but so what let them. Miserable people love company, don’t let them drag you down.

  • kami

    Hey Spoony, I really love watching your Videos, don’t listen to the haters or People rageing on you not understanding your kind of humor ;) Keep on the good work and greetz from germany.

  • capthavic

    I dislike doing long winded arguments/debates over stuff like this so I’ll just offer this article in hopes that it shows why I disagree with Spoony and love SR4.


    This quote sums up my opinion perfectly: “…I’ll just say this: If that doesn’t sound like a fair trade to you, then you might need to phone the Care Bears, because somebody has stolen your child-like sense of glee.”

  • IchbinVol

    I know exactly what Spoony’s trying to say. SR4 is one of those games that’s fun… if you’re forced to play it. If you realize the kinda retarded schlock you’re about to play, you wouldn’t get it. In fact, I’ll just out right say that anyone who purposefully plays a game like this, full knowing of its retardation, is a brain-dead man-child who probably voted for Obama. You’re ruining our country, and should honestly be shipped in boxes to the south pole.

    • Penfold Berry

      wait what? people who played saints row 4 purposefully voted for obama? the man who helped with limiting gas emissions to help curb global warming, the man who helped with equality for gay people. also allowing gay people to serve in the military. so…yeah….

      • IchbinVol

        Right, because gays and gas are what’s important for a thriving country. I swear, all it takes is some pandering to get anywhere in this country.

    • Dragon Nexus

      Some people try way too hard to link a subject into a political debate.

  • http://sbkmulletman.deviantart.com/ sbkMulletMan

    If anything, the fans (and I use that word loosely) that bitch and moan tend to be the hypocritical ones, because they used to *love* “Spoony hating”. All that rage with Final Fantasy and such is often why they started watching him in the first place, and they even whined when he *wasn’t* bitching and hating, which led to Fucking Chuckles. Bit of a Catch-22 there. Ultima was a lot of praise, but can’t have THAT, so get to hating for our amusement! Only hate, brother! NO, don’t hate what I *LIKE*, you have to AGREE with my views, you’re not doing it right, stop hating everything!

    And that’s how it goes. They only want people to hate what they hate, not what they love. The moment someone says something negative about a game or movie they obsess over (it doesn’t even have to be “hated it!”), oh, suddenly you’ve gone too far. That’s just the nerd psychology these days I guess (or maybe that’s how it’s always been and it just got worse with the internet). You get so mentally invested, sometimes even obsessed with something, that you perceive any criticism of something you’re devoted to as a criticism of yourself. Not a good idea. Just because someone says a movie is stupid, it doesn’t mean they’re saying *you* are stupid…well, if that is how you perceive it, then you are kind of stupid, but for different reasons unrelated to the movie.

    These people are basically looking for someone to pander to them (probably Cena kiddies…they sure cry enough to be the type) and just agree with their views. Hate what they hate, love what they love, otherwise they whine and start leaving angry, hateful comments that are even more “hateful” than the ones Spoony gives, which again is kind of hypocritical, but we’re going to magically ignore that because we’re not supposed to turn that idea around *against* us, so IT’S NOT SHAKESPEARE, ignore the man behind the curtain, a wizard did it, prank caller, prank caller!

    I’ve said it again and again, so what if Spoony or anyone “hates” something that someone else likes? What matters is what the individual thinks of it. I know individual thought and difference in opinion is scary, but it’s not so bad once you’re used to it. Let’s magically pretend that Spoony really does “hate everything”. So what? Is that going to make you like a movie or game less? If you’re allowed to like it, why isn’t someone else allowed not to? And why does everything have to be all-or-nothing black & white? The Pacific Rim fiasco was an honest grey area, but it was warped and twisted by others to automatically be perceived as only a black mark. And where do all these arbitrary rules as to how one is supposed to “give reasons” or “use logic” come from? And why don’t they apply to you when you yourself have the magic, invincible bullet of “it’s not Shakespeare, just go with it”? That’s kind of a convenient dismissal right there that only works in your favor. No argument necessary, no having to weigh ideas, no need to actually *think* about anything, just “I win! I’m not listening, lalalalalala, gooble-gobble, one of us!”.

    But of course, I don’t expect a lot of intelligence from these people. After all, they just want mindless entertainment. Mindless is all they know, which is why they’re playing Saints Row 4 right now. And I guess there’s no sense in them trying to put any actual thought into anything because, well, they’re not exactly Neil Gaiman. What do you want? (see how stupid it is to just make some dismissive comparison like that?)

    And for those not able to figure it out, the above bit with Gaiman was a deliberately exaggerated snobbish remark to satirize the whole Shakespeare bit. I wish I didn’t have to *explain* that, but sometimes you have to tell people telling others not to take things too seriously to not take things too seriously…great, now I’M confused! See, this is why I don’t put Spoony through this nonsense. My brain hurts. NUUUURSE!

    • http://sbkmulletman.deviantart.com/ sbkMulletMan

      DAMMIT, it always looks so much shorter in the little type-box.

      Now I know why people just quickly dismiss things with “It’s Not Shakespeare”. Because those monkeys don’t want to accidentally end up writing anything as LONG as Shakespeare! “Blurst of Times” indeed.

  • The Janitor

    I think you hit the nail on the head. People are really weighing the amount of time you critique something rather than your final thought.

    • Arturo

      And who are you supposed to be?

      • Daniel2112

        Looks like he’s someone with an opinion, same as you and me. Why, does he need to be anyone in particular?

        • Arturo

          I wanted him to reply “I’m Scruffy, the janitor” but I failed :(

          • Daniel2112

            Ah, sorry! I misinterpreted your query.

      • L1nk1

        He is clearly the janitor here. moving on.

  • StCerberusEngel

    When I saw that Saints Row IV had the leader of the Saints as the President of the United States, I laughed my ass off. Then I heard there was an alien invasion plot………….


    I can totally see where you’re coming from, Spoony. Jump the shark? Hell, we punched it square in the face with a giant alien pod-person robot!

    • amused

      Here’s the thing, and this is where a lot of people get hung up on it. Saints Row 4 is not a grand theft auto clone anymore. They did all they could with that so they embraced their origins and moved on. Saints Row 4 is, instead, a more modern game clone/parody. Frankly, the nods to mass effect are the bigger clues to this than anything (loyalty missions and romance options for all the crew) but it goes with that style go game as well.

      Yes, the powers generally make the cars useless except during the times when you don’t have your powers (IE: Every loyalty mission), but the cars play no specific role in the story. There is only two types of missions that involve you driving anything and only one of them actually requires it. The three or four carjacking missions which all but tell you ‘pick it up with tk and fly it to the location’ and the rampage missions.

      The truth is, I get where spoony is coming from and I agree that it is not a saints row game in the light that 1 and 2 were. Where I disagree is that the truth of it is, it was never supposed to be. Given the fact that one of the final missions is titled ‘punch the shark’ (It doesn’t spoil what the mission actually is btw) it’s very clear that they knew exactly what they were doing.

      So, is it saints row 1 or 2? No. But what on earth gave you any hint that it was going to be? Honestly, it learned a lesson from Duke Nukem. The new one tried to recapture the magic it had with 3D and failed. Kind of that ‘you can’t go home again’ kind of idea. So instead they took the ball and ran with it and kept progressing in a different direction. The story is still saints row, and 50% of the game is revisiting what happened in the previous games. But it’s not those games. Those games are done. If you wanted more of them, go back and play them.

      • http://UnholyFireDragon.blogspot.com/ Unholy Fire Dragon

        Now, see…
        I actually like when games try to new things and take brand new directions. It may not turn out “better” than the last, but I could still enjoy the new stuff anyways. I suppose the new stuff risks being bad, but at least they tried, and they had fun doing so.

        So, you have a good point.

      • StCerberusEngel

        There’s a mission called Punch the Shark? I’m not sure how to feel about that…part of me is laughing and the other is dumbfounded.

        And I can’t speak for Spoony, (he’s said his piece on this) but I wasn’t complaining about the game itself. I just thought the plot was a bit much in terms of concept. While stupid and over the top, the previous games were grounded in a sort of reality (cartoonish as it was). The idea of the Saints being abducted by aliens and put into the matrix…must have been some good weed going around the office that day.

  • PeaTearGryfin

    I personally don’t understand the whole “Spoony hates everything” crap. This whole site was built on hating things. The same people that pull that card claim that they came to this site because of Phantasmagoria II, Final Fantasy, Ripper, Deadly Premonition, and his reviews. Guess what. Those were all Spoony hating on things too. What it boils down to is that they don’t want to hear Spoony point out flaws in something they liked. In all honesty, they are acting like the Final Fantasy fanboys who bitched when he came out against FFVIII. They don’t want to hear positive reviews because when Spoony did that with the Ultima reviews, they got pissed off and claimed that it wasn’t what they came here for. They really only warmed up to Ultima when he got to Ultima VIII and started complaining. These are the kind of people who laughed their asses off at Brad’s Smurfs review, but got pissed when he dared dislike Dark Knight Rises. What they want is for Spoony to hate, but don’t hate what they like.

    As for Saint’s Row IV, I thought this was a massive downgrade in the series. This felt like the developers just sat around thinking about how they can top the dildo sword from Saint’s Row III. The subtle humor of the first couple of games took a total fall in this one. To me, this is the difference between RoboCop and RoboCop III. The game knows that people liked certain elements of the first couple, but didn’t know why they liked it so they just went as ridiculous as possible. The game is easily the weakest of the Saint’s Row games. I would only recommend this game if either the price drops or you can find a cheap used copy.

    • Daniel Tilson

      The Ultima Reviews are what brought me here.

      I don’t care whether a review is positive, or negative… I just want to laugh.

    • korruption

      I will never buy Saints Row IV, and will even never play it. But based on what I saw (while cringing), it looked fucking terrible and more like a Saints Row 3.2. I realize some of it was going to be DLC for the 3rd game but they could’ve at least tried to make it look different.

      Seeing the DLC, including of course having to buy the cheats…again, along with the season pass and online pass etc… this is the most blatant middle-finger sellout Capcom bullshit move I’ve ever seen in a game franchise I used to love the shit out of. I really don’t consider the 3rd and 4th canon to the first two games, they are a huge step down in comparison. This is just Volition throwing their hands up, flat-out surrendering to GTA V, and laughing their balls off at the fact that so many people are giving them money for something so lazy, which isn’t counting the DLC bullshit.

      Just my humble opinion though, but I wish everyone who played this and it’s predecessor would play Saints Row 1 and then 2 to see why it should have ended there, and these next two jokes were just spin-offs.

    • http://UnholyFireDragon.blogspot.com/ Unholy Fire Dragon

      There’s times it seems the same way when it comes to making jokes.

      For example, I liked Spoony’s bipolar comment in the vlog and laughed at it at the time, I even wanted to make a joke out of it with my other joke (but I couldn’t think of anything). I wonder how many downvotes and how little upvotes I’d get if I did post something. It’s not like you’d never see well-loved “controversial” jokes on sites like this, and The Cinema Snob’s site, and That Guy With The Glasses’ site, and so on, really.

      I guess what I’m saying here is: “I just don’t get it.”

    • Animator606432

      It’s because people come in with this thought “it’s okay to hate something, as long as it’s not something I like” I personally loved Saint Row 4 but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t entitled to have a different opinion then me.

  • John Shepard

    I had tons of fan playing through SR4.

    Yes it was stupid but it was fun.(just like 3)

  • sifer2

    I think in some ways it’s understandable why they went so out there with this one since they know there is no way they can compete with GTA5. So they made a Crackdown/Prototype game instead. What’s funny is a lot of people already hated Saint’s Row 3 for the exact reasons Spoony didn’t like 4. I guess everyone just has their own limit to how crazy something can get before they just can’t take it seriously enough to enjoy anymore.

  • ryan phillips

    I think we just have to accept that Spoony just
    can’t accept things for being simple and fun.
    In my opinion, something that went too far
    was Duke Nukem Forever…
    Saints Row though…it was always ridiculous.

    • Renaissance_nerd

      Actually Saints Row 1 was a really serious attempt to take on GTA, it was a gritty, serious open world action game that fell short of the lofty goal of taking down GTA. It was only when SR2 came out that they saw potential in the crazy over the top type sandbox game we know today.

      • ryan phillips

        You don’t like to play…fun..games?..
        I feel they are few and far between these days..
        sure you can enjoy a game, but fun?
        Saints Row 3 is fun and i agree with Spoony’s point,
        it’s better than 4.

        • Christopher Smith

          You don’t like to play… good… games? Don’t try to put down the person you’re arguing with as someone who doesn’t like fun. It’s bad form. Rather, explain your basis for why you think the things that a lot of people see as shortcomings aren’t a deal breaker for you.

  • KoeL

    Reviewing a movie is a weird thing because 1) a movie doesn’t have to be good to be awesome (as said by spoony in Rebruary) but then there are movies that go tooo far hoping to say heeyyy you said it doesn’t have to be good blah blah blah and then it becomes a stupid argument that most people don’t get (which is why personally i don’t like Monty Python comedies) 2) reviewing a movie that you like but has problems is more difficult like for me the avengers YEAH i can tear the movie apart because it has heavy BULLSHIT in it but still it is a FUN TO WATCH MOVIE, i think this is what the people in twitter didnt get and started the you are a hypocrite stuff
    … liking a movie has nothing to do with it being good or bad and saying it is good or bad means nothing if its not fan to watch…so basically someone saying its good or bad is meaningless and this is were trolls or people who think another one is a hater gets fueled on

  • Zandrous

    I honestly never got into the SR series. I got SR3 on release day because I thought it might be interesting. However after getting it and playing it nonstop for a few days in between work and kids, I honestly got bored with it. SR4 doesn’t really hold much interest for me either but with all the off the wall stuff it doesn’t really make me want to look at it. I’m not saying they’re bad, just not my style of game. So I can understand what Spoony is talking about.

    As far as The World’s End goes, I’ve not seen it yet. After hearing some things about it from different reviews and people I’m kind of leery. I mean…they really just crack jokes during or right after a childhood friend gets torn apart in front of them? The fuck? Hell they showed more respect for David when he got torn apart in Shaun of the Dead and that guy was a fucking prick. If that’s the case with The World’s End then I’m probably going to be like Spoony and be pretty disappointed with it.

    All in all if people want to bitch about your reviews rather than respectfully disagree with your opinion then let them suck on a turd. I don’t agree with you 100% of the time but I don’t have to come on here and wave my virtual dick around saying “You’re wrong and you use to be funny”. That’s just fucking stupid and immature. Keep on making your vids sir, the rest of us who weren’t deprived of oxygen as a kid and were taught to be decent people will still watch. Now I wait for the “quit sucking spoony’s dick” comments that I’m sure to get that I’ve gotten before.

    • ShipoftheLine

      Can you be any more virgin?

      • Zandrous

        Hmm….don’t know. Let me go ask my kids.

    • JackRyan

      Oh look a neckbeard using “Sir”. Only thing missing is a Fedora.

      • Zandrous

        Don’t wear fedoras. But I’m glad you noticed the beard in that old pic.

  • Ross Lane

    I’m the silent majority, and I love your vlogs, Spoony. Keep up the good work and don’t ever change.

  • Daedalus

    Please Spoony! For fuck sake. Make a video where you don’t complain about people complaining about you complaining or at least be consistent with your message because I can’t follow your message when it boils down to “when I criticize stuff its for real when you criticize my stuff you are a troll never mind you might not be a troll but you aren’t the majority which makes you wrong okay see ya bye!”. I’m trying to watch your videos but the constant opining on the psychology of yourself and the audience is getting a bit annoying.

    • faeyr

      Then don’t watch. It’s easier, and you won’t be as annoyed when he doesn’t do what you want him to do.

      • Daedalus

        I’m not psychic how do I know he says something ad nauseam unless I jump right in. Fact is I generally enjoy my experience watching his videos I’m simply voicing my disapproval of this vlog. Hopefully I haven’t angered any “true fans” out there.

  • Michael Borean

    Shrug. I like the Saints Row stuff because it seems to go by the rule of Mythbusters. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. Might not be some peoples thing there which is understandable since not everyone is going to like something.

    Jacking the cars was never the point Spoony, just something you could do if you wanted. If you had to drive cars around the city to get to everywhere in this game it would turn into a 30+ hour game even on normal. I think also, that the progression of the games would be sorta silly if you went from having the flying vehicles by the end of 3 to having to run around stealing cars again in 4. It’s basically not pulling a Metroid, where in you lose the stuff you had from the last game.

    But yea as I said, I personally do not have any problem with Saints Row 4 or 3, the games being whacked out, off the wall, bat shit insane is why I play the games in the first place. Don’t think I’d play the 5th one if they make it though since this really felt like an ending to me. Oh, and the weapons you can get that are insane are kinda needed if you play on Hardcore because you will get the living crap murdered out of you if you didn’t have special stuff.

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Volition failed to address a crippling issue with Saints Row 3 on PC that made it unplayable for alot of players (myself included). For this I will never buy another SR game.

    But anyway I am in the silent majority, keep up the good work Spoon, fuck them haters.

  • Private

    stop reading comments and get back to making good vieos!


      Everyone should second this.

  • http://mara999.deviantart.com/ MaraBackman

    I still like most of your stuff Spoony. Of your recent work I absolutely adore “Minority Report”, which I thought had some of the funniest jokes in ages. I also really liked both board-game reviews, particularly your impersonations of Iron Sheik and the others. I also like to check in on Counter Monkey because I find it interesting to hear about a more experienced RPG-player’s insight into the rule systems and styles of playing. Hell, you made an hour-long video about dice of all things and it was interesting and fun to watch. :)

  • LeeEnfield

    “People eat people, vomit into graves and call it a burial” …wait, was that a Monty Python sketch I didn’t see? Because that is an -awesomely- fucked up thing to come up with off the top of your head!

  • Norman Stillwell

    What I want to know is where can the Saints Row series go from there?

    • Penfold Berry

      i don’t think it can. nothing can really ‘top’ saints row 4. what a way to go though you have to admit. its…kind of memorable?

    • http://mara999.deviantart.com/ MaraBackman

      Probably the route of “Mario Galaxy”.

      • Norman Stillwell

        I think it might go more in the direction of the God of War series upon reflection.

        • http://mara999.deviantart.com/ MaraBackman

          Now I’m picturing a bizarre combination of GoW and Devil May Cry, presented like a Youtube-poop.

  • ORCACommander

    i think a problem is that sometimes we have a problem separating you comedy from your opinion. and yes sometimes you cme off contradictory. pacific rim confused me at least when you said you liked it then bashing it. that would of been fixed if you also balanced that out with positives

    • haloofthesun

      Or people should learn that you can like something and still admit it has plenty of problems. Talking about what’s wrong with a movie, game, or anything else doesn’t suddenly mean you hate that particular thing.

  • Jesse Perez

    Since all this “hate Spoony” mindset started happening, I firmly believe his fanbase needs an enema to get rid of the garbage and keep the fans that actually appreciate the work he does. Don’t like his stuff? Have a valid argument and make it a good one. You just want to bash him for having his own opinion? Why are you still here? You obviously don’t like him like you used to, so just leave.


      I like Spoony but he’s a bit of a dick and he shows almost no understanding of how to air his valid opinions in a non-inflammatory way. Of course, that’s also what I like about him.

      Calm down though.

  • aaronbourque

    It jumped the sharknado!

  • Skolex

    You made the same properly founded observations that other reviewers are making about SR4. I don’t see where all the outrage against you is coming…except the fact that haters are just sticking their fingers in their ears and saying “Spoony hates everything” over and over, no matter how many valid points you make.

    Spoony is a reviewer and an entertainer. It’s for you to watch and have FUN. If you don’t like it, gtfo. No one is keeping you here.

    You’re not a hypocrite, dude. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s totally fine with me. You always correct them anyway.

    The fact that you’re addressing something that you personally thought was worth taking the time to address shows that you care about your viewers (the good and the bad). That’s what a good entertainer does. You’re one of the best. Keep doing what YOU feel is right, and your true fans will follow and support you.

  • BERSERK1337

    you say you like saints row 3 the most? personally i thought 2 was the best because it was the perfect balanse between gta and stupid which has sadly become this series strength. but i agree saints row iv was just too much. even if i had fun whith it for a day untill it got repetive and boring as fuck. and the story was to short only made long by all the side quests which extended to “go to ship talk to person” “go back to simulation” then do whatever stupid thing they ask of you. the most fun i had in this game was the super power gameplay and collecting stuff to power up sadly. this game is not worth your money

  • Void

    Spoony having listened to the whole video and bearing in mind your general state of mind there is only one thing I have to say “Thank Fuck” you realise that the vast majority of people either like your videos, agree with your comments or at least aren’t the kind of people who are little more that the world’s best argument for being pro choice.

    Before I get obnoxious replies from the aforementioned “nature’s little mistakes” BOTTOM LINE if you don’t think Spoony is funny or you have a big problem with him, why are you here, do you really feel that the producers of World’s End or any other movie, game or other IP he has the temerity to criticize (you know, as a critic) need you to defend them?

    If however you’re answer is yes then I suggest you find your mother (assuming you know who she is), tell her “John” she is busy and take a good long run up and force yourself back up inside her as you clearly aren’t ready for the real world.
    To also stall any queries that come from suggestions I’m “defending Spoony”, who also doesn’t need it. I’m not defending Spoony I’m angry and the people who mean my scheduled broadcast is interuppted by the guy having to clarify and semi apologise without reason.

    • Christopher Smith

      I’m just making waves here even though I basically agree with you, but I guess people defend the IP for the same reason you and I seem to defend Spoony. People get defensive about things that are important to them.

      • Void

        I understand where you are coming from but I’m not defending Spoony, there’s nothing to defend, he’s a critic, his job is to criticize, if his job was to unequivocally brighten your day he’d be a chinchilla.


    I simply disagree that PR was stupid. It’s about as simplistic as you can get, but you shouldn’t confuse this with stupidity. All the characters are sketched out enough to work. But I’m with Spoons on Man of Steel. Fuck people who like that pretentious shit.

    I also agreed with him (mostly) on The World’s End. I just didn’t have quite the problem with it he did. But pretending there aren’t problems with the script is just asinine.


    There are a few moments like that in Shaun of the Dead. Thanks for reminding me. Phillip dies just after he tells Shaun that he always loved him and just wanted to help him move on after losing his dad, Shaun has to shoot his mom in the face, and leave Ed to die in a basement.

    You try and find that kind of genuine expression of humanity in The World’s End.

    • valar84

      There is one such moment in World’s End. In the second or third pub, before they meet the robots, the shy friend is spoken to by the robot replacement of his childhood bully. He then says that anything would have been better than not being recognized, even being bullied again, because being ignored is like all of the bullying meant nothing at all to anyone.

      IIRC, the scene is quickly ended by Gary. Which is the big problem I think, the more dramatic scenes in World’s End get defused too quickly to get back to the comedy. It happens in two other scenes: the one where Nick Frost’s character describes why he stopped being Gary’s friend, about how he had a huge scar when he crashed trying to get an OD’ing Gary to the hospital quickly, resulting in criminal charges and an injury that ended his sporting career… but blink and you miss it. The other scene is at the end, where you see that Gary has bandages on his wrists, that he had attempted suicide and that was what brought about his new pub crawl. Again, blink and you miss it.


        Those don’t even compare. The one with Peter almost got an emotional reaction from me. But they aren’t anywhere near Shaun of the Dead. It’s like when you see shadows of what a script once was in a film, which just doesn’t make sense when Pegg and Frost are the writers.

        • valar84

          As I said, the scenes get defused too quickly.

          I do believe that there are shadows of things that were dropped. One big thing I seem to notice is Ollie (Martin Freeman’s character). There seems to be hints in the first part of the movie that seems to indicate that he may be sick, seriously sick. He mentions to Gary that he has a doctor’s appointment before he gets roped in the pub crawl, then when someone says something like that Gary’s gonna end in the grave first of all of them, he seems to leave an open-ended reply that seems to indicate that he thinks he will be first to die. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I do remember that I noticed these two and expected, since Wright is a foreshadowing addict, that these were hints of something… but it never comes to pass.

          Every script tends to lose a few threads when filming, but it seems to me that World’s End lost so many threads that some characters are more than a bit wasted. It’s like they cut out most of the other characters except for Gary, and he just gets a one minute scene at the end.

  • sirion

    well I like facepalm-worthy things so… I like saints row 4. I stopped
    playing saints row 3 because you can’t do super-moves like the cyber
    ninja or whatever, now you can. Because of that simple fact I do not
    care what you say from the get-go xD.

  • Dragon Nexus

    As someone who simply watches Spoony for the entertainment, I find myself agreeing with his Vlogs a little more than I disagree.
    But honestly, I’m completely with him with SR4. To the point where it’s nice hearing someone else say exactly what I’d been saying for a while.

    Saints Row 2 to me was the peak of the series. SR1 was pretty much a San Andreas copy but in a smaller city and with a less complicated plot. But the characters were cool, the shooting was a lot better than GTA of old and the ability to store cars and guns in various safe houses was awesome.
    SR2 took the concept, saw GTA4 had gone serious and decided to take the other fork in the road and be its own thing. It had its over the top moments but it always felt grounded and restrained when necessary. The bad guys were people you ended up hating because they put you in a corner very quickly, but after fighting back it was satisfying as all hell to see them taken out.
    Saints Row 3, to me…had none of that. The bad guys were forgettable, none of them were taken out in satisfying ways (hell, some of them just wandered off out of the game. Seriously, The Boss shows mercy now?) and the story was just eeehhhh.

    The gameplay to SR3 was a let down too. There was no context to anything, it was just there. The little cinematice before taking on an event for the first time let you know why you were doing this dumb stuff. Flimsy reasons, sure, but it was a reason. SR3 and 4 both reward the player too much too soon. SR2 made you feel like you *earned* that high rise apartment. You *earned* that plane hanger and helepad. SR3 just gives you everything right away. If you keep giving me toys, Saints Row, I’m not going to appreciate the ones I already have.

    And then SR4 brought in aliens. A series that was about a small gang trying to fight back against larger gangs and carve out a life for themselves in a city…has turned into a game where you fight aliens.
    There’s trying to not be a GTA clone…but now they’re trying not to be a Saints Row game…and instead ended up as a Prototype and Crackdown clone!

    To me the argument for/against Saints Row would be the same one I’d make for Bioshock 2. There is *nothing* wrong with Bioshock 2. It’s a functional game, in many ways the gunplay and general gameplay is improved, but it’s a story that didn’t need to be told. It didn’t need to exist. I don’t recommend it to people unless they don’t give a damn about story and just want gameplay. SR4 might be a good game, but it’s not the Saints Row experience many fans would have hoped for. So maybe the same applies…good for the gameplay, but it sucks as a part of its franchise.

  • bloodshed113094

    Spoony, I think I can help you. There’s a difference between going all out and going to far. So TWE didn’t go all the way and SRIV went to far. I hope that helps.

  • Rudarudd

    I feel like I’m your girlfriend.. and we’re having that talk..

  • L1nk1

    Are you trying to say that the game isn’t really a game but some sort of entertaining goofball that throws pies at your face? I’m confused.

    I mean will the consumers not be entertained? But if they will why should they not buy this game?

  • EvilPoet85

    If you like a movie/game maybe you should dedicate more time in the review to actually talk about the things you like, then people wont be so confused.

    Second, I dont think you can blame viewers for misinterpreting your points. Because you make these reviews. You are the sender of information. Therefore if the receiver is confused by the message, then it is because the message was not clear enough.

  • EvilPoet85

    Saints Row 3 wasnt really sure what game it wanted to be, at least 4 is. Even though I would have liked to see it get back to its roots I still like it

  • Barachiel

    Okay, I’m going to break my own rule about feeding trolls, but here goes.

    I speak on behalf, not of the “Haters,” but of those generally concerned about the patterns exhibited recently.

    I just finished an expansive rewatch of this entire site. Took about a month, a few hours a day while doing generally meaningless tasks. And this is what I’ve seen.

    Once upon a time, TSE was about a guy sitting down, whipping out some old stuff, mainly video games, and riffing on them. Sure a lot of it was based on nitpicking and complaining, but first and foremost, it was about humor, about having fun. And I’m not just talking about Final Fantasy. I’m talking about FMV Hell, Swat 4, and all those little one-shot vids he did for 8-bit and 16-bit games. Hell, even the Ultima series, which was mainly about PRAISING some old game had a lot of good humor.

    Praising or bitching, Spoony was fun to watch and listen to. I didn’t always agree with him, but I didn’t have to. It was all in good fun.

    I used to like Final Fantasy VIII (to be fair I was a teen when it came out), and his vids were HYSTERICAL to me. He pointed out some nonsensical stuff I hadn’t realized at the time, and made me go back and play the game (with a hacked save file to skip the drawing magic and card mini games) and I could see why I liked it as a teen, but also how … really really BAD it was having aged over a decade.

    FFX, I was middling on it. It had bad points, it had good points. I don’t think it was the travesty some do, but neither was it my game of the year. Watching Spoony have fun poking at it was, again, enjoyable. Mainly, its the FF series’ plots and characters are rooted in anime. If you hate anime, you’re not going to like FF. I’m “meh” on the medium, so I tend to be “meh” on the most recent games. Last one I would actually give praise to is XII.

    Now, I don’t want to speak on the creator’s behalf, but a couple years ago, a lot of bad stuff rolled downhill, and it was commented on here on the site. I wont’ go into it. Long-term viewers will know the multiple instances I’m talking about.

    Since then,not only has the content on the stie dropped off, but its quality changed. Sure, we still got costumes and storylines, and cheesy special effects. But the *tone* of the humor changed. I know, i know, it’s subjective, but binge-watching the vids it was even more apparent to me.

    The negativity has been ramped up to extreme degrees. It’s less about good jokes on something stupid, and more about Spoony ranting and raving loudly and that in and of itself is supposed to be funny. When was the last time we got a “Soviet Police Training” montage or a “Thriller” spoor or even a “Zombie Dave”?

    Counter-Monkey is alright. I rather liked it at first, but lately, it’s all been very dry and methodical. He’s just talking at us through a camera. Okay. The anecdotes were fun, and the GM advice helpful, but slowly, the series has lost its charm to me. I’m also an old school gamer, so an hour long special on dice, just doesn’t hold my interest.

    The Vlogs… God, my entire message is going to get lost when I say this. The Vlogs are even worse. He sits on camera with Miles, and complains about new movies, while Miles takes the high road and actually gives *objective* reviews. The reason all the “Spoony Hates Everything” comments crop up is that the vast majority of these vlogs are him tearing something apart over the flimsiest of reasons, and Miles going “But I kinda liked it, and here’s why.” They’re boring. I haven’t watched one in months, including this one. I don’t need to. I can just read the first couple comments and get it confirmed. I’m pleased he offered up a “it sucked, but it was kind fun” to Pacific Rim. Not because I loved the movie (it was alright), but because it was good to see him offer up something positive for a change.

    But the CM and VLOGs and Board Game stuff all have one thing in common: they’re less about entertainment, and more about him talking at us,speaking his mind. They’re not even scripted. Heck the last few game reviews, the game footage has been accredited to someone else, usually Sean Fausz or Bennett the Sage.

    The Board Game show I had high hopes for, considering how much I enjoyed Knightmare and the other ones he did. So far they’ve been… alright. I’ve chuckled a bit at them, but nothing’s come close to making me bust out laughing at work and getting me in trouble like “the Black Ho’e”.

    I treasure the odd “Minority Report” and “The Ring: Terror’s Realm” video because they’re a sample of what this site used to provide. Rebruary is a joy because he’ll actually whip out a couple of bad old movies and give us his one man MST3K show.

    I hate to say this, but other producers put out more product of equal quality a lot more frequently that TSE does now. Linkara has a review up twice a week. NC, every 2 weeks. Bennett, every week or two. Same for AJ. And it’s actually scripted entertainment, with cuts of footage, audio gags, and even the occasional skit or story arc dropped in at the end.

    Speaking of the story arc, how long can we drag out the “Spoony’s really trapped in some simulation/prison” thing? It’s been teased in almost every “main” video (ie one that gets the opening credits), and yet it’s not gone anywhere in over 9 months.

    I’m going to come off as a gigantic asshole here, but what exactly is going on? He says in sidebars that he’s “busy working”. On what? The majority of the “regular” content is unscripted. The Vlogs aren’t even edited. By his own credits, he’s not recording game footage. He’s not doing projects with TGWTG). The big epic set pieces have stopped (and understandably so; i get that needs a break). No elaborate costumes or props. Heck the old stuff didn’t’ even HAVE the costumes or props. I wouldn’t mind a return of “Giant Dizzy Gillespie” at this point.

    *sighs* TL;DR I’ve said it before, and this is the last time. The fans dont’ need big huge episodes every two weeks. We don’t need Spoony to praise the things we love, and bring ruination to the things we hate. I’m worried TSE has gotten too obsessed with pointing out the negative for its own sake, and less concerned with making fun of the silly and stupid things in stuff we enjoy. *dons asbestor suit*

    • Nathan

      I get a lot of what you’re saying, and ready your grains of salt for this if you like, but Noah suffers from a kind of mental illness that, I can say from very personal experience, makes it hard to keep up quality and workflow. Hell, makes it hard to care enough about anything to even bother eating, and sometimes it goes on for months at a time. Entertainers operate on Charisma, and you can hardly ask for a worse Cha debuff than being stuck in a bipolar low.

      IMO, it comes to a point where some long time fans accept everything you’re saying above as unavoidable. I suspect last year’s breakdown probably led to conversations with his friends in the reviewer community where a few of them probably told him, “Look. We get it, your hardcore fans get it, but the average viewer just wants to see a video every couple weeks, Or Else. Instead of dragging them all way deep into the Dark Place you should probably just crank something out by the numbers if that’s all you’ve got in you at that moment.”

      In a way it’s totally normal. Look at Miley Cyrus right now. A celebrity has to work, period. The show must go on, right? In Spoony’s case, he puts his deficiencies and breakdowns in context as best he can, and chugs along as best he can. It’s always been a part of his performance to some degree or another – these bad games might end what last vestiges of sanity he has left, etc.

      I’m not sure you’re saying this, but I’ll say it – sometimes it seems like Noah’s just making sure there are long videos going up with ad breaks to keep the income flowing. It’s not what we came here for, but for at least some of us, Noah’s long term well being – his ability to eat food and keep a roof over his head – is now part of our fandom. We click the video and either get entertained, or not. It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

      It’s a new age of celebrity experiments, in a way. Fuck Hollywood’s meltdown-inducing pedestals, fuck Survivor’s faux Jerry-Springer-esque ensemble dynamics. Let’s just get to know a guy and consume whatever comes out of his brain. Does he coast sometimes? Yes. Very human of him, I’d say. My point is, creativity and mental states aren’t factories, and celebrity of any level is a mixed blessing. And frankly, after last year’s incidents, I think many fans are just glad he didn’t kill himself as a result of some of the most intensely personal public humiliation any decent person has ever gone through. Some people aren’t made of rubber. Meanwhile, if Spoony wasn’t Spoony, none of us would be here. As an audience of a one-man-troupe like this, it’s our choice whether to take the good with the bad, or to expect consistent quality despite all common sense.

      • Barachiel

        I suffer from clinical depression myself, so I get this to a degree, in fact, this site got me through a rough spot when I discovered it back in ’10.

        And actually, my cynical jaded side had kind of come to the conclusion of “must keep posting stuff to keep bringing in money to pay the bills.” And if that’s the case, fine.

        And I can take the good with the bad. But this bad period has been going on for a while now, and I’m not sure how much longer it’s really worth waiting around. For myself, I’m at a point where I may just delete this site from my bookmarks for the time being (i tend to hit my blogger bookmarks daily), and just check back in 6 months or so, when I get the itch to rewatch something.

        And that’s my decision. I’m not telling anyone else they’re right or wrong for liking this or that. I just wanted to express my concern.

        Thank you for a reasoned and reasonable reply. I was expecting something much harsher for the first one.

        • Nathan

          I hear ya. For my part, I recently rewatched the Ultima 9 review for no other reason than the fact that the entire review was such a great setup for the joke at the end. Much giggling was had.

          Your bandwidth usage (net and mental) are your call, but may I suggest seeking out additional sites for your rotation?

          Or do what I did, and turn your love of the format into a hobby – start your own video habit :) The YouTube RPG Brigade is always happy to meet new people, seems like you’d fit right in :D

          • Barachiel

            My thing is, I’m incredibly picky about humor. I don’t like half the stuff comedy-wise that my friends do (which is why I try avoid broad sweeping generalizations about taste).

            My blogger watch list, I mentioned in my original post. Mainly I watch, AT4W, Anime Abandon, The Nostalgia Critic, and Angry Joe. And both NC and AJ do not always hit the right spot with me. But I like them enough, I take the good with the bad.

            Oh, and SFDebris, because well, the man is awesome. Even when I violently disagree with him, he’s worth listening to.

            I might give that recommendation of yours a try when I get off work.

          • http://youtube.com/user/typeNtardis Nathan Hawks

            Ahh, good ole Chuck. Do you know of Confused Matthew? Everybody knows about RedLetterMedia. Let me stop before I become an advert ;)

            My YT link’s in my profile, and many of us Brigadiers are very sociable. Video habit or no, feel free to drop a line. Until then… good chatting, hope you get outta work soon, and don’t forget to ignore the 8 year old haters :)

          • Barachiel

            Eh, Confused Matthew i started liking, and quickly swung into dislike. The reason why I can listen to SFDebris is that he flat out states, what he says is his opinion, and he welcomes open constructive debate. CM kept straying into the “i hate this, and you should too” category, but without the disarming humor that Spoony once had when making such proclamations.

            RLM is one of those instances where I just didn’t get it. Remember, I said above, I don’t get the same humor my friends do? This is one of those cases. I listened to the Episode One rant, and just kinda blinked a few times, and went “people really find this funny?” *shrugs* To each, their own.

          • http://youtube.com/user/typeNtardis Nathan Hawks

            Hey, it takes all kinds. A lot of entertainers would be out of work if everybody liked the same thing.

          • Barachiel

            Yup. I don’t inflict my tastes on other people against their well, and all I ask is the same courtesy in return. :)

            Oh to be fair, I like a few other TGWTG producers too, but most of them aren’t frequent updaters, or only occassionally go into topics I want to listen to.

            I used to be a fan of MovieBob, and I still watch his opinion pieces on random subjects, but i avoid his movie reviews like the plague. Everything I liked this summer, he hated, with the exception of Pacific Rim.

          • http://youtube.com/user/typeNtardis Nathan Hawks

            Channel Awesome is very hit-or-miss with me. I like several of the personalities, but in the end, I just felt like it was aiming too far below my age bracket. If nothing else I’ll probably keep watching the annual movies… To Boldly Flee ‘sploded my noodle, and I assume they’ll only get better. Plus there’s certain moods that only Ask That Guy can cure :)

          • Barachiel

            *Nods* Same here. I’m glad Linkara and Bennett are only peripherally involved with the site, and run their own sites. I prefer not to give it undo traffic.

      • Teclisar

        “And frankly, after last year’s incidents, I think many fans are just
        glad he didn’t kill himself as a result of some of the most intensely
        personal public humiliation any decent person has ever gone through.”

        I’ve been watching Spoony since ’07 or ’08 back when I discovered his FF8 videos on YouTube (I didn’t discover his main site until a year or two later), and I’m still not sure what people are referring to when they mention stuff like this. Let me first say that I don’t participate on the forums or any other site to discuss Spoony’s work (this is actually my first comment on these boards), so I tend not to be too involved in the personal aspect of TSE beyond what Spoony mentions on camera.

        I am aware that a couple years back he had some relationship issues and has been dealing with a few different physical/mental conditions, but this is the first I’ve heard of public humiliation. Is there some sort of controversy I missed? The way people talk about it on these boards is like anyone who has watched Spoony for a decent amount of time would be aware of these horrendous events surrounding his personal life, and I’m just lost. Did I truly miss something or have I just failed to understand the gravity of the issues I’m already aware of?

        • http://youtube.com/user/typeNtardis Nathan Hawks

          I’m going to do everybody, but mostly both you and me, a huge favor and not re-dredge this story. But yes. By sticking to the main content you missed out on some pretty insane caca.

          If your morbid curiosity insists, the internet will provide, but let’s not rehash Noah’s pain here at Noah’s site.

    • jetman123

      I personally disagree with some of the things you’ve said, but I just wanted to let you know that I respect and understand your opinion.

      • Barachiel

        Thank you. Same to you, sir.

    • Louis Deschenes

      I must say that your opinion is more respectful than some others I have read. Though I do not agree entirely with you I do understand that the latest video were no on par with “You’re in my way sir!”. But people change, events in life can make you change and like Nathan Hawks said, if Noah as some mental illness then it is normal that is video might not be as good as they were.

      I must also confess that I am easily amused so I may not be the best to give is opinion here. But as with everything else, people usually only remember what they didn’t like and it can show in their comments.

      P.S. It would seem that I am not alone with some mental illness. :)

      • Barachiel

        *nods* I suffer from clinical depression myself, so I get the health problems.

        And if TSE has changed for good, then so be it. It’s not my site. But I felt compelled to say something.

        All too often, issues like these are boiled down to “Us Vs Them”; “Fanbois Vs Haterz”, etc.

        I also wanted Spoony to know that not all of us who dislike the way things have gone lately dislike HIM. Some of us just want to see him find his way back to a healthier place.

        And to make us laugh. :)

        Call us the Loyal Opposition, if we must be labeled as a faction.

        • Louis Deschenes

          I like that one!

    • oddtail

      I absolutely agree with virtually every point you make. I think that the main problem does boil down to “it should be entertaining first, watching someone complain second”. Watching a person complain about something is NOT in itself entertaining.

      What I disagree with you on, is that I don’t think things need to be scripted to be funny. But I do think they would be received much better by the “haters” if they were geared a little more towards entertainment. I see this particularly in the Counter Monkey episodes. The early ones were funny anecdotes or explanation on how certain things work. I am a very experienced tabletop gamer, so I did *not* need the “OK, that’s how RPGs are played” videos. I don’t need the advice to hit the party in my campaign with a disease, or to reward creativity of the likes of the Bardic Knock Spell. I’ve done the alignment discussion to death with more than one group.

      But I *still* liked the videos that talked about all that stuff a lot – because they were, I felt, well thought-out and informative. Later videos, while by no means terrible, seemed to lack focus. They were very hit and miss not because they were Counter Monkey (because I know some people dislike Counter Monkey), but because a lot of the time, I felt Spoony rambled without any real idea of what he was trying to say. Some videos, I felt, were a bit uncomfortable to watch because Spoony just lost momentum and still kept talking.

      Counter Monkey is the example I’m giving, but I feel it applies to all videos. I know there are (probably) some people who say “Spoony hates everything” because they are mean-spirited or thoughtless. But, if I had to guess, for a lot of those people it has to do with the fact that Spoony hates on stuff without it being informative, funny, entertaining or helpful. My favourite videos, which I have watched so many times it’s embarassing – mostly because when I do stuff that doesn’t require my full attention, I run them as sort of a background noise – are Phantasmagoria 2 videos. Having watched them, I think it’s a very bad GAME, but a pretty decent STORY. Some of it doesn’t work and the ending was rushed, but it’s fun in a cheesy kind of way. Spoony obviously didn’t like it. But it’s still a lot of fun to watch it, because it’s not a… how shall I put it… directionless, pointless kind of hating. Spoony has his own opinion on the game, but he voices the opinion in a really entertaining way. AND he lets the game’s stronger points shine, even if he doesn’t see them.

      I feel the same way about other videos. FF8 is entertaining whether you like it or not. Good “bashing stuff” comedy is good because you can laugh at it whether you like what is being torn to pieces or not. That’s why I like Linkara or Nostalgia Critic, and that’s why I started liking Spoony’s stuff in the first place. I laugh at the jokes, I evaluate the more serious arguments, I make up my own mind or decide to check something out. Even though I don’t think those are the BEST videos, per se, it really shows in some of the older ones. Microcosm is a piece of shit game, and Spoony is not shy about speaking his mind about it. But it has a lot of jokes, and even the rant bits are interesting to listen to. It doesn’t get tedious.

      In case Spoony reads my comment – I am really far from being a hater of him OR his works. I still come to the site and I still am entertained. But if I had to guess why people say things like “Spoony hates everything”, I would point out the following:

      1) If hatin’ on stuff is funny, it’s easier to stomach.
      2) Hatin’ on stuff is more interesting if you explain it clearly.
      3) Spoony is at his best when he has an idea of where he’s going with something. I don’t necessarily agree it needs to be scripted. But making notes of a few bullet points before recording a vlog, or editing it afterwards, or anything like that would help, I feel. Because part of the “Spoony hates everything” is, I feel, due to miscommunication and rather directionless videos.
      4) This has little to do with the comment I’m responding to, but in the videos where Spoony appears with Miles, I get the feeling that Miles doesn’t really get to… share the video. I personally don’t think it works well. I get it, Spoony is the main attration, so to speak, but when Linkara reviews something together with another person, or when Doug and Rob Walker talk about a movie (or the Avatar cartoons, or whatever), or when Brad Jones does Midnight Screening videos – there is a little more balance. I feel like Miles sits there to say his stuff, then Spoony says his own stuff (and it takes most of the time). It would be MUCH better, at least to me, if you actually responded to each other, had a discussion. Otherwise, I feel like Miles being there is kind of wasted.

      OK, this comment is WAY too long… but I think that’s about it.

      • Barachiel

        Scripting isn’t strictly necessary, but , scripting would allow him to work around the issue of the excessively negative outlook he seems to have lately more easily. When you’re winging it, your current moods and mindset would bleed through more easily. But with a script, it’s less talking at the audience and more acting.

        • oddtail

          You do make a fair point in that it is (for obvious reasons) easier to “control” something that is scripted than something improvised. I don’t disagree that scripting might be a good idea, I was making a more general comment that scripting is not the ONLY way to go.

          So even where I didn’t fully agree, I wasn’t *completely* disagreeing with you, either, if that makes any sense ;)

  • Nathan

    Though it’s no fault of yours, I’m detecting an interesting catch 22 here. Maybe if your movie is just dumb punching-robots-popcorn-fare, you should skip live action and go animated. But ohoho, if you go animated, suddenly you can afford decent writers, and suddenly you’re pumping excellent science fiction into the slums of the anime market! So… you have this excellent sci-fi script and want it to be taken seriously by mainstream audiences, but ohoho! You can’t afford a live-action movie budget, because good writers are expensive! I’ll call it the Anno-Bay Paradox.

  • ContrabassoonWizard

    I think it’s just because you tend to be very authoritative in your tone when you explain your opinion on things. It’s more the difference between ‘I don’t understand what the director was going for here’ and ‘the director is a fucking jackass’. The latter, if you state it in that way, is what people will hear no matter how many instances of ‘no, really, I liked this movie’ you throw in to offset things.

    So if that is the case, your conundrum is just going to be whether or not you allow yourself to be your usual judgmental self and continue pissing some people off and entertaining everyone else, or if you want to migrate toward being a slightly more objective reviewer that might not be quite as outlandish and entertaining but will be more respected. I.E. what kind of audience do you want to perform for the most.

    Just a thought.

  • Sir Christopher McFarlane

    Denial, Arizona.

    • jesseastle

      Otherwise known as He Totally Has a Point, Arizona.

  • WilliamMunnyOutlaw

    Ohhhhhhhh lord… I came back to Spoony Experiment after about a year, to see if the situation had improved, but nope. Im going to say this about Spoony’s criticisms: it makes him look like a humorless asshole clamoring to feel elitist and superior by deconstructing other peoples work.

    In the olden days, TSE seemed to be about ultimately about being humorous, while also being fun, light-spirited while retaining just the right amount of snark and cynicism. Spoony’s work has slowly morphed into humorless, tedious, and lazy ramblings about whatever the fuck he sees. In his old work, he was able to be constructive and creative by bringing light to terrible forms of media through clever writing.

    Reviews these days seem genuinely biting and hateful, for no other reason than to be biting and hateful. Spoony kept on saying he’s fully aware and acknowledges that his nitpicks are unfair and stupid. So then why the fuck are you making these nitpicks if they’re unfair and stupid? I swear, only this guy could see a true savior in entertainment, Pacific Rim, and only come away with whiney and irrelevant complaints about a truly excellent project.

    Jesus, dude, have some fucking fun once in a while.

    • Barachiel


      I made some similar points below, but I was a bit less… blunt.

    • dragonfly82

      My feelings exactly

    • wizzbang

      He does have fun. But you may not be watching the right reviews.

  • Jesse WilliamsFuller

    I wasn’t really interested in Saints Row until seeing the reviews for IV, so I don’t give a flying crap if it’s not a Saints Row game. I’m not going to play Crackdown, because I hated Crackdown. Infamous is appealing to me, but for now I’d rather play the completely insane sandbox superpower game.

  • Christopher Smith

    I understand that everyone comes here for different reasons but when I watch a Noah & Miles vlog (or something similar that draws flak), I take their opinions for what they are. Sometimes I disagree, sometimes I don’t.

    For instance, I love The Boondock Saints because I think it’s a great dumb and fun action movie (the second one was godawful but let’s not talk about that). Still, I can get why Spoony might not like it and I never got offended by what he said. He could’ve said that everyone who likes TBS is a moron and I wouldn’t have cared because it’s not like his word is the gospel (if you follow that kind of stuff). I’m interested in everything Spoony has to say but I won’t get offended if it doesn’t match my opinion.

    Having said that, I think the fans should also have a chance to express their counterpoints without being shot down. I’m not saying that people should say that Spoony is wrong, because that’s counter-productive. I’m just saying that if people leave comments that contest Spoony’s points, that need not be a negative thing. It’s both a blessing and a curse that we are fans of someone who actually cares about what we say. Honestly, what other Internet reviewer actively cares this much (at least publicly) about what we think? It’s a rare thing that we can have this kind of back and forth with our ‘idol’.

    However, people need to realise that for Spoony, this (reviewing) is _what he does_. I realise that we all have opinions and they all matter equally but sometimes, for me at least, it’s enough to hear someone else’s opinion. Either it’ll give me new insight into the movie or Iäll disagree and it’ll reaffirm my earlier opinion. Either way, I’m not losing anything and I don’t need to call Spoony out on everything I disagree on. I can totally understand why viewers would want to make Spoony see their perspectives, I really do.

    Just imagine this for a second: When we watch a Spoony review, at best, this one guy is telling us that our opinion is wrong or stupid (and that’s if he’s feeling extra snarky). On the other hand, for him, it’s hundreds of people saying that he’s wrong and a general doodie head for thinking the way he does. I see how that would feel like people ganging up on him, even if they have some legit points.

    A very long and meandering story short, go easy on each other, and even if someone calls something stupid and you don’t see their logic for saying that, try to let it slide. In the end, we’re all here to have fun.

    That’s enough hippie crap from me for one day.

    • Louis Deschenes

      I think some people take it too seriously. That is why they love to hate. I am like you, I listen to Noah and Miles to hear their opinions just for the fun of it but I do not take them THAT seriously. Actually, some of the things Noah talk about have made me look at them out of curiosity. Dead or alive being one of them.

    • Barachiel

      So do I, but when I find myself disagreeing with someone’s opinion as often as I have lately, I start to wonder if I’m the target audience anymore.

      I’ve had a similar problem with MovieBob, the Nostalgia Critic, and Cinema Snob lately. Almost everything I’ve liked, they’ve hated. I dont’ mean disliked. HATED. MovieBob feels the need to put down certain films in EVERY review, practically telling anyone who disagrees with him that they’re wrong.

      If you had a real life friend you went to the movies with, and you both came out, you with a neutral to positive experience, and your friend ranting and raving about how terrible it was, not once not twice, but almost EVERY SINGLE TIME, wouldn’t you eventually just agree that you both have different tastes in films and stop going to see them together? Or at the very least, stop asking each other’s opinions?

      • Christopher Smith

        You have a good point and it might get grating after a while. Tbh, I actually have some friends that do pretty much what you described and sometimes it annoys the hell out of me, while other times I find it interesting. In the end, I’ll always know where I stand on movies.

        I have to admit that I sometimes act a bit douchy towards some of the movies my girlfriend watches with me. I mean, I tore films like Law-Abiding Citizen to pieces even though I know she really liked it (yeah, I suck sometimes). The thing is, if someone did that to me, I’d be more intrigued than offended. On the other hand, I can’t act surprised if it pisses people off.

        Having any kind of opinion is a good thing, imho, because it makes people think about stuff. Nothing moves forward without a little instigation.

        Also, I believe that everyone has a right to be wrong, say outrageous things, and contradict themselves, i.e. in the vlogs where Spoony seems to have opposing opinions. I guess it’s just interesting to me. :D

        “If I contradict myself, then I contradict myself. I am great. I contain multitudes.”

        -Ralph Waldo Emerson

        (extra points for pretentious quote)

        • Barachiel

          Oh, I hated Law Abiding Citizen.

          Mainly because, imo, Gerard Butler *should* have gotten away with it, if not for the cheesily contrived ending. Plus, it didn’t help that at no point was the “Law & Order” side of the case made convincing to me that they deserved the moral victory in this scenario. Yeah, GB basically was only one silly costume away from being a Batman villain, but I really sympathized more with him than anyone else.

          But I digress….

          I guess on teh whole movie thing. It’s that the points he rants about I dont’ really see as being problems half the time. The one that burned into my brain was from a couple years ago, his Tron Legacy review. He had two points he liked to hammer on: that the kid was somehow a total natural at the Games when he had no reason to be, and the Ducati product placement.

          On the first point, he only fought in two Games. The first, the Discus, he actually was getting his ass handed to him, and won by a combination of pure luck and doing a couple of stupid things at just the right time (the traditional ‘lucky amateur makes a stupid mistake no trained pro would, and it gives him a win’). The other was the bike race, which he had 3 minions to help, it was a smuch about strategy as reflexes, AND HE STILL LOST!

          Secondly, the Ducati was shown twice, and mentioned by name twice. That’s not exactly shoving down our throats the way he was complaining.

          ANd it seems like most of his reasons for disliking movies are so trivial and self-manufactured, he’s either fishing for stuff to complain about just to get an audience, or he’s just become that petty and spiteful a person. Neither of which particular appeals to me.

          Or better yet, FInal Fantasy XIII. THere are PLENTY of reasons to hate that game. Yet he devotes a large chunk of Part 1 to bitching about a piece of costume design, and complaining that a gadget *we see break* is never used again (because it’s, y’know, broken). And it’s supposed to be a tour through his mind when playing games. I mean really, if that’s all it takes to get hung up on something, I’m honestly worried about how he finds any sort of leisure activitiy enjoyable. Nothing can be 100% perfect.

          • Christopher Smith

            Side-note: This rant isn’t specifically directed at you, but it’s interesting how the majority of people seem to side with GB in Law-Abiding Citizen. Is it just me or did that guy murder tons of hard-working mothers and fathers just because he felt wronged? Since when did it become okay to kill lawyers and judges (or cellmates) in horrible ways just because they’re supposedly eeeeeeevil and do nothing but twirl their mustaches all day long? The ending was indeed ridiculous but I felt zero sympathy towards GB just because his sadistic plan backfired on him. I get the whole, ‘there’s only so far you can push a guy’ concept but the ends don’t always justify the means. In this case, he was basically worse than the criminal he mutilated. Just my opinion though. :P

            Concerning the notes about what he criticises in movies, I get where you’re coming from, although I don’t mind it so much. I liked Tron Legacy just fine (awesome soundtrack) even though there were plot holes. I guess I found it interesting when Spoony pointed them out for me because that was one movie where I just switched off my brain and enjoyed the pretty lights.

          • Barachiel

            Oh, dont’ get me wrong. He was THE BAD GUY.

            BUT the GOOD GUY was a backroom dealing lawyer who cared nothing for justice and only about enhancing his career. Sure, the film was supposed to be about him learning the error of his ways, but it never really SOLD Me on that. IT wasn’t so much that Jaime Fox grew a conscience as he finally found a line he wouldn’t cross.

            Did Butler do wrong? GOD YES. I compared him to a Batman Villian for a reason. But much like Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, his insanity is understandable and relatable. If the film had conjured up a protagonist as equally sympathetic, and made GB’s comeuppance less of a plot contrivance, it totally could have worked.

            On the Tron front, that was me too. It took a while for this to hit this level of “i can’t take it anymore.” After an entire summer full of decent fun movies, with a smattering of kinda-awesome mixed in, to see only ONE where he actually kinda sorta gave it a pass but with heavy exceptions, I can honestly say I don’t care about his opinion in regards to movies anymore. It’s clear we come at them from entirely different places now. I’m only commenting because I’m concerned about the overall health of the site and the trend in content lately.

          • Christopher Smith

            I agree completely. :) I was just making a general comment/rant about people defending GB. The movie seemed really preachy and kind of went nowhere with the big message.

            Another sidenote (probably without a point, I know): I just hate it when movies demonise lawyers. Of course the ideal lawyer should do ‘the right thing’ but, in reality, they still have to take a detached stance and not get too emotionally involved with people’s plights. No one wants to take that stuff home with them. This makes them seem cold, uncaring and self-centered. Having said that, Foxx’s character was cutting deals with unrepenting murderers, so he was a douchebag.

            Anyhoo, I get what you’re saying about the health of the site. I just had to have my meager say on the whole movie nitpicking thing. :)

          • Barachiel

            Agreed. I went in with high expectations, and they were dashed. The trailer showed it as some kind of action-thriller character piece of Justice Vs Vengeance, when really it was just another preachy parable that managed to lose its own simplistic narrative.

          • Koneko-chan

            I loved the movie Law abiding citizen expect the ending. He should of gotten away with it. I made my own ending for it and just said yup thats how it ended for me :)

  • Christopher Smith

    Oh, and another note: If you disagree with Noah, play the argument, not the man. Say “I disagree because blah blah”, not “YOU don’t like anything. YOU always say this and that.” Keep it about the subject matter without making it personal. Sorry about attempting to tell you what to do. Just felt like sharing and caring.

  • Christopher Smith

    @Spoony Just want to say that I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into TSE. It’s been a huge influence on my life in the sense that I’ve been entertained beyond expectations for no charge at all, and also I’ve learned to look at storytelling and films in a fresh way. I may not always agree with you but that’s the beauty of it. I get a new perspective. I sincerely wish you a happy and lengthy career with TSE and thank you for doing what you do best.

  • William Von Caster

    you are a good person and people say nice things about you

  • Commander BB Shockwave

    I get you, Spoony. Sometimes I feel we think the same way! I get the same treatment as you on message boards, because I feel obliged to point out the idiocies in movies, that somehow detract from my enjoyment of them. People say I hate everything (reaaaally not true, there are movies/shows I love unconditionally), or that I should not expect a consistent plot from an action movie. I frankly, have the same opinion of Pacific Rim as you – amazing designs, awesome actions scenes, some very enjoyable comedic characters – and terrible plot with holes (why build a concrete wall against things that can demolish titanium mechs?), terrible actors (Mako or the always-angry general guy), and uninteresting main characters. And people bash me for it, not realizing… that I liked the movie, at least the good parts of it. Same way I like Wild Wild West – which is a terrible movie, but has giant steampunk spiders and all sorts of crazy inventions and an over-the-top villain.

  • SpiderEarth


  • Sajeh

    Why are you having shelves of DVD / CD / BluRay cases, filling and entire house, plus more? Haven’t you heard of the harddisc yet? It’s very compact.

    • Christopher Smith

      Because some of us actually like collecting movies? ;) I kinda get the feeling that storing movies on a hard drive isn’t a completely foreign concept to Spoony.

      • KatKaleen

        It’s the same for me with music. Buying an album in physical form feels like an accomplishment. I own it. I can hold it in my hands. I’m still gonna turn it into mp3 files for my player, but if I lose it or the files get corrupted, I can always easily restore them.

        Buying an album in mp3 format makes it feel unreal. At least for me.

        • Christopher Smith

          I agree. While no storage medium is going to last forever, I get the sense that I actually own the cd/vinyl/movie/game. I just bought Ducktales Remastered off PSN today and every time I buy a digital download, I feel like I’ve got something that’s going to disappear or get corrupted one day. With a physical object, it feels ‘safer’. I will cry tears of blood on the day when all game retail goes the way of the dodo and we’re left with nothing but massive hard drives. I’m not saying that’s bad from a utilitarian perspective but it doesn’t feel right when I can’t rip off the shrink wrap of a new game, pop it in, and have the option of browsing my collection later. I firmly believe we human beings need tactile experiences, such as printed books etc. Anyway, fogey rant over.

          • Sajeh

            Yes, and that’s why you all blow… so you just got trolled, downvoted my comment for no reasno AND you still keep plastic shit around the house like cave men, for no other reason than sentimentalism. Yeah no… just no….

          • Christopher Smith

            Oh child… Trolling means that you don’t actually agree with what you’re saying but rather you’re just trying to upset people. Mission failed, I’m afraid. Does it somehow detract from _your_ life if we don’t want every single thing in _our_ lives to be stored digitally? If it does, please seek help. We’d hate to see you suffer any longer.

          • Sajeh

            What? Well what I am doing is trolling, and it worked; I made you spend time from your pathetic life, to respond me, that is trolling, because the troll AKA me, have all the time in the world to troll you. You say that people actually say things they themselves agree with? Wauw, that must be troll, because most of what people say is stupid.

          • Sajeh

            Well, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but using unnecessary oil (which I remind you is a limited resource) to produce plastic discs and plastic covers, seems like a brilliant idea. Hey, I am not Green Peace, but I just wanted to point it out. Unless you are someone who is trying to find an alternative and “eternal” energy form, then you are basically just a negative force on mankind.

          • Sajeh

            “but rather you’re just trying to upset people.” No I state facts, and it is interesting how you get ideas of what I am doing, instead of looking at the facts. I haven’t presumed anything, but I have a slight idea you were sarcastic when you said “We’d hate to see you suffer any longer.”, now if that is true, you are just a mean bastard or what? I know that I would help you if you were in need, even though you presumable and as you state yourself, keep plastic around the house like a cave man. I use the word cave man as in a neanderthal, the kind of people who extincted because they wouldn’t follow the evolution.

  • Noldor

    I like spoony and i think that he has valid points in most of his vlogs. I don’t think he hates everything. He’s just not naive or gullable and i appreciate that.
    I have had enough of reviews either being positive or negative. They do not have to be one of the two. Spoony knows what he likes but can still take a step back and admit fault in those same things.
    Thumbs up spoony. Keep up your great work.

  • KatKaleen

    Oh, Noah… you are quite right. I was going to say it, but you already did: People tend to comment on things they hate a lot more than on things they like.
    I enjoy your Vlogs. I enjoy your movie reviews. I enjoy your game reviews.
    I don’t always agree, but I still feel informed and entertained.
    Thank you.

  • i_like_soup

    Internet is fickle. People will build you up and tear you down, then repeat the process. Best to just keep doing your thing and not mind too much.

    It’s good to air your complaints like in this vlog, too. It tends to weed out the jackass critics and allows valid criticism to be voiced in a constructive way.

    As for me, I watch TSE a lot. I hope Spoony can keep doing it with a sense of fun and joy, because that makes it fun for me.

  • wizzbang

    I will admit, after watching 30 min. of the “Pacific Rim” Vlog, I hadn’t heard Spoony say a single positive thing. Maybe he said positive things after that point, but I had moved on to his other reviews. He’s far more positive about games and rpgs and the like than he is about films, but at this point I watch about 10 min. of his movie Vlogs, get the general gist of his feelings, then watch something else.

    • Casey Williamson

      Skip to the 22 Minute Mark of the Pacific Rim Review…


      • wizzbang

        I was +/- 8 minutes off! Clearly my opinion is invalid. Even though his “positive” comments are delivered in a contemptuous, exasperated tone and he only said them half-heartedly in the context of trashing the rest of the film…

  • Koneko-chan

    Hey spoony, I want to say Please keep doing what you been doing, I am one of those silent fans that wanted to speak up and say We are here and we Listen. My BF and I do listen to what your saying. People tend to forget everyone is entitled to their own oppinion and not everyone is going to agree with each other. So these idiots need to go well this is HIS oppinion and this is mine. But anyhow, THANK YOU SPOONY! from all the fans that agree with this :)


    Also Saint Row 4 – I like 3 and 4. I do not like 1 and 2. I went out to get saint row’s 4 for its cracktasticness. Why? Cause I don’t personally like gang games and games like grand theft auto etc. Just not my genre. But when I saw 3 and 4 I was like Oh god this is sooo funny.. So I got them just for the fun silly and insane factor. So some people will say its worth playing /IF/ your looking for a cracktastic insane off the wall game.. Yes its not a saint row game 4. But its still fun :)

  • Rachael Lipp

    When you are talking about posting a bad review on Amazon, those are the only ones I read. Most of the good reviews are gushing, with excuses made for problems. I feel forewarned of issues I may have with the product when I read the ” would give no stars if I could” reviews.

    As for liking/hating everything, can anyone recommend a video where he gushes about how much he likes something? Or does Counter Monkey count?

    • Wolfe

      Any of his Rebuary stuff up until Night Claws.

  • RubbaNoze

    Been a while, since my last comment – guess I’m a pretty silent fan too, or maybe “lazy fan” would be an appropriate term as well. Maybe the majority of people nowadays is just too spoiled to consider giving praise for things that work/are good.
    On the other hand, I don’t believe you are an approval junkie, but that you do the things you do because you like doing them, right? ;)

    When you review stuff via vlogs with your brother, you are pretty analytical, which is perfectly fine and interesting to me, because you can highlight things I wouldn’t discover by myself or just because another point of view interests me. Many people don’t see it that way in my experience; if I start explaining why I don’t like something…Or even not as much because I know something similar I like better… Not everyone likes to listen to me in detail. Especially if such conversations happen regularly without something more positive in-between. I feel you, bro ;)
    Also, you deliver a rather harsh vibe when you disagree or something bothers you – another thing that puts people off and take it personal too often. I can see you are working on yourself being more diplomatic about it. I had to learn that people frequently people “receive” critical thoughts in a harsher way than intended by the “sender” – especially if it’s a discussion in text form.

    To finalize, I want to remind you, you brought lots of smiles and laughs into my life and lifes of many others =) For me especially with your game reviews/lps and counter monkey stories (which I like to listen to even though I haven’t role-played once to this day…aside from computer games, of course). Keep up the good work, don’t put too much pressure on yourself while doing so and don’t forget to enjoy life as much as possible, please! :)

  • Mark Reddman

    Saint’s Row 3 had a similar problem of getting over-powered WAY too early in the game. If you dump points into pistols, it takes little over a few hours to max them out with explosive ammo. Since most enemies in the game use pistols, ammo is never a problem. Suddenly any enemy, humanoid, vehicular, and other, becomes a trivial problem to deal with, and the game is basically in easy-mode at that point.

    • Senna4ever

      The difference is powering up the guns in SR3 is optional and they are not overpowered from the off. You also do not have to use the guns if you do not want to, you do not have to overpower them.

      However, you HAVE to have the super powers in SR4 and they are over powered right from the off (even without upgrades). The super powers are VERY specific and central to the game. In fact the whole game is built around having super powers, you can’t “not use them”.
      If you want to collect everything in the game you HAVE to use the super powers.
      Some of the enemies in the game can ONLY be beaten using the super powers.

      Again, the overpowering of the guns in SR3 is an option.
      The super powers in SR4 are not.

      • Mark Reddman

        True, but admittedly the two most recent saints row games are far easier to cheese like that than I remember the 1st and 2nd games being.

  • Wolfe

    To be honest, that brutal honesty is a lot of why I love your Vlogs, Spoony. I may not always agree with you, but I love that you don’t pull punches. I never once got the idea that “Spoony Hates Everything!” No, what I came away with was “Spoony has opinions, and has the balls to put himself out there.” It is that brutal honesty that the a lot of reviewers lack these days that I find so refreshing! You don’t pussy-foot around stuff you had a problem with just because someone might not agree with you.

    Spoony, in my eyes, you don’t need to change a thing, and to hell with the people who complain that you have a differing opinion. My hat’s off to you, my friend.

    • Wolfe

      That said, here’s my 2 cents for Saints Row 4. I loved the mindless chaos. Does it have its faults? Oh fuck yes. The Powers really should’ve been given out in differing order, with super jump and speed being stuff you get at the absolute end of the game. I think the telekinesis and blast powers being the first ones. And yeah, the story is silly as hell, but I liked it. For me, the game’s actual ‘canon’ ended in Saints Row 2 with 3 and 4 being essentially a pair of spin-offs, even though I’m having more fun with SR4 than I ever had with any other Open World game ever, because of just how silly it is. As a serious game? Nah. Really sub-par. …If that makes any sense at all.

  • Bruce Kilkowski

    Spoony, they didn’t leave town because they were drunk off their asses. It’s really not that difficult to grasp.

    And I know that you’re “hardwired to nitpick,” but when you spend most of a half hour video bitching about the fact that a group of background characters are wearing hoods, it’s time for a fucking intervention.


      Nick Frost’s character wasn’t until after the bathroom fight, when he suddenly started pounding shots. He could have remained sober and driven out of there. It isn’t something that bothered me much in the film; there were lots of other things that did that, but it’s a legitimate complaint.

  • Nastee

    Just in case you read all the comments:
    I got your intended thoughts on the movies and games from your reviews. I did not need clarification. I think your opinions on them were right, or at least I respected them and your viewpoint as valid.

    Not all of us misunderstand you. I did like and approved your reviews.

    Not everyone watcher is angry with you about stuff you did not mean or think. It is the vocal minority indeed.
    I hope you read this, and the posts under this video are mostly positive for a change.

    Hope the positive viewers like me come out and say something.
    Good luck with future videos, and don’t take this comment section too seriously.


  • http://www.youtube.com/user/yfnwaffle Waffle J. Clankitybritches

    I’ve never gotten the “Spoony Hates Everything!” vibe. TBH, I kind of like negative reviews of things more than I like positive reviews. Lots of people do. There are whole shows dedicated to doing negative reviews of movies, music, games, etc… that have HUGE fan bases. Negative reviews just tend to be more entertaining, especially when the person doing them makes fun of whatever they are reviewing.

    What I like about your reviews, Spoony, is that sometimes I don’t give a fuck about what you’re talking about (at least initially) but I still enjoy listening to you talk about them because you’re funny and intelligent and you make me interested in things I normally would have no interest in. KEEP DOING YOU, YO.

  • Brett

    Never understood the “Spoony Hates Everything” vibe either. This site is primarily for voicing his opinions on games and movies that are bad or at least those that he did not like, with the exceptions of V-logs and countermonkeys, which can be negative, positive or just entertaining. So yes, we do see more of the things Spoony dislikes than the things he enjoys, but that doesn’t translate to “Spoony Hates Everything.”

    When he doesn’t like something (ESPECIALLY if he doesn’t like something that’s really popular), he has always given a number of very good reasons for it. True, they are frequently accompanied by a number of nitpicky arguments, but the valid reasons are there.

    If there’s anything I could suggest to help combat this image, its that a lot of times even when Spoony says he likes something, the review does SOUND very negative. I think it would help if he tried to sound more positive. He mentioned here that in the PacRim review that he may have sounded negative even when he was talking about the things he liked. It’s good he addressed that. But there are also occasions when he likes something where he also focuses a little too much on the negatives.

    And I can see some truth in the idea that a lot of people remain silent when they like something. It’s something I’ve already begun changing with myself. To start, I’ve been following IDW’s current Godzilla series, Rulers of the Earth, which has been a blast so far, and I’ll be leaving an Amazon review on each issue as I collect them.

  • GunsmithKitten

    Glad you confirmed my fears about Saints Row 4. Hell, SR 3 was actually too much for me in terms of the craziness where 2 was just the right blend of ridiculousness but still made gunplay and driving relevant. I’ve also been hoping for the series to take place in a city as distinctive as Vice City or even San Andreas, but no such luck.

  • endplanets

    The Red Faction franchise is a great example of ‘restraint’.
    In RF2 there wasn’t much to destroy (too much restraint), and in RF4 you could destroy everything (too little restraint), but RF3 was just right. In
    RF3 you could flatten a building, destroy tanks, and drop bridges on bad guys, but you had to put some work into it so it had meaning. But in RF4 you could casually and accidentally destroy buildings so it had no meaning and that’s one reason why RF4 basically sank the franchise at the time.

  • Warwolf188

    It is sad that spoony has to even speak about this stuff. It is like spoony’s words effect you guys that much? Even if he is wrong which in most cases he is not. Though I disagree with spoony for time to time it is just a difference matter of opinion. But people rage against Spoony like all these summer movies are winning like several Oscars. I like what Rob walker said in the sibling rivalry of man of steel. If you’re gonna rally behind a movie why man of steel or pacific rim or even world’s end. Movies you will probably forget about in 5 months time. So what spoony didn’t have as much as the rest of you guys doesn’t mean you go ape on him. Man fan boys these days lol. Like my dad said this has been the summer of underachieving most of these movies had little thought or groundbreaking anything. And the excuse what do you expect it’s a comic book movie or a rock em sock em robots movie or they’re drunk. And let me end with their drunk is the dumbest excuse ever. I have seen all kinds of drunk I work in a hospital even if they we’re so drunk they couldn’t remember they’re name (Which at that point they probably wouldn’t be upright walking to pubs) If people start dying or getting abducted especially their friends, the two brain cells they have left would kick start and be like let’s get the hell out of here! But what people don’t ususally say which I will is that it does make sense for Gary to want to do this pub crawl cuz spoilers (uh whatever) he tried to kill himself and this was basically all he had left to do so even if he died in the process he would try it because he was down and out. But for his friends it still makes no freaking sense! well that’s my 2 cents rage against or agree it’s whatever lol

  • Adam Allen

    i think its fair to just disagree with him its his opinion i don’t see why people take it so personally when spoony or any critic has an opinion that’s different then their own. for instance i loved the worlds end, is it as good as the other two? no not by a long shot. but spoony is 100% entitled to his opinion even if i do not agree with it.

  • Adam Allen

    also i was under the impression that simon peggs character didn’t leave town because he is batshit insaine to begin with (no really he was in a mental institution in the opening scenes remember?) so he did things a normal person wouldn’t do because he isnt a normal person to begin with (that could also be an excuse for poor writing but i think it worked)

  • Orion_Lukas

    The loudest are not necessarily the most numerous… They are just… the loudest.

  • Malidictus

    Yeah, I’m gonna’ have to stop you here, Spoony. “SR3 was still about a gang.” Yes, and that was easily the least interesting aspect of it. I know I’m pissing off SR1 and SR2 fans when I say this, but I never cared about either of those games, nor about GTA and its ilk. GTA3 was interesting when it was still novel, but the “about crime” games haven’t held my interest since Vice City. SR4 no longer being about a gang is the best part of it.

    When I ran The Trouble with Clones DLC story, what I took away from it was I wanted to keep those super powers forever. I wanted to glide around the sky, I wanted to run fast and punch cars. I already had all the damage upgrades which made me immune from all kinds of damage and in fact REMOVED my health bar entirely.

    SR4 is the game I wished SR3 would be, and every time we went back to the gang aspect, like dealing with crack houses and gang takeover shit, I rolled my eyes and muscled through it because I wanted to go back to the outlandish zany stuff. The best part that game could have done was involve STAG and bring in ray guns and space ships. SR4 is the natural continuation.

    You speak from the standpoint of someone who wanted a gang game. I speak from the standpoint of someone who never wanted one.

  • http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/cornbredx/ CornBRED-X

    I love your work Spoony, but saying “this games good, but don’t play it” is the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard you say haha

  • Shinmegami_olbap

    I can see Persona 4 on the background ^_^ XD

  • Aiddon

    the reason I like SR4 is because it’s one of the few games nowadays trying (and succeeding) to be pure FUN. Too many games are just stuck up their asses, being in what I like to call their awkward, pock-marked puberty phase. And like people going through puberty they try pathetically to be “mature” by imitating the most shallow and juvenile aspects of adult things. SR4 is actually more adult than a lot of games because it’s being goofy and having fun as opposed to other games that are obviously tryingto be “mature, intelligent, and evocative” but mostly come off as bad 90s comics. It’s gaming’s equivalent of The Naked Gun. SR1 had no identity; it was middling GTA clone. SR2 was better, but even then had a few struggles with tone (this is the same issue the GTA series is facing). SR3 was completely goofy, absurd, and wacky and the series was all the better for it. It stripped away juvenile pretense and graduated to having a voice of its own. And we NEED more games like that.

  • Senna4ever

    I don’t think the problem is “you hate everything” Spoony.
    I think it is you come across has contradictory/hypocritical sometimes…sometimes.

    You did exactly that right here while trying to explain why you liked Shaun Of The Dead but did not like The World’s End.
    You state in the scene you chose to address in TWE where one of their friends gets killed…and they make jokes. You singled out making jokes during such a scene was the reason you felt the film failed.
    You then compared it to a scene in SOTD where Ed “held the line”…but in that scene you failed to mention, they also made jokes. Particularly Ed’s fart joke.

    So why did you dislike the fact they made jokes in that scene in TWE, but praise the scene you chose to compare it to in SOTD…where they also made jokes?

    It just comes across as contradictory.

    As for SR 4…I agree.
    Now already people are commenting how how Spoony didn’t like it.
    He DID like it, he stated as much several times (I guess people do not listen as Spoony said).
    All he said was, it’s not SR that the game lost it’s ID.

    I wrote a mini review of this game online myself a while back and stated it’s like paying a game with cheat codes on…

    But where I do not agree with Spoony is where he says you should not buy it.
    Yeah you should, it’s a cracking, fun and entertaining game.
    However, it does feel more like a piece of DLC over a full sequel. In fact I’d even compare it to the Undead Nightmare DLC from RDR. That “what if” scenario type of thing. That is what this game is.
    If it was DLC, I think it would have been received better, as it really does not “work” as a SR sequel.
    Or they should have made an all new franchise based on the idea of super powers. Some kind of reluctant super hero using the same humour (think Hancock the game) could have been really good and they could have branched out in all new directions.

    As Spoony said, it’s a good game…it’s just not SR.

    • damion jackson

      Very well said Ser

  • Senna4ever

    They didn’t make outright “jokes” no…but they did make the scene humorous with what was going on.

    • Level99Studios .

      The only humerous part of that was when frosts character said he was gonna punch their fucking lights out and even that wasent really humerous because of why he was saying it. It was a serious moment not a funny one. The only other part of scene i can think of is where he tells gary that they are gonna leave and if he has to he will knock gary the fuck out and carry him to which gary responds,well you have been drinking. But thats pretty much it. And i didnt find that part very humerous or funny.

  • Senna4ever

    He didn’t “dislike” the game.
    In fact several times in his review Spoony states how much he enjoyed the game a lot.

    He also stated that people do not LISTEN, I guess he was right.

    • Tom Johnson

      Okay, maybe dislike was the wrong term. He said that if you liked games of this kind, you were better off playing Crackdown or Prototype because they did it better. My point was that considering this game’s wrestling and classic movie references, I am surprised he would rate the other games higher.

  • Casey Williamson

    Surely “Spoony Hates Everything” is obvious hyperbole…
    Noone thinks you literally hate everything…

    “Spoony dislikes quite a lot of things” doesn’t have the same ring to it…

    • L1nk1

      No! Spoony hates every-fucking-thing especially you, me, our comments and that guy who lives next door to him and wears a banana hat. And that ain’t no lie. I swear to it.

  • Casey Williamson

    “I said I liked it, and then for about fifty nine minutes I criticized the shit out of it”
    “It was two seconds of me saying it was good, and then fifty nine minutes of tearing it down”

    Spoony didn’t start the Pacific Rim review by saying he liked it or that it was good…

    He said, and I quote, “It was okay, and that’s as far as I’ll give it.”

    So that is an incorrect statement…

  • DaReaperZ

    Spoony hates a lot! That’s the point, that’s why you watched it, used to be atleast. New people have forgotten that and think he’s some kind of super fair and accurate critic!

    Anyhow, I’ve never really liked the saints row series, but yeah… saints row 3 and forward… just over the top.

    • CaptainDingaling

      Brah there’s ripping on something because it’s silly and then there’s “reviewing” something and ripping on it because YOU personally don’t like certain things about it without giving an in depth well rounded review on all points of your review subject so that a person can be left up to their own decisions about it while noting the things you mentioned. That is what a review is. What Spoony does is mostly bashing and then calling it a review. It’s like those people on Amazon that buy a product and leave a 1 star review saying this sucks I hated it etc. etc. but don’t bother to explain much about the product so you understand more about it. Just only their whining and dissatisfaction. That’s what Spoony does. We’re not saying “Spoony hates everything” because of his let’s plays and vids like that. We’re saying he hates everything because any review he does he spends the majority of his time nit picking and bashing away no matter how good it actually is even when it is a 10/10 or 9/10 game or movie or whatever have you, he’ll still find the most miniscule thing to rant about for 40 minutes. Then have the nerve to say “oh but I liked it” Dude WTF?

      • DaReaperZ

        Do you know why he rips things apart and why he nitpicks everything? It’s the kind of “reviewer” (deal with it, we’ll call it that) he created. It’s what gave him is fans. That’s why he isn’t a true reviewer, sure, he’s a ranter, a very funny one. Also, many times his statements actually have a point.

        Bottom line is, you’re taking the “review” part too seriously, spoony isn’t really reviewing things. Many times he has picked games he knows are bad and “reviewed” them. It’s about the funny things he says and does while “reviewing” not the actual information about a game. People who come to spoony for actual, real reviews, to see if they will like the game can leave and instead download a demo or trial.

        You have a right to be unsatisfied with a product and leave a comment saying you were, you don’t have to explain unless someone asks you to. I know it might seem like a douche move to not explain, but there isn’t really a need, especially not if you’re pissed off, then you will most probably write your reasons, but it will probably come off as very rude.

        Actually, spoony also explains why he dislikes a game most oftenly, it’s just that you have to listen to understand why he dislikes it, he doesn’t straight out say it, but it’s obvious.

        I’d like to know from where you get the 10/10 or 9/10 games from, my guess is that it’s bioshock infinite.. maybe? Thing is, these numbers you get here, are they from official reviewers, such as PC gamer, IGN or Game informer? They are often bribed into saying that it’s good, that’s why almost all games have good scores. Bribed with exclusives or money, whatever.

        The problem is, nowadays, no one wants to be a critic. That’s why many games that some people really hate, a lot of others like. They just want to love the game so much that they see past the flaws the game really has, just ignores a lot of the problems, cause they feel they have to like it. This is especially true if there was a giant hype for the game or if they have heard that a lot of others love it. Then there are certain people who dare to dislike the big games, spoony does it from time to time, and he is prepared to face the shitstorm afterwards. I know a friend of mine who also does it.

        Take a look at this new Rome 2 total war over at metacritic.com. The official review score is through the roof, but the real user score is 4.2 or something. If you then take a look at the positive reviews, most are 10/10. Granted, most negative are 0/0… the positive reviews are always super positive, like it’s the best game ever, these are the people who just want to love the game so much, that they blind themselves to the problems and multitude of bugs. They refuse to say that there is a problem.

        The same happens with other games, more popular, the only difference being that there are a lot more positive reviews.

        I for one, didn’t enjoy bioshock infinite so much as the old bioshock (1). Infinite just removed the whole underwater, everything is going to shit feel. It feels as if it was just a cash cow, “look guys! bioshock, but in the air!”. I’m not going to go into details here…

        Anyway, the reason spoony doesn’t hate certain games (or movies) you personally might dislike, such as ultima, is because spoony gets nostalgic. Atleast that’s what I think, and maybe he really likes the game, maybe it’s just not in your taste? I bet there are others who didn’t like it though. But I think, that spoony doesn’t want to pick at those games because he likes them, played them as a kid. If you don’t feel the same, then maybe it’s just you.

        Don’t you have some game you love and played when you were young? You wouldn’t want to nitpick about it either. I for one, played a lot of xcom, or ufo enemy unknown, and the heroes of might and magic games as well as might and magic. I have heard others who dislike those games, but I don’t, nostalgia. There are some cheesy things in some of them, but I accept that.

        Now, I’m sorry for any mistakes I made while writing this, I won’t look through it to correct everything, cba honestly.

      • damion jackson

        Have you watched his Ultima reviews? If you have I suggest you re-watch them. He tears them apart and examines them deeply! Especially the later games. Still its clear to me that he loves those games! Why else would he care so much? In my experience you only think about something that much when you care deeply about it, when it matters to you.
        I would much rather listen to someone tear a game or movie or book apart than just say ‘oh it was really good… tots make more like it bro’ like so many other reviewers Ive read! A critic should be critical and thats that… bro :P

      • Elegy Mills

        Captain dingaling, first off, your name is very appropriate, and secondly, you’re bitching about Spoony even harder than you claim he was bitching about the game’s thematic issues. Your posts are tl;dr as fuck and what few sentences I skimmed over were whiny in the unbelievable extreme.

        If you really have such a recurring, constant problem with his opinion being expressed, there is a little ‘x’ to the right of the tab for his page you may click upon at any time to alleviate yourself of this burden.


  • Ondřej Trajer

    Of course he hates everything … this is the reason why it is so funny :D

    Because it is so different from normal critics. Most of the critics i watch are angry and easily goes to hyporbole – Angry Joe, AVGN, TGWTG

  • Zefar

    I have honestly no problem with the negative points he bring up about movies and games because he explains them. I’m guessing these fans who spread the “Spoony hates everything” are most likely unable to accept any sort of criticism. Or just have some hardcore fanboyism defense mode.

    There are stuff that I have liked and Spoony teared apart but I’m still fine with it. He tells his reasons for it and it’s almost never ever wrong. If you think it’s wrong you’re a fanboy. That’s all there is to it.

    • CaptainDingaling

      So you’re a fan boy if you Don’t criticize him? Hmmmm… I think you may need to think more on that last statement.

    • DatBoiDrew

      So basically you’re saying that it’s alright for Spoony to give his opinion on other people’s work but people can’t give opinions on Spoony’s work/opinions?

  • CaptainDingaling

    It’s not that people think Spoony hates everything it’s that he NITPICKS at almost everything and it’s usually the most pointless stuff that no one hardly cares about and he goes on and on and on for hours. Take this video as example he’s upset about “The worlds End” because the characters weren’t very in depth and realistic. IT’S A COMEDY! It’s supposed to make you laugh and be silly. How indepth and realistic is Daffy Duck,Mr. Bean,Garfield,Ace Ventura etc. etc. etc.! Comedies are not supposed to be realistic or in depth they’re supposed to comedic. Realism is not comedic it’s tragic. That’s why they call movies with indepth realistic humanistic characters “Drama’s”. Maybe that’s what Spoony should be watching because he’s trying to squeeze Orange Juice from an Apple with this one. You’re not going to find those traits in a Comedy. That one scene in Shaun of the Dead where the guy died or whatever was just there to be a mockery of other zombie movies where they have that serious scene and then go fighting zombies again 2 seconds later.

    Spoony’s biggest problem is that he takes his opinion to seriously and it makes him overly seem critical about everything. I’m suprised he didn’t complain about how the credits roll at the end of a movie. “Why do the credit always scroll up? Why can’t they scroll side to side or down?” I mean he’ll choose the slightest thing and exaggerate to make it seem like it’s deal breaker. Like “I hated this movie the guy wore a red shirt! I hate red shirts! This movie Suuuuuuuucks!”. I mean he might as well because it’s as good a reason as any other reason he ever gave to nag and nitpick. But then oddly he praises the most sh*tty/cheesiest movies/shows like Highlander and sh*tty games like Ultima in the highest regard. It’s like it doesn’t make sense.

    It’s like NOTHING and I mean NOTHING ever pleases this guy. He just looks for flaws in perfection instead of sitting down enjoying the game or enjoy the movie and talking about what he does like for 40 minutes and what he doesn’t like for 5 minutes. If he likes a movie he does it by talking about what he doesn’t like for 40 minutes and then what he likes for 5 minutes and will say “but I liked this movie” oh I’m sorry I think I misunderstood with you ranting and nitpicking and nagging about how much you hated it for 40 minutes. That last 5 minutes of “Oh but I did like this” really showed how much you loved it!

    • Ryuu Makoto

      *pass nitpicks everything* So Spoony is a paladin version of Linkara? um, let me rephrase that. So Linkara is comic-book version of Spoony?

    • Void

      Hold are you saying that comedy characters can’t have depth or realism? I feel the need to point out of your examples Daffy Duck and Garfield are cartoons so don’t really count and yes Mr. Bean and Ace Ventura are characters who lack depth and realism mainly because they are cartoon characters played by actors (i.e anarchic comedy whose characters couldn’t exist in the real world)
      But not all comedies are like that including for the most part this one, are you saying Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz’s characters lacked depth or realistic human nature? (specifically the characters themselves not the setting) The scene where Shaun is cradling his dying stepfather or has to shoot his mother, no no human emotion, or depth there. Would you prefer Shaun after shooting his mother looks at the camera and holds up a sign with :'( on it?
      Yes realism takes a back seat in comedy a lot of the time but A) not as much as cartoons and B) Most of the time (excluding Anarchic comedy/cartoons) they have an internal logic that although actions might not make sense in our universe they do in the movies universe National Lampoon’s Animal House being 1 of a huge list of examples.
      Lastly you’re saying he NITPICKS everything? Really? You mean he picks up on every problem a movie has when reviewing it!!? Are you suggesting that a critic has the balls to dare criticize a movie, well then obviously we should hang him.

    • DatBoiDrew

      I do agree with the fact that Spoony does go on and on about smaller details on things that aren’t really important at all some times. I’ve been watching Spoony for years and I do enjoy his content. I think he mostly fell into the entire “angry reviewer” category because of what was really popular when he came out. Look at the game reviews… they should honestly be called game rants because that’s what they honestly are. There’s nothing wrong with that though. It’s just his style. But I think the entire ranting style is getting a bit stale which is why people are probably starting to say he hates everything. Maybe mixing it up a bit more especially in the actual full reviews and not just the vlogs and do some positive reviews.

  • Casey Williamson

    Yo dawg. I heard you like reviews. So I reviewed your review while you criticized my criticisms.

  • Timothy W Dalbeck

    Wow! I am missing Saints Row 2 more and more with each sequel; that was an awesome game.

  • Ryuu Makoto

    Spoony – suggestion – Save your critic integrity from internet retards. Internet is full of them – if some retard calls you out or swarm of retards shove down your throat that ‘spoony hates everything’ – fucking ignore them. If they have zero tolerance of other’s opinion or don’t understand concept of subjectivity – their place is in monkey barrier – not in the internet, not your problem they got behind keyboard.

  • L1nk1

    So, SR4 has drifting storyline in a way that it’s out of place in the franchise and therefore the game should be called Saints Row IV. The game is good and entertaining but for it’s price there is better choices to buy. Only if you are fan of this type of games you must buy it.

    • Roikka

      Don’t you mean it shouldn’t be called Saints Row IV?

      • L1nk1

        yes. thanks. Edited…

  • Dorran844221

    Spoony, I want to speak up here. I’m one of the silent majority you mentioned in this video. You’ve got people out there who enjoy hearing your take on things, and I’m one of them.
    As far as The World’s End goes… I’m right there in tipping the sacred cow with you. This was far and away the weakest of the “trilogy.” Weaker even than Paul. The other three (counting Paul) are really, to me, genre love movies. I’m in full agreement that Hot Fuzz is one of the best written comedies period. This one… it was by no means bad in my opinion, but it’s the least of the lot by a pretty significant margin. For all that, though… I think it had perhaps the greatest emotional impact of the lot. That may be more to do with where I am in life, and some of the struggles I’ve been facing with regards to self-definition and independence… but it really is one that hit me on a very personal level, and I think that a large part of my appreciation for it comes from that. Doesn’t make you wrong about it, just means our perspectives are different.
    As for Saint’s Row IV… the game had a great start, at least once you got past the mission against the STAG guy from the last game. The alien invasion, even the start of the Matrix shit… it had me. Then… it really started losing momentum. And it kept losing momentum… and… frankly, I’ve yet to rescue a rather big name in the game. For those who’ll have played it, you’ll know where I’m at. I’m really struggling to find the drive to push past this point. I enjoy it… but there’s just so little that it is giving me to maintain the engagement. I -want- to keep playing it, but I can’t really bring myself to, and that’s not what a game should do… games should engage you and draw you along, but… it just isn’t. The third one? That drew me on to the end by steadily ramping up the villains. You could deal with any area you wanted, really, but it had four enemies to deal with. Zinyak… just can’t hold a whole game as the core enemy. He can’t. Not that I don’t want to see him dealt with… but they just don’t keep you engaged with him beyond him spouting bullshit at you from time to time, when you’re already feeling pretty damn invulnerable. It’s not without merit. It’s fun… and I certainly don’t regret buying it. But at the end of the day, it feels more like SR 3.5 than 4. And I -always- thought that reusing Steelport was a mistake from the moment it plopped me down in the streets.

  • Nick Barovic

    Speaking as a huge classical theatre fanatic, the average Shakespeare play has plot holes you could drive a truck through. This is partially due to imperfect preservation, and partly to the fact that Shakespeare was not writing for the purpose of telling intricate and subtle narratives (or original ones), he was writing to tell fun ones, engaging ones and relatable ones.

    So really, “It’s not Shakespeare” is precisely the WRONG defense to use against plot holes. What they should be saying instead was, “Shakespeare has plot holes too!”

  • Nechljudow

    Spoony-Mon, you worry too much.

    Some people will always feel offended,if the internet does not concur with them. That is neither your fault, nor can you calm them down by gratifying their disappointment.

    We love your reviews for being witty and genuine. That is how you started and that is what set you apart from so many others. So please, feel free make reviews exactly as you like and do not care to apologize for your opinion.

  • OpulousBluetail

    Hey Spoony, after hearing you mention how often it is that so many people don’t comment when they were happy with a product, I decided I’d get off my lazy ass and leave you a positive comment. I’ve been watching your videos with absolute dedication ever since you first posted your review of The Thing game, and even if I don’t always agree with your opinions I still think you’re an awesome guy andI enjoy the genuine emotional sincerity you put in your work. I really think it’s interesting to listen to your videos even when we disagree about a game or movie since I think it’s very mentally stimulating to consider an opposing viewpoint about a work.

    Heh, it may be naive of you to avoid trying to assume people are trolls, but I think it’s admirable as well since it means you’re putting in the effort to mentally engage with differing opinions. The trick is to gauge the tone of a comment. If someone can post a calm refutation that presents points without getting insulting, that’s something to engage with. If someone just slings insults and acts like a five year old, you’re probably going to do yourself a world of good by ignoring them. This, at least in my opinion, is a very important skill for anyone when they use the internet, whether they be content creators or consumers. I admit I’m not perfect at it either, I’ve allowed myself to get flustered back when I ran a deviantart account and people would act like childish dicks, but nobody is perfect and what matters is always striving to improve yourself. I can tell after watching all your videos over the years that you’re definitely making damn good progress on your road to self improvement too, so keep at it man. If you keep posting content, I’ll keep watching. Whether it be reviews, vlogs, or counter monkey videos.

    An old fan

    PS: Back when I lived with my parents, I used your counter monkey videos for introductions to tabletop RPGs to teach my mother why I loved D&D so much, and she thought you were hilarious and awesome. Then we watched all your highlander movies together as a family and had an amazing time. Thanks for helping us be a little bit closer and understand each other as a family Spoony!

  • JediAli

    Yo dawg, just keep “hating” the stuff you hate.
    There will always be haters, hating your hating.

  • Segatron

    I will Play the game, but I am probably going to wish it was a new franchise rather than taking the previous games so out of their original element.
    I am probably going to wish Volition would have made a Superhero game, because that’s what it really is now. And I Imagine I will agree with you entirely. I’ll have fun, but I am probably going to agree with you entirely.
    At least the Angry Joe portion of my brain will be happy, but his review made a lot of the same points you did too.
    What you are saying sounds a lot like when I first discovered the Cellphone Mechanic in 3. It was true that in 2 (the ones fans agree on the most) these upgrades existed, but they were found through exploration, and achievement. You would hurl yourself at cars until you were made of the same steel, and it had a bit of that buzz you got from the first Legend of Zelda, finding new locations made you powerful, and gaming the system had you stomp through the first dungeons with an arsenal. But four has taken that even further, by sending you to kryptonian with very little in-between steps.
    I’ll probably have fun, but I think that the little clone that could is gone. How do you go back to taking over neighborhoods once you’ve been Jedi President.

    • Nechljudow

      And? Did you give a shot?

      Does anybody else remember how it was to see PC games that had better graphics than the ones before?

      • Segatron

        Actually it’s been on shrinkwrapped on my table, nearly since day one. My PC has spent more time in repairs than at home this month. But I did play the second one on my xbox. I was curious if I was being fair in my comparisons between the previous games.

  • Liezl Bohnen

    I didn’t watch the Pacific Rim review but from what you say here… yeah… yeah those are all true things about the film :( Anyway, I never get the impression you hate everything. Following you since 2009 I can make a looong list of stuff you like a LOT just from your videos.

    I think people’s problems online might be that they are not use to having their likes challenged. They don’t like to hear that the things they enjoyed might not be perfect. Because if they like it it HAS to be perfect right?? There’s no way a person can like something and still be aware that it’s not brilliant!! So if some-one points out flaws and dissects a film, regardless if the person doing so enjoyed the film, then they must not like it.

    I think a lot of people online live with a very closed world view, and because of this when they go online where EVERY-ONE has an opinion, they feel their own interests and tastes are being questions, so they automatically go on the offensive because of it.

    It’s not just online though. I work in the animation industry and have at a past studio had people yell at me saying I am too critical of things and how can I enjoy ANYTHING if I have to point out its flaws (which is a REALLY narrow-minded way to be, especially in the film industry.)

    But this is not about me. I’m just trying to point out that most people aren’t comfortable with having their likes questioned. That’s THEIR problem. Film-minded people (is that a thing?) take great JOY in understand a film/game/story and why it works DESPITE it flaws or why it doesn’t work BECAUSE of its flaws. “casual movie” people can’t do the mental categorizing of “This film is bad but I love it”, “This film is great but I don’t enjoy whatching it”, “This film is flawed but I love it for its strengths”. They merely stick to “This is a good movie” or “This is a bad movie”.

    Again, this line of narrow mindedness id their problem, not your’s. Being critical and understanding WHY you like something is where the most fun is had. Or WHY you dislike something. It strengthens your own confidence in your taste and helps you understand where you fit in as an audience member and what you yourself perhaps would like to produce (if that is the type of career you have. Not every-one who thinks like this works in film)

    This comment is long-winded.

    Personally, I enjoy your thoroughness and critical thinking. If I wanted some-one yelling at a movie without talking about WHY they hate it or hear some-one mindlessly lauding a film without making a case for it I’d watch 14 year olds on Youtube.

    tl;dr People who actually like movies take longer time to think about them and that pisses of people who only think in “good movie. Bad movie” terms.

  • damion jackson

    Spooney mate Im with you. I dont think you hate everything. I think you have a lot of love for some of the games you’ve reviewed, Ultima for example, your just talking about the facets of it that enrage you! or just make you wonder about its quality. Its entirely possible to love something and hate little parts of it! Or to Hate something but like little parts of it…
    I havent seen Worlds End yet or played any of the Saints Rows games but your words give me reason to pause and wonder… What more can I ask from a reviewer?

  • Disthron

    The more you talked about this game the more I want to play it. I
    miss the days when most games had cheat codes, I hate the driving on
    most of those open world sandbox games. I couldn’t stand the angst
    douchebags that were the protagonists of Prototype and GTA 4. Everything
    you said makes the game sound like a big cup of awesome.

    I have
    to admit, I haven’t really played any of the other Saints Row games. I
    bought 2 but I didn’t play it much. So I don’t really care that it’s not
    about a gang taking over the city. However from what I’ve seen of the
    previous games this just seems like the next step on it’s wacky

    I don’t think you hate everything but at the
    same time don’t you think it’s kind of a dick move to tell people not
    to buy a game you know is a fun comedy game?

    Anyway, have a good one Spoony.

  • Jonathan Taylor

    This review summed my feelings about this game up perfectly. While I loved the gameplay I couldn’t help but feel like I was playing a Prototype clone. The story line was just…no words to describe. It was hilarious I will give it that. But it didn’t feel like a Saints Row to me. Personally, I am hoping for somewhat of a reboot. That seriously is the first time I have ever uttered those words.

  • Elegy Mills

    This review pretty much said what I was thinking. I enjoyed the game, I had a lot of fun…but I had problems with it as a Saints Row game. Bigger than that, I had a SERIOUS problem with the redundancy issues.

    Spoony, as far as the negativity thing, you oughta read the comments here on Disqus more; Lotta people support you, far more than the ones who bitch about you. As far as World’s End…man, I didn’t like that movie, either. Same reasons, a few others as well you haven’t pointed out.

    See, Spoony, you come from a mentality of Intellectual Property Value. Meaning…you prefer stories, themes, and continuities that are consistent and tell the story as an actual story, not something that takes a sudden hard right at Plot Abandonment Avenue. I know that feeling, I’ve been getting kicked into the fucking dirt the last 8 years or so by gaming publishers and movie studios taking series I love and just grinding them into mass-marketing paste in the name of making a few hundred thousand more dollars. A great example? The Crow. One of my all-time favorite movies. It’s being remade next year by that shithead who made that fucking ATROCIOUS League of Extraordinaryblahblah movie. Remade without its dark atmospherics, without the narrative, without the theme. Instead, as another muscle-flexer Transformers-action-esque Hollywood meat-grinder, with no emphasis on the thematics, all emphasis on guns and explosions, and told, no less, in a “documentary format.”

    Keep being pissed off, Spoony, and don’t fucking apologize to anyone. Anyone getting pissed off at you being pissed off are the shitheads shoveling money into the gullets of the corporate shitheads who are trampling all over stories we know, love, and cherished. Fuck them, and don’t you fucking dare go quiet, because your voice is louder than mine and you’re saying what I’m thinking almost to the letter. Get LOUDER, if anything.

  • Elizabeth HororPulp

    what spoony has said about saints row was EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking, i feel like I’ve been given cheats to a game that i dont want cheats for, (also when you go to the “extra” part in the menu you can do cheats! what for???) I felt like the game had given me to much, once i learnt the melee attack with the super run i hardly ever used the guns, and the same aliens to fight oooverrr and over got boring real fast. I enjoyed the game generally but there is too much, I get the game “doesn’t take itself too seriously” but perhaps in this case they should have, and to me that’s not a good enough excuse. Spoony hit the nail on the head with “The games has lost its identity” I couldn’t quite put my finger on the feel of the game but hearing that has really put the game even more so into perspective for me, it’s all about being a hero! I don’t want to be a hero when playing Saints; I’m a damn egotistic villain hell bent on glorified gang culture! wooo!!!
    And aliens? Yeah that went waaay too far, and to put you inside a matrix is really boring, i spent hours running around for those damn glitch things (i have them all now bwuahaha). Why not have you on earth avoiding and running from all the catastrophes? It’s too easy to wiped out earth and put you in a fake one, there’s no point to even destroying earth!

    Spoony has my full support and he’s entitled to his opinion, I mean he’s been doing this job for sometime now and he’s entitled to say his personal reviews, I mean that’s the point of Spoonys job isn’t it? “Because bad movies and games deserve to be hurt back!” does not mean to say he hates everything but the opinion comes with the territory of the slogan! Think people and listen!!

  • Penfold Berry

    have you watched his ultima 9 videos? he didn’t survive :P if memory serves he didn’t survive final fantasy 8 as he blew up XD

  • Nechljudow

    Hate is such a strong word. We hate very few things. Displeased is more like it. And even that does not matter, because this website is not outstanding for passing a certain judgement. It is outstanding for entertainment and inspiration.

    I do not mind what Spoony likes or dislikes as long as it is presented with the passion and wit I became to enjoy at this website.

  • DapperOwl

    People don’t know how to look at something they like with a critical eye. When someone else critiques something they take personal offence because this is not something they’ve ever thought about before. ‘I felt good when i walked away from that movie/game, why are you trying to take that away from me?’ They take it as you attacking them, even though the thing they like has nothing to do with them. They don’t think about how things can be improved, they simply think… did I like it or not? And liking it or not liking it often has nothing to do with whether its good or bad but more to do with momentum of the thing in question. Its the same reason you get rabid fanbases threatening murder or violence over a simple disagreement of views. If they like a thing then they think it has become part of them and they have to protect that part of them till the last dying breath. There is no detachment, no separation, no objective thinking. It has become precious.

    I’ve been watching your reviews for years now and I gotta say, i feel a pang of guilt having never commented before, but what you think about .. pretty much everything… always validates how i feel coming away from a movie or game. When everyone else is singing the praises of the latest media buzz its refreshing and sanity-restoring to find one of your reviews saying the opposite. Likewise when everyone ignores or hates on something you prop it up for what it was and not what it wasn’t.

    Anyways, this is rambling now so last words: tons of respect to your critical thinking. I hope they don’t get you down and you continue to own this niche you’ve carved out for yourself.

  • SeriousPain

    Saints Row IV makes up its own identity. Its its own thing.
    And “its a mess, but its a fun mess”.

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