Wrestle! Wrestle! Raw is Big E’s Balls 12/15/14

The Spoony One | Dec 19 2014 | 

I’m doing something a little different! I’m uploading these episodes out of order.

This is an unplanned video shot in the middle of watching the Raw the day after TLC. As such, it was filmed on a small digital camera on automatic settings and so the focus for the entire video is abysmally bad. Even so, it’s about as good as this episode of Raw deserves.

I think it’s worth seeing this episode first, at least for comedy purposes. Watching this, and going back to see my furious, and yet comparatively zen and composed reaction to the TLC show the night before is wild. Once again, the stark contrast between NXT and the Raw shows is wrapped around a steel chair and slammed against my head in what could be the worst episode I’ve ever seen.